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Marie 04-07-2006 01:56 PM

Daily Check In - Long and Mini Goals
Hi Everyone, I hope you join us in setting some long-term and some mini goals on your way to better health. We're a group of chickies that have been chatting daily for a long while and we love new chickes to join us. I believe officially it's our third thread, but don't let that we're a continuation stop you from joining in. We'd love your company.

Basically we check in daily to share our goals, struggles, achievements and frustrations. There are no rules, just a lot of support. So please join us!!!

Marie 04-07-2006 02:09 PM

Morning chickies. So far today, things have been going good. I got up at the crack of dawn and exercised again. Yesterday I did take the doggies for a walk around the block. It's a two mile block with the first half very steep incline. Huff and puff, but I made it without taking a break. So total miles yesterday was 5 miles. I had set a goal of 75 miles for April and I'm already up to 25 miles. I'm just cruising.

Foodwise, I'm not quite making my goal. Small portions and healthy choices is my plan. I'm doing pretty good, about an 8 out of 10, but there's that room for improvement. So far today I'm doing great. But there's lots of today left.

Jules, totally agree with you saying that it costs nothing to dream. I love dreaming of winning the lottery. Things I'd do, places I'd go. But then I only buy a ticket once in a great moon. As far as my luck goes, that's okay since I don't think I'm apt to win with the odds the way they are.

Carol, I hear you about the cost of home improvement/renovations for converting living space for others. Converting the garage for DS and GF was many $$$. Well worth it but still spendy. Your SIL will appreciate everything you're doing for her.

Quiltmama, should we just call you Firewoman now? I think you should definitely start refocusing on yourself. There's only so much you can do for your family when they don't really want to help themselves. It's tough watching others make poor choices.

Freda, you're right we all have become friends. There's something binding about the journey we're on and that we can share with relative anonymity is precious. Totally agree about the addictions in our families and that it's not just in alcohol. I'm definitely addicted to food. I think if I was really honest, I'd eat non-stop 24/7 just because I enjoy it so much. Luckily my stomach has more sense, but there are those pesky days...

Well, back to work. I'll chat with you all later.

JULS,DOWNUNDER 04-08-2006 09:03 PM

G,DAY :angel:s, Hi Marie well I see we have moved its so good to move and all you have to is click a button and not pack;) I thought I,d come and keep you company I too dream about winning lotto dream about how I would divide the money with family I wonder if they would have the same thoughts about giving any to dear old mum:rofl: like I said dreaming;) you are doing great with your exercise and well on your way to your goal for April I bet at the rate your going you meet it and break it you go girl :carrot: and I agree we all have our addictions mine is shoe shopping I just love shoes my hubby asks how many pairs of black shoes do I really need I try to explain that each is a different style that goes with certain outfits he still doesn,t get it :dizzy: :?: ;) Hey Carol I have sent Tired a private message but no reply but I,m sure she know we all miss her and that she is in our thoughts and prayers, I know what you mean about the costs of renovations even if your not building just painting and things it can get out of hand but I,m sure it will be worth it and it is for a good cause, good on you for the loss every little bit helps so don,t say only say another one bites the dust and it is one of many never to return:hug: and there is still this week to go before Easter arrives so you will be saying YEH :carrot: there goes another one, it is good to take control no one can do it for us your right we are the one to say yes or no to what we put in our mouths so we just have to remember healthy choices and how hot we will all lokk when we get to our final destination and always remember its not when we arrive its the journey we take the plan we make up along the way thats going to get us there ;) Hi Freda we are all friends :hug: I was busy for awhile with family issues and things lot of emotional crap and hadn,t been to this thread for well over 12mths but I was overwhelmed how eveyone remembered me and welcomed me back as if I hadn,t even left the support, understanding and acceptance I get here is priceless from people I can,t put a face to but I feel I,ve known for a life time, I also like James Patterson I love his Alex Cross stories and they are even more fun to read as a few have been made into movies and you can visualize Morgan Freeman as ALex and really get into the story, Judy look forward to catching up when you return, G,day Quiltmama I agree with Marie try to focus more on yourself I know at times that is hard to do and we feel a little guilty and selfish if we do but if you aren,t good to yourself and take care then you,ll crumble you are a good and loving person who goes way and beyond the call of duty so start giving some of what you give others to yourself:hug: BYE ALL, TAKE CARE, SELF LOVE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS LOVING OTHERS, BLESSED BE...JULIE

lesel 04-08-2006 09:13 PM

Hey there... it seems like this thread is already pretty tight but would you mind terribly if I joined too?

