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Sherry 01-22-2006 06:45 PM

Home of the Loozing Floozies.....(#64)

Hello :wave:

Here at McSkinneys, Our mission is to motivate,support and lose those pounds & inches.We must keep those Loozing Floozies loosing!!

Feel free to join our group of wonderful ladies.Come on in.....Give us YOUR motivation,support and ideas.We would love to have you!!!

Sherry 01-22-2006 06:46 PM

I just got home from working all day. I'm so tired! :( I've got to take a shower and get things ready for work tomorrow. Talk to all later.....Love ya! :hug:

gdeann 01-23-2006 09:29 AM

WEIGH-IN: Down 4 pounds! Amazing! I'm eating potatoes, meat etc. and losing! Who would of thunk it!!!

coles 01-23-2006 09:45 AM

Way to go gain- Congratulations!!
I stayed the same, I was down 1 1/2 pounds in the middle of last week, then I was kinda bad.
Getting back on track today.
I am going to the doctor to insist he send me to an encodrinologist. I have asked him before and he has refused.
I can't handle the way I feel. My whole body is swollen, I can hardly bend my knees, I am tired then can't sleep without lots of medication. I even started thinking that I have bone cancer or leukimia. I know I'm not imagining these things. I hurt all the time.

coles 01-23-2006 09:46 AM

Sorry - The post above should say Gayle not gain

gdeann 01-23-2006 10:51 AM

Janice, have you ever been checked for fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome? I have a friend with fibromyalgia and she suffers horribly from joint swelling and pain. Please try to get the awful thoughts out of your mind about cancer...I agree, you need to see a specialist if your feeling this way. Prayers and hugs sent your way sweetie!

SuzyMc 01-23-2006 11:47 AM

Fibromyalgia entered my mind too. I hope you can get some answers today, Janice, or at least an appointment for a second opinion!

Gayle ~ Congratulations! You are doing great! Keep it up! :carrot:

I didn't get on the scales this morning...I didn't eat well at all this weekend. I know it was because Tim was gone. I didn't eat regular meals, went out to lunch with some friends and I ate in the evenings because I was bored. I really need to get serious now and get these last few pounds off and keep them off! Somebody needs to give me a good swift kick in the behind! :lol:

gdeann 01-23-2006 02:26 PM


Now get right back on that saddle and ride your way to that 5 pound loss in the sky! YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO GOAL! I know you can do it!!!

Sherry 01-23-2006 08:27 PM


I'm also "down" this week!! Another 2 lbs!!! So now I'm at 9 lbs. so far!!!! :carrot:

Janice...Please get to a doctor and have it checked out!!! :hug:

ShelleyM 01-23-2006 09:00 PM

Congratulations to both Sherry and Gayle!

Janice-I thought the same thing as the others-fibromyalgia. A friend of mine had it and hurt constantly and was always tired. It's worth looking into, don't you think?

gdeann 01-24-2006 12:13 AM

If I understand correctly Janice, Fybromyalgia is an inflamation of the joint tissue...sounds like what you are experiencing. If your doctor won't listen to you, then find one that will. You are not crazy, there is pain, now just to find the cause of the discomfort.


coles 01-24-2006 09:14 AM

I went to the Doctor yesterday again. All the tests he did last week came back normal. I asked him to send me to an endocrinologist and once again he totally refused. He took more blood and agreed to send me to a rhuemalogist instead. He said this is not hormone related. He acts like I'm crazy! I said if everything is normal why do I hurt so bad. What a frustrating doctor.
Congratulations Sherry! You are back on track for sure.

gdeann 01-24-2006 09:36 AM

Now, I'm not going off of personal experience, but what I have heard...some doctors do not recognize Fibromyalgia as a disease and it is hard to diagnose. Sounds like you are on the right track seeing a Rhuemalogist since Fibro is a form of arthritis. PRAYERS SENT JANICE!

SuzyMc 01-24-2006 10:01 AM

Janice ~ I think it's a good idea to see a rhuemalogist too...especially since all the tests came back normal. There has to be a reason for the problems that you are having! When is your appointment?

Thanks for the swift kick Gayle! :lol:

Congratulations Sherry! You are doing great! :carrot:

Has anyone heard anything from Ramona? I think of her often and wonder how Dan is doing now that he is home.

Dee ~ How is Dez doing? Is she feeling better?

Deelite 01-24-2006 11:34 AM

Janice I agree with the girls. Not all doctors realize that it is a really disease. Keep persuingit! I had to do the same thing when I knew there was something wrong with my heart. My cardiologist just fluffed it off until my GP had a halter test done and the results were not normal. If need be change dr's.

Gayle and Sherry wow you girls are doing great. I am so happy that you are losers.

Suzy now that Tim is home there is no excuse. I know that when Larry goes away making meals doesn't happen to often but a bag of prewashed salad from the store isn't to hard to make. Top it with a chicken breast and you have a healthy dinner.
Dez started to take a turn to the better saturday. Her color looks better and she is moving around much better. She is still in a fair amount of pain but I am sure each day should be better. She gets her stitches out today.

It is a big count down for me. I will be pretty busy this week. I leave on saturday for PV for 5 weeks. I will be at the internet cafes occassionally so I will be checking up on you. Larry will be coming to PV a week after me. He will be staying the month. The first week is a birthday present for me. I am a little sad that I won't be spending it with Larry and the kids but I guess I can't be to sad. My God Parents will be celebrating it with me and then the next day there son and wife my favorite cousins will be arriving and celebrating it with me. We will know so many people out there I know we won't be lonely. Larry's step mom Gecko Mama will be there and friends of ours that live close by will be there and another two couples from the Y that we know will also be there. We also have many friends down there too. My brother from out of province is there right now but I will only see him and his family for one day before they go home.

Now for a stressful topic. I have been seeing the doc about my heart and he has change my heart meds again. It might be affecting my asthma so I need to go back thursday. I don't know if this will be settled by the time I leave. It makes me nervous but the doc said as long as I take it easy things should be ok. I told him we will have to adopt him so that it doesn't look funny when he moves into our second bedroom in the condo. lol I will keep you posted.

Now off to some more packing.

Oh yes by the way I got CROCED yesterday! So did Larry and Des. Check it out.


Dez said no way am I ever going to try those on and she ended up walking out with a pair of pale blue ones on her feet. They were the Aspen ones so she can wear them in the snow. Larry got the cream colored beach ones and I got the red beach ones. They are so light and comfy. They are something that is just making it big. Some of the stars have been spotted wearing them.

Adios, amigas.

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