Steel Magnolias -- #47

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  • Good Evening, Flowers! It has been another snowy windy day; snow has been happening all day in various sizes and shapes. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere tonight.

    'Gma' -- I save gift bags and boxes from year to year too. I don't put any ribbons on anything because 'Mom' likes to eat them. I do think I will put some curly ribbons on Maddy and Ian's packages because they had such a good time with the curly ribbons at Ian's birthday. (Leonard and 'Mom' spend the day shut in the basement!) Tell Jack to take a tennis ball or a golf ball and roll his heel over it . . . the more pressure he can stand, the better. The other thing is to hang his heels over the edge of a step. I ended up going to physical therapy when I had a heel spur and it felt so good. I was mad at myself that I waited so long to go. The mouthy kid, from yesterday, got 3 days of in-school suspension. He spends alot of time in there anyway so I doubt that it will deter any future behavior. He has a really sour disposition and I wish he would just go back to wherever he came from and stay there. We had a silver tree when I was a kid and I had it in my Kdg. room when I first taught school. Over the years and many moves, Bob finally convinced me to get rid of it and now I wish I had it back. I prefer to put the Christmas tree in front of the picture window but our livingroom isn't that large and it screws up the furniture arrangement for having extra people sitting around to open gifts.

    Not much newsy going on in my corner of the world but I wanted to check in and see who was doing what. Hope you all have a relaxing evening and a fantastic Friday!

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Morning girls! We seem to be dry this morning, though it sounds a little windy outside it is not terribly cold.

    Jean: Thanks for the suggestions for Jack. We bought him an insert for his shoe and I hope it helps a little until he can get to the dr. Did your dr give you a shot of cortizone in your foot? One of the guys Jack works with says that is one of things his dr did and that the shot hurt like the devil. He is to the point now where he can barely walk. We went to dinner last night and I noticed he was almost walking tiptoe so as not to put weight on the heel. If he had done what I told him to do, it might not have gotten to this point. I told him back the week of Thanksgiving that when we got back he should schedule an appt and he didn't do it. Men, they never listen. I only have two things to wrap, Thomas's Harry Potter stuff (dd has mislaid the patches) and a gift for my sil's parents (we always buy something for each other, usually one of those gift box things.) I am going to get a gift bag for Thomas's stuff so that way I don't have to wait until the last minute to wrap it if she can't find the patches to get them sewed on and I will get her in-laws stuff wrapped tomorrow then blessedly I am done. Jack and I just get each other whatever we want and I got my mixer early and Jack got a couple things for his computer.

    I am taking Jack to work this morning as I have to go to the commissary...UGH! Have a good day girls and stay warm!

  • Good Evening, Flowers! Just checking in before I head off to bed. It was a crazy day at school today; this morning we had all 8 classes, 17 minutes each, and then in-service this afternoon. The best part of that was the cider, coffee, and Christmas cookies for the birthday coffee. After school we had an FAC meeting for two gals; one just finished her degree at age 50 and the other finished her special ed. endorsement after being an aide for 17 years. Made a quick trip to the dreaded WM then when I got home I sorted through the loot to see what I still need to get. Maybe I will get done in time for the 'big' day yet.

    'Gma' - No, I didn't have the cortizone shot. I have a friend who had one from her GP and said, "never again." Then she ended up going to a podiatrist and he talked her into another one, which she said she didn't feel at all. Bob drags his feet about going to the doctor with anything. I finally threatened to make a physical appt. for him and he finally did it himself after I nagged for months. He had a cold a couple of weeks before he was due to leave for Canada last summer and he went in; he didn't want to take a chance on getting an infection or worse while he was gone. One of the teachers individually wraps her kids' gifts and then puts them all in one big box which she wraps. She says it keeps them from shaking and squeezing trying to figure out what is inside. I never thought of doing that.

    We are making another trip to Sioux City tomorrow to finish the shopping so hope to get an early start. Penneys is going to open at 7 but don't think we'll be there that early.

    Have a nice weekend doing whatever it is you are going to do.

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Good morning everyone! It is cool but fairly mild this morning for the end of December. My hands though, are killing me with arthritis this AM. I jammed my middle finger on my left hand on the steering wheel a couple nights ago and it is pretty swollen. Good thing I don't wear a ring on that finger as it would never come off!

    Jean: Good grief extra wrapping, NO WAY! Let 'em shake is what I say!! So, now are you done with school for a couple weeks or do you have to go part of the week next week? (I just read the sentence I wrote and it sounded like giberious so I had to rewrite) I bet you are glad to be away from the little indians for awhile.