Marie 04-09-2006 12:56 PM

Hi lesel, definitely please join us. The more the merrier. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm in my forties, married with two kids and one grandchild. I work sort of full-time as a database manager and webmaster. Mostly I'm a doggie person. My doggies are my life - I have three of them. An Alaskan Husky, a Siberian Husky and a Golden Retriever. I've been overweight the majority of my life but always am fighting to keep from gaining more - with the hope that I'll lose some but that doesn't seem to happen with any ease. :) I walk a lot for exercise and I log it in an Excel spreadsheet. I earn $1 for every mile I walk and I'm saving up for an LCD projector for my entertainment system.

Jules, good day to you, too. I forgot the lottery ticket this week so I don't think I won last night. No dreams for a few days. :) I would definitely think the kids would share with dear old mum. At least we can dream. I like James Patterson too, but I like his murder club mysteries best. But since I'm obsessive about reading I can't read very often or I do absolutely nothing else. So I haven't kept up on hte series. The Alex Cross ones I just never got into.

Well, chat with you all later. Again, welcome, Lesel.

cacmsc 04-10-2006 08:02 AM

Welcome Lesel there is always room here for more gals to join. We aren't a tight group as much as a group of caring and fun folks which started on here and became friends. So please feel free to join us and share your life with us as well.
Just for the introduction here. I am a 52 yr. young gram! I try to live life to its fullest as sometimes its too short! I love to travel thanks to my son whom has decided to go around the world to live. I have 3 grown children and a lovely daughter in law my 3rd daughter. 4 grandkids whom live within 5 min. of my home. My hubby and I are lucky enough to see them often. I just returned from a trip to Hawaii to Maui to see my son and daughter inlaw. I am looking forward to summer. I love to camp, garden,knit, quilt, decorate, cook and bake, being outside, and living a healthy lifestyle. My job is in the social work field and I work with the dev. mental disabled adult population. My work is very important to me and I try to do my best for others. I hope you will share your background also so we can get to know each other. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mini goal is 4lbs. and long term 14lbs. and then to maintain. I also caught the walking bug from Marie! I am behind her a bit though. My goal is 12 miles a week. In hopes of 50 for the month. I enjoy going to walk around the lakes at our state park. I am journaling my walking, calorie intake, loss etc... This helps me to keep track see where and when I lost wt. and what activities took place. I do belong to the gym but in good weather enjoy the outside more.
My son is coming home to help with the new room so that will be a blessing. I not only get a visit but help too. He is currently building a 5000 square ft. house for a lawyer in Maui. Mom's job is a small one. We are in hopes that he will get in town for a family wedding as well. But it depends on how the house is coming that he is building and if things run on time. It would be great for them to see the rest of the family. Its been a bit over a year since he has been here. My youngest daugter would like to go to Hawaii with me next year if he is still there. We are going to start saving for it. She is a photographer and would love to take pictures there, it is so beautiful.
Have a great day. Its monday and only a 4 day work week. Lots of things to do for Easter. I am having 20 for dinner. Then we have an Easter Egg Hunt w/ 200 eggs in my yard. There everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has become a tradition and its fun. The older children put them out for the little ones. Grandpah and I better get filling those eggs up we use plastic. A little money, candy, stickers etc...
Today I plan to walk 4 miles with the girl friends. My friends have started to be healthier as I promoted it so much! Hurray! Helping others see the light of healthier lifestyles is a great thing.

Well girls it wasn't the lottery but my friend and I won at the casino. I came out 300.00 ahead and she came out 160 ahead. We laughed, carried on and had a super day. We actually forgot to eat lunch and stopped for a burger on the way back. Then my little grandson came to stay the night. We went for an ice cream. I had hot fudge but it was so rich I only ate a little fudge. No walking this weekend but did a bit of yard work,pruned the apple trees etc..
Well off to work girls the sun is shining and it is beautiful out. Oh I also have a little shoe thing too. I lost a couple of pair of sandals to the ocean during my visit so I purchased two new pair yesterday. One black and one brown really cute and 1/2 price. I did need them! I am going to go through my clothes and shoes tonight I hope. Time to regroup the closet stuff I started last week then stopped.

the slim me 04-10-2006 08:19 AM

Good morning everyone,

And welcome to the group Lesel. I'm new too, only been posting here a couple of weeks and I was greeted warmly and feel like i'm part of the group now. It took me awhile to get to know everyone, so stick around and get aquainted.

I"m 58, I still work part time as an RN, I'm married and have 1 son and 2 grandchildren! I baby sit with the kids 2 days a week and love being part of their lives. I'm so happy that they live close and if they ever move I will probally be right behind them!

