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tiredoffat 08-02-2005 10:42 AM

Join Us - Daily Check-In II - new thread
Hi all,

Daily Check-In I is about one year old. The women who have been on the thread have helped each other along a "health journey" of weight loss and fitness. We've made great strides. We want to start this new thread to welcome others who want to renew or start a health journey focus.

I lost 30 lb in one year and went from not being able to work out for 15 minutes at a time to completing a triathlon this past Sunday (.5 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 2.8 mile run). I've still got a long way to go to meet my fitness and weight loss goals. The Daily Check-In Thread has been one of the most important ingredients towards my success.

Daily Check-In means checking in regularly and logging the foods you ate, the foods you skipped, successes and stresses along the way, and tips for each other. I want to welcome anyone who desires to get healthier and share the journey. Please log on, introduce yourself and start "checking-in."

I'm a mom of three boys, in my forties, working, married and still struggling with getting on track with healthy eating and working out. My "diet" of choice is calorie counting. My calorie goal is 1500 cals a day - that works for me.

Today's check in
breakfast - cereal, milk, berries (250)
snack - yogurt smoothie (300)
total so far - 550

sw 210
cw 181
gw 150

Marie 08-02-2005 08:58 PM

Hi ToF, I'll join you here.I can't promise I'll list what I've had, but I can list the big ones - the calorie laden foods that I pass by and don't eat. Today, I got a candy bar out and ate 1/4 of it and put the rest back in the kitchen. In the past I would have eaten the whole thing, then some because I would have felt guilty.

I'm also a mother, but of 2 boys, 19 and 20 YO, working as a database manager, I love to do stained glass and knit with my knitting machine, and I am always in a war with my weight. It has won many battles but I know I'll win the war. I loosely count calories and am up to 1000 so far today. I should be done at 1300.

tiredoffat 08-03-2005 07:30 AM

Hi Marie, let's see how this thread goes. Not too much interest so far. Yesterday was a tough day for me - a low day. I have to learn how to cope with that kind of day. Hoping for a better eating day today. I woke up with a lot of energy - that's a good start.

so far, just coffee.

tiredoffat 08-03-2005 07:36 AM

I'm thinking more about this. I have to start checking my weight regularly. I'm going to weigh myself on Sunday morning. I'd really like to break 180 by then - that means about 1.5 lbs. I can do it. We all can! It's a step by step process. I think I'll be checking in a lot for support. That's what I did last year to jump start the process.

cacmsc 08-03-2005 08:17 AM

Tiredoffat so glad you started this thread. I will reintroduce myself.

My life has only begun and I have a lot of living to do. I want to be healthy and capable to do for others and myself in the future. I have a hubby whom needs my assistance as he has some health issues. I am a mother of 3 lovely grown children and have 4 little grandkids. No I am not that old only 51 started young but don't regret it. I don't feel 51 and I won't act it either! Life is to short for that! I went back to school a bit ago and got my degree. I work with the adult MR population as a social worker field. I find my work challenging but rewarding and never dull. I started 1 year ago in Sept. to turn my health around. It has worked well for me. I am dedicated to checking in to threads which help keep me motivated to continue my jouney of a good path towards tp wt. loss and feeling fit. I love to do many outside activities, camping, swimming, exercising,fishing , gardening and inside activities include knitting, sewing, quilting, reading etc. I am trying to live life to its fullest and take it as it comes, deal with stress the best I can. Life sometimes throws us a few curve balls and we can react with over eating etc. I am trying to do the scale thing every friday. I set goals for myself along the way and write in a daily journal and post generally on this site.
Well enough of that lets get moving and lose some more wt. I am down almost 10lbs. I'd like to lose about 15 more over time. My goal is to lose it within the year. I take it off generally slow but try to maintain my loss. I calorie count flex between 1400 and 1600. It seems to be the best way for me! Good luck! Welcome aboard and hope you will join us in this journey of better living and feeling good!

ginavisko 08-03-2005 04:08 PM

Hi ladies,
I'm new around here, Tiredoffat invited me over here yesterday from another post (thanks :) )

I'm 45 years old with a great husband and 3 great kids. What's not so great is my weight :( . I also have been quite sedentary for the last couple of years which has contributed to this feeling that I am getting old and stiff.
My goals are quite simple, get some sort of exercise everyday ( right now it is 30 min walking or pilates dvd, stretching nightly, etc) eat good healthy foods, no fakes,no chemicals or trans fats, and portion control ( I'm not counting calories, but ultimately this is a low calorie diet). I'd love to have some ladies to share ideas and successes with along this journey.