    I have fudge to make and some candy cane sugar cookies. I found the recipe on Semi Homemade on the food network. They look like something Thomas might like and they come from one of those packaged cookie mixes at the store and you just add stuff. I wish I could find edible glitter (maybe Michaels in their Wilton cake section?) and I would roll them in glitter. Wouldn't that be cute? They just look so cute and easy. I make milk chocolate fudge that is fairly easy but a huge hit with the family. My stepfather used to ask for a batch every Christmas when my mom was still alive and he ate it all himself. The kids and Jack and I have dinner together then wine and nibbles when we open packages. Since we are going down a day early, Thomas can come down early on Saturday and go swimming. The hotel we are staying at besides restaurants, has a mini food court where you can get pretzels, donuts, pizza, hot dogs and the like if he gets hungry and wants something. They have a 24 hour restaurant that has a $10 prime rib dinner (or at least they used to) and you get rolls, soup AND salad, a nice slice of prime rib and a potato. We haven't been down there in so long, I don't know if they even still do it.

    I guess I should check on the clothes I put in. I got up at 3 AM yesterday morning so I crashed about 8 last night and I was up and at 'em at 5 o'clock this morning.

    Hello to all you missing ladies!

  • Good Afternoon, Cuties! We were on the road by 7:15 this morning and most of the people at the mall were senior citizen mall walkers. The stores opened early and by the time we were done, it was getting pretty busy. The older I get, the less I enjoy shopping unless I know what I am going after. Today I had a list so it went pretty fast. We were home by 2 this afternoon. Now to finish wrapping all this stuff and hope I didn't forget anyone. We did buy some new luggage so can cross that off my 'to do' list for February.

    'Gma' -- I don't get out of school until Wed., regular time at 3:27. We are having final exams all three days so it's not like the kids have to sit through classes. They were just nutty on Friday. If they have all of their assignments completed and owe no fines nor detention time, they only have to be in school when they have a final exam scheduled. It's a much more relaxed atmosphere although the first day is a bit hyper with the "non-believers" sitting in the restricted study hall trying to get their work done. I bought a fudge mix at WM a while back; it had everything in the box except the butter and it wasn't too bad. Do you have to use a candy thermometer for your recipe? My mom used to make good fudge but I think my cooking skills are falling apart! Nothing tastes as good as it used to nor does it turn out like it used to.

    My house needs to be picked up and vacuumed. The sun is shining so the dust and fur really show up on the 'wonderful wood' floor. I can hardly wait to go back to carpet!

    Have a nice 'rest of the day' and a super Sunday tomorrow. We are working Santa's Castle in the afternoon and Bob sings at church in the morning, so the day will be gone before we know it.

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Good Sunday morning all. I had to take some allergy medicine last night so I am kind of "puffed" this morning. My eyes kind of swell as do my adenoids. You would think the opposite would happen, wouldn't you? It was that or sneeze and cough all night and at least this way I got some sleep!

    Jean: This recipe is fairly easy and the fudge comes out nice and creamy. That doesn't mean you don't have to be careful. Anytime you work with sugar you have to be careful, but no I don't use a candy thermometer though I do have one. I bought the good food coloring at Michaels and ended up with clear crystals instead of glitter, but the stuff looks like snow so I think it will be even better. The darn stuff cost me $10 though! How outrageous is that! The things we do for grandkids!

    I think Jack flunked boy scout camping. We bought wood for the fireplace and it took him forever to get it going. He tried kindling, magazines, kindling again and finally got it going enough to put the bigger pieces on and I finally had a nice fire last night for awhile!

    You ladies all have a great day and I will talk to you later

  • Just got back from DD#2's Christmas Party. What I thought was going to be just a family affair turned into one of her BIG parties. At the height of the party there were about 50 kids playing in the basement and also going up to the second floor and then down to the a conga line. There were about 35 adults. She had her usual assortment of goodies but everyone brought desserts....she did make her Yule Log thought. There was Turkey breast, Chicken Marsala, Baked Mac and Cheese, Squash Lazagna, Beef Tenderloin, I don't even remember what else she had. Oh, I did try her fried Ravioli....delish as an appetizer. Anyway we had a ball and to answer someone's question, Yes she likes nursing as much as cooking but after 20 years in the OK I would love to see her take a break from all that standing that she does.

