Back in Kindergarten #16

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  • Hi girls I am still at 211 from last week--at least I didn't hop back up to 214!!!

    My DH decided to cut up some down trees for the woodpile--I got to stack and it was really hot and humid!! Definitely drank my water!! Made spinach stuffed shells with low fat ricotta, mozarella & parmesan and some broccoli on the side--it was really good but I probably ate more that I should have!!

    I really need to get back into going to the gym 3 times a week. I have been thinking about closing my membership at Slim-n-Tone and going back to the dreaded Gold's Gym where I feel like I am 10X bigger than the other people there. There are alot more classes and a lot more weight machines--I need to step it up and get the scales to go in the right direction!!!

    Well, I gotta get back to work!!
  • Hi!

    Sorry I've been gone. I went to visit some friends over the weekend and then there was a big lunch with my grandma yesterday. I've been busy and bad bad bad! I'm going to hold off on the weigh in till next week I think. Too scared to look! But I am ready to run this morning as soon as I get some things cleaned up around the house.

    I hope you all are well and haveing great news on weigh in day
  • Hello Chickies!

    Hiya SUZYQ! Glad you had a GREAT time at camp! But sorry you had to come home to icky fleas...gross! You'll get back on track and get that extra weight off in no time...all that matters is you had a GREAT time!

    JULES...hope today is a better day for you.

    Hi to everyone else Sorry this is short...want to check out some other threads before I get off here at 3. I will be back tomorrow for sure since I will be stuck home all day...well, from 8-5 anyway. Will chat more tomorrow.

    Did weigh in and despite not getting any exercise in in the last two weeks and eating poorly...I am down a pound!'s about time!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Jeez louise...forget to say to Jules...I think you look good in the picture. But like everyone else...I don't like seeing myself in pictures either. But it is a good picture and Terri looks like you too...very nice!
  • Cristi, Jules & Susan/NYC..........

    What about CURVES Jules?? I like the idea of just other women around when I work out. I don't wanna sweat around men. lol

    SusanNYC I weighed! Gravy and all - it wasn't as bad as I thought. Still counting the days til NYC??

    Cristi - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am so tired!!I had a good time. When I was eating the banana split sundae though while watching the derby races I felt like I had reached my limit. lol I am munching on a watermelon and have a greek salad with tuna to eat for lunch. Congrats to you on the weight loss!!!

    I am tired. I am just trying to keep my eyes later....zzzzzzz
  • Hiya hiya

    Cristina - congrats on the lost pound....hard to do with the heat n' all!

    Susan- welcome back; glad you had a good time at camp. Hope you can get rid of those fleas - yuck.

    Susan/NYC - welcome back to you, too

    Hi Bep and Shawna and Jules( I liked your picture)

    I was doing well all week, then I partied on Saturday and undid all that work. The food was delish.....lots of kabobs - veggie, lamb, and seafood....ate a bunch of chocolate cake. My body just went "Waaaah?" not used to that, since I really try to avoid sugar. So yesterday I had a tummy ache all day. And I weghed in at 190 today - boo hoo...I had it coming.

    I made it to exercise class this morning and did a big shopping trip to Costco (a workout in itself) bought mostly healthy things. I am aiming for 5 exercise classes this week and I am writing everything down.....

    James is off to an OMSI camp all week. Its all about designing computer games. He is so excited - he had his storyboard all laid out before he even left today. I am hoping to get some stuff done around here while he's busy.

    Hope you are all having a good day
  • What happened to your trackie thingie Katy??

    *sigh* about the fleas - when I told the manager about them and asked if they had any fleas in their apt - she denied having any in the same breath as saying fleas don't bother her. <eyes roll>,,,,,they bother me!! also had the neighbor up stairs playing annoying country music at 2:15 am from the parking lot - loud - went for 30 minutes before I went out there to see Yahoo asleep in his truck..........

    I don't think I could eat lamb......ick - what does it taste like? Love Costco cakes......was the cake from costco??

    zzzzzzzz, back to bed.
  • Another picture that shows me better...

  • BBL from's almost quitting time!!
  • there - fixed it!

    Susan - love the new pic of you and Gaby

    Jules - couldn't get in to see your pic - need a password

    Ok - laundry is done and hanging on the line, Costco booty is all put away AND I cleaned the kitchen - time to knit.... darn it - gotta go get the DS...then I can come home, pour a glass of wine and work on this beeyooteeful stole I started for my mother.

    you might have to scroll's the Baltic Sea Stole..I'm making it in a deep mossy green - very sea-like

    ok - bbl
  • Katie--try the pic again--the shawl looks nice, your mother should like it alot!! I feel sick when I eat too much of something sweet--who would have known!! (Doesn't stop the cravings though!!)

    SuzyQ--that Gabster is the cutest!! I tried Gold's before and I hated it because I felt fat and the perverts kept eyeing up my cute 14 year old daughter!! There are alot of classes being offered and they are open 7 days a week and I could actually grab a bite to eat BEFORE working out instead having to rush to the Slim-n-Tone and then being starved by the time I get home. I hate fleas!!

    Cristina--if you think DD looks like me wait until I can post one of my DS....way to go on the pound lost!!

    SusanNYC--go ahead and look--it might not be as bad as you think!!

    Well I brought some stuff home from work and I gotta get started!!
  • Hello...I just got my computer back after having it fixed. I am trying to set my favorites and all that good stuff. SO far it works at least.

    I didn't lose this week, but STARTED afresh. Maybe Aug. will be the month for me. I am one of those who has lost and gained the same 5 pounds for a loooong time. Right now I am on the gained side of the poundage.

    New house is doing great, have the cabinets coming this week and the tile floors being done. No offer on the selling of our house, but it has had 2 showings that I haven't heard back on. Actually have one family who wants it, but they have a house to sell too. So, time will tell. We will be moving in just a month. Yay!

    Hi to you all.
  • How-day everyone!!!! I am down 2 lbs!
  • I like your location Bep!! We are narrowing you down now!

    Hi Sue! Lets all start anew! I didn't walk last night, I was so tired. I need a better plan. It is hard to exercise with a little one that you can't leave in bed sleeping. wah, wah.

    I had an apple this morning for breakfast. I wanted to go get a watermelon and salad for lunch w/ albacore tuna.

    I weighed at 176 this morning! My goal is to be 166 by August 31st.

    k- how are all of you??? Is Michelle MIA???? I have her address maybe I will drop her a card.

    chat later........
  • good afternoon
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, its so nice to be back in my own store...were getting ready for no tax weekend this weekend.......should be a war zone in here lol!!! anyway, im sitting tight at 245, havent been to the gym consistently for the past month and being out of town on business didnt help the diet!!! but its back in the gym for this chick this week, water aerobics tonight, that shouldnt be too bad oh my stiff back. chat later
  • SuzyQ- Try this and see if the little one won't do it with you. You can do it while watching tv. But where you can see a clock.
    Do 2 minutes walking in place..just a normal pace
    Do 3 minutes side stepping...just a step to the side and then back, alternating sides.
    Do 1 minute marching in place
    Do 3 mins. knee lift...alternate sides..just lift the knees high
    Do 1 min. marching or walking in place
    Do 3 minutes kicking alternating legs out
    Do 2 minutes walking or marching.

    Does that add up to 15 minutes? It also adds up to a mile walked if you do it at a steady pace. (I got this from a magazine article)
    Sure beats walking in this heat and you can do it while Gaby sleeps. It is even more fun to music.
    Another tip is to just get up and walk in place or march in place during every commercial while tv watching.
    Okay, I admit, I am full of good advise...just need to do it myself.

    Another Susan....