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Marti 09-06-2005 03:31 PM

Weight Loss and Chit Chat #143
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site!

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please feel free to join us!

Marti 09-06-2005 03:38 PM

Hello Ladies!!

What a weekend! I got to see James for the whole thing! And he goes to work by 5:30 tonight which is good also since I leave by 5:00! Wish it would stay like this!

I believe I pulled a muscle in my back cleaning out my sheds. I hurt so much!! And I have to go to work and sit in uncomfortable chairs. :(

Ok....this one is short. I need to go back and review the other thread so I can do individuals! sorry I haven't done them.

But I will! Chat w/you all later!

Marti 09-06-2005 05:49 PM

Hi again gals!!

I just got off the phone w/Jhanai and she was telling me all about her first day in Middle School. She loves it! And I knew she would. She had fun and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. So happy to hear that. Sometimes kids have a bad first day back.

ok, time for some individuals:

Judy--Have a safe trip to Nova Scotia and check in when ever you get some time. Hugs to your mother! I think it's wonderful that you'll be there for her!

Andrea--Another Gazelle owner!! We should start a gazelle challenge here! :lol: That's if only I got on mine more! :dizzy: I can understand your husband being hestitant to changing programs to lose weight. If his blood sugar is in the normal range now, it's probably a good idea to stick w/what you two are doing to make it work. And I think it's wonderful that the two of you are doing it together. Always nice to have a someone right there for support whose doing the same thing.

Jane--Nope, it was me who posted pictures of the Enchanted forrest. :D It really is a fun place for little kids.....and the big kids too! Here is a link to the place in case any of you are curious as to what this place is like. http://www.enchantedforest.com/
I have to say, Taco's sound good!! Last night I made Hodge Podge soup. SOOO good. It's like a comfort food. Warms you right up. (not that it's cold here)

Beth--I've never had Pheasant. I see a lot of them in the country here though. But I don't ever hear of Pheasant hunting. I also never hear of Dove hunting....but that may be because we don't have any around! Sorry to hear that DD is feeling homesick. I remember being miles away when I first moved out of my house....I missed my siblings the most! Now a days, we try to do the most we can w/our crazy schedules...which isn't much. I have one sister who is in Florida, I haven't seen her in years, and I miss her and her family very much. Wish they would move closer to the West Coast.

Katy--Glad you had fun w/the kids. Jhanai loves all the things there except the haunted house. This coming from a girl whose favorite holiday is Halloween! She went in once and that was it. I had forgotten that the State Fair was going on. I had gone to it once. Way back in highschool w/my best friend and boyfriend at the time (his name was James too) we had fun. Maybe next year I'll go.

Sue--The festival/flea market sounds like it was so much fun! I would love to stroll through something like that! And now that you've mentioned Chicken Fajitas...I just may have to make some this weekend. How did the family reunion go? My family hasn't had a reunion in years! We are all so spread apart all over the states that it would be hard. But it sure would be fun to do that one more time!

Cristi--Let V play hooky and go to the fair!! :D I didn't go to either of the fairs we had going. Just to little town festivals which are just as fun. I'm so happy that you and V are getting into the walking together! I would love to have James go on walks w/me. But it's hard to get to do anything lately. I am very grateful that his schedule for this weekend kept him close to home. It goes back to the way it was on Thursday. Then in a week or so he's off to Utah for a couple of weeks.

Katie--Congratulations on the weightloss!! Hurray for you and Tim!! That is just absolutely wonderful!! I bet you two are feeling more energetic too. Which gets me thinking that if I want more energy I need to move more! I feel as though I'm in a slump. But I will pull out of it soon.....I'm sure of it!

Angie--You must be in Disney Land by now! How I envy you!! Hope your foot doesn't give you too much trouble as you're walking around. Tell us all about it when you get back!

Susan-Ellen-Mindee-Pam-Dee-Kathy-Karla-Terri--and whoever else I may have missed, come back and tell us how you're doing!!

