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  • Hello all. Half way through the year already. Where are we at? How are we doing? What goals have we accomplished and where do we want to go???

    Everybody and anybody is welcome to join in.

    Red, I do like the company I am at, but you are right. If I don't getthis position, I will look and see what is available. Unfortunately, that takes time, as these positions don't open up all the time. Growth is slow due to budgets. But, I will keep working on improving my skills until I find the right position, if I don't get a shot at it here.

    It still sucks though

    I did run today, finally. Did the two mile route, and still managed to do 9 blocks jogging and 1 block walking. Better go now though, as my personal trainer is whining, growling, and basically indicating she is wasting away to nothingness.

    Have a good day all.
  • Wow. Nobody here at all. I will try keeping this current for a few days, but if nobody joins me . . .

    Exercise: 1/2 m walk, 2m - jog 9 blocks, walk 1
    Breakfast: juice, cereal, milk
    snack: light pringles, 2 cookies
    lunch: chicken soup, carrots, apple, yogurt
    snack: v8
    supper: chicken pasta salad, 2 sf fudgesicles.

    Hope everyone had a great day.
  • I am here, jolly, just put the link on the old thread. Some people always get lost.
    It sounds like you're doing better. Yes, I think your present work is dragging you down. Well, I hope you could find something that would make you get the rewards you no doubt deserve! Hang in there.
  • Well, I work this weekend, and the 4th, at my part time job. I haven't gotten as much done today as I wanted to. I did not get to the barn, and did not get a weight workout in at the gym. My apartment is clean though, and I did get some cardio. Better than nothing, I suppose. Maybe if it is dead, they will let me go early enough I can go get a ride in.

    I am waiting for a phone call from my friend in Iraq. I hope I don't miss her.

    Have a good one all.
  • Heh, jolly, hope you got a ride in. If your apartment is clean, you're way ahead of me! As for working over the holiday weekend, if it's any consolence to you, I do too, of course. No holidays here and, being at a newspaper, I don't even get the Japanese ones. Still, hope you can see some fireworks!
  • Good Evening!

    I've had a really busy weekend with family but thought I would check in. Today was not a good day. I got out-voted on lunch and we went to a chinese restaurant. Then DH & I went to see War of the Worlds and he had to have popcorn. I couldn't resist. We don't get to the movies very often so it was a real treat. Also got no exercise in. Ugh!

    Hope you ladies don't have to work too hard on the holiday and can enjoy yourself a little. I plan on watching some fireworks, relaxing and having a great time! Tuesday I will really have to be a good girl!

    I set a mini goal for July - loosing at least 5 pounds.
  • Good morning all. Did not get a ride in yesterday. I got off of work, then spent the evening with my 3 favorite men: Ben, Jerry, and Vin! (a pint of B&J's NewYork Super Fudge Chunk, and the movie "The Pacifier") It was a good evening.

    I did get a run in this morning, and even increased the jogging blocks. It was a good morning. Iam off to ride soon, then back to work.

    Have a great day all!
  • I need new motivation! I am sick of the same old sludge drag. I was just thinking this yesterday as I was finishing up a good day with a trip to the convenience store to get something sweet I really didn't even want. It was okay, like, I was good the rest of the day, rode, went to the gym... but the thing is I am wanting to feel like I can do it. I haven't "done it" in so long that I have lost all vision. I lose a few kilos here and there but nothing where it's really noticeable and then I put it back on. Where are my dreams and how can I get them back?

    Jolly -- I hope you're reading back on what you eat during the week. I think, and I'm saying this to myself of course too, we tend to always think, "oh, well, tomorrow's a new day," BUT we can't forget that the calories we pack in on a "bad day" stay with us and we are paying for them. I pig out for a few days, then am great for a few days and start screaming, "oh, why oh why haven't I lost weight...." Really, I hate, when I'm keeping a food journal, to look back on my indulgences, but I think it's the only way to get a handle on things.
  • Red, I can honestly say "why oh why haven't I lost weight" has never been one of my things. I know why I don't lose. I eat more than I burn. When I eat less than I burn, the weight comes off. I do keep a food journal, and I am honest about it. There are just times when the self medication thing comes into play. Right now is one of them. As I try to figure out where I need tobe. I know it doesn't solve anything. I know it isn't good for me - I have had acid reflux the past several nights due to high stress and overeating. But . . . right now that is just where it is at. I don't have enough emotional energy left right now to feel bad about that too. I am just trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

