I need accountability to get BACK on Track!

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  • Hello! I am 42 yrs old, married for 21 yrs and have 2 sons 13 and 16. I have been a member of 3FC for quite awhile but haven't found time to really post regularly for the past yr. Since that time, I have regained almost all of the weight I lost when I came here originally. My highest weight ever was 256 but last June I was down to 189. I am back up to 220!!! I know that a huge percentage of my earlier success came directly from the support, motivation and accountability I found here. I belonged to a thread with several wonderful ladies who posted regularly for a couple of years then one by one we all got busy with other things and posting became a rarity. I am ready to recommit not only to 3FC but to getting back on track with my eating and exercise. I would love to have others join me. Anyone interested??
  • Welcome! I just wanted to let you know that you will find the support & motivation you need here on this board! and if you ever need an extra push or a kick in the pants, let me know and I'll be here for you!
  • Hey, not much time to chat now. Just a little background info. I'm 42 also, 5'6, and 188 pounds. I think I'm going through the change already because of hot flashes and lack of periods. I don't know if this is the cause of my weight gain or my 3rd shift job, but I don't like it!! I need some accountability too. Maybe we can help each other. Gotta go carpool now. Talk later.
  • Thanks Sunny, I'll take you up on that! I'll need that kick in the pants regularly I"m sure. And being the good buddy I am, I promise to return the favor when needed.

    Sharilyn, from the sound of your post, you stay busy like me. Makes it hard to find time to get in here but I am determined to get back on track. I know support and motivation from others like us will be a great help. It's worked in the past and I know it'll work again. Let's really do this ok?

  • Hi my name is Mary. I am brand new to 3fc and I am just learning how to navigate the site. I am ready to lose weight and thought it was great that you had success in the past when you utilized this web site. I now have about 60 lbs. to lose and am ready to get started. Would love to be your buddy.
  • Welcome Emjay 60 lbs would put me pretty close to my goal also so I'd love for you to join me here! I think you'll love this site. It has lots of information but what helped me the most was the accountability of having a close group of friends here that would encourage me when needed, praise me when I did well, and give the occasional "cyber kick" when it was deserved also. We got to know each other really well, not only concerning our weight issues but other issues in life as well. I am hoping for that experience again. I'm sad that my other group has one by one lost contact over the last year but I know there are lots of great people still here! I"m excited to get started on this journey once again.

    At this point, I have yet to get my eating under control, but I am walking 2 miles each morning before work..around 6 a.m. I want to increase that but mostly I need to work on my eating habits. My husband has been researching "Fit for Life". Ever heard of it? I had never heard of that program but he's interested in us giving that a try. He's buying the book this weekend so we'll see if it's something I think I could live with.

    When you have time, please tell the rest of us something about yourself. I'm glad you joined our group and hope you find 3FC as helpful as I did in the past. We're all in this together and everything is always easier when you dont have to do it alone.

    I better hit the shower before I'm late for work. ( I work at a bank, by the way) I'll try to check in again tonight. Have a good day!


  • Miki,

    Currently I am unemployed so I have absolutely no excuse for not losing weight. I know how hard it is to work outside of the home and find extra time for excercise and meal planning let alone everything else you have to do. I have been walking 3 miles twice a week with a friend. However I live in a colder state and we are getting our first snow fall of the year today so I fear outside walking is done now. So I busted out my Leslie Sanstone walk away the lbs. tapes and did a mile yesterday and a mile today. I hope to continue that everyday so if you hear me making an excuse as to why I can't do it kick me in the butt. It takes less than 20 minutes. Oh yeah, I'm going to salsa dance lessons tonight (great excercise). Better with a partner though and my husband won't go. He is not as supportive as I would like him to be, mostly because he has never had a weight problem and his profession is very physically demanding and is all the excercise he thinks he needs. It is great that your husband is as motivated as you are. I have not read the book you mentioned let me know if it is good.

    I lost 70 lbs. about 8 years ago and have gained all but about 5 of it back. I attribute that weight loss to Susan Powter's book "Stop the Insanity". I know she is thought of as radical or crazy but I found what she had to say made perfect sense and her eating plan was kind of easy. I'm thinking of doing it again. I did weight watchers but found that way too restrictive and it made me think about food all of the time. What else have you tried?

    Oh yeah, I'm 34, married, and have no children. Sorry this was quite lengthy. Hope to hear from you soon. Emjay...
  • Hi again ladies

    Hope you all had a nice day. I actually did pretty well with my eating for a change. I was running late as usual so there was no time for breakfast. For lunch, I had a Diet Dr Pepper and a roasted chicken sandwich from Subway. Tonight although the family had fried bacon sandwiches which smelled soooo good, I fixed me some broccolli, cauliflower, and carrot stir fry. I drank water with that.

    I walked my 2 miles this morning and I think we walked faster than usual. Yesterday morning, it was almost 70 degrees already at 6 a.m. but this morning it was in the 30's. Had to walk fast to keep warm. I walk with my sister and she isnt going to be able to go tomorrow or Friday. I know I'll never go alone, but I am going to TRY to make myself go ahead and get up anyway and use my XL GLider (airwalker type exercise thing) for at least 30 mintues. We'll see how that goes.

