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  • Well I've got my exercise sorted out and now I just have to ghet my food choices under control.
    I've just changed from being at work full time to being at home full time and I haven't got myself iton a good routine yet.But the good thing is not only did I do my half an hour on the treadmill this morning but after I walked my children to school I then walked for 40 minutes more........The bad thing is that I was so hungry afterward that I ended up eating badly.But I know I can get this under control I just have to plan out my choices wisely.
  • Chaarli becareful with the being extra hungry after those long walks. That is what happened to me with increasing my walking. When I got back I could of ate a whole cow! Oh just an expression girls! Not really! But I was so hungry then I got this crazy idea as I ate extra cals and snacks oh but I walked so far. Well I know muscle weighs more than fat and its better for our bodies but in the long run I was up 4 lbs. Oh not so happy here! Now I am taking a healthy snack to eat on the way home from my exercise. After my monday shock I have been making sure I journal my intakes along with increasing the water and watching closer over all. I had a stressful afternoon during work yesterday. I have a new client and went to their home to do an intake. These folks need so much help instead of a normal intake of 1 hr. or so I was there almost 3 and I am not even done yet. Its crazy but they really need some help. I will try my best to get it for them but I am not a miracle worker by any means. My heart went out to them thats for sure. I woke up a few times thinking about their situations and how can I make things better for them. After wards I missed my friends for walking they were already at the lake and more than 1/2 way around. But I could of just not gone walking at all but I put my sneakers on and off I went. I only did one lake 3miles. But then came home and make good food choices. So I made it through another day. I am already down 1.5 lbs from my monday high. I will document my loss and now I only have 6lbs. to go before 5/27. Its small but a start!
    Marie as soon as I read the 1.00 a day exercise payment I thought of you. Good going girls keep up that motivation it gets catchy. We are really a good support team on here. I feel the motivation is on the high. Lets keep it there Nikki see you have helped us all get going. Marie I agree that square isn't always so nice to get out but it sure does make us think differently. So I guess its a must. This week I am using it a bit more but I will also change to two days a week next week. I needed to push myself this week and I have.
    Keep up the good work girls. 3 miles done 7 at least to go for the week. Oh I have to calulate for the month I was trying to reach 50. I will ck.
  • Good Morning -
    I did pretty good yesterday. I did my ball routine and I monitored my steps I managed 2400 steps. I read somewhere that is equivelant to a mile. This was without trying so I am hoping I can get up to 5,000 after a week of trying. I had yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, a banana, chicken and broccoli with potatoes for dinner. Not bad.. I also drank my 128 ounces of water.

    Hang in there everyone we can do it !

  • Great morning everyone!!! I do believe spring has really hit my neck of the woods. It's been beautiful for nearly a week and the long term forecast is so wonderful. today it's supposed to be in the seventies and sunny. Same tomorrow. I actually wore a SHORT sleeve shirt to work (with a knit jacket over the top) even though the AC here is so cold. I want to be able to take the jacket off on my way home this afternoon or when I'm out and about today. How cool is that.

    Okay, I'm going to be very honest here. You know how we all use food as our comfort to make us feel better? I'm a prime example of that. But since Tuesday's shock with the scale, I have been ultra good. Not a piece of badness has passed my lips, hence cleaning my system out of the artifical garbage. I feel great. So there's my honest, food was NEVER making me feel "better". The guilt and dragged down feeling was never good. But I feel good. Clean, healthy and happy. That's got to be because of the diet. So I'm hoping to take that brutal realization for the rest of my life. Yesterday, a co-worker offered my an ice cream sundae at lunch and I said no thanks. I think that's going to be the biggest habit - to say no thanks. I also said that if I didn't stop gaining weight I'd be diabetic like the rest of my family. She just looked at me and gave me a positive affirmation. I think I've got her on board to help me, not sabotage. Cool, huh?

    Okay, the numbers: Yesterday's calories equaled 1310. Still a little under what my aim is, but I figure for a few days a shock to my system wasn't a bad idea. The walking numbers: I nearly fell over this morning when I looked at the total since Jan. 12th: 243.2 miles. Wow. i've been focusing on my April goal of 75 miles and I'm up to 80 miles. I blew by that one. Water goal is 75 oz/day. I made goal yesterday. I have to go to the store today and buy a bottle since I left my water bottle on the counter this morning. Nothing is oging to stop me. Tomorrow is weigh in. I'll let you know how I do.