Looks like most of us are shoppers!!! I hae bought a few new things for spring (if it ever gets here) including a couple of pair of cute sandles! Men just don't get shoes, do they? My husband has tennis shoes a pair of boots, and dress black and brown, maybe a pair of casual thrown in there! Who could live with that many, I ask you!

Did pretty good with the food choices over the weekend at work. One of the nurses is retiring and she brought in her own dinner before we got a chance to! She bought chicken shack! Love it! But I ate sensibely. I took the skin off the chicken and had moderate portions of the coleslaw and broasted potatoes(which I love). So, pretty good!

Have lots of running around and cleaning today, Have to take my little doggie in for shots and heart worm medication! then it's bank, groceries, post office......run, run, run...

No chance to read today, but I will be listening to my book on tape!

Take cae all, Freda

Marie 04-10-2006 12:57 PM

Morning everyone. It's actually not raining here today. It's not sunny but the gray clouds don't look like they're filled with water. So maybe this afternoon I can take my doggies for a walk. I already did my exercise this morning - 3 miles - but the doggies love to g out around the small block (2 miles).

I'm making banana bread and I'm sitting next to the bread machine. It smells so good. I didn't have applesauce so it's the high fat version - that means a smaller piece.

I finished the sleeves of my sister's sweater yesterday so today I'm going to do the facings and then sew it together. Then that's it for making stuff for others. I'm going to make myself a purple sweater. I have two different purple yarns but I'm not sure which one I'm going to use.

Well, I must be off. TTYL.

JULS,DOWNUNDER 04-10-2006 07:20 PM

Welcome Lesel
G,DAY, :angel:s, First of all a big :welcome3: :hug: to you Lesel I think Carol is right we aren,t tight but we are caring and sharing and believe me once your here we don,t like to let you go, I,m Julie I,m 48 pretty weird sometimes but hey thats what makes life interesting :rofl: I have 5 kids all grown 3 girls a boy and then another girl my son tells me I couldn,t have another son after him I had alredy created perfection I think he is modest NOT;) I also have 8 grandkids 5 boys 3 girls and another on the way I,m studying a Business Management course at present thats about it, G,day Marie I forgot LOTTO to really :mad: I bet I would of one :rolleyes: :lol3: is that dreaming still or dillusion :dizzy: banana bread sounds yummy I make that for DH I found a low fat recipe in one of my mags not to bad, sorry your weather is still yuk, I,m a bit like you once I pick up a book nothing else gets done but do I feel guilty :chin: :s: :nono: I look at it this way house work will still be there the day after I die its not like its going anywhere;) :D Freda your going really well pleased to see you are being sensible taking the skin off the chicken it is a shame that its the best bit but good for you :carrot: have fun with your running around sounds like exercise to me;) Carol sounds like your winning every where, in finances, weight war hope your doing well everywhere else too, sounds like a great day with your friend isn,t it funny when you start eating healthy that every now and then if you do indulge like with the ice-cream that you can only eat a little where as before you would have pigged out on the lot and felt sick afterwoods, Hey Qulitmama hope your well thinking of you, and Judy it will be good to have you back, well BYE FRO NOW, TAKE CARE, BE GOOD TO YOURSELVES, TODAY IS ONE STEP OF MANY, BLESSED BE...JULIE

cacmsc 04-11-2006 07:46 AM

Juls your right when I over indulge now it taste great when I am doing it but later its different than before. I should of played the lottery! Glad to see were all making it to this new site.
I started off the week with 4 miles after work yesterday with the girls. The lakes are beautiful spring signs are everywhere. The wildlife is coming alive. Todays weather is to be in the 60's. I might go after work to walk. My friends aren't going today but wed. thurs. and sat. I will see later much to do before Easter with all the family coming over. I bought new drapes from Pier 1 and am changing rods etc.. Then it created a problem with the couch pillows so now I need to make some slip covers etc. re decorate with some things I have around the house. Its a matter of moving things around to make it all come together. I think a couple of my Hawaii pictures are going to get blown up larger matted and framed for behind my couch. Lots to do some will be done later on in the month. I would like to get things cleaned up really nice before the kids come home for a visit. I miss them already!
Marie the banana bread sounds great. That is my mom's speciality. I have never made it in the breadmachine. I have a good roll recipe I like though. Maybe I will do those for sunday. It would be really easy. I have to go shopping. I decided a fruit salad would be a good thing to add to the menu. Off set the pies! I am going to make a ham of course.
Lots to do good thing they give us friday off.
My eating yesterday was good til dinner. Then I got into the italian bread. I should of never bought it. My hubby could care less if he had it or not and I get into it. Learning and changing our ways is tough. I think after my walk I was really hungry. Too little breakfast and a quick lunch. I had a baked sweet potatoe for lunch with marmalde instead of marg or butter, 1/2 of a health bar Kashi and celery sticks with a couple of tab. of dip. It didn 't carry me over to well. Then I made chicken parm. but didn't bread it at all, 1/2 c. pasta, but the italian bread that was the no no! But with the long fast walk we broke our time record. I wanted to get home I guess.
I purchased a new melon colored shirt the other day it looks nice with my tan. I love getting some new clothes. I still need to buy a new dress for a May wedding. I will wait in hopes to tighten up my body a bit more. I will do the crazy scale on friday.
Take care all!