    I'm excited about coming here. Looks like we've already got a great bunch for a good support system.

    Emjay, I've never done salsa dancing. Sounds fun! In answer to your question, I've never really done any specific diet plan. If I think about doing without fats, or carbs or anything for that matter, I automatically think I'll just die without it. Crazy I know. All I've ever really done is to just cut back period or count calories. That's what I did when I was here before and I lost about 50 lbs between Oct and April of that year. I also used my Air Walker alot. When I started I could only make it 5 minutes and eventually worked up to doing it an hr at a time. I'm going to TRY to make it 30 min tomorrow but I know that wont be easy for me now. I'm disgusted that I've let myself go the way I did. Very depressing.

    Sharilynn and Sunny, hope to hear from ya'll soon. Let us know how you're doing.

    Sorry this was so long, but I am sooo excited to be here and to feel motivated once again!

    Bye for now
  • Miki,

    Have fun on your air walker. I didn't make it to salsa lessons, the first snow turned into a blizzard (tretcherous driving conditions). Walk away the lbs. for me tomorrow morning. I am also going to make a conscious effort to eat healthfully. I am like you, crave carbs and sugar and feel as though I could not live w/o them. Everything in moderation usually works best anyways. I need the accountability. Do you think that the weight tracker on this site is a good motivator from your past experiences? I may do that if I can get past admitting my weight, yikes... Well have a great Thursday. Talk to you soon.

  • I'm at work so this will be short. I didnt admit my weight on here for a long time when I first joined. Nobody in our group did. But then we all got to know each other and decided to just go for it. So we all posted our weights AND our measurements!! It was horrifying to see my measurements in public. It actually was cool tho as we all kept on the journey of losing and were able to repost them as we lost some. It was surprising to see the progress. Sometimes there was no actual weight loss by the scale but the inches were gone. Even when someone didnt lose weight or inches for a long time, there was just so much encouragement from everyone else that we all kept posting. We made a deal that no matter how we did, good or bad, we'd be honest with each other so we could get the support we needed whether it was a scolding or a pat on the back. (never really got a scolding, just the occasional kick in the rear..haha) The tracker things werent available at that time or I dont remember them and I havent taken time to find out yet how to use them. They do seem neat tho on the posts of others that I have seen.

    I managed to do 20 minutes on the Air walker. I wanted to do more but time didnt permit. I am ALWAYS running late in the mornings.

    Well, this wasnt so short after all. I better get off here and get to work.

    Have a great day!
  • Sounds like the group you chatted with here last time was very supportive. That is great, no wonder you were so supportive. I am going to Chicago for the weekend so I'm not sure if I will be able to check in much if at all. But on Monday I plan on doing that weight tracker. I really don't want to gain weight over the holidays, actually I'd love to lose weight over the holidays but would be happy if I stayed the same.

    I actually controlled my eating fairly well yesterday, while some friends I was with had some nice comfort food for lunch I went with a modest salad, and was satisfied. That is unlike me, I was proud of myself. I hope to eat decent this weekend and exercise in the hotels fitness room. Its a girls weekend so I should be able to find time for it.

    Well I need to keep this short I have a lot to do before I leave today. Keep excersising (is the weather nice there?)! Have a great weekend if I'm unable to talk to you.

  • Talk about frustrating! I had just typed about 3 paragraphs when somehow my page went away. I hit "back" hoping to get back to it but the whole thing was gone.

    Good for you on choosing the better lunch yesterday! That's a success in itself! Keep it up..I need the inspiration!

    Healthwise this wasnt a great day for me. I had fried deer steak and mashed potatoes/gravy tonight plus I havent done any exercise. Tomorrow we are supposed to take friends out to dinner to repay plumbing work the guy did for nothing...wouldnt accept any payment. That and the holidays practically being here already make it seem a bad time to try to change eating habits. I might not lose weight during the holidays, but like you, I do NOT want to gain any. Bad thing for me is that since my parents are divorced, we have Thanksgiving with hubby's parents, my mom and then my dad all at 3 different times during the week. I honestly would like to just skip them all but feelings would be hurt so I just have to try to keep the eating moderate.

    I plan to get in some exercise tomorrow before we go out to eat. It is nice here right now. Low 30s early in the morning with highs in the 50-60 range and sunny during the day. It's perfect for walking.

    A Girl's Weekend sounds like fun. I have 3 sisters and last summer all 4 of us went for a weekend without the husbands and kids and we had a blast. Hope you enjoy yours.

    Well, I better run. My 16 yr old son is playing in a playoff football game tonight and we weren't able to get off work in time to make it to the game. (it's 5 hrs away) The game is on the radio and I want to be sure to pay attention in case they say his name. This is their 2nd playoff game...not sure how many more they have to win to make it to state but they won their first one last week 42-6 after being picked to only win by one point. Josh is a sophomore and lettered this year already so we're thrilled.
    Just SICK that I am not there to cheer him on.