Ok....My muscles in my back are aching and a shower sounds so good right now. So I suppose I'll stop yappin for now and talk to all you gals tomorrow!

Hugs to all!

tommysgirl18 09-06-2005 09:08 PM

Jane~ Nope, the dog wasn’t in the bathroom. He was right outside the trailer door. (right now we are living in my parents travel trailer.) He tried to come into the bathroom with me. (we use a port-a-potty) We are not sure how he got to the house. We are thinking that someone was driving by and he either jumped out, or they opened the door on him. He has a brand new flea collar on and a choker collar. Brandon loves Harley. The only thing though is that we can’t have pets in the apartment.

Cristi~ Gas hit $3.39 or $3.49 here….but it is back down to under $3.00 now. We are hoping to hear about the apartment this week! It means another move at 8 months pregnant, but hey it is worth it to have our own place to bring little boy home to!

Katiecat~ Nope, unfortunately he will have to stay here with my parents. But my niece said that when they get a house, she wants to get a doggie just like him, so he will hopefully go and live with them. Thanks for the good luck!

Andrea~ Welcome to the group!!!

suetalks 09-07-2005 12:55 AM

Hello. The family reunion was great and as usual I ate too much. I just had to have a piece of fried chicken since I hadn't had one for months and months. It was worth it!!
Back to walking and moving more...

We put our house up for sale and have already had a "looker." Maybe that is a good omen. If it doesn't sell quickly we will wait till Spring and put it up again.

My daughter got engaged over the week-end and they are planning a March wedding. Talked to her for over an hour tonight...she is happy and talkative. (we are always yakkers when we can though.) My prediction of 2 weddings in 2006 was right on.

Step-son is coming home from CA next week for 2 weeks, so I will have a family dinner one day. He hasn't been home in quite awhile. We do see him when we are out West though. (along with DS..they live together in San Diego.)

Chicken fajitas were also great Marti...yum!

Have a happy HUMP day JL's.

Jane 09-07-2005 10:34 AM

Happy Hump Day :D

Andrea - yep, it's lot easier to stay OP when our DHs are doing it, too. Neal and Katie are doing WW by default, lol. Would you want to PM me your home addy? Sometimes we send cards, etc, and I'd like to have yours.

NOTE TO ANY OTHER NEW JADED LADIES: I'd love to have your home addresses, if you'd like to share it, just PM me, ok?

Judy - so sorry to hear about your mamas cancer. But it's wonderful that you'll be able to take care of her. Just check in whenever you can, ok? We'll be thinking of you, and we'll be here if you need some shoulders. (((HUGS)))

Marti - yay for all that time with James this past weekend. And so glad to hear Jhanai had a good first day at middle school. How does she like changing rooms for each class? My kids were afraid of it ahead of time, but then they all thought it was cool to leave and go to a different classroom.

Mindee - any news this week about the apartment? Hope you guys get into one soon. I'm going to have to move twice in the next 6 months or so. I'll give prayers of thanks that, at my age, I'm not going to be 8 mos. pregnant at the time, lol. It's such a blessing that YOU are, though! Can't wait to see the little guy's photo. Won't be long now....

Sue - congrats to your new SIL, and best wishes to your DD. Two weddings in one year! How fun! My son is getting married July 8th, so I've got that one to look forward to.

Well, we got a 2nd opinion on the house yesterday and to make a long story short, the guy actually said that jacking up our house would be like jacking up a car with a glass bumper, and that we can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Neal was really sad about it, and I know he was hoping for good news.

In the meantime, I've been on the phone, calling parishioners to see if they'll get their picture taken for our pictorial directory. There are 432 families, and only 116 had signed up. I made 45 calls yesterday alone, and will be calling people today, tomorrow and Friday, too.

What are your plans for the day? Whatever they are, I hope you have a good one. :)

Mom2Gaby 09-07-2005 11:55 AM

Good Morning!!!

