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Should we do a new thread in honor of the new year????

I got a note from a teacher down the hall that was on the cutest "teacher" post it today... It had cartoony class at the bottom....and the teacher looking up gazing at the clock and the caption was "Its 3 o'clock somewhere!" Don't know why I HAD to mention it here.... Maybe because this day was THEEEEEEEEE longest day in 2006 so far! Yeah! Whine, whine, whine! I'm really getting good at this!
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Evening, everybody!
Let's see... Today...
Well, the games showed up at my door around 12:15. I was still awake. We are now the proud owners of: Wheel of Fortune, Password (got 2 of those, gave the older one to another classroom), Trivial Pursuit (we now have Junior and original; junior is too hard for my kids, but they wouldn't give up the original one... I suggested, they resisted!), Othello, Boggle, Clue, and 2 or 3 decks of plain cards. I was motivated to bring in Yahtzee, Monopoly Junior, Roll-A-Word (a travel version of Scattergories), and some other card games. We also received Family Therapy (didn't take that in to school), Pokeno, and Texas Hold 'Em. Those didn't get into school. There were also 2 checker/chess boards which fell apart. Most of them were in really good shape once we fixed up some boxes and sorted out cards and money. We're missing some weapons from Clue, and a player piece... I'm going to look at Ginny's website and see if that helps me out any. We also have 2 sets of a game called Fluxx that all the kids love, and a friend of mine found Family Fluxx so my two lower kids can learn it too, plus my mom donated a Backgammon/Chess/Checker set.
The kids weren't too bad today, although my student that speaks only Spanish apparently had a doozy of a seizure over break and came back with 2 broken teeth. One was removed entirely, and he had stitches, the other is half gone. He also zonked out at the end of 7th period for 20 minutes (not unusual: we're not sure if its the meds or if he's having so many little seizures that he just zonks) My ED kiddo is off to a fantastic start and earned 49 out of 50 of his points today. Of course, I didn't tax him too much: no academics (well, sorting the games and getting those put away ARE academics for my kids!), and I taught him how to play Othello during the study period today. As I predicted, he LOVES it.
I worked in the computer lab after school: none of the kids showed up, so I had an hour to do my grades. Oh, and the assistive tech people showed up to installed the software I requested in October! Of course, I asked for 2 programs, and they put one on one computer and one on the other computer... which doesn't do me a lot of good for group activities, but I'm hoping they'll agree to put both programs on both computers for me.
Tonight, I finished up 3 out of 6 spelling units for this thematic set... I should've had them done FOR today, but I had convinced myself that today was an 'A' day, and it wasn't. It was a 'B' day, which is a totally different schedule!
I haven't heard anything about my friend since I saw her on Sunday. The head lifeguard scared me because he called me yesterday afternoon, but it was just to ask me if I wanted to work last night. I would have done it, but I had to work in the morning here. I'm supposed to go to the holiday party (the gym always has it AFTER the holidays because we have mixed religions, so its too hard to have it in December)... but since I have the days wrong at school, I may not. I can handle lack of sleep on an A day, but its hard on a B day because I don't get a break.
Summer: WELCOME BACK!!!!! I'm supposed to start classes again in the Spring, but both classes I was going to take were cancelled! My back up class is now being taught by my former supervisor from my last school; after the way they treated me, there is no way I'm going to PAY for the privilege of sitting with that jerk for 12 weeks! My advisor had been pretty certain that my supervisor wouldn't teach at the one campus closer to me, but somehow, he is!
Robyn: Its okay. My cat doesn't really bite, only if he tips over (IE, I make him move). The whole thing was really a joke.... although, fried mouse. Oh, here's a funny for you: I brought in some folder activities for my student that speaks Spanish. They all go with a picture book: I have Very Hungry Caterpillar, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Mitten. They were for a 6-year-old I worked with in a hospital program several years ago. So, I'm showing the folders to the kids, and my Spanish speaker looks me right in the eye, points at the picture of the Mouse from 'If You Give..', and say, "Rat". I looked at him and said, "No, that's a Mouse." He smiles and say, "No Mouse. Rat. In Spanish, Ratton... No Mouse!" He was very insistant all day that it was a rat! It was really kind of cute! I wonder what he'd think of my name here...? Ahh... my portable cat heater is coming up onto the bed!
Ginny: Sorry. We don't have any snow right now, but its all rainy. I was really tired too when I woke up. How's Fidgie doing? Imp stayed overnight at the vet's office the day he had his surgery.
Kerry: No, I don't think I ever warmed up... and to make matters worse, over break the "energy dictator" came into the school and decided that it was "too warm". So, they cut the heat! Now, my room was freezing before break, but now its like being in the Arctic! The kids weren't complaining, but I was freezing all day long until I drove home. And that only lasted as long as I was in the car with the heater going full blast! Its insane: I'm either freezing or sweating (but as soon as I finish whatever I was doing that made me sweat, I'm freezing again!).

Wow... way long post. G'night, all. And, hopefully the physical therapist will let me start swimming down here again. Maybe.
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Didn't want you to miss the party I had thrown in Summer's honor! It got stuck down on the end of the other page!
If you already saw this, well, um, celebrate again! I'm REALLY glad Summer is back with us!

SHE's back!!!!

home, Summer!
Can you tell that you've been missed?
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Bright eyed? Bushy tailed? Nuh uh! But thanks for the vote of confidence, Gin! I'm off to duct tape my mouth! Have a great day!

take care,
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WOW!!! Thanks for the love!!!

Okay, I'm gonna start a new thread. I'll see you on the new one!
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