    Carol, sorry about your new clients. That's hard taking the load of someone's problems. At least you know that there is only so much you can do and to be realistic. But I bet they're darn lucky they have you.

    Nikki, sounds like some healthy food choices. I could never drink 128 oz of water. I like soda and iced tea too much. I figure that 75 is all I can add to the other drinks. I'm in the bathroom all day as it is.

    I exercised this am and enjoyed it. Wow. The first 1/2 mile wasn't fun, but then I started getting into it. Exercising at 5:30 in the morning is starting to become easier since I started it 3 weeks ago. I LOVE not having to exercise when I get home from work.

    DH installed one of my two new car stereos yesterday. I found this stereo that has an auxillary plug in for hooking up my ipod as well as USB port and memory disk port. with my Jeep bumping around on the dirt roads, CDs skip. So this is too cool. Today on my way to work I got to listen to a 1/2 hour of my ipod audio book. Definitely a great way to pass the drive. I bought one for my Jeep and one for the Durango. Since the Jeep is having it's engine rebuilt, i'm driving the Durango and I just loved the new stereo. I think since it's gorgeous out, I'm going to get the bugger washed too. I'm in a definitely springy mood.

    Have a great day.
  • Hi Everyone, Sounds like everyone is doing SO well!!!! Maybe it's this beautiuful spring weather!! So lets hope it sticks around for awile.

    I did well this week. I Hadn't lost any for awhile but I knew it would take time. Got on the scale this morning for a pleasant surprise! I am down to 1 lb. of my goal!!! Whoo Hoo! Bad news is, I hurt my leg and can hardly walk, let alone exercise!! I don't know what happened. I worked yesterday and I get really bad leg/foot cramps on the nights I work PLUS I played soccer with McKenzie (GD) Tuesday. Don't know which caused it. Hope it doesn't last long, don't want to lose this roll!

    Chaarli, Big adjustment from full time worker to stay at home! You'll have to work your routein out. Might consider writting it out for awhile. It helps me to plan things, menu, exercise.

    cacsmc, It's hard not to get envolved in clients lives isn't it? But I think if I stop careing i'll stop nurseing!

    Nikki, Whoo Hoo, you are doing so well! Keep it up girl!!!

    Marie, Sometimes things just click, don't they. You go along for awhile just coasting and suddenly things just fall into place. The car speakers sound wonderful. I know what you mean about the skipping. Drives me nuts sometimes. But, not being a techinical as you, I don't have a clue what you're talking about with the other stuff! I wish!!!

    Take care, Freda
  • Well girls look at the positive attitudes around here how could one help not being on the right track! Hurray for all of us! Its great to feel like my changes I am making are working. Todays little square said I am down 2lbs. most likely water wt. but I don't care numbers are numbers. I have on my jeans are their fitting fine so I know its all working. I didn't work out by walking never fit it into my day. I worked a little later than normal again. But today have time to adjust so I am ending my work day at 2:30. That will feel great and the sun is shining. I did unload 12 bags of soil for my yard. That must of counted as burned calories some how. I am working in the gardens this weekend and walking. My daughter announced last night she is getting married next summer. I am very pleased with that and have been waiting for awhile to hear it. So lots of planning. She would like to get married at my house and have a family gathering of about 150 next summer rentals would be involved and catering. We'll see its up to them. She would like a casual but nice wedding. I have a lot of flower gardens but this year will be putting in even more if she decides to go forward with using my house for the setting. At any rate I love gardening and some new items would sure be fun. I did well with making some good connections for my new client. I set the scene with my supervisor and director to ensure I would be covered and went off stage I love a good challenge and making a difference for people. So I guess thats why I was given this case she knew I would take charge and I did. Lots of decisions in a short period of time. But with connections that I have things move quicker. I guess being seasoned isn't such a bad thing. Well I am feeling pretty good also Marie. We are all working together to reach that 27lbs. loss. I think we just might reach it. I have my 41 miles in for the month. I need to finish my month with another 9 miles I better get out there. Today is the day gotta fit in some and the next 2 days.
    Take care everyone and keep moving.
    Freda caring for others pays off in the end with feeling good inside. Human service field for me might not be great pay but the pay offs for feelings good inside is high.
  • Cacmsc - good job on jumping back into things. When are you working to lose 27 lbs by do you have a goal date? or are you just working towards the goal?

