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  • Hello everyone! I have missed checking in I was trying to cahnge over my internet service and messed it all up. That is why I have not been on. But I need to ck in to keep myself going. Not to bad lately but letting little things creep in that shouldn't be in my diet. I just need to get into the swing of thing. I was really happy I could ck in tonight.
    Marie I'd be glad to give you some tips and share some info. Kids are great and we'd be bored with out them. Looks like your doing really well.
    Judi good for you losing some lbs... I need to go there myself.
    Tired sounds like your enjoying the end of your vacation with camping. Good for you! If it makes you feel good its got to be good! Keep up the good work!
    I am going to log in this week more in my journal I slacked off. I am also going to the gym on monday, wed. this week. We are leaving for camping on friday. So I will fit in some exercise that day with a walk on the beach and some swimming if weather permits. Did you all think I went away somewhere? Not last weekend or this weekend. But the next two. One weekend at Southwick beach and one at FairHaven beach. Some relaxation and fishing, swimming. I got into poison oak again some how this time on my neck. I have been putting stuff on it but still have it. If it gets worse I will have to call the doctor.
    Well hope I didn't forget to say hi to anyone? If so hello!
    We need to all concentrate on new fall clothes fitting us better! Lets go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi, Carol It's so nice to hear from you. it sounds as if you've been pretty busy. You're right, thinking about fall clothes is strong motivation for me. I have a couple of items hanging on the wall in my walk-in closet, that remind me of how nice it would be to fit into them in October....

    Marie, I'm so glad that you're feeling good and feeling in control. It reminds me that we can't always see other people's challenges, so maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge other people based on what's obvious to the eye. Anyway, I'm sure teh hummingbirds didn't mind your shopping habits--they probably thinko fyou as a philanthropist.

    Tired: the party was nice, but I'll only give myself a B- on my eating choices. I'm going to the Nationals baseball game tomorrow, so I'll have another chance to practice changing my social chow-down tendencies. There's almost nothing 'safe' to eat at the game.

    I've moved my tracker down 2lbs., to 237. I've re-revised my 2005 goal to a very ambitious 200 lbs. That's probably not realistic, but it is motivational--I'd have to lose an average of 2 lbs a week. I struggle with goal-setting (too ambitious or not ambitious enough). But I finally asked myself, "What do you really want?" and that's what I really want, and I can visualize it, so that's that!

    Have a great day!

  • Judy, it's a good goal and if you don't make it by a pound or two, just think how much closer you are to your final goal. I like asking myself what I really want - food or to lose weight. Lose weight is the answer and I've been able to stay away from foold. You sure are doing great. Also, are you the Judy that was on Full Time Working Stiffs? If yes, you're missed there and was even mentioned today.

    Carol, it's amazing how the little things creep in and eat away at good health. It's good to notice and make them go away. You're doing fabulous. Are you maternal or paternal grandma? I will alway be paternal (only had boys) and I wonder where the boundary lines are. Yesterday I offered GF that when baby is born that if her mother want to use our guest room for a week or two, that she is welcome. I know my mom stayed with me for a while, but having MIL might have been hard. Sometimes, I wonder where the line is. Yes, I'm in a reflective mood today.

    I'm going through caffeine withdrawal today. I've weaned it down to very little and today went without. I have a nasty headache - I had to leave work to go to bed - and am still really tired. It's the first day I don't feel manic since going off my bipolar drugs. I just want to curl in a ball and hibernate. I bet I feel a lot better tomorrow.