Wanted to make a point and say hello to you all. I start my 4th day at my new job and it seems to be getting easier. I worked one day over the 3 day holiday to catch up. Have my daughters pictures up and Napoleon Dynamite stickers on my bulletin board. I think he is so funny.
Of course with my bad taste in men , I think he is rather cute. Reminds me of a young Mike :fr:
Kids start their first day at school this morning. Gaby starts her first day at preschool on Friday.
I slept for the first time all night last night. I had been waking up at 2am and tossing and turning. So, it feels good to get some rest.
Weighed in at 151.

I know this is short but I better get!!!!!!! The company I work for is hoping to make available 600 units to the Katrina survivors that are coming into Portland, so busy - busy here!!

Catch you all later :)

rebelridergirl 09-07-2005 12:41 PM

Good morning everyone!

Sorry this is so short, but I just wanted to quickly say hello.

Marti- Hope your back gets to feeling better! Yeah, I really enjoy my Gazelle, but I wonder how many calories it burns? :?: I have a personal CD player and a little holder that buckles around the waist (sorta like a fanny pack) and I really get to moving!! LOL. Listening to music makes the time go so fast. :lol:

Jane- It really is GREAT when everyone in the house is doing the same, or very close. Before I would tend to use Dh as an excuse why I couldnt stick to it. It was hard though when he wanted junk and I was trying to be good.

Susan, Sue, Mindee and everyone else- Hello! Its so nice to meet you! :)

Have a great day everyone!

FrouFrou 09-07-2005 01:21 PM

Good morning ladies & Happy Wednesday! :flow2:

Glad to see the gas prices going down. I figured they just upped the price for the holiday but it is still high. Filled up my tank this morning and it was $40! :yikes: For just 13 gallons! Anyway...getting those walks in. Today is an unstructered day and just need to get 6000 steps in. I am happy to say between the walk at the park,wal-mart, the gas station and getting home and putting the groceries up I am up to 6090 steps. Even tho I have the recommended steps in I am keeping the pedometer on the whole day. Monday I got over 10,000 steps walking my 2-miles and just in working in the yard. Feels pretty good. Now tomorrow I am supposed to do a 3-mile walk and I think that may do me in! :lol: I've also been getting my vitamins taken and getting some water down, 2-4 bottles. I am aiming for the 4 but am happy to get 2. Have even been eating less. But...I think I may join WW. Just feel like I need that extra support and someone to answer to. The good thing is I could walk to the meetings, weather permitting of course. Anyway, not sure about it yet.

Marti~so happy that you and James got to spend the weekend together. And that Jhanai liked her first day of Middle school. I know the kids when they went really liked changing classes, made the day go by faster. Hope your back is feeling better.

Mindee~hope you guys hear something soon about the apartment. The baby will be here before you know it.

Susan~bet things are a little crazy with trying to get 600 units available. That's a wonderful thing though. I know we are supposed to get about 1800 people here and they are setting them up in the Coliseum to get them checked out, let them shower, eat and just relax before moving them to another place. Once there they are going to help them figure out what they want to do and what they can do for them. Speaking of Napoleon Dynamite...I just watched that movie twice last week-so funny! Kind of a dry humor, but funny. He isn't so bad looking either. ;) He's going to be in a movie with Reese Witherspoon, Just Like Heaven-he looks different there and very cute! Also, want to see Flightplan with Jodie Foster when it comes out. Hope the girls have a fun first day of school.

Sue~CONGRATULATIONS on the two weddings! I LOVE weddings!

Andrea~I have one of those fanny pack looking things also! :lol: They look quite funny and I don't wear it outdoors but on the treadmill or stationary bike-I am listening to it. Still trying to find some good songs to keep me going. I too am a fan of Avril Lavigne! I just noticed that you are in KS-so am I, the Wichita area.

