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Default Euuuuuhhhhh! It could be made of cowhide!

Sissy, you must tell Herbie that I have found the PERFECT bag. It is somewhat stylish(I know that is not one of his requirements) will hold an umbrella, my lunch, my is a dream come true. Plus, in keeping with NYC rules, it is BLACK!!!!! To all the rest of you, I'm pretty sure it isn't made of any of our relatives. I don't see a "real leather" tag.
Kiwi, I am so sorry about your dog. I hope things are going better for her.
I'm off for NYC and yet another look at the Statue of Liberty. I'll bet it's big and green. I have a good book, I hope.
White Oleander I think. If this is good, and someone comes along and says..."Oh, I read that a year ago, it was great" she is in danger. Anyone who reads good books not by Patricia Cornwall is required to report them to moi.
I think I'll also pay my bills. Probably tacky on the bus, but who has time?
Have a great day, everyone.
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Finally Peachpie,you got the picture of the Rich {works for Americans,call centre queen} sister---the musical one wouldn't know who Daniel Baldwin is either.I think everyone in town has their picture with him--he seems to like us backwoods types.I am getting up the nerve to do my last weights workout of the week--I am currently doing Mon-Wed-Fri---as soon as I see results,I will beging shopping for a tankini[major emphasis on the TANK portion}.I am so glad they decided to name those bathing suits after us!!!!Some of them even have apron holders sewn into them ,sort of like kangaroo pouches!!!I want a white one ,to show off my tan!!!!Soon I will ask Kiwonk how to do the smilies,as when I THINK I am putting one in I get a message saying I am using too many thingys.Let's take another poll---WHO is enjoying our new home??????and WHY??????Love Cyberhog
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I'm typing in "burlywood", seemed appropriate. I think, Bagz, that I know why you get your smilies rejected -- if you click the smilie and then lean on the return/enter key, and I know you do!!!! you will be putting in dozens of smilies and finally 3fc will scream Uncle! and give up in exhaustion. If you just click the smilie, then click back in your message, you'll only get one and it might even show up! Try it, you'll like it!

I was overcome when I read your message Marcella dear, although 3fc wouldn't let me post earlier. I've been most upset with my own 13yoDD for the very same reason. She, too, is a size 5 and I just wring my hands over it. Surely I have fed her lavishly and refrained from requiring extensive exercise, but still she doesn't fatten up. Whatever shall I do?

Must away. It's Dance Recital Day, and I have showering to do.

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Default The puter is fixed

For now, that is. It's just that now I no longer have that same sense of dependability. I've been betrayed by my computer and since the tech really couldn't tell me what caused it, I feel a dreadful sense of foreboding. Like, you know, you go blissfully along in life with your computer working like it should be and then bam! it won't let you get on to even read your emails, much less post with the wlb's.

Kiwi, in answer to your question, it would freeze up once it went into screensaver mode, then when I tried to reboot, it had lost part of the Windows ME brains and my desktop would appear, but no icons.

I'm going to go get my hair trimmed and colored after work. Not that I need color, I only do that to improve my hair texture. And also as long as I keep coloring I never will have to find out if I actually need color to cover gray. Make sense?
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Default I forgot

Lushwoman, I read White Oleander and I wasn't crazy about it, but that's just me. Maybe it was too deep and it just went right over my head. I just finished reading "A Gracious Plenty" which was kinda different, but I like it. Also "Gap Creek" which was really good and made me appreciate living now and not in Appalachia in 1899. Also read "Back when we were Grown ups" by Ann Tyler. I liked, but not as well as some of her other books I've read. Also recently read "The Poisonwood Bible" which was another one that made me happy to be living in the time and place I am. It was very good too. I'm currently out of a book. Any suggestions? As you can tell I've sort of been on a reading binge lately.
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