    I have been doing pretty good. Yesterday I walked 5,569 steps which is equivalent to a little over 2 miles. I woke up today and got my exercise in. Now I am aiming to walk 6,000 steps today. I am rally hoping all of the walking helps my weight loss. I also started taking cla tonalin suppliment which is supposed to aid in weight loss when you diet and exercise. I am determined to meet my goals.

    Yay us !
  • Hi everybody:

    I weighed myself yesterday too....I did it in the middle of the afternoon, after exercsing and drinking a lot of water...(30 oz.)...and I have TOM going on.

    it was a stupid unmotivating thing to do....because of course i showed a 3 lb. gain~! so now my scale is covered with a bath towel and the cat is sleeping on it...he doesn't seem to care what the numbers say~

    I'm doing well with my exercise...last week i put in 2 hours and 24 mins. of HARD cardio. This week it's Friday morning and I'm at 2 hours and 35 mins. I'm working my way back to 4 and ultimately 6 hours a week. I'm also strength training after 6 months with a broken shoulder (got clearance from my ortho. doc) but I don't count that as work-out time.

    so I'm pleased with my progress and angry at my scale and my body...i swear, I fiber up and drink like a camel but I STILL need to "cleanse my colon"..nothing is moving.....(no wonder I'm crabby)?

    I just read up on the thread, I see everyone is working hard....Marie i always exercise around 6AM, the day gets away from me...but I am trying to hit the gym some afternoons too.

    I still have to see what my library has and can order for me...BBL, busy at work.
  • Marble-
    Hang in their girl! I know what you mean about TOM mine will be within a day or 2. What kind of hard cardio do you do? I had a broken ankle and am slowly getting back into exercise with the walking and ball workout. I will move from that to swimming and by fall I hope back to aerobics. Keep up the good work Marble!

  • Morning everyone. The scale was a little nicer today. 1.5 pounds off. That's definitely the right direction. Yesterday's calories were about 1250. I intended to have more towards 1400-1500 (my target) but I didn't get my treat for the day becauswe I was trying to comfort my angry grandson. He got his first set of DTP and was screaming all evening. Snuggling and rocking was the only thing that calmed him. I'd told my son that he had been extremely allergic to the P in DTP after his first shot and they (drs.) said that he could never have it again. But DGS's drs. gave it to him and he was screaming in pain all night. Poor little guy. So I didn't get my little ice cream cone (my traditional diet reward in the evening when I've been good). Oh well, today definitely.

    It's sunny and supposed to be around 77 in town this afternoon but where I live it's usually about 10 degrees warmer. YEAH!!! My daffodils are finally blooming, my lilies are sprouting and my tulips have buds. I just adore spring.

    Nikki, I believe the 27 pounds Carol referred to was the accummulation of your ten pounds, my ten pounds, Caros's goal and Marble's goal when we joined th May 27th goal with you. We're all off to a good start.

    I walked this am and am having fun with it again. Definitely has to be eating healthy that's upped my mood.

    Work is okay, some irritating things with a co-worker but that's life. I believe the dept supervisor will deal with it.

    Carol, good job on helping your new client so quickly. I understand what you mean about the human service field. I could probably make 3X what I make in the private sector but I like working for a school district and making a difference in kids' education. It's worth it.

    Marble, what in the heck possessed you to jump on the scale after 30 ounces of water and exercising in the dead of the afternoon??? Are you nuts??? Of course the white box was going to be cruel. The water itself is reason for 2 pounds alone. Let kitty play on it today and tomorrow morning, after you've used the bathroom and have stripped to your birthday suit, get back on the thing and marvel how much you lost in 18 hours.

    Okay, back to work.
  • Marie-

    Makes sense I wasd not thinking lol.