    In other years she hired a Santa Claus and last year at the family party there was, of course, no Santa. Well, to my amazement there was a Santa this year. It was announced that all kids were to go to the basement, it is finished with wet bar, large tv, computer for games, and another tv for games, a kids paradise. Then I turned around to see Santa and lo and behold it was this pint sized almost 9 yr old GS, Ryan. He has the complete Santa suit...hat, glasses, beard, jacket, pants, and fake boots. He had a pillow case over his shoulder and sat in a chair at one end of the room and the kids would go up to him and after they said what they wanted for Christmas he would reach into his 'sack' and give them a candy cane. You could have bowled me over with a feather.....this is the kid who didn't talk til he was 4 yrs old. His mother told me it was his idea to play Santa as he was disappointed last when there was no Santa. Of course, I wanted to tell Santa I had been a good girl so I joined the line and knelt by his chair and told him I had been good and that I had everything I wanted already and he could give my gifts to someone else. He handed me a candy cane. I wanted to cry. He was just beautiful.

    Tomorrow DH is to have a Nuclear test for his heart in conjunction with his upcoming knee surgery. He had another test called an Echo test on Friday. His cardiac Dr. is taking no chances as he will have anesthesia and they do have to be careful and it has been almost 10 years since he had the stents put in. We will go to the hospital on Tuesday for the Pre-op workup. A busy time but as long as the weather holds out we will be Ok.

    Faye: That's too bad the you have such a reaction to the Allergy med. A good nite's sleep helps you face the day better.

    Jean: You get out of school on Wed. but I just checked with the GK's here and they have school straight thru to the end of the day on Friday....then they are off until Jan 3 because Jan 2 is a legal holiday.

    Gloria in MA....pooped from the party but happy. Take care!
  • Good Evening, Flowers! It was 3 degrees when I drove into town to attend church this morning. We have a minister/pastor who believes in singing the Christmas hymns/carols after the 25th. I don't know why exactly but it makes me kind of 'grrry!' Today we sang hymns that no one knew and it was pretty sad.

    We worked at Santa's Castle from 1 - 4:00 this afternoon. Over 500 people went through so the time went fast. Jason and Amanda came over; Ian wasn't too sure about Santa but he did talk to him from a safe distance.

    'Gma' -- I hope your allergies are better by the time you read this! I reacted to Beth's cats/dog yesterday. The kids had been playing on the floor and I held both of them. I supposed they had fur and dandruff on their clothes and then I put my hands around my eyes. I finally took my make-up off when we got home and scrubbed with soap. I was puffy this morning but by tonight I feel normal (??) again. That is no fun!

    Gloria -- The party sounds like it was fun and the food wonderful! I don't know how your daughter does all that and works too. BTW, what is "20 years in the OK" referring to? You lost me on that one. I hope all goes well with your hubby's upcoming tests. I'll be thinking of you!

    Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! The choice is yours, you know! I'm going to bed!

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Great good morning ladies! It is going to be another beautiful day here today. It is supposed to warm up to near 60 by Christmas Day. No snow for us, but I can't say I will miss it anymore. At least my bones won't.

    Gloria: I loved the story about your gs and what an adorable gesture on his part. He obviously has wonderful parents and grandparents to make him such a lovely giving person. Sounds like you had a blast at your dd's party. Must have been one FULL house. As for my allergy meds. Dr says it is because it dries me out, but the reverse is worse so when I am really bad I take it at night to sleep. I have a little tough of asthma with our cat, but will not give him up. That is like giving up one of my kids!

    Jean: No Christmas hymns at Christmas? What is with that? The last year we were at the church in Indiana I got fed up with the music. They quit using the hymnals and printed everything out and it was all "modern" music, which I don't like for the most part anyway. The pastor and his wife were tight with the woman who did the music program and let her run the show completely. I got fed up with everything and dropped out of choir, special music, the whole nine yards. Wasn't too much after that we left the church over an issue that couldn't be resolved. It is sad really, as the church went from something like 250 to about 45 people in about 18 months with the pastor they now have. The man is a kook and a Calvinist to boot.

    I am making a trial run on the candy cane cookies, just to make sure they will come out OK at Christmas. Don't know if I am going to get that done today or tomorrow though as Jack has his dr appt for his foot and he wants me to go with him. He is needle phobic and we don't know what this dr will prescribe for him in the way of relief.

    Well ladies, I am kind of chilly so need to go and get a sweater on. Have a good day everyone!

  • Jean: OOOPS! That should have read "20 years in the OR" She is a nurse in the operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
  • Just peeking in to say 'hello' and check up on everyone. I read two final exams today and sat through a third, then started working on copying for January. I had the copy machine all to myself so that was nice and I could zip right along.

