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  • angel-eyes you did better than me....I probably would have cracked and had some of those doritos....then again I've been craving all sorts of junk all day today
  • Aite, so I've been gone for a while(orientation, registration ect for college) I have been on the go for the last 2 days, nothing but fast food ! YUCK!!!!!!! I've been doing HORRIBLE on my diet as well, despite the fast food. I need to start over again, for the 3rd time I'm REALLY debating whether or not I want to just push it off till college....I already signed up for the cardio center membership today, 100$ for a yearlong membership, and I get a personal trainer, and I can work out every day...Plus I eat at the dining hall, which has a HUGE salad bar, huge fruit bar....How much easier would it be to not have to make my own food, and just pick the GOOD choices? I have no problem with will power, it's just the issues of making it. When the things are infront of me, I can pick whats best for me, but when I have to make it, I just make what ever is fastest and thats usually something microwaved, or prepackaged.....
    I'm thrilled you all are doing the piggy bank. I must admit, I didn't come up with the idea, I found it one someones siggy here, and just tweeked it. If ya'll are tweeking it to your specs. thats cool too! It don't matter! As long as it's fun,a nd works then have at it Congrats to those who have done well and lost pounds and exercised! That's awesome!
  • big weigh in tommorow girls....dream happy thoughts!!!
  • I'm so scared of that weigh in after today...yikes!
  • Hpnotq, Angel eyes, I believe you weigh in today.

    Isn't today the day we decide who is the Queen? I think so.

    We start over each Friday. Every drink of water today counts for the new week. So anyone who wants to do this begins today Right?

    We started on Friday tally up the money each Thurs. and give results each Friday and start over.

    I am ready with my results!! Lets do it!! Queen me Baby!!!

  • I am not keeping up with the challenge. With 2 little ones, it is just too much to keep track of.

    I went to the doctor today. I go every few months because I have a thyroid condition that they monitor closely. Anyway since my last appointment, which I believe was in March, I have lost 14 lbs! Woo-hoo! I am down about 9 since I have been tracking it more closely myself, but I won't adjust my ticker until Monday.
  • Quote:
    All I know is that people with osteoarthritis and overweight should not jog or run!!! It turns out to be very painful!!!
    I'm overweight and I run. Feels really good actually.
  • Wecome Sunnigummi You are just in time to start a new week of a great challenge.

    We are going crabbing so I'll be gone most of the day. I'm giving my total and will check in later to see who is queen.

    I shall begin:

    1. 3- 8oz Water each 9x .50 = 4.50
    2. 15 min. exer. 3x .25 = .75
    3. walk 1 mile 00000000000
    4. bike 2 miles 00000000000
    5. weight loss 3 x 2.00 = 6.00
    6. Run 0000000000
    Total $11.25
    minus cheating -.50
    GRAND TOTAL $10.75
  • I'm in for the new week of the piggy bank challenge. My weigh in this morning showed me a loss of 1 lb and I had nothing but crap all week! I never did get back into the swing of it this past week as far as what I'm eating or my water drinking. Potato I need you to kick me in the rear!

    I have a little something more at stake this week....cause I'm gonna be queen come next Friday!! How'd everyone do this week?
  • woohoo potato! way to go!
  • Jjeane congratulations on the weight loss!! that's terrific!

    Awesome weigh in this morning Hypnotq I'm was down this morning too, but I'm not going to adjust my ticker till Monday as well! I want to so bad though !!

    Hi SunniGummi!!! Welcome. As a bit of an aside... I used to have 9 versions of the gummy bear theme song on my computer English, A remix, an acapelo, French, Dutch, German, Russian, one of me singing it myself... and I forget the other. I am lame

    Good job Potato!! you did an absolutely fantastic job this week!

    I was terribly bad with my eating Friday, Saturday and Sunday and didn't keep very good track... but I also ran 7 miles and did an hour of pilates, So I'm saying all the exercise cancels the cheating, so that Monday I just started with $0. Is that fair?

    17 glasses of water at .50 = $8.50
    8, 15 minute stationary exercise intervals at .25= $2.00
    5 miles of running at .50 = $2.50
    1.5 pounds lost (YAYAY!!) at $2.00 = $3.00
    2 cheats Thursday at -.50 (is that right?)- $-1.00

    For a grand total of $15.00
  • Way to go AmberD!!!!

    I have a suggestion or maybe a request...can we ad a monetary amount for inches lost? I sometimes tend to lose inches but not lbs. I was thinking maybe $.25-$.50 per inch lost....let me know what yall think.
  • $.50 per inch lost seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    I also have a question... last night I had pizza.. but I budgeted it in for my calories, that doesn't count as cheating right?
  • oo another question...

    For the inches thing, is it going to be counted as:

    pounds lost OR inches lost


    pounds lost AND inches lost
  • I would want to do pounds AND inches because they're both great successes

    And as far as pizza...I myself wouldn't count it as cheating if you planned for it ahead of time. Just my 2 cents of course