  • Marie when is that little bundle due? Nice offer for the other grandma. I was very lucky when the kids were born that my daughters offered for me to be in the room with them. It was a moment that I will cherish forever. I have a picture of my little grandaughter whom is now 6 that she is holding onto my little finger and my hand shows just how little she was. It helps to have a photographer in the family to catch those special times. I have 2 grandaughters 5 and 6 only 11 months apart same parents, 2 grand boys one 3 and 8 their bithdays are in Oct. The 8 year old has the two sisters. I just love them and enjoy their company. We do a lot with them and I think its important. I guess we are lucky that they want us involved in their lifes not every couple wants that. Some want space and thats okay too I guess but people sure do miss a lot. A friend of mine never takes the kids says shes raised hers I think its awful to feel that way. I know as we grow older our kids will be there for us and to continue to care as we have taught them well. Good luck sorry to ramble!
    Your doing well with your new lifestyle keep it up. You'll be a healthier gram! Good luck with the getting off the meds becareful try some yoga to relax at times of need!
    Judy sounds like your setting some goals for yourself. I was going to the gym yesterday but didn't make it. I have some poison oak on my neck and it is driving me wild. I think its starting to clear up. I don't even know how I got it this time around? I am doctoring it up myself no shot in this butt if I can help it!!!!!!!!!!! I made some veggie stew yesterday really healthy stuff and so easy. But my mistake was buying bread to go with it. I finally wrapped up the bread and stuck it in the freezer.. The calories in the stew have to be really low its only veggies and some lean hot sausage. I froze some for another time and taking some for lunch. It was the easiest stuff to make and really tasty. The hubby wouldn't try it so I have extras! I put on an old pair of pants today and a dress shirt. I feel really good in them haven't had them on in a while. I want to buy some fall clothes which will be fun this year as I have lost some wt. and toned up. But I really still want to lose some more and better get on the stick.
    Exercise seems to be hard for me lately I fit it in sometimes but not at the gym. Maybe with fall coming I will do it better lets hope so. You have set some realistic goals and I know you can do it. I have done much better with having water in the ref. and some fresh fruit on hand. At night that is what I snack on and its working out well I don't feel the need for junk food. I did make some homemade hot salsa froze some and ate some with baked chips. Have you ever tried the pita shells and baked them? You cut them into triangles and spray with cooking spray and add a bit of garlic powder, cajun spice if you like. Bake them and put them in a ziploc. Great to snack on with salsa or low cal low fat dip. Well gotta go hope you doing fine Tired I know summer is coming to an end for you with vac.
    Sorry so long today I guess I missed all of you!
  • Carol, you sound like a great grandma! Don't worry about writing too much, I am always happy to hear your throughts. The poison oak is pretty awful, I hope that goes away soon.

    Marie, are you feeling better today? Yes, that was me on the other thread. I was active on three at once, but it was too ahrd for me to keep ups, especially with the personals. I'll pop in and say hi to the Working Stiffs. It's nice to be missed!

    Heading off to the game soon. I'll eat a veggie burger and some mixed veggies before I leave, and I'm taking an apple and string cheese (if I can smuggle them into RFK). My 'treats,' if I need them, will be peanuts. The beer is so expensive, and bad, that it should be easy to say no

    Be well--judy
  • Hi all, things are really busy here as we have an ill relative who is requiring a great deal of time and care. I'll hopefully be back on in a bit once her illness seems to settle down. Hope you are all doing well. I'm thinking about you even if I don't have time to log on right now. Take care.
  • Hi all,

    Carol, I think that I'm in the same mindset as you. I really want to be part of the baby's life. Since they are moving into my house, I think it would be difficult to deny me access to the baby. I think after they move out will be very hard. There aren't jobs in this area and after they graduate they'll have to move. By then I'll be very attached. Sort of scary that I'm worried about that already. Anyway, baby is due on Valentines Day.

    Tired, hope your life calms down so you can enjoy the last couple weeks of your vacation. I have hated being back at work. I've been really resentful of having to be there and helping idiots. I know, there are no stupid questions... but there sure isn't a lot of smart ones.

    Judy, thanks for popping in at Working Stiffs. That was nice. I'm on 3 threads and when I don't post it's usually because it takes to long to post something 3 times. I definitely understand.

    I'm feeling better today, but I'm still a little cranky. I worked 12 hours today and that could be part of it. I'm tired and ready for bed at 8 o'clock. I usually go to bed at 11:00 but I'm beat.

    Tomorrow we're going to Portland for the American Idol concert. DS's GF, DH and I. We should have a good time. I took Wednesday and Thursday off. Now I just need to take the rest of tonight off.

    Exercise - a long lost memory lately. With being sick and working like crazy, I haven't done it in about 2 days and I'm not going to tonight. Tomorrow morning, hopefully.

    Water - beyond excellent. I've drank a river full.

    Food - stayed in my calories. Even had a smore and hot dog for dinner (Oscar Meyer lite dogs are only 90 cals and the smore was a 1/2 one with one graham cracker, one marshmellows and 1/4 chocolate bar). The caffeine withdrawal is almost complete. The head aches are gone so I'm almost there.

  • Hi all, I just read something about obesity and how it really causes all kinds of problems in your older age. That's what we are experiencing will our ill relative. It is so hard to see, but motivating as far as my own health journey goes.

