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Jen 06-01-2001 12:45 PM

Boy - definatly Drake Arthur

Girl - completely up in the air, so far we have


my own personal fav

Heather Catherine



SaraB 06-01-2001 05:44 PM

For a boy -- Josiah Arthur. Jen, funny that we both picked "Arthur", since it's a little unusual. Mine is after my Dad, who died about 5 years ago. My kids think it's cool because they love the Arthur cartoon on TV, but oh well.

For a girl, up in the air! Choices are:

I love the name "Tatiana"! I've thought about it myself, but wondered if it was too "foreign" sounding.


Jen 06-02-2001 11:02 PM

My Arthur is from my Uncle Arthur who doesn't have any of his own kids. We thought it would be a nice gesture plus it has a nice ring to it.

You really can go with just about any kind of name nowadays. Look at my nieces names: Tanita, Anastatia, Kerryssa and Callista. All pretty unusual names. I think kids don't like different names when they are little because it makes them stand out from the crowd but when they are older they appreciate standing out from the crowd. There are about a million Jennifers but I'll bet there aren't that many Tatiana's around.

geneve 06-12-2001 05:15 AM

My boys names:
dh boys names

my girls names
Frances Kate
Martha Kate
Dora Kate
Edith Kate
Esme KAte
Elsa Kate
(we have to have Kate...promise to my Mother, it was her Mothers name)
dh girls names
Fawney Kate
Abdi Kate
Cindy Kate
etc etc etc ha ha ha I get the feeling he's not taking this at all seriously).
I don't think I have a hope of deciding until I see the baby, but have to say this is driving me MAD!I really like the name Arthur, but DH has a horribel uncle Arthur and I'd hate him to think he was being honoured!

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