My husband and I own 3 restaurants but I really don't work in the restaurants anymore, which, is probably why I have gained this weight.

I have a whole closet full of beautiful clothes and just about nothing fits or looks good anymore. Nothing is going to keep me from my goal. This is it, life's too short to be thinking about my weight all the time.

So, I'll try to post often....maybe we can help eachother achieve our goals. :)
I'll be posting my weight also, can't wait to see those numbers go down


cacmsc 08-04-2005 08:28 AM

Gina welcome aboard here. Together we try to support each other and learn new ways to work toward a better and healthier lifestyle. So yah can't go wrong if your join in.
Yesterday was another very high stress day at work and my mood kind of was tense at home. That didn't make for such a great day. But today is another day and I am going to go in and make the best of things. Getting down can be tough I didn't totally over eat but made a few unhealthy add ins. I ended up on the high calorie side yesterday today will be better. I plan on counting closely and making better choices not letting the stress get to me. I will deal with each thing as it comes up and try not to let it mess me up totally. Food can seem like comfort but it really can be the demon if we choose the wrong things. I did go blueberry picking and had fun. I am going again next week. One gallon of berries are going in the freezer. I am getting ready for camp on friday. Hopefully lots of exercise this weekend and some relaxation. I might have to take part of friday off just to relax and catch up on life. Stress does funny things to us and I need to be strong and not let it control what goes into my mouth.
Scale day is friday! I will be intrested to see how I am doing. I haven't had a bad week just different! I am going to make some homemade fresh salsa to take camping and fresh veggies precut up to snack on. If I pack the right stuff it could be a healthy weekend of eating except for a smore!
Take care!

tiredoffat 08-04-2005 08:56 AM

Good Morning.

Welcome Gina. I know we'll all make great progress on this new thread. I'm imagining myself wearing lots of great clothes at 150lbs. It will happen - I know it. It just means cutting down on calories.

breakfast special k, milk and blueberries (400)

Marie 08-04-2005 03:42 PM

Hi everyone. I had a great day yesterday. I ate lo-cal for my birthday and didn't go over my calories. When we went out to dinner, I only looked at the WW part of the menu and ordered a 350 cal chicken sandwich (which was tasty). Then when they sand happy birthday and brought a sundae, I only ate a couple bites of it. I was full and didn't just keep eating. That's such progress for me. DH and I took the dogs out hiking yesterday morning so I even exercised.

Today is a lazy day. I've started a new plan to get me stomach muscles stronger. I did situps on the 1st for the first time in 30 years. I could actually do 10 of them. My goal is to add 1 every other day until I'm up to 50. I'm also going to start doing push ups using the counter (until I get stronger then I'll graduate to the floor). Crunches have never done much for me, so I decided to go with the real situps. Anyway, I will then float on my pool, then do laps for aerobic exercise. Past that, I'm being a bum my last week off from work.

Gina, welcome to the board - I also gravitated from another thread that I chatted with TOF daily.

Cacmsc, it's really nice to meet you. 51 is definitely still young. Sometimes it's hard for me to think that it's been 25 years since high school. Some days it feels like just a couple - then I realize how old I am and I just don't feel old. So I know what you mean.


tiredoffat 08-04-2005 05:51 PM

Crunches sound like a good idea!

breakfast - cereal/milk/blueberries (400)
lunch - 2 pcs pizza (600)
dinner - 1/2 tuna sandwich, yogurt, fig newtons (700 about)
total 1700 - that's it for today - not the best choices, but the cal intake seems close to what it should be.
I also drank lots and lots of water. Perhaps I'll fit in ex tonight, I've had trouble making the time this week as it is a busy family week. My husband and I have 24 hrs without children this weekend and we both want it to be fun and healthy.