    I've definately gained weight. I can feel it in my clothes. I'm going to focus on my food intake and exercise whenever possible. I'm going to include "power cleaning" in my exercise regimen because when my house gets really messy I get out of sorts too.

    One day at a time! Marie, I'm going to think about what you wrote - "You like being thin more than food." I want a body without the extra flab. I'll be back at work next week. I organized my classroom this week and have thought about stress-reducing strategies all summer. Let's see how it goes. My b-day is Valentine's Day. It's a great birthday. It's good to have a chance to read your insights.

    Judy, I struggle with emotional, fun-time eating like you. Making a plan does help me. I have to get back to the good strategies I used last year like substituting. Here are some successful substitutes:

    Seltzer was a good substitute for alcohol at parties - I always brought a six-pack of flavored seltzer.

    Non fat yogurt smoothies are a good ice cream substitute.

    Carrot sticks are a good chip substitute if you're craving munching and crunching.

    Salads are great meal foods because they take a long time to eat and are very satisfying - healthy too.

    Having a healthy snack basket of apples, etc. helps at work.

    Power bars are good "on the run" meal substitutes as they are filling. I like the Cliff Bars.

    If anyone has other substitute ideas, please let me know. I'm going to put a list on my fridge to remind me. None of this health journey info is second nature to me - it all requires thoughts and planning. Second nature to me unfortunately is eating to soothe the soul.

    Carol, always good to read your uplifting entries.

    Skinny and Roll - how are you? Miss you.

    Take care all. It's good to be back.
  • Tired talking about flab I feel my stomach getting a little flabby lately. So that will get me to the gym. That has been hard for me lately to get into the swing of things. Last night because of being in a bit of a rush. I thought it would be easier to stop for a pizza. At least it wasn't a greasy one. I had hot pepper rings on my side. But I could of made much better choices. Today I will do my journal that helps keep me balanced and add up those cals. Hope things calm down the relative being ill most likely would make any of us think about our intake. I was out with a friend whom has health issues currently low iron. I told her I know what its all about as I went with my sister in law to the doctors whose in the same boat. My friend doesn't take it so seriously and that is a dum move. Cause it can wear on your kidneys and the results of that aren't so good. Sometimes I am unhealthy to but I never get so far away from making good changes to put myself in danger. Make sure you take care of yourself if we don't we aren't there for our kids, hubbies etc.... We need to make changes and stay as healthy as possible. When our wt. is up we put ourselves in a different area which is more risk towards diseases etc. So lets pledge to get healthy together as a group we can do it!
    Marie being so close will give you time to bond thats for sure. How nice will that be. My son tried to live in OR for awhile years ago it was beautiful but he couldn't make the money at that time he needed. So he caught a train home. I never made it for a visit there. Keep up your good work!
    Judy sounds like you've been pretty busy lately. I am going to eat healthy today if it kills me. My pizza was my down fall yesterday. But today is another day. I am going to pack in some cukes, tomatoes and fruit for lunch today. I am making dinner for my future son in law and grandson tonight. That I am not sure what I am making as of yet. I will pick something on the way home.
    I went to get my haircut the other day. A little uplift new shorter style. I dyed it a bit darker for the fall. In the summer with the sun and pool it always turn lighter. Time for some changes for fall. I am going shopping for a few new things too. I figure we can't make fall go away so we might as well enjoy it.
    Take care everyone and lets get moving! Let those muscles build, tone up!
  • Hi Carol and Tired, sounds like you're both ready to get really back on track. Good for you. I hate when after losing weigh, I gain a couple pounds and feel bloated. I love the non-bloated dieting feeling. My stomach is also my first place to feel it. That's part of the reason that I added situps to my routine. I may not be perfect on exercising daily, but I can fit in situps. Ive been doing it for 3 weeks and am up to 25 situps. I donn't think as a kid I could do that many.

    Carol, I hope you like the new hairstyle. I usually dye my hair darker for the fall too, but since I'm growing it out, I can't afford the chemicals on the end. So I'm thinking of highlighting the new growth through fall and winter. Sorry about the pizza choice. Did you have too many pieces because pizza shouldn't be a bad food, just too much should be.