Jane~so I guess this means you guys are going with plan B? Well, at least you will have a brand new house that will last for years to come, hopefully one that will be in the family as long as this one has.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I am needing to get in the shower. Vince and I are going out to dinner when he gets home and to Sams since we didn't make it there last week after all. And I need to get to the bank and get a photo put on my debit card. I cut it up but had to go get one yesterday. Of course it was after my walk and I wasn't getting a picture then. Then off to hallmark to get some cards and a few candles. I have discovered a new scent-raspberry cream. Oh my goodness!!! Boy does that smell heavenly! Of course with them coming out with all the fall scents no one has the Wedding Day scent so I will have to order those online. Anyway, that's about all I have for now.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :flow1:

Mom2Gaby 09-07-2005 01:55 PM

Dang! I meant to call the girls before they went to school - poor kids. Too much gazing at Napoleon.
He is kind of cute , isn't he Cristi?


distracted today.

Hi Andrea :) Welcome and all that :)

da fat n da furious 09-07-2005 02:10 PM

Wow I caught up!

Hi Ladies, I am back!!! Mickey says hi.

Jane, I am so sorry to hear about the house. I can just imagine the heart ache of having to bring the house down.

Cristi, great idea with the drapes. I don't have any heavy drapes in this house but did in our old house and the dry cleaner used to just smile when he saw me coming.

Andrea, welcome to our group. I like Avril too,

Susan good to hear your enjoying your new job! Loved the note you gave your old boss,,,laughed.

Hello to everyone else,
gotta make this short,,,heading off to work.
Gas prices have hit $1.14 a litre which if you do the math its like 4.30 a gallon And from what Ive heard we are the lowest in the country. Down east its 1.49 which would make it over 5 dollers Yikes!
The holiday was fantastic! I wish I was still there. We rented a house which was nicer then ours...lol At least the bed was,,,Monte and I are talking of buying a new matress after sleeping in ours the last couple of days,,,ouch!
The weather was hot with a light breeze,,,perfect. Disneyland for 3 days was hate to say this a bit much,,,next time with be 2 days. Universal Studios was fun as usual. And the SHOPPING! I had to buy 3 suitcases to come home with all our treasures...lol Found an outlet store in Commerce City,,Citedel. Etnies / Vans/ DC/ eS shoes are really expensive here,,,around 80 on sale. We hit this sale there where we paid 2 for $30. And with Brandon's tiny size 13-14 super wide feet we stocked up. He was almost giddy ...lol

Im back at work,,,we are seriously shorted staffed,,,infact the whole city is shorted staffed,,,the oil market has boomed and so big paying jobs are available and well the other places are hurting for staff. Including our dept. Normally we have 22 ppl working,,, we are down to 13.
Well I should get going...glad to be back,,,missed you all.

FrouFrou 09-08-2005 04:09 PM

Hi Ladies and a Happy Thursday to all!

Wow, kind of quiet around here today. Where is everyone? Heeeeeellooooo...anyone out there? LOL

Angie~good to see you back! I love Disneyland too but one day is good for me, lol. But then I have been there so many times I know exactly where I want to go and we usually got there early enough to ride all the rides we wanted without standingin the loooong lines. Glad you guys had a fabulous time! I must say, CA does have some good shooping and I see you guys found lots!

Susan~yeppers, Napoleon is a cutie! :love: That movie cracks me up too! VOTE for Pedro! :lol:

Nothing much going on with me today, same old, same old. Went for my daily walk this morning. I am so starting to enjoy getting up and out early in the morning. I dread getting out of bed but when I do and I get to the park and start walking I feel refreshed. V & I did make it to Sams yesterday and stocked up on the essentials after having an early dinner at Olive Garden and it was oh so good! Still not sure about going to the fair. I wish they would schedule it for October because it is always hot when we go. We don't go every year but have the last two so maybe we need a break from it this year. Anyway...