Take care.

sw 210
cw 181
gw 150

ginavisko 08-04-2005 10:45 PM

Hi everybody,
So glad to meet you all.

mmarie: Thanks for the welcome. :) I think it's great that you only had a couple of bites of your birthday sundae. I find that a few bites can really be satisfying if you pay attention to what you're eating and besides, normally everyone goes hog wild on that special day ... so good for you! About those sittups, that's a great idea, you'll be able to see your progress. You might want to check out Pilates, there are no crunches involved but boy, do they work those core abdominal muscles.To tell the truth, those exercises are really hard for me ( I had twins, nice excuse huh?) but I feel them for days after.

tof: Thanks for the nice welcome. Sounds like you had a pretty good day and....a whole 24 hours with your husband, no kids...I am totally jealous! Thanks for starting this thread.

cacmsc: Thanks for the welcome. :) 50 is the new 30...haven't you heard? Which makes me about 27 I think :lol: Hope you enjoy your camping trip and good luck on weigh day! I am hoping for some kind of loss tomorrow, have been pretty good this week. Going to keep my fingers crossed for both of us....all of us.

cacmsc 08-05-2005 08:05 AM

Hello everyone! Happy Birthday to you Mmarie and good work and a nice step forward to reaching your goal. Its all about changing the way we think sometimes.
Gina thanks for being supportive. I like your way of thinking!
Tired hang in there girl things are starting to turn around for you it takes time. How well I know.
I had a better day yesterday at work but boy this has been a stressful week. I am not sorry to see it end and part of it I will have to deal with next week. That is sad but true a big stressful meeting coming up. Sometimes dealing with other peoples lives is not so much fun and the outcomes aren't always the best. Especially when you see them choosing the wrong thing and no how its going to change their lifes and there isn't much you can do. Sometimes the job just eats you up and this is one of those times. Thank God they don't come my way so often or I'd really be a mess!
I didn't lose any wt. this week but thats okay figuring it was pretty crazy and all. I am not upset about it just going to move forward. Maintaining is just as important sometimes. Well I gotta fly to work so I can maybe leave a bit early still gotta pack and get groceries. Talk to you all on sunday when I return from camping in the wilderness no real potties etc..... Oh how will I survive????????????????????????

hikerpam 08-05-2005 11:38 AM

Count me in - Hikerpam
I weighed in today - 204 - that's down 9 from a few months ago, but I'm not satisfied with this at all. Like many of you, I want to make this the last time - lately instead of up and down, it is up and up. I have begun exercising (with a partner - which helps) and hiking on weekends, thus hikerpam. I am excited about being accountable to y'all -


Marie 08-05-2005 09:48 PM

Hi all,

Gina and cacmsc, thanks for the great posts. It really is a matter of changing how we think. Two days later I'm still thrilled I ate only a couple bites.

hikerpam, 9 pounds is great. I've been on this diet for over a year and right now only have 8 pounds to show for it (I gained weight on a recent vacation and haven't/don't want to change my tracker). I know it's due to one of my bipolar meds, but I don't know which one so I'm easing off them all. I promised DH to go back on them if I don't do okay without them. I've been so stable for so long that I want to try without drugs. In the mean time, maybe I'll lose an ounce or two. :) I did lose a .5 pound this week of the vacation pounds.

I'm at about 800 cals so far today and still have dinner to go. I have a taste for cereal so I think I'll be able to have one of my WW ice cream bars for dessert.

I swam laps today and did my situps. Tomorrow or Sunday I plan on going hiking with DH and dogs. Its just so hot here (100) that we have to get up early to go so that the dogs don't get overheated.

Anyway, have a great night.

tiredoffat 08-06-2005 02:20 PM

Hi all,

Wow this thread is taking off with great energy and new people! I think this gives us all a great place to start or restart.

Welcome hikerpam. I love to hike. It's a great way to burn calories and enjoy friends and family not to mention see natural beauty. I hope you'll share some of your hikes with us.

Nine lbs is awesome Gina.

Marie and Carol, thanks for all the positive words and good advice. Your steady encouragement and sticking to the task helps make me strong.

Good day so far - tough to count cals due to the boys' swim meet, but no overeating
breakfast - cereal, milk (300)
snack - 1/2 bagel (300)
lunch - chicken sandwich (600)
have to go easy tonight

Take care all - my new resolve is not to overbook myself, I'm finding that when I'm too busy I get tired and when I get tired I overeat. I'll check in again in the am.

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