    Tired, thanks for mentioning that something I said made you think. I think that my desire for a thinner body is why I'm not struggling food wise. I want it so bad. Then there's the fact that if I overeat now, I feel nauseous. The harder part is choosing low call foods. But I'm finding lots that I like that is good for me. Hence, the easy street on the eating side. Exercise I still need to buckle down more regularly. It's amazing how being sick the last few days has made me feel guilty because I haven't done my situps since Saturday and I haven't exercised since a lazy workout on Sunday (slow laps in the pool). Still the rational side of me knows that I was sick. It's just that desire for being slender that has the guilt going.

    Well, I've chatted long enough. I'm going to the American Idol concert in Portland today and that should be fun. We might have an hour or two to shop.
  • Good morning
    Just a quick note to let you know I'm alive and kicking! Things here are good but hectic. We had company from MI all weekend on top of band stuff and church stuff and DS drama so I didn't get to post. I didn't weigh this morning but will tomorrow a.m. and report. I think I'm down some as I'm wearing a 14/16 outfit today and I haven't been in a fourteen for at least ten years. So, feeling good about where this is all going. I didn't behave as well as I should have during my TOM but didn't blow it, either. Believe me, if anything would have caused me to blow it, it would have been our problems w/DS this weekend. He's DH's son from a previous marriage but he's my son as well, you know what I mean? Well, he called Saturday morning and had been cutting himself and was threatening to kill himself. We called the police and went over there. He finally, after about an hour, put down his knives and let the police take him to the hospital. He was relased last night, which seems quick but I'm not the doctor. Anyway, he's bipolar and scitzophrenic (sp?). He hadn's been on his meds for a while and he hadn't slept in 6 days and a friend of his was killed in an accident the day before. He hates his meds b/c they keep him from sleeping (he takes lithium) and the doctor's won't give him sleeping pills. We've rounded up a couple of places for him to look at. He really needs to go spend some time somewhere until they can find the right kind of meds for him. He has the insurance now to pay for it. But, he's 21 so we'll give him the info and the rest will be up to him. We'll be there for him as much as we can but it's his life. It hurts so much to see them suffer.

    Good news: we ate healthy all weekend and not only did our company like it, they asked for recipes. This is a good thing b/c they do not eat healthy at home and I worry for them. So, maybe this weekend opened their eyes to how fun it can be to be healthy.

    Well, gotta run. I'll read everything later and respond. I hope everyone is doing well. TTYL. Thanks for being here.
  • Wow, Skinny, that's a lot to deal with. I hope that you are taking care of yourself during this stressful period. At least you aren't indulging in comfort foods. My brother has been in the hospital since Monday with blood clots on his lungs. It's hard to be so far away, and I'm thinking about going home for a few days to see what's what.

    The baseball game was fun. I didn't have anything but sliced veggies at the sports bar, and my splurge was an Italian sausage sandwich and a beer at the game. Afterwards, I walked with my friends to their home, about 20 minutes or so, before heading for the Metro. This AM, I did my 55-minute walk, and don't feel nearly as wiped out as I did before--yaay!

    I will try to come back later. Gotta run now!

  • Marie I had 3 pieces my friend. But I guess when you think of it thats not that bad.It had peppers on it and wasn't the greasy type. But I think maybe I could of had 2 and some salad but no time! Oh well one must move on they say! Just start in again.
    Skinny sorry to hear your troubles. In my husbands family a member took pills recently and ended up in the hospital. It is about his 10th attempt. For him I think its attention and away to get out of some other trouble with out wanting to face it. But I did have a niece 3 years ago that did go through with it. Bipolar and other diseases like it are so hard ones mind. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from them. Memories of my niece at 21 will never go away completely. Hopefully things will get better. In the field I work in I deal with info. on meds. doctor appts etc. some of them are trying to get away from lithum and putting them gradually on risperdal. But its not for everyone!
    Most of the time they take two meds increasing one and gradually decreasing the other until their off it completely. Good luck my thoughts are with you and your son. Ask about meds. new to the market too! Ask lots of questions and write down the info. its alot to take in and you can refer back to it as time goes on.
    Judy your getting into the swing of things. Its so hard sometimes to get back in. I did pretty good calorie wise yesterday.
    Peach for breakfast
    bagel rye w/ mustard/roasted turkey/ lettuce/ cherry tomatoes for lunch
    no snacks in between
    goulash for dinner small bowl 2 slices of italian bread
    1 small choc. ice cream cone
    So around 1450 even with my ice cream. I used to eat a big dish of pasta I have noticed lately my portions are better. It seems like it just happened. I guess maybe I don't need quite as much to fill me up. I am going to do the scale thing on friday before camping. But I have decided during the night when I couldn't sleep due to allergy meds I took that I will pack healthy stuff. So I am going to the farmers market to get some fresh veggies and fruit this a.m.. I am going to make a fruit salad w/ walnuts. Also taking some baked tortilla chips to go with my homemade salsa. We usually only eat two meals as our breakfast is normally good size. Well I will have to have a bit of wine of course. So that is up a bit! But better choices than sometimes I think. I will do some hiking while camping, swimming, and fishing. I also have been reading it seems to help me have less munches at night. Well be good girls and lets keep moving! Hey great situps! I am still fighting with my poison oak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only on the back on my leg. It is more painful than poison ivy I think it bothers your nervous system. Boy I tell yah leave it to me to get this junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good morning, friends
    Hope this day finds all doing well. I'm sitting here w/coffee, of course, and listening to Veggie Tales-Veggie Rocks. Ahhh, great start to the day. Is anyone here familar with Veggie Tales? If so, this cd is some of their silly songs sung by some contemporary Christian artists. It's a fun cd.

