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I can dream, can't I?
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Good afternoon...
Connie, Welcome back and I am so sorry for what you had to go through. Please tell us that you are on the sunny road to recovery now.
Jane, Also a Welcome back. Sounds like you had fun and are having a good time with the DGD. They have a way of making you feel every one of your years don't they?
Marti, The house looks bigger than it is due to the dormer windows. There is no second story just the windows acting like skylights in the kitchen and great room. Of course, the garage and DH's workshop are almost the size of the house too. Actual living area is only about half of what it looks like from outside. I AM excited!
Robin, Ummm margaritas, my favorite. Good for you on passing the desserts...where do you get your willpower and will you share it? I am so bad!
Alex, Yay for the new house. I am so happy for you and your boys!
Shel, Sounds like your job is so tough on you...sorry to hear that it has been so stressful. Everyone need some alone time, so go for it.
Angie, I say..get your own whip girl! Show that hubby how to dance to your whip crackin'. LOL... But doesn't it feel super to get so much done?
Jules, Michelle, Hi gals.

Just dusting and sweeping today...nothing exciting. I did do laundry this a.m and changed the bed sheets. Don't even know what I am fixing for dinner. DH, of course, is working at the lot on his shed doors. I hoped for a call from the realtor about a showing today, but so far nothing.
Going to go do WATP since it is rainy here off and on today. Might get out for a walk tonigh if it clears up.

Later friends!
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NEVER Give Up:)
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Angie... I'm glad you are back on the saddle again; I've had MANY of those days, believe me!

Marti... So glad you finally got your new digital! I absolutely love mine and we are always having fun with it. I've never liked my picture taken, but my DD keeps snapping pictures literally every time we turn around LOL! Now you can post a NEW picture of you on here...PLEASE!

Connie... I never got to know you before, but back...nice to meet you!

SUE... Hi and hope you're having a good day! You are always SO busy with housework and errands, please slow yourself down just a little, okay LOL!

Jane... Thank you for the compliment on my pic! I have been growing and cutting my bangs so many times, and I'm not even sure this time if I will keep the bangs short again; they just seem like so much more work, but I feel like I look older with longer bangs. Glad you're having fun with your granddaughter today!

HELLO to everyone else I may have missed and hope you all have a wonderful day! We're having some major horrible problems with my mom today, and she may be committed to a mental institution soon, and I've been having a very hard time with all of this today. I did get my WATP in so I feel better about that now.
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Hi ladies,

Alex - how exciting to know that you're moving. And just think - you'll have Thanksgiving and Christmas in your new house. Wow, it's nice of the current owner to leave the things he is.

Sue - if you're like me, you'll be glad there's no 2nd floor with steps to climb, lol. Katie cooked again today. I'm loving that. Once she gets a job, I'm on my own again, lol.

Michelle - aww, I'm so sorry about your mom and that you're having a hard time. Wish I could help you somehow.

A big hello to the other JLs.

It's been so warm here today that I've stayed in. Now it's time to go out in the cooler evening air and spend some time with my sweetie. We're loving the screened-in patio now that the skeeters are out full-force.

Hope you're are having a good time this evening. Spend it with someone who loves you.
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Sue & Alex--thanks for sharing the pics of your homes to be!!

Jane--good idea about pie on ice. I've been looking in cookbooks for some other light recipies--I didn't think about searching on the website--duh...I'll bet I can find some good ones.

Shel--Hugs to you--sorry for your bad day!!

Robin--yes to getting your cholesteral down!! NSV to you truning down the sweets and hooray for your little one and her eight laps!!

Marti--I'll have to have a slice of Jane's recipie pie before I put it out for the bake sale!! I had to wash my car yesterday--It's so dusty since it hasn't been raining and then today we had a thunderstorm!!

Connie--Welcome back--I was wondering where you were!!

Michelle ma belle--sorry about your mom --I say a little prayer for you!!

MaryKate--hope you are okay too!!

Hi to anyone I may have missed!!
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Hi Jules - once you try that pie, you're gonna love it. There are some good recipes right here in the WW area, if you're interested. The soup and stew ones are especially good, but more for winter.
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It's that time again..... see you at #199....
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