A Few Good Friends~#8

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  • fish and chips for dinner! Yum!!
  • thanks i hope u did too. i love fries!!
    pizza was ok not fab but ok.
  • Well,I guess thats it for me tonight,I'm beat. Just finished my baking and I am happy I got that all done! Tomorrow I have to wait around to see if my ex is going to see Ryan,If not I am off to the mall to get my mom her Birthday and Christmas stuff,and hopefully get Ryans pic done with Santa! I will be around though so don't worry about being left alone!!
    G'night and sweet dreams!!
  • aww thats so sweet wendy ty! ((((( ))) im sorry you have to deal w will he or wont he? that sucks! poor ryan!! i hope he does get to see santa!

    ill be in and out....ive got my drs appt at 230 and i wanna get a work out in before that and then dunno what time ill be home from that and then i wanna swim tonight.
  • Hi Diane! Still waiting around to see if poophead is going to see Ryan. Almost lunch time and he is supposed to see him at 2:30,nice of him to let me know.So, I hope your appt. goes well for you.Catch ya later!
  • why do men do these things!? good luck!! thanks for the luck...gonna go through **** i know it
  • Nah,you'll be fine...Dipwad is a no show today.We got in a big fight on the phone and he says I'm a bad mother because I don't return his phone calls. what a load of hoooowy.Well,offf to the mall.
  • thanks im so sorry he did that! well i was right-went through **** n back now i really need that swim.....will be goin in a lil bit. happy shopping!!
  • Got some of the shopping done, tonight I think I will get all the groceries,and tomorrow night I will go and get the other present for mom and I will be DONE! Yah for me!! How's it going Diane?? Everything alright?? I hope so. Well going to get some things done around here and then off to the stores again. Catch you later,
  • ~A goal properly set is halfway reached~
  • hi wendy!!!!
    you go girl! didya get to 135 yet? im as alright as im gonna be. im sooooooo tired!! ttyl girlie. ill come bk before bed
  • niters wendy!!!
    sweet dreams!
  • G'night Diane!!! I am not going to weigh myself till Dec. 26th,let's see what happens!! lol Hope I don't explode!!!! See ya in the morning!
  • good mornin wendy!
    youre so funny! i havent done it yet... am aiming for 135 3/4 but so far im 138. bein 'backed up' could have something to do w it as well as too little cals yesterday think i ate less than 1000.
  • Morning Diane!! I know what it is like to be "backed Up", I am either that or "trotting" lol This medication is horrible stuff when it comes to the bowels. It's like I have been suffering with one or the other every day since I started it,I guess it's time to have a visit with the doc and see if there is anything else he can give me.
    On the brighter side, have a great day and we'll talk to ya in a bit!!