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  • Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

    We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us
  • Hi ladies!

    Marti - that is so sad about the train accident! I live outside a town with lots and lots of trains. When I was a kid, and one was stopped, I'd crawl under it and drag my bike with me. My mom about had a heart attack when she heard that, years later. Hope you aren't w/o a computer too long! Don't worry about anything here, though. I'll