    Have fun this weekend and I'll check in again probably Sunday.

    Sharilynn and Sunny, hope things are going well with ya'll. Have a great weekend!

  • Hi there. I'm not really sure how this buddy up thing works...do I just post in this message thread? Hmm..Well, I will start by telling you all a bit about myself...

    I started TOPS on September 24, 2003. I weighed 247.5 pounds, I am 5 feet 8 inches so that is overweight. I lost weight very quickly at first, due to the fact that I was delivering the daily paper, and that took me an hour and a half each day. I started on the slim fast diet as well. I lost 16 pounds in less than 2 months, but then after that I gained 10 of that back. In the last 2 years I have lost a total of 35 pounds, but did do some gaining. I am currently at 217 pounds. My goal is 170 pounds.

    I go to the gym as often as I can..so far it's been 5 out of 7 days, so my physical level has greatly improved. My eating is PRETTY GOOD but I do have my bad days. I keep a food journal. For the most part, I write in as I eat but usually I do plan a day or 2 in advance so that if I'm hungry I'm not standing there at the fridge and/or cupboards trying to find something. This way, I just go to my meal plan and I know what I wrote down.

    I have 2 girls. One is 7, and the other is turning 4 in a month. They keep me fairly busy. I am trying to set a good example to them by going to the gym, and eating healthy. They see this and I'm hoping it is going to rub off on them soon. My husband on the other hand...well, he's gaining the weight as I lose it lolol He eats a chocolate bar, sometimes more, every day.

    Anyway, that is a bit about me. So, I'm not sure if this group is the right one for me but I need some buddies to keep me on track so I don't lose my focus.
  • Miki,

    My girls weekend was fun. I ate so-so and did not utilize the fitness room in the hotel but we did spend most of Saturday walking a huge mall in Chicago. I guess that counts for something.

    Did your son win his game? Even if he didn't that is an awesome acheivement.

    Does your husband deer hunt? Mine hunds avidly. We don't eat venison though, neither one of us like it. Too bad because I know it is better for you than beef. We give it all away. Good for you for eating it even if it was fried.

    I have two Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving. I plan on eating only the things I really like and skipping the rest. Good luck to you w/ your gatherings. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and write it down and challenge myself not to gain thru the holidays. Talk to you soon.


    Good for you it sounds like you are off to a great start with your weight loss. Your goal is getting closer. I think you will really like this buddy system here. I just joined last week and feel very good about it. It's especially nice if you don't have tons of support at home. My goal weight is 170 too so we have something in common. Are you still doing TOPS? I've considered doing that in the past. Sounds like you like to excersice, I do to. It is just fitting it in that gets in the way sometimes. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Shawna! We would love to have your join our group. Sounds like you are off to a great start already. 5 days at the gym and journaling too...you're definitely on the right track. Hopefully you can help motivate me and Emjay! I am just under 5 ft. 8 myself and I would be thrilled to be 160-170 lbs so looks like we all that in common.

    I didnt do so well with my eating this weekend PLUS I didnt exercise Saturday or today. Starting on hubby's new diet plan tomorrow tho. He's been reading the book "Fit for Life". Basically you eat only fruit until noon every day. At lunch and supper, you have either a protein and veggies OR a starch and veggies but not a proten and starch in the same meal. For example, I can have a chicken breast, steamed veggies and a salad OR I can have a baked potato, steamed veggies and salad but I CANT have chicken breast with a baked potato. Can't have 2 starches and 2 proteins in same meal. They recommend 20 minutes of brisk walking or comparable exercise a day, but I'm going to do more than that. Normally I walk 2 miles each morning unless my sister cant go with me and then I use my XL GLider instead.

    We're both going to weigh and take our measurements in the morning. I think it's going to be cool to have him doing this with me. They tell you to have one "free" day so Thursday will definitely be our free day this week. I still am going to try not to overdo it because it would be awesome to lose weight during a holiday week. (altho I'd settle for at least just not gaining!)

    Emjay, glad you had a fun weekend. I think walking at the mall counts for sure as exercise..I know when I do that I'm even more tired sometimes than if I had exercised for an hour or two. My son's team didnt win. They did great the first half and were ahead 13-12. Dont know what happened after that but they lost 52 to 26!! Josh made 3 tackles though which was exciting. My husband does not hunt but he's one of the very few men in this area who doesn't. My sister and all of her family hunts so that's where we get the venison.

    I cant remember if I've told much about myself here before but if not, here's a brief summary of me:
    I am 42, married for 21 yrs (half my life lol), have 2 sons, one is 16, the other will be 14 in January. I work at a bank where I worked for 13 yrs, then quit to work at my kids's school for 3 yrs, than went back to the bank. (during the 3 yrs I still filled in some at the bank during school breaks and summer so it wasnt like I ever totally quit) We live in a small town in Arkansas, and most of our time revolves around work and the kids.

    Well, It's after 9 pm and I still need to iron before bedtime. Guess I better get off and get things finished up around here. Ok girls...tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week...Let's all stay on plan and come back with a positive report!