    Good job on the walk and the 1.5 lbs gone !
  • Nikki hope your ankle is coming around to being normal soon. You have had that for awhile no fun! Sounds like your doing well and headed down the right path. I did go for dinner with the hubby first time in awhile. I splurged and had cheese cake afterwards. But my energy level was higher yesterday and today I have bull work to do in the yard. I have about 10 bags of soil to spread around, plants to move etc. So I am not overly worried about yesterdays ooops. As long as I jump back onto the wagon today. Its when more time goes by of oops when we get in trouble.
    Marble when I started working out more I gained wt. as muscle is heavier than fat I guess. But I ate more because I was so hungry from my workouts. When I got on the scale the inches don't show only the lbs. So maybe you are losing inches as well. Now I am trying to monitor my intakes closer. Good luck. Oh I do my scale first thing in the morning. I think the water and doing it a bit later could of been the problem too. I called my son in Hawaii last night and let them know about his sister getting married next year. Lots of planning and fun times ahead and lots of money I am sure. My daughter is quite realistic and not a top of the line girl. We will have something really nice and special for them. I am going to get her a wedding planner this weekend.
    Well started today off with a preplan for my intake. That will help me make up for yesterdays ooops. Sometime if we want something I am a firm believer you should have it and then adjust. So I will try to adjust today and maybe it won't turn to lbs. Juls where are you???????? We haven't heard from you????
    Marie my daughter would give the babies a little fever reducer med. before the doctors appt. for a shot. It seemed to work well. Maybe next time? Ck it out it would be worth a try. Our doctors here recommended Advil for children I think? Ask around? Freda do you know? Hope the little guy is better today. As far as your calories go watch going below 1400 as then your metabloism will mess up. In the end its not healthy or a good way to lose. Be careful. Have a health bar or something.
  • Morning all
    I gave myself a huge kick in the butt yesterday and sat down and relanned out this whole journey.
    Now I'm freshly motivated and ready to go.
  • Hi everyone. It's a gorgeous day here and I enjoyed lots of it outside. DH put up the solar pool heater panels on the roof with a little help from me. Little being the operative word since I'm scared of playing on the roof. But I was outside giving him things and the such. Then we took the doggies hiking. Since the dogs were running free, they got tired earlier than normal because this was their first run of the year. We went about two miles. Then DS's GF and I took DGS on a walk around the 2 mile block. I'm pooped now.

    Doing good on the eating. I actually planned my foods for the rest of the and I will be at 1420 if all goes as planned. Yesterday was at 1412 so I'm getting where I want to be. It's amazing how great I feel since I gave up the junk food. I sure hope I remember that when I crave junk.

    I also got the laundry all done and the vacuuming. I'm an energizer bunny today.

    We're looking for a used small car since gas prices are so high. We decided on a used Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon. That way we can do fun things like drive to Crater Lake without going broke. Right now we have the Jeep, old vintage truck, motorcycle and Durango. Only the motorcycle gets good mileage and I've outgrown the need to ride it. So we're searching. Hopefully we find something semi close (under 1000 miles away) that we'd like. Did I ever say that I live in the middle of nowhere? 1000 miles away wouldn't be too bad. We went 2000 for my Jeep but I'm not doing that again.

    Okay, time to car search. Chat with you later.
  • Marie I hear yah with the mileage and gas. Thank goodness the car I bought last year gets 28 miles to a gallon. I drive in to the city to work and then to clients homes. I have tried my best to becareful with my scheduling to do all things in one area and call it a day. So far its working pretty good. The cheapest for gas right now in my area is 2.99 and most places above that. Ouch! My hubby wanted a used truck but the one down the road for sale is pretty nice but bigger than we need. With the cost of gas I would rather buy something a little newer and smaller it would payoff later on. Good luck with your search. I got on the little white scale today. No gain no loss but at least I stayed the same. I will try to move that number down this week again. I want to loss this 5.5lbs by the 27th or at least most of it. I did a lot of yard work this weekend about 3 hrs. saturday and 4 yesterday. Digging up things, planting things moving 40lb. bags of soil, mulch and peat moss. The yard is looking good still have seeds to plant, mulch to put down and annuals eventually. But all in all lots of calories burned. But no real loss but then again I had cheese cake on friday, and a small ice cream yesterday. But inbetween I have been pretty careful oh 5 chicken wings at a friends for dinner on saturday. So I guess I am lucky the scale didn't move upwards. I will be more careful this week with my preplanned meals. Good idea doing a weeks worth maybe I should try that. Well have a great day everyone. It is going to be around 70 I plan my walk today around both lakes. Get my 4 miles in. May is here 50 miles goal. I lacked a few miles last month ended up at 45.