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Jane 05-23-2006 01:08 PM

Weight Loss and Chit Chat #192
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies. :wave:

We are a group of ladies who come in for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles. And we also find time for some chitchatting! :gossip: So please, won't you join us??

Marti 05-23-2006 01:37 PM

Hello ladies!

Well I'm feeling much better this morning. I got up before 8:00 and I've already did my exercises. The WATP kicked my butt!:dizzy: Ok....lifting weights, that's what did it. My arms are in poor shape!! Need to get them up to par!:D I'll just take small steps to getting toned.

Robin--Glad you found your bracelet. Have a great weekend.

Katie--Glad you're feeling better. Antibiotics are miracle workers!!

Jules--Pop in when your more rested. I hate having to work OT.

Jane--How is Neils eye?? Looking any better yet??

Angie--How are you feeling? Is the basement getting closer to being finished completely?

Michelle--Where did our sun go?? I have rain down here...what's it like up North?

Sue--Bet you're picking something new for your house!! James and I have talked about getting a house built. I think that's all we do lately....talk talk talk!:dizzy: Just waiting on the information on qualitfying for a loan.

Alex--How you doing today? Any other sweet sneaky romantic stuff your guy is doing?? Send him my way so he can teach my guy a thing or two!!:D

Cristina--Hope you're enjoying time w/Josh!

Kimberly--Where have you been lately?? Miss seeing your post! How is your friend doing?

Kathy--How are you today??

Mindee--It's been awhile since you've posted! Have you gotten your computer set up yet? Post when you get the chance!

Hello to anyone I may have missed. Tried to do individuals on my own rather than replying to posts! Now that's a bit different. Never know if I'm going to miss someone. And if I have...my apologies!!

As I have mentioned. I did the WATP dvd today and I enjoyed it. If James were in bed though...it may sound like a herd of elephants tromping in the livingroom! In that case I would just hop on the gazelle. So to keep myself from getting bored I will do a variety of things. Trying to eat healthy. Been eating a salad everyday to get in some greens and veggies. I need to get a salad made up for work before I leave.

Other than that...I don't have much going on w/myself! Dreading working this weekend. At least I get Thursday off because of it. I will know to never volunteer for a holiday again.

Anyway...I'm babbling now. I will chat more next time!

Jane 05-23-2006 01:37 PM

Hi ladies,

Just in case anyone wonders, we keep the threads at 50 or less posts as a courtesy to those who have a dial-up server. Also, any Jaded Lady is welcome to start a new thread, but we ask that you copy and paste the greeting we're now using. Thanks!

Sue - I'll probably cook my roast (on the menu for Thursday) in the crock pot. I love that thing! We watched the season finale of 2 1/2 Men last night - so funny! Reruns are upon us now, though, lol.

Angie - ah, your Brandon and my Katie must be related. When we moved her stuff from the old room, you wouldn't believe how many dishes we found. It's a good thing she was in Florida, or I don't know if she'd still be functional, lol.
Get some rest, ok? You need it.

Kathy - glad you're back! :hug:

Marti - aww, hope you're feeling better.

Robin - YAY for finding the bracelet. :cp: Who woulda thunk it? Have fun on your trp. You're a brave woman to do this with 300 4th graders. I wouldn't do it without a court order, lol.

Julie - hi Julie, bye Julie, lol.

Mary Kate - YAY for good antibiotics. :cp: Always something to be thankful for, right?

Kim - it's been awhile since you've been here. Hope things are going better, sweetie.

I can't stay on here much longer. The demolition guys should be here anytime, and I want to be by Neal's side for that. I'm doing well with the food again today. I went to Sear's to check out treadmills, and they're all so huge! My gazelle is looking better and better. :yes: Plus, it's quiet, lol. And paid for.

I'm be back later. :hug:

Michelle 05-23-2006 01:42 PM

Hi Marti ~~ It's been pouring down rain all morning here, but the sun is trying to peek out right now. When you're first starting out with WATP, I would advise not using any hand weights for awhile. It was awhile before I even added them in, and I still don't always use them. They are a great work out though. Glad you're having a better day today!:hug:

Jane 05-23-2006 01:43 PM

Marti - we were posting at the same time. Glad you're better. And WTG for for doing the WATP. :cp:

FrouFrou 05-23-2006 02:37 PM

Hello ladies...

Josh and I went to the park and walked 3 miles. He was going to jog it but his knee was hurting. Almost got attacked by some momma geese...man they don't like anyone getting close to their babies. Haven't been to that park in a while and was surprised to see so many babies, oh so cute! And I did get some pictures, hopefully they turn out fine since we couldn't get close. They were hissing at us, lol! Saw some baby turtles on the rocks too as well as a snake, yikes! Not sure what kind of snake it was and we thought it was dead but when we went back around it was gone. It was a brownish/reddish snake...not seen one of them before. Anyway...then went to Lowes to get another gallon of paint...it's a buff/cream color the we painted the hall with and when V gets to it he will paint the walls going down to the basement the same color. But since we painted the master the pink bath is just not working with the magnolias. So the rose border is gone (gotta finish getting it off today before he gets home) and we are painting it the cream color also since it is in the comforter. Then I am putting the magnolia border on and accessorizing with green towels, rugs and valance.

MARTI...WTG on doing the WATP! :carrot: Hope you get to feeling better.

MICHELLE... we had that awful weather yesterday and supposed to get more today, ick! I agree with you about the weights. When i first started the WATP I would do a little of the arms and they hurt so bad. But I did what I could until I worked my way up to doing it all.

ROBIN...glad you found you bracelet! And have a fun time with all those children!