    I have card club tonight. We go out to eat and then play cards and exchange gifts. I'm hoping it won't be late because I am tired before I even leave the house. I either need to find a secretary or else quit my job. Then maybe I wouldn't feel so frazzled. Everyone else seems to have the same feeling this year so I'm not alone I guess.

    It has warmed up to 23 degrees from 0 this morning so that is good. The sun is shining and there is NO wind . . . what more could I ask for?!

    'Gma' -- We sing the Christmas carols after Christmas . . . as in January. Dumb is my opinion! We have lost a few members since our remodeling project. I don't know if they didn't support the project, thought it was too much money, or what. Who knows? Our choir is pretty sad to say the least. There has been a committee set up to try and revive first service. It is mostly elderly people and they are either going to nursing homes, die, or just don't come any more. Our second service 'rock and rolls' which isn't church to me.

    Gloria -- I got it! I'm just a little dense at times and didn't take the time to figure it out.

    I need to find a bag for my card club gift! Have a nice evening!

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Morning flowers. It is chilly this morning but is supposed to start warming up today.

    What a nightmare at the dr office yesterday! After getting a call to come into the dr asap (they had a cancellation) we rushed over then sat for 3.5 hours! We were the last patient in the whole practice and it is a big one! Jack was beyond pissed off. We sat in the waiting room for a hour and a half (it was FULL of mostly babies and prego women which in my mind was a BAD sign) then they took us back and took his vitals, said there wasn't an open room and stuck us outside the lab to sit and wait for another hour and a half. Jack finally threw a mini fit and they went and did his xray or the tech would have been gone and it would have all been for nothing. It was anyway as the doctor told him to get a cup for his heel in his shoe and if it doesn't improve in 2 weeks come back! We paid to hear something we already knew! Total waste of time. We went to Walgreens and replaced the thingy we had in his shoe with something else to see if it will help and bought an extra to put in his work shoe so we shall see. I am going to start him on some physical therapy with a ball this afternoon when he gets home as Jean suggested will relieve the inflammation of the heel spur. I hate the practice we are attached to anyway because they take a lot of Medicaid and Medicare patients and so the practice if full up all the time and you can't get in. My poor husband had to wait a week and a half to get in and do what we did! One of the things I hate most about sitting there is seeing all the teenage girls pregnant or with babies. There were a pair of them, not over 15 with a new baby and one about 5 months old and they sat there and let them cry while they talked on the darn phone (which you aren't supposed to have on in the dr office anyway but no one will enforce it!) I was getting ready to blow my top about the babies (Jack kept telling me to calm down and ignore it) The one baby was big enough to crawl and had crawled out of the waiting room into the entrance where the outside door was!!!!! I told Jack I was giving her ONE minute then I was going to blow! About that time, they called him back. It was sickening you guys to see all those children having children. The problem with changing to another practice is with Jack. He would have to go through another complete physical somewhere else all the blood tests and everything to start his referrals to his cardiologist. The cardiologist called yesterday and are putting him on another drug because his HDL is like 29 and his LDL is 79 or something like that. They are worried about the HDL and are going to try this drug on him for 90 days I guess! {{{{{SIGH}}}}}

    Ok, my candy cane cookies mini flopped. Only because they look too fat to me and I tried rolling the dough thinner and the "tubes" break that way. So, I decided to make regular ole Christmas cookies on Thursday using the same recipe, which is very tasty. It uses a package of the store bought sugar cookie mix, butter, egg, and cream cheese and they taste marvelous just look huge! The expensive color I bought did a good job on the red dough though!

    I guess I should get going and get bathrooms cleaned as for some reason they don't clean themselves!

  • Hi everyone! Remember me?! Sorry I haven't been around but I've...just have not been around a computer!

    Over the weekend, Wayne and I did a lot of shopping together and by ourselves. We're just about done! We're slowly getting the decorations up around the house. Yesterday I spent the day in King of Prussia, PA, doing more shopping. In fact, I'm taking a quick trip back up there this evening with one of my daughters who wished she had bought something she had been looking at yesterday! So...along with my oldest granddaughter, we're going along with her because goodness knows I've obviously haven't done enough shopping and love the Christmas shoppers crowd! Call me crazy!

    I haven't read the thread thoroughly but Faye, it sounds like your husband is having a royal "time of it" with his heel spur...and doctors offices. My hubby needs to see a doctor about some kind of ache or pain in his shoulder and the #1 reason he won't let me make the appointment for him yet is he doesn't want to sit in the waiting room for hours much less wait to have an x-ray taken.

