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Amarantha2 01-25-2006 11:25 AM

Body For Life For Women Clublette (BFLFWC)
Yo! :) This is a trial revival of a thread first posted by Eydie! :carrot:

All about ME!!! :carrot: Noticing that I've been very interested this week in my rereading of Body For Life For Women by Pamela Peeke, M.D., and that my WOE closely tracks with what is in the book AND that my workouts this week have closely tracked with the 12-week sample rotation printed in the book, except for the days of week performed, I am declaring that I am on Week 1 of my BFL (for Women) "transformation," although in my case, I am really just using this as a plan to rev up my dedication to exercise, which is flagging. I love the rotation in the book and the idea of sticking exactly to it for 12 weeks, but it's just a sample and most any ol' workout will do the job!

I will continue to eat a low glycemic diet and remain refined sugar free, but BFLFW does not require that ... basically the book just outlines a healthy diet.

All about YOU!!! :carrot: We of the BFL For Women Clublette (so far that's just Amarantha) are issuin' an open invitation to anyone who is doing or contemplating doing BFL for Women (or just BFL) ... or any part of it, modified or not modified, as we love those modifications ... to post their workouts and thoughts here as daily as humanly possible.

This is just sort o' a trial thread and we, the BFLFWC members reserve the right to jettison our participation if there be no interest in this thread 'cause why take up bandwith. I'll be happy to delete this thread if no one bites! :dizzy:

I did lower body weights (25) and abs/core (20) at gym today. I will continue to split my workouts between home and gym; on week two I will move the rotation to follow the book exactly, leaving Sunday as the free day, so it's a little skewed, but not much.

Anyone? :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

deleted2 01-26-2006 07:54 AM

I'm in! I'll start officially Monday and will use the next few days to work myself up into a frenzy about it. That's exactly what I need, a good frenzy!:carrot:

Amarantha2 01-26-2006 09:55 AM

Huzzah, E's IN!!!
I'm SO happy to see thee in the "clublette house," E, as I am havin' so much fun with this challenge but need partners in the frenzy!!!! :carrot:

I decided to do the rotation "pivot" today that I was going to do next week to get me on the EXACT day of the week per the sample in BFLFW, which I wish to follow TO THE LETTER as to upper/lower/cardio/abs. I am using the method in the book for reps and sets, varying exercises per body part as she recommends and ADDING THAT VITAMIN I ... intensity ... so I did lower body/abs again, a lighter workout than yesterday as I do realize that I am transgressing the principles by doing weights for a bodypart two days in a row, but there it is. Tomorrow then will put me on an official cardio day.

I could have waited a week to do this when instead of doing the "pivot" but just wanted to forge ahead.

I do realize that per the book, there's no need to follow this exact rotation. I just want to for fun and for the sake of having a coherent plan as my exercise has been lackluster and my mind 'n bod need ... yep to get into a fit frenzy and do something new ... my exercise is usually all over the place and that gets as hold as always being strict.

One of the things I like about this book is that she is open to modification and gives "alternative" methods for just about everything. The original BFL did not do so. She stresses tailoring the plan to YOUR needs.

I am on the first 12-week "Weight Removal" segment. My focus is on the training method. I am doing the drop sets recommended and really like those ... I want to get away from the idea I always have that I have to do a full body workout to get results ... so anyway having fun.

My eating remains on track. I am logging my menus in my Fitday PC and still off the refined sugar, also filling out xeroxed BFLFW sheets every few days.

Let's go!

Amarantha2 01-26-2006 10:01 AM

BFLFW Quote o' the Day, Principle No. 9: "Develop your mission statement ..." ~ Pam Peeke, M.D., Body for Life For Women

I am focusing on this principle this week. I will post my mission statement when I get it worked out! :carrot:

Amarantha2 01-26-2006 06:33 PM

Well, I discovered from this exercise (Mission Statement) that I don't have a mission statement! :carrot: But I like what the book says about having one as a tool for saying "no" to demands that people make that don't further one's mission statement ... "I'm sorry. I can't [insert request here]. It doesn't work for me right now. Maybe next time." (BFLFW, p. 84) ... so, I am making up a temporary mission statement for this 12-week transformation segment and reserving the right to change it: "I, [insert nickname I'm using at the moment, since they change daily], aspire to use the next 12 weeks to improve my exercise adherence and exercise time management skills, as well as reaching a new level of fitness and expertise in excercise performance (I'm already pretty expert in it, but ...) for the purpose of improving my chances of living a long and fantastically fit life in the best body possible by dint of performing the BFLFW sample rotation printed on page 156-157 of BFLFW as exactly as possible, with the exception of changes made to the first week as previously mentioned, and with the understanding that the specific exercises in the book for each bodypart are not the only ones I will use to achieve success in this rotation. I also aspire to make improvements to my healthy diet followign as closely as possible but with some modifications the "Mouth" part of BFLFW.

One thing that resonates with me about this book is that it lists some "ideal" weight levels for women and I just happened to notice that it says 125 for a 5'5" woman (while explaining that this is not the end-all and be-all of the thing ... there are other factors to consider). This conforms to my previously stated goal of 125, which is what my doctor has also given the go-ahead to.