    Judy and Carol-thanks for your words of encouragement re: my DS. He was released yesterday and he is open to the info we have gathered for him. I think he realizes that he's going to have to do something or next time, it might not end so well. Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers. Thanks bunches.

    Carol-so sorry about your niece. Hoping you can take comfort in your good memories of her. Also sorry to hear about your poison oak. Yuck. My sister, Carol as a matter of fact, one time got poison ivy in her system through a small cut between her fingers. She looked like a blow-fish she swelled so much! so, you have my sympathies. Sounds like you did okay with the pizza. I used to be able to eat three-five pieces without even thinking about it. The fact you are thinking about it is good.

    Judy-sorry to hear about your brother. Let us know what you decide to do about traveling. It sounds like you handled your eating quite well at the baseball game and your exercise is going well. Keep up the good work!

    Marie-how's it going with your exercise? I think of you everyday while I'm exercising so I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

    TOF-How's it going for you? I've been thinking about Maries words about liking being healthy better than junk food. It seemed to hit a nerve with me as well. Plus, I have extra incentive to try to be at my goal weight by April, 2006. It looks like my oldest DD and I will be going on a mission trip to Honduras! So, I definitely want to be as healthy as possible before we go. I'm so excited. I've never been on a mission trip before and neither has my DD. Yea!

    Well, life is good, isn't it? Even when it's hard. I have health, good friends, family who love me, a job, a car, a house; we're just blessed all over the place, aren't we? Thanks so much for your friendship and support. It's greatly appreciated and needed! Have a great day. Be kind to yourself.

    Forgot to tell you that food and exercise are going well. I've walked everyday this week and been to the circuit room at the Y twice. I plan on doing pilates on Saturday at the Y. I didn't see the scale move down this week but that's okay. Another downward spiral will happen soon. I just have to hang in there and continue making healthy choices.
  • Hi everyone, well I'm back from Portland and the American Idol concert was pretty good. I wouldn't do it again. Too much driving, we ended up staying overnight since it was so late and the 5 hour drive was too tiring, etc. But Carrie Underwood is one talented young lady. It was cool to hear her sing live. I did fine food wise and yesterday morning DH and I took the dogs hiking so I did exercise yesterday. I'm pretty wiped out today but I'm going to ride the exercycle or Gazelle to try to get my head on straight. This morning I did have a cinnamon roll, but I have it planned in the calories so I should be okay. Since I rarely ever want to eat anymore, making room for it wasn't too hard.

    Carol, I wish I could help with the Poison Oak. Have you taken Benadryl - it's the best stuff for allergic reactions. And I'm very sorry about your niece. That must be so difficult to adjust to. I know that I've been playing with my meds so that I'll lose weight and I do wonder about my choices. I tried to call my psychiatrist but she must still be on sabbatical. I will try again in a couple weeks.

    Skinny, your last words of how blessed we are made me think. Thanks. I'm glad that you're hanging in there even though the scale is being stubborn. Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I'm hoping for some loss. I'm not greedy - a 1/2 pound makes me happy.

    Judy, my thoughts are with your family. That is so scary. Do they know what is causing the blood clots? I can understand your wish to travel to be with him.

    TOF - hope you're doing well and are staying on track. Enjoy your last couple days off. Our teachers return to work next week too. That' make my life more hectic.

    Well, ttyl.