Sticking With It

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  • Maybe this thread could be merged with the Intuitive Eating Thread? Let me know and I'll do it.

    Hmm - maybe not. We are not all on Intuitive Eating. I could move some of the posts but you'll have to let me know via PM.
  • Hi ya Ruth!!! Its your ol' buddy Angel-Eyes!!! We were just visiting back in my old stomping grounds of Lanark, Perth, Balderson and of course.....Ottawa. How have you been? Its been probably 6 years since we had lunch.....remember? I'm not familiar with the thread of intuitive eating, but I'll look it up. Sad that our little thread, Sticking to it has disolved, but thats normal around here. Just a few die hards left to keeping this thread alive.
  • so how is everyone doing? things are so quiet i get stuck for things to say..
  • im starting to think that everyone has disappeared or give up on the dieting
  • I'm around but I think everyone has given up on this thread. I've been posting on some other threads right now and keep checking back to see if there has been more posts here. Just you and me lately ....sorry!
  • I've been very busy and feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth. I started a 2nd job a few weeks back and have been absolutely swamped. If I'm not running between jobs, I'm writing for the website that I do or I'm busy doing laundry or cleaning. Sorry to see this thread die off...hope those of you that are left are doing well....I haven't forgotten yall. Has anyone heard from little miss potato???
  • hey all.. i moved back to school& am getting into the swing of things here. i'm walking more to get around campus and eating less cause i don't have any time or food (woo poor college student!) plus i'm working on a play now, so i'll be spending a lot of time in the performing arts building.. i'm tryin to take care of myself though..