Summer Starters #2 - 8/1

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  • Welcome to a new week and month! Let's keep up our great momentum for this month!
  • Good morning! Hope everybody had a great weekend!

    Thanks for the good karma vibes, Uncovering! I can certainly use it...maybe it'll get the scale moving again for me since it's been stuck the past few days! Congrats on your 4 lb loss!! That's awesome! Sorry to hear about the tailbone pain...I know how frustrating it is when things like that get in the way.

    Thanks for the nice words Sandisuze. I may be successful at my weight loss, but the problem is that I'm successful over and over and over but I have yet to be able to maintain it for any lenght of time. I know this time will be different, though. I am tired of the yo-yo and I know how unhealthy it is. I hope you are feeling better about your daughter situation this morning. Parenting really can be a thankless job. I know it's hard, but being on her own for a while may really be just what she needs. Your husband is right, you can't let her stay and continue doing things that cause you so much stress.

    I have been using the 10 lb. increment mini-goal for myself also. When I first started I couldn't even think about how much I wanted to lose overall because it would just get me down. What I usually use as a reward is something that makes me feel really good like finding all the clothes in my closet that are too loose and putting them away, or digging the next smaller size out of storage and seeing how close they are to fitting. I also like going shopping just to try clothes on. Even if I don't buy anything it gives me a mood boost.

    Congrats on going to all those parties and not gaining anything, StillTrying! Be proud of yourself for getting right back on track. I'm glad to know there are others here with pets! I don't know what I'd do without my furry friends.

    Mommapossum it sounds like you had a stressful week! I hope this is a better one for you. Congrats on still being able to lose weight even with everything else going on in your life.

    I didn't jog at all over the weekend so that's the first thing I did this morning. For some reason that mile seemed exceptionally long today and I was just moving slow. I did manage to finish it and then took a 3 mile walk. I was hoping to try to jog a little farther than that but it just seemed harder than usual for some reason so I didn't. It's supposed to get pretty hot here but maybe if it cools off in the evening I can get another walk in then. I've been doing fine with food but yesterday I had too much salt and not enough fluids and I can tell my fingers are swelled up this morning, so today I need to really make water a priority.

    Have a great Monday, everyone!
  • Here we go another new week! Although the kids are driving me nuts this morning-literally, life is good. Last night I just got a hankerin' for snacking but instead I went in and wiped down all the dining room chairs-it really worked! I am really excited to get on the scale this week. It was funny-was feeling so wonderful about the loss so far and then when I went to get into the shower saw myself in the mirror(my bathroom has 2 huge ones) and all of a sudden all the good feelings went away. I have decided for at least awhile that I am covering those mirrors and just looking at myself from the neck up. I feel better and the numbers on the scale are going down so that is what I want to focus on.
  • Hi everyone!
    Wow This have been a week of stress for so may of us

    Being a parent sometimes bites.. Oldest daughter is moving her stuff out.. not real happy with it all But I have babied her so much, she went thru a lot and I did the I'll do everything for you bit... But she has some job leads today and has found out you can't always depend on others to get you places either. ( she doesn't drive) at least she has an intelligent Boyfriend unlike the parent's nightmare of last year and he will kick her into gear. So I will take her for interviews as she needs a job.
    Water today Good, food good.. Food was bad last night.. well sorta bad. Hubby grilled ribs.. yummy boneless ribs.. I prolly ate more than my 4 oz. I was allowed but not too much more.. I did bypasss potato salad & garlic bread for a sweet potato and had a salad and green beans.
    I have not had caffeine or white bread or white pasta for 8 days now... and the only bread I have had has been 2 slices whole wheat toast. (with the excetpion of the mac and cheese incident)the cravings are going away and the headaches are too. (YAY! ME! ) I told hubby it's like when I stopped smoking. I can never touch certain foods or I will lose control.
    I will post later since break time is over ..
  • Where is everyone today?
  • I was just wondering the same thing-lol. Had to go to neurologist this morning for my son and then there were errends to run. Man I must have burned a million calories pushing 150 in a cart and that was before any groceries lol. Looking forward to weigh in here and had a perfect week with eating and I am getting more water in finally too.
  • Melissa- Good job on your workout! See, even your son is helping to make sure you get your exercise!

    Sandi - sorry about the difficulties with your daughter. Maybe it's a case of her not knowing what she has until it's gone. I hope she comes around soon. Good for you for maintaining such eating determination through all of this stress!

    I did pretty well with eating so far today. My DH is grilling chicken right now. We are having chicken ceasar salads for dinner. Yum - one of my favorite meals! I bought fresh pineapple yesterday - a first for me. It was a PITA to cut up, but it was delicious! I had some for breakast with a container of yogurt.

    Tomorrow night I am meeting some friends for dinner at the most fattening of restaurants -- the Cheesecake Factory. They have a vast menu so I'll try to order sensibly. Give me strength! Wed. I have a fitting for a bridesmaid dress -- fun, fun, fun.
  • Hello
    I think there are a few messages on last weeks thread.
    I went to for the first time. i loved it. I just can't figure out what is a goal for calories each day. Today will be about 1500 by the time supper is over. Any ideas?
    I've never counted calories before, just points on WW. I am a WW failure. I would start the day with 6 cookies, count the points and then have next to nothing to eat for the rest of the day, be miserable, say I'll start again tomorrow and eat the rest of the day. Once I have sugar, I'm finished. It just leads to more.
    So I'm going to have smart calories, but I don't know how many.
  • Hi Everyone! How is everybody's monday going so far? I hate Mondays!! lol
    I was supposed to meet my trainer today but had to reschedule. Work was long.. lol.
    I was able to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes today so that was a good thing.