Hi to everyone wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Take care and hope you have agreat day! :wave:

Marti 09-08-2005 05:46 PM

Hello Ladies--

The week is almost over! :D

What a day yesterday. I went w/James to Salem for his annual eye exam. After getting lazer surgery he has to get a exam to make sure they're ok. He still has 20/15 vision! Which is amazing considering they used to be something like something/2600. He literally couldn't see w/out his glasses. He probably has better eyesite than I do! In fact, I know he does. :D
I also believe James has a crush on his doctor!! :lol: She is this beautiful blonde who looks like a model and she always smells good. She's such a nice doctor too. So I tease him, and he plays along and says: "Did you see how she gazed into my eyes? I think she likes me" :lol: And then I commented on how good he smelled and he said "yeah, think she noticed too?" :lol3: My funny man. Just cracked me up!

Cristi--I think Jhanai is liking the change of going to a middle school. She likes having a different classroom for each subject. And she's just been talking alot about how she doesn't have to go to school until 9:30 everyday. Since when did they change the start of school to later in the morning???

Angie--Glad you had a great time in DL!! Boy, did you hit the jackpot w/getting in the shopping!! So what did ya get me?? ;) My mouth just about dropped when you mentioned how high your gas prices are! Holy Moly! Here in Oregon, at least in my next of the woods, it's $2.89 for regular. It was $3.10 for a little bit. Sure wish I could see .99 cents again!!

Andrea--I'm not sure how many calories the gazelle works off. Depends on how vigorous you workout I suppose. I watch my shows I record while I'm on it. Time goes by fast and I usually get in 30 to 45 mins. on it. I really need to get back on it soon. It's starting to cool off a bit so it will be more comfortable working out again.

Susan--What a great thing your company is doing for the survivors of Katrina. We've been told that we may see some stuff come in for people in the future, but we don't know for sure. I've also read in the paper that Oregon may not get as many people here. We'll just have to wait and see. With all the illnesses that may arrive w/the sewage, who knows what to expect.
I think Oregon is a wonderful place to come to and that all the JL's should move here...what do you think? :lol:

Jane--I'm sorry to hear that the 2nd opinion didn't go as well either. My heart goes out to you and Neil. Explain to me what you're talking about getting pictures for the directory...the phone directory? Or just the church directory? And out of the 45 calls you made......I didn't hear my phone ring once!! Did you forget? :lol:

Sue--I'm happy to hear that your reunion was a fun time! And the fried chicken....heck girl, if it's been months then you should be able to indulge. I don't eat much fried chicken either. I always bake mine when I make any. I think my family thinks we eat too much chicken at times......but darn it, I love chicken! (even if I did work at the chicken factory for three years!)

Mindee--I'm chiming in w/the others on asking about any news on the apartment. I hope you get it soon! I remember living in a travel trailer w/my ex. Oh....it was horrible. I lived in it for 7yrs. W/him always saying that we'll get an apartment soon. Never happened. And I had Jhanai while living there. Poor baby. So my fingers crossed that you get yours soon!

Hello to everyone else out there!

Made a doctors appt. today to talk about getting a prescription to help quit smoking. I see him on Monday. It's a new doctor since the one I had, had left to teach in Portland. Katy & Susan, ever heard of Dr Giddeonse? VERY nice doctor. Anyway, the insurance company will pay for what I'm asking for and so this is a HUGE step for me to get rid of the smoking all together. Until then, I've cut down big time. So proud of myself, although my hips & thighs are cheering too since they seem to be expanding along with my cutting down! :lol: Will work on that. I haven't weighed myself in weeks! Or months. Just look at the scale and snear at it......evil thing!

Ok...of to do something w/my hair.

take care & hugs to all!

tommysgirl18 09-08-2005 09:04 PM

Sue~ That is awesome to hear about your daughter!

