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  • Alright good morning ladies! I didn't sulk that long yesterday...I was just frustrated. Oh well that's life. And a new week starts Friday. I won't be weighing myself for the next 21 days because it's a part of another challenge I'm doing. I hope yall are all doing fabulous.

    Potato....are you lurking??? Will you check in with us please!!
  • So i just got back from my 30 minute power walk and boy am i hot but its worth it. i left my mam trailing behind for a little while.

    Well i joined WW last night. so im gonna give this a try before i depress myself even more see how it goes.

    How has everyones week gone?

    Roll on size 10
  • well today I just forced myself to go to the gym. NO more if's ands or butt's!! hehe, pun intended.... I'm still on a few more days worth of meds for the strepthroat, but I really needed to get back into it with some COMMITTMENT!! Its sooo easy to 'not go' and then before you know it,,,,,,a few days roll into a week and then a month goes by and you think....WHAT THE?? I didn't do too badly either, I was a clock watcher but I know that'll change. So here's to a better day than yesterday....

    emzi.....good job on joining ww's!!! I'm going to dig out my old books and take some ideas and meal plans from it. Power walking eh?....zoom zoom emzi!!!

    hypnotq.....sorry about your piggy bank log, just went POOF!!! lost in cyberspace. Your 21 day challenge sounds just like the ticket, tell us more info please!!! good luck!!!
  • hullo again ladies.. i've been a bit of a slacker at this lately. i got a summer job at a grocery store, which keeps me mad busy most of the time (not a lot happening at the theater this time of year, so not much action there.) i haven't lost any more weight since i stopped paying attention to things- it's harder now that my mom's home during the day since school ended. i was doing pretty well on the water for a couple days but that kinda fell through too. *but* i haven't gained anything either!
    the boy got a new motorcycle, so we're gonna ride out to the beach one weekend this summer, once things quiet down at his work. so that's more incentive to keep on this stuff, even though i don't really think i'll be able to make my goal by august 15th. 'course, once i'm out of the house and responsible for my own grocery shopping, things might take care of themselves if i never make it to the store!
  • Quote: Linda: Glad you are getting things squared away with the fellows. The agony of losing weight and looking fine!!! lol
    Actually it makes me really nervous when the guys do that to me. I'm not used to it and not sure what to say or how to act! Any suggestions? Anybody?

    I weighed last night and am down another 2.8 pounds. That makes a total of 40 pounds now!!
  • Hi everyone! Just a little patting myself on the back here...spent nearly 2 hours at the gym today. YIPPEE!!

    I'm doing actually 3 different challenges right now. I've got of course the piggy bank one...where my log is gone forever But I'm still drinking water like there's no tomorrow etc. I've got the July exercise challenge where I set myself a goal of how many minutes of exercise I wanna see myself do in July and try to hit it. Well I wasn't sure how much I'd do, so I set it for 600...I'm already at 340.

    As for the 21 day challenge. I found it while I was wandering around here at 3fc. You basically set a rule or group of rules that you'd like to follow for 21 days. And you stick to it each and every day. My particular rules are to drink no less than 24 oz water each day...write something...anything about the day....don't weigh myself at all (this rule originated when I hopped on the scale yesterday afternoon and was up 4 lbs from my last WI)....and to exercise no less than 5 of 7 days. So yeah that's how that 21 day challenge works. I'm on day 1, and I'm doing well. I'm tired and a bit sore from my tough workout today, but I left there feeling very energized. No pain no gain right?

    Hope you're all doing well. I'm still looking all over for potato, but I can't seem to find her anywhere. I wish she had shared an email address or something so we could check in on her. But I guess she'll find her way back when she's ready. Have a good night and a great Friday (I'll be up early and off to the gym and then to work). See yall later!
  • So I lied...I'm up but I wanted to check in with yall. I have no idea how I would have done this week with the challenge. Who's going to be our queen this week? Will exquisitern keep her crown??? Will angel-eyes move in and take it back??? Will we have a new queen? Let's hear it!
  • well???? not great results since I was sick with strep, but at least I got my water in and a little excercise the last couple of days. I don't think I'm queen material......