    This is my first week with Summer Starters. Can't wait to get to know you guys!

    I hope everyone is doing great!!
  • I spent the day with my sister's little ones. Didn't get any more walks or housework done but I sure had a lot of fun and now I'm worn out.

    I just read that Atkins filed bankruptcy. I'm not on Atkins (love my carbs too much). I was really kind of surprised to read that, though.
  • Hi all!
    I just want to say congrats to all of you on your losses! I am looking at everyone's weight tickers and it is just inspiring to me! Keep up the great work!
    My feet are still a little sore from the new orthodics, so I didn;t walk today, but did swim in the pool instead. The scale had another .5 loss on it this AM - but I still don;t trust it - I plan to get a new one this week.
    I have discovered that i do my best when I buy the Lean Cuisine, Healthy Chioce and Weight Watchers pre portioned lunches. I work at a school and I can stick to the diet in the summer because I bring lunch, but when school starts back up in Sept - I have decided that I am going to still bring the frozen meals and eat a salad from the salad bar every day - I cannot step foot in the back kitchen! - or it's going to be grilled cheese, fries, pizza, spaghetti, etc, etc......
    I must start praying for strength now!
    Keep up the great work everyone!
  • Stilltrying-I have discovered that i do my best when I buy the Lean Cuisine, Healthy Chioce and Weight Watchers pre portioned lunches. I work at a school and I can stick to the diet in the summer because I bring lunch, but when school starts back up in Sept - I have decided that I am going to still bring the frozen meals and eat a salad from the salad bar every day -

    This is awesome planning ahead. Sometimes situations happen suddenly and there isn't much control over it, but usually there is a bit of warning, and if we just plan ahead of time what we are going to do and do it, we can bypass alot of things that have caused failure in the past.

    ntn4utide-30 min of excersize is much better than 0. Other than busy with dr. appointment and errends-another excellent day. I am excited to get on the scale as I am close to another mini goal which means I get to treat myself. It usually consists of watching a movie while the girls sleep instead of house chores that I can only do while they are sleeping but hey, take em where I can get them. Also wishing the mailman would hurry up cause the WW cookbook I got off ebay should be here today.

    KayElle-chasing kids IS a workout lol. I do it everyday up and down back and forth, lift lift lift.

    Don't be hard on yourself Laura-different things work for different people. How many calories would depend on how much you weigh. I know last time I counted, I did 1200 a day for a 2lb loss a week. I lost more but that was what it was set at. There has to be a site somewhere that says that kind of thing, just not sure where. There was a book a long time ago called free to be thin and she counted calories and lost a bunch of weight and I know she had all those things in there-maybe check your local library to see if they have that book and then if it is something you want to use, check on ebay or to see if anyone is selling it. I have picked up books for .75 there.
  • It was a busy day here, but I managed to stay on track pretty well. I did get my water in and plenty of exercise from all the running around I did, but I did wimp out and got KFC for dinner on my way home rather than was just too hot and too late to fix anything. Tomorrow's another day though and I should have time to fix a healthier meal.

    My goals for this week...

    ~ At least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times this week
    ~ Drink 2 qts. of water a day
    ~ Keep calorie intake between 1200 and 1500 a day
  • Ok I blew it tonight...I knew it was coming.. and I could sit here and make tons of excuses, like today was rotten and the whole situation with my oldest daughter and trying to get ready for school, still hurting over the loss of my grandma - it's not even been a month since she passed away, I didn't get Lunch as I did the "I'll do for everyone except myself" thingy today, BUT that's still no reason ( reasons) to blow it.
    Hubby was so late from work and I didn't get home till really late, didn't have time to stop at the store- bad storms earlier so Hubby stopped at the evil local italian take out place and brought home "rolls". now in this place a roll is pizza dough with motzarella(SP?)and whatever you can put in it,flipped over baked & served with sauce on the side. ok, I did have 1/2 of a veggie roll but with the cheese and the pizza dough I pretty much killed the calorie count for the day
    But these things happen and I SHALL just ride that bike and go back
    "on the wagon " tomorrow. I didn't really even enjoy the thing.. too salty and now my tummy feels UGH and too full and heavy.I used to inhale one or two a week -but now I think hubby can indulge and I'll have a frozen dinner from now on.
    I will eat better tomorrow cause I feel just blah right now- maybe it was a good thing cause it killed any craving I had for the "Wrong Foods". That's one way of being positive..
    falling off the wrong food wagon does NOT mean I have failed,,I just need to brush off and jump back on again.
    I am so happy everyone is having success and hitting goals! I am off to go ride my bike for as long as I can and hop back on the wagon as tomorrow is another day !
  • Hi LauraB - Check out these links for your question about calories and weight loss.

    Sandisuze - everyone has a bad meal once in a while - great attitude - just get up and brush yourself off!
    I know what you mean about the belly ache after - I don;t know when I will have the nerve to touch another restaurant fried/greasy meal again! Oh the running to the bathroom problem isn't worth it to me most times!