Pretty in Pink 04-11-2006 04:26 PM

*waves* i hope no one minds me joining. it looks like everyone here is so supportive and encouraging! i love it!

so far today i have had a cup of grapefruit with some toast and peanut butter. i am about to go and have some tuna and toast. i am doing that "3 day diet" because its the week before easter and i want to look really good. teehee.

the only thing i am really struggling with is water. i dont drink enough water and its so hard for me for some reason. i am not sure why. my thing is diet dr pepper. omg i drink so much of this stuff. i love the way it tastes and it really helps me with craving and stuff. but i know water is much healthier.

also i have walked an hour. i will be back by the end of the day to let you all know if i stuck to much diet.

much love!

Marie 04-11-2006 08:02 PM

Just a really quick note since I'm about ready to leave. Carol, you mentioned melon skirt - that's a good description of the color of my jacket I wore today. It's really pretty but I couldn't figure out what color it is.

Pink, definitely pink is one of my two favorite colors. Love, love, love cherry blossom pink. Diet Soda - definitely my most major weakness. I'm a Diet Pepsi freak. I buy 20 2 liter bottles at a time (about once a week), 12 for me, 8 for DH. Once there was a sale and I bout 35 2 liter bottles - I couldn't push the cart through the store. I figure that it's way better than other options - not as good as water health wise - but hey, I can't give up everything I love. :)

Jules, hope you're doing great. I just love the way you "speak". This is by far the coolest site on the internet. FYI, I started saying g'day to people and they think I'm nuts. Since I am, that works.

Well, I must be off. I'll chat more tomorrow.

cacmsc 04-11-2006 09:46 PM

Welcome Pretty in Pink! Everyone is welcome here we are always glad to have new folks join in. After all we are all working towards making changes for a healthier life.
Today wasn't a bad day except for the choice to buy some bagels. I took them into work instead of making breakfast. I shared with the office mates. I did purchase lite cream cheese veggie kind. I think I ate a bit extra as they were there. Just picking adds up though. At any rate this evening I did better ate dinner didn't take extra and haven't had anything since then. I am going to have a 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple to top off my evening.
I used to drink a lot of soda then switched to diet. I now drink mostly water but like to have a soda once in awhile. My favorite would be fresca with extra slice of fresh lemon added in and lots of ice. I do like to have a regular pepsi at times when I splurge. Soda always seems to go well with pizza. But for the most its water. I find if I stick a bottle in the ref. its always easy to grab. I also take 2 bottles to work with me daily. I put one in the freezer and its really good with my lunch. Sometimes add fresh lemon to it or lime. CK that out it may help yah out to drink more.
Juls Marie is right I love your talk too! Your too cute! Well its almost hump day! Talk to you all soon i plan a walk on wed and thurs this week around the lake if the rain holds off.

quiltmama 04-12-2006 07:32 AM

Yeah, I found you guys. My diet is still doing good and going strong, in spite of all the stress the last couple of weeks. I'm under 160 so I'm very happy and I'm hoping the rest won't be a fight to get off.

Glad to see everybody chatting away and happy. Nothing big planned here for Easter, my brother is in route back from Iraq, the doctor wants to deliver the babies so they did the Red cross thing. He could be home as early as today or tomorrow and the babies to be delivered some time Friday. all else is good, I'm low on energy, too much stress, but I'm handling it. some days not well.

cacmsc 04-12-2006 07:56 AM

Congrats on the wt. loss and your brother returning. That is super news. I must of missed the babies entry before. His wife is having babies? At any rate little ones will bring sunshine into your life. Hang in there!
This a.m. I am up and dressed for work just having my whole grain cereal and coffee. I have a meeting this morning and then some reports to work on. It is suppose to rain if it holds off I will get my walk in.
Have a great day girls. I am going to work on my calories today!

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