Tomorrow: cardio day!

deleted2 01-26-2006 08:21 PM

For the frst time in many months I did a "Firm" video, just to get me in the notion of intense, sweaty exercise again. I've been letting myself off the hook for too long!

Amarantha2 01-26-2006 09:51 PM

Huzzah, E! Great work. :cheer: This is it for me, too! I'm really enthused about this round of BFL (FW) and about adding Vitamin I!!!

Take no prisoners!

Amarantha2 01-27-2006 10:08 AM

Cardio Day: 30 minutes Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds High Calorie Burn! When I do Leslie to a time frame, I just rerun the first portion of the tape to get the required time. BFLFW principle applied: Vitamin I ... I tend to add intensity to Leslie by double timing, etc., etc. ... it is too cold here to go to gym right now, so the tape fits the bill.

Another BFLFW principle I'm using is the Estrogen Squad thing ... looking for support from like minded females ... hence this thread! Huzzah!

Amarantha2 01-28-2006 08:31 AM

Upper body day: 30 minutes working on upper body in method described in book (e.g., three sets of each exercise, increase weights each set & decrease reps, two exercises per body part, rest between reps and sets).

This is different than my usual methodology of just doing TB three times a week.

I am using the calorie counting alternative in the book re food, recording in Fitday PC, cals have been higher than anticipated, but quality of items eaten is on track.

Day 28, no refined sugar.

Amarantha2 01-28-2006 02:59 PM

Yo, E!!!
Hey, Lean Mean Amazon Queen E! :queen: I am keepin' the faith and left you a response in the jungle far far away ... we await your return here on the island :listen: . Your Vitamin I supply has been ordered from the village pharmacy. Huzzah! :wl: :ebike: :dancer: :tread: :welcome3:

Amarantha2 01-28-2006 07:12 PM

Cals high today as this new program is really digging in and building muscle. My weigh-in is tomorrow and I doubt if I've lost any weight, maybe gained, but it will be muscle and will not discourage me as the transformation frenzy is on me. I have a feeling this will not be my last round of BFLFW and hope a wanderin' BFLFWer floats in on the banana boat soon ... just a plea for the Estrogen Squad principle. I had some really good eats today, but will not be postin' menus, which is not to say that it wouldn't be great for the clublette members to do so. I am continuing to eat mostly in the BFLFW "Mind" method and from the list in the book, but again am making modifications.

I notice in the book that Peeke often reiterates the need to make the plan one's own, a component that seemed to be lacking in the original BFL, which I've also done. I am interpreting this to mean modifications are good and that's good 'cause I like modifyin' stuff.

Although I am continuing to weigh in on Sundays ('cause it's the best day of the week for me to do so), my actual transformation week 2 starts Monday.

The rotation I am doing is resulting in much more work for each bodypart, although actually, I seem to be spending less time exercising. I am having fun. It's great to have a plan.

deleted2 01-29-2006 10:29 AM

Hi Amarantha! Tomorrow is Day One for me and I'm still working up a frenzy about it.:carrot: Yesterday I did upper body stuff and today I'm going to do lower body, just to reaquaint myself with the exercises. Also, I'll be doing yoga and Pilates today.
And I have lots of good food on hand to get me thru the week too, and I'll be posting my menus for accountability.

I'll be studying the sacred text of BFLFW today too!:) I really should do that mission statement......

Amarantha2 01-29-2006 11:26 AM

:welcome: Huzzah, Fellow Travelor in the Sacred Text o' BFLFW E hath arrived at Transformation City!!! Hurrah! Thou be stalwart to embark on this journey, Ms. E, and not a moment too soon as I was about to throw a hizzy fit due to havin' GAINED two pounds this week.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, as I have been hitting the weights very hard, due to the rotation I am doing and the application o' Vitamin I! I can tell that I have gained strength (I didn't measure this week as I'm waiting a month) ... I gain muscle very easily, BTW ... plus I do know my cals have been too high for a loss, SO ... I am going to soldier on with this and see if the increased energy burn from the extra few ounces or pound or so of muscle will help the trend reverse by next week. In other words, I AM NOT GIVING UP and will be heading into week 2 come Monday ... well, actually, THIS IS WEEK TWO, as far as I'm concerned ... I really do need to count from Sunday as my brain gets screwed up when I consider Monday the first day o' the week ... anyhow ... it's my free day for exercise, but I did a session o' dynamic stretch anyhow ... we soldier on. In return of thy postin' menus, I will pledge to post some occasional BFLFW friendly recipes here as I come up with 'em.

I will do much better with cals this week. Huzzah!

Let's go!

SherryA 01-29-2006 12:20 PM

Ok girls, I did Body for Life a couple of years ago... What is the difference between it and the additional "for Women?"

Amarantha2 01-29-2006 01:03 PM

:welcome: Sherry! BFLFW is quite a bit different actually, you'd almost have to read the book to get a total picture. It's written by a female physician to address specifically female body issues by methods involving Mind, Mouth, Muscle (MMM). The basic food plan is similiar. The exercise recommendations focus more evenly on weights and cardio (e.g., there's no 20-minute cardio limit) and urge women to exercise more intensely (Vitamin I). A "free" exercise day is recommended, but not a free eating day ... just the recommendation to have something off plan as a treat when it is needed.

Dunno, maybe E can further elucidate. :)

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