JANE...that's okay about the letter. I don't think anyone will do it but thought it would be fun and sent it to others who like to share recipes. My Aunt sent it to me and I thought I would try to keep it going.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Need to get going so I can finish getting that rose border off the bathroom wall. Love the magnolias...they are a nice change as is the sage.

Have a great day ladies!

losinflab 05-23-2006 03:14 PM

Hello all. #FC let me on the board today & I have no idea why....small wonders! I posted quite a while ago, but wasn't able to get on.It's finally warming up in Ohio.Last nt was in the 30's, but will be 80 tomor.
I'm still counting calories & losing very S L O W L Y.New meds make losing harder.
Been doing a lot of sewing, making quilt tops mostly.Promised to make DD new cutains, so thats the current project. I'm off to enjoy the sun.Pat

da fat n da furious 05-23-2006 08:33 PM

Just a quick hello to all,,,
Jane, how did the demo go? I don't know if I want to put out the big bucks for a tread mill...I should since half the time we can't walk on the sidewalks it so icy. Thinking more of an eleptic...can't spell it.
Marti glad to know you are feeling better...possibly not enough sun?
Michelle,,,how are you doing?
Pat,,,I have the makings of a quilt/duvet cover sitting on my bedroom bench...one day,,,I will get that done. Better do it sooner since it matches all my bed room colors....hate to make it then change my style...lol (won't be the first)

Well going to go make dinner..

jules1216 05-23-2006 08:54 PM

Marti--how do you remember what you want to say to everyone when the thread starts over??? Doing the gazelle and the WATP--so proud of you!!

Jane--Hi!! Have fun at the demolition!! So do you love your gazelle too??

Michelle ma belle-how's the WATP going? I hope you sunshine comes out for you!!

Cristina--I would bet the magnolias and sage look good together!!

Pat--what colors & patterns are you using for your quilts!! I lose weight very slowly myself.

Angelia--have you seen the BFL for women--there is a DVD in the Gaiam catalog I just got--looks interesting...

Hi to everyone else!! I am going to try to get a bit of a workout in here at home tonight!! I need those points!! DH goes next Wednesday to the surgeon for a consultation about the tear in his muscle--DD's divorce hearing is Thursday--she's getting really nervous about seeing the ex--will be the first time since the night he left to go back to Philadelphia with his parents.

suetalks 05-23-2006 11:13 PM

I am tired and even a little sore tonight, so will go to bed soon. Wonder if my muscles will hurt worse in the morning? We got the attic cleaned out today and I was up and down the ladder. DH cleaned out the storage barn too. We have more junk than I thought to put in the sale Fri. We only carried a few re-packed boxes back up. I think all I have in the attic now is Christmas, a cooler and a few boxes for DS. I am impressed!

Eating went well today as did the water. I really feel like I am not as hungry, and not wanting to snack right now. But I know how that goes...I will have to fight the urge to pig out on something totally inappropriate soon. Just hope I win that fight. I didn't walk, but got plenty of stretching and climbing.

The tooth hasn't hurt at all...knock on wood. I am supposed to call the office every morning to see if they have a cancellation. Heres hoping they can get me in soon.

Tomorrow is more sale preparation and hopefully window washing. I will wash all of the curtains and blinds..again. We hope to list the house next week.

Sorry, no individauls, but I am thinking of each and every one of you...:hug: ..I'm just pooped.

da fat n da furious 05-24-2006 11:32 AM

Jules, haven't seen that video but will look for it. I loved watching my bfl videos,,,Id cry and be all motivated and I think that too was one of the reasons I did so well. Need to get that back.
Monte and I are planning to take off to Victoria for a weekend next month. Our anniversary is next Thursday...

Sue,,,ah man I so seriously feel for you,,,wait Im still sore from my adventures...misery loves company,,,thanks for joining me..lol Yes you may feel worse today,,,drink lots of water,,,and if you can soak them aching muscles.

Better, Tanner slept in,,,so I have to drive him to school before work. TTFN

suetalks 05-24-2006 12:41 PM

Actually I am not too sore today. Maybe I am doing better than I thought. I just felt so OLDDDD yesterday.
I even got my 2.5 mile walk in already as it is supposed to rain this afternoon. Ate wheat toast and a banana for breakfast and have already started on my water, well with Crystal Light for now. DH has gone to the lot so I don't know if we will wash windows or not. I am going to do a load of laundry and at least take the curtains down and wash blinds. (If I can get myself away from the computer)

Angie- Sorry my sore didn't last longer...I was so commiserating with you. :)

Marti 05-24-2006 01:17 PM

Morning Ladies!!

Jane--Well how did you all do while the house was being demolished?? Hope Neils doing ok. Just think though, the house you're in now...will have many wonderful memories too.

Cristi--Geese are scarey if they're a mama or not!!:D Some people we know own a couple of BIG ones and they're never nice!!

Pat--Hello and Welcome. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Angie--I think Sun is an important part of my attitude!! You may be right. Yesterday the sun was out and it was raining.....reminded me of fall. Gave me a good feeling! Weird huh?

Jules--If I'm the one starting a new thread.....I usually "reply my post" then copy what I wrote and then start the new thread and post there. If a new thread is already posted...I just open up a second window so I can toggle over.

Sue--Wow....sounds like you got all your points in today!! Or pretty darn close to it. I was up too late last night w/James...so I just got up. Will do some form of exercise soon.

Good Morning to the rest of you gals.

Well I'm needing to get some things done after I browse a bit.

Chat w/you all later!

jules1216 05-24-2006 02:02 PM

Quick hi & bye over lunch to let you know I am thinking about all of you!!

alextucker 05-24-2006 02:09 PM

I am still reading posts....and getting to you know you all! I got my WATP in the mail today. I am looking forward to doing something different than the treadmill.

I have another date planned with David tomorrow night.....hoping it goes as well as the last one.

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