Jane~ I will PM you our new address when we get it! Tommy actually called earlier today but the lady had already left. So hopefully tomorrow, Friday, we can hear something! I will actually be about 9 months (going by the weeks) pregnant this move, but hey, as long as we get our own place. I will most definitely have to put a picture of Brandon and his little brother as my avi once he arrives and we can get on the computer more.

I have to admit that the pregnancy related clumsiness found me. This past Sunday me and Brandon fell. I scraped my right now badly, and Brandon got a bump on the back of his head. I also have a bruise on my belly because when I fell, Brandon broke my fall basically. We are both doing fine….just both battling colds now.

My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so we should be switching over to weekly appointments soon. I also had my first “real” BH contractions that I was able to feel on Monday night, and then I had some more last night. They came and went as soon as they started, so it is my body telling me that we are getting closer and closer!

Susan~ Good to hear that your work is getting easier and more comfortable for you!

Andrea~ How are you liking the boards so far?

Cristi~ I am hoping that we hear something soon about the apartment as well. I can’t believe I hit 34 weeks today!

Angie~ Good to see that you are back! I hope you had fun at Disney!

I have been doing a little bit of “therapy” to pass the time. Since moving in with my parents we have had some bouts and issues. So I have taken to writing a letter to her about what has been bugging me to get it off my chest. I had Tommy read what I had so far and he goes “you are going to wait until after we move before sending this right?” I said “yeah, if I do ever send it.”

Marti~ Thanks for your fingers crossed! I am hoping that since Tommy called the lady today that she will call us tomorrow!

gotta cut this short, Brandon needs some medicine and it is out in the trailer.

odbeth 09-08-2005 11:24 PM

Hello gals!!!

Wanted to pop in before the busy weekend----

Mindee --- I held my breath reading your post about you falling!!! I am so glad you are okay!! Please be careful!! I know that was probably scary for you---Yea for your BH---you're getting closer. Is Brandon getting excited? I think venting on paper is one of the best ways in the world to get things off your chest--very smart!! ;)

Sue --Congrats on the engagements. I can't remember if your daughter lives close or not??? That will be such a special time for ya'll. And SS too? You're going to be busy! :dizzy:

Judy-- I'm so sorry for your mom's cancer---sending love and prayers your way. I hope regardless of the circumstances, this will be a very special time for ya'll to be together.

Marti---I can't believe Jhanai is in Jr High. I don't know why I thought she was about 8 or so....I bet she thinks JH is pretty cool. And they start at 9:30???I want to go to that school!! We start at 7:50 and get out at 3:45....very long day for the little ones.

Jane--- Will ya'll build on the same sight? It would still be neat to be on the land even though you can't be in the house. Are they going to remove the original house? Sometimes you can use some of the same wood or doors ect...from the old house to put in the new....Just a thought for saving some of the memories. I saw on Home makeovers (I just love that show) where they redid a house and they took alot of the layers of wall paper and made a really neat framed artwork for the mother.

Angie---Glad you're back safe and sound at home. Sounds like a great trip---especially the shopping-- That's one of my big rewards when I've reached my goal is to just go try on stuff until I drop....I dread going shopping now....looking through all those great big sizes just is soooo depressing.....

Susan--Tell me who this Napoleon Dynamite is....I think I want to take a look at him. Is he an actor or a singer???

Well, gotta get some laundry done before bedtime. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Even though we were out of school Monday, it's been a trying week....I have one little boy that is so hyper---alot of people think he's ADD but I really think he needs to be on a more nutritious diet. He usually eats donuts, poptarts, cake and drinks Dr. P for breakfast. He is a twin plus there are 2 younger siblings in the family. I know the mom is pretty stressed so she probably just gives them what ever is fastest or handiest before getting them out the door for school....he's got the sweetest little heart but he just can't seem to control his antsiness (is that a word?). I've mentioned it to his mom, but she almost acts like she'd rather just give him some drugs to calm him down instead of taking the time to fix his diet and his routine....it's very frustrating :?: :?:

Hi to everyone else---have a great weekend!

Love to all~~

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