    water= 33 bottles(24oz)$16.50
    1 mile walked= .25 cents
    1 video= .25 cents
    2 mile run= $1.00..........grand total $18.00
  • Well, ExquisiteRN fell off of the wagon and got trampled while she was down, but she's standing up and dusting herself off and going for it again. I walked/jog for 5 miles this morning. I did it in 1hr 18minutes. I'm trying for a 15 minute miles. Pretty close!
    Totals this week
    29 miles walked = $7.25
    24 glasses = 6 = $3.00
    Gained 1/2 pound= -.50
    Cheat big time x 1 = -.50
    Total =$9.25
    I don't know angel-eyes, unless someone comes up with some bigger stats, you may be the one.
    Come on everybody what are your stats for the past week.
    Linda: Way to go!!! 40lbs
    Emzi bop: I think you will like WW. I know I do. Congrats on taking that step. Also congrats on the power walking! Keep it up!!
    Hypnotq: Good luck on your challenge!!! You can do it!!
    Bainidhedub:Glad your back. Congrats on not gaining!! I need to at least take after you when I fall off the wagon!
  • Hey girls....just made it back from the gym and grocery shopping. I did a great elip. workout and then just for fun, I tried the room at the back of the gym which has all the 'curves' style equipment. That was neat, boy did it go by fast also. I did the circuit twice....and was dripping with sweat by the end. Yuck and yeah!!! As for grocery shopping, when did fruit get sooo expensive IN THE SUMMER??? Isn't it supposed to be that way in the off season? I did score in the chicken aisle though... Here I was, just looking at the nice plump chickens that normally run for $7.00 and saw some mismarked for only $1.80. WHAT THE???? okay, normally I would point this out to a clerk, but I ran straight to the checkout counter with my 5 whole plump (and yummy) chickens!!!! As you can see, I have no life and groceries are fun for me!!! so sad....
  • lol angel eyes!!! i LOVE finding great deals like that..have a wonderful night ladies...i work early in the morning and won't have time to check in before work If yall would crown the queen early tomorrow that would be fabulous
  • all-y all-y in come free!!!! How's everyone's day so far? I'm on my day #3 for OP in ww's....and YEAH!!!......its great!!! I've been sticking to my points and excercising also.....feels really good to be back in the groove

    So who's the new queen? huh? huh? Not everyone has checked back in yet......I'm on pins and needles ....hahaha
  • Hey,
    Well im back after lets say an eventful weekend, on a plus side before i start WW is going good. i did it years ago and lost a couple of stone that was before i had all this to lose tho. its so easy to adjust to.. so thats all good

    On the bad side of everything, was at the big summer fayre yesterday parked my car where i normally park and just on the off chance i ended up blocking sum people in so i got my car towed away. to get it back i have 105 english pounds to pay which i can say is nearly 200 dollars. so ive had to cancel my plans for next weekend. was meant to be going away for the night for my bday on monday nevermind.
  • awww, Emzi....that just sucks!!! Sorry you got your car towed away and your bday weekend cancelled. How old are you going to be ? I've just started doing ww's again, and I agree with you.....finally its working for me!! btw? how much is a stone? 10lbs or 20 lbs? I'm not up on my stones Hope the rest of the weekend is much better for you.

    exquisitern......YOU ROCK!!! You are a walking maniac!! Do you have a treadmill or do you prefer outside? Keep up the great workouts.

    So?? ....who's the reigning queeen? huh? huh? Dare I say?........

    Morning!! I decided to re-think and re-evaluate and then break down my 20 lbs or so into doable smaller goals of 5 lbs each. I would LOVE to be there quicker, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so.....why get frustrated? and since I'm getting healthier as a by product of better eating and excercising......why stress at it!!! I'm now alot healthier than I was 1 yr ago.....I'm now alot thinner than I was 1 yr ago.......and I'm alot happier than I was 1 yr ago!!!! Size 'whatever' is just a number smaller than a 'off the rack' Lg and 16 I wear now. So, I'll take whatever comes!!! I LOVE THESE REVELATIONS!!!! Have a great day.
  • a stone is 14lbs. i never used to use lbs til i came on here took me a while to figure it all out.