    Jean, it is extremely quiet here. I don't have to work Friday and will work an early work day for the rest of the week. Then I don't have to go back until January 3. THAT is a great Christmas present!

    Gloria, that was a HUGE party! Oh. My. Goodness. I don't do well in such large gatherings. One would think I wouldn't like crowded malls either...hmmm...sometimes come to think of it, I have to leave a mall quickly. To breathe.
  • Good Evening, Flowers! One more day at school and then a week off; I am ready! I need to get busy and wrap some more gifts tonight. My kitchen looks like a tornado went through and dumped the debris on the island counter. Maybe the maid will pick it up tonight while I'm sleeping.

    'Gma' -- I hate to sit and wait in a doctor's waiting room. Our local doctor is pretty good and the wait is usually 10 minutes or less unless there is an emergency. They always apologize if you have to wait which is nice. As for the kids having babies . . . I see that every day at school! We have one gal who is 15 and teeny tiny. I never thought she would last this long as she looks like she has 2 basketballs stuck in her pants! She definitely waddles when she walks! She is a snot so I'm hoping the baby will have lots of family helping raise it. I hope Jack can get some relief for his heel! I feel for him!

    Gail -- You must like to shop for sure! Not me! You will have a nice long vacation too.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow . . . I'm off to wrap gifts!

    Jean -- in Iowa!
  • Good morning girls! I have been up since 5 AM and guess what I am doing????? I am making fudge. Doesn't that sound yummy early in the morning? My arm is about to fall off from stirring, but I now have 6 beautiful lbs of fudge for Christmas to give to my kids. Tomorrow is Christmas cookie day. Wish Thomas could be here and decorate them with me. I think he would enjoy it. I loved to do it when I was a kid. My sugar cookies are better than mom's though, which were pretty heavy! My older sister cannot bake either. She takes shortcuts to save money and I believe if it says butter, use butter, etc. I have this one cookie called Kieflies that I have told you guys about that I am not making this year. It has a lb of butter, lb of powder sugar, lemon ZEST from one lemon, ground walnuts, a dozen eggs (whites are for the filling and yolks for the cookie part) and a carton of sour cream. My sister uses store brand margarine, bottle lemon juice, PECANS and leaves out the sour cream. They are terrible! These are middle European cookies and are wonderful, but they need to be made the way the recipe calls for. Pecans ruin the filling and her dough, because she uses cheap oleo instead of butter and puts in lemon juice and leaves out the sour cream, is tough and bubbles up when it cooks. They are just gross and it is the one thing I refuse to even be nice about and eat. I have told her that if the cost is too much then don't make them. I only make them once a year and they DO make 10 dozen so I give them as gifts and to my children who beg for them every year. If you go to the farmers market in South Bend, you pay $8 a dozen for these cookies. I have seen them there. The little old Hungarian ladies sell them. I just don't take shortcuts unless it is something like choc chip cookies with nuts and you prefer pecans over walnuts. In that case, it doesn't hurt. I also make milk chocolate fudge instead of semi-sweet. It has such a wonderful flavor to it. If the choc chip type would effect how the fudge turned out, then I would make it straight arrow, but about 20 years ago I tried the milk chocolate and got such raves about it, it is all I use now. Of course, the stupid milk choc chips cost more! {{{GROAN}}} I got a deal on butter though. I got two cartons for the price of one AND a coupon at the commissary. It is another of my pickies. I only use Land of Lakes brand butter. It is THE best for baking I think.

    Gail: Sounds like you are having fun shopping. Lord, I am glad I am all done with that. You should see all the crap we have to take down to the casino though, gifts, cookies, candy, more gifts, snacks, drinks, wine glasses, more gifts, clothes, dvd player, movies, laptop, etc etc etc..... We are going for three days and you would think we are moving the house down there! We have dinner at the buffet, but we have late evening snacks when we open gifts and this year they are coming down at noon to go swimming so we will probably snack more. I will be so glad when Monday gets here and I can get Jack and I back on a strict weight loss program. I am miserable.

    Jean: Woohoo, girl today is the day! Bet you will be glad to see the backside of that building today! Our kids got out yesterday and don't have to go back until I think it is the 9th? They are out of school here more than they are in.
    You know, I don't understand all this pregnancy stuff. When we were growing up, if you were having sex, it was hard if not impossible to get contraceptives without your parents, but these days it is like give away candy and they still are too dumb to do something about it. I was about as naive as they come, but I knew what went where and what happened if it did. It is sickening to see.

    I guess I better get going. I have some upstairs cleaning to do that I didn't get to yesterday.