    I hope everyone has a great day. I hope you find your new motivation, Red. Good luck with your new goal, Roxy. Everyone else, hope you are enjoying the long weekend.
  • Ok, jolly, that's good that you are not doing the "why, oh why thing." I certainly do. I know you said you would write things down and yes, you sound very honest! I hear you on the emotional eating. I do it a lot too. Other times, it's simply lack of planning and not caring and habit. In fact, I think that's the most of it... not caring. I have, in a way, come to a good place in the my life, not really getting all bummed out about the weight, but not happy with it either, just kind of knowing who's responsibility is is to get it off or leave it on. So, it is more of an "in-control" feeling than before when I used to really binge eat.

    Yes, the motivation thing is not there. I am thinking maybe I need to think "fun" again, think do something different, think possibility, think out of the rut that surrounds me...walls are high!!

    I hate to hear you are so in the dark now, jolly. If it helps any, know that I am in a similar situation. I have no one in my life and my work situation is the pits, people around me are dejected, given up. It is a very poisoned atmosphere. I walked home tonight thinking how horrible it is but I told myself I was determined to keep my thoughts away from dark thought. I told myself to ask, "What CAN I do now, what can I do to improve things, anything?" and that is going to be my question and I am going to answer it with action in little ways. Maybe you can try the same.
  • I guess right now I am trying to really live in the moment. Instead of stressing out about "what ifs" or "couldawouldashoulda's" I am trying to focus on where i am right now, making the most of it, and assessing the situation.

    Trying to . . . That doesn't mean it isn't still dark. But, one day at a time, right?

    Take care all.
  • Hi, I'm still around. Happy forth. We're not doing anything special. The kids still had swim lessons today so we spent some time at the pool. I swam 4 laps. It's not easy, but not as hard as last year. We will probably go see the town fireworks, fo rthe the first time since we lived here. We usually go to visit my sister in law. She has an awesome view of all the bay area fireworks, if it's not foggy. But they're in Europe this year.

    Weight loss wise I am doing nothing zilch zero. But I'm not feeling too bad about it, so thats good. I am still thinking about a bikini, and if I do get one maybe it will keep me in line. I think, in the big picture, my weight isn't all that important, but it's a little detail that could use some fine tuning. Just like my craving for creative outlets, intelligent conversation at a higher level than an 8 year old, better house cleaning skills, the list goes on. Life would be better if I could loose weight, but I'm OK with it today.
  • Hi people. I'm just sitting here contemplating whether I go to the gym or take it easy. I rode this morning and in the heat here it really knocks me out. Aspirin has not really taken care of the headache yet...

    Apple -- glad to see you're still with us. Too bad about not getting the great view of the fireworks. I like your attitude with the weight. I would probably be the same if I weren't at a riding club where the owner hates fat and I am the biggest person there. Oh well, it does look awful, but...I do want to lose just for the horse's sake, make it easier on her. Yeah, go for the bikini, or a tankini. They look like a great alternative.

    jolly -- yes, sounds like "living in the moment" is good for you now. Take those little steps, assess and change little things in your days. You are so busy sounding always that I suppose it's hard. Do hope you feel better.

    Raven, Derry, where are you? Anyone else I missed, come on in and chat!
  • Morning all. Did not do much for the 4th. Because of the rain, I didn't get the bike ride in I wanted for my exercise. Because of my mood, I left the horse alone.

    I did get out for a run this morning, but had to cut it short. Several days of bad eating had taken their toll. Here's to a better day.

    Have a wonderful day all.
  • Good Mornin'! Seems like forever since I check in. Didn't have the computer on much due to very bad storms most of Sunday. Even had tornado warnings! Had a very busy weekend and was not very good in choosing the right foods and didn't get much exercise in. But I got on the scale and made it through without gaining! I stayed the same so I feel a little better.

    Today, I'm not going to get my noon walk in. I'm going home to see DS one last time before he heads home. I will go to the gym after works though. Also back to watching what I eat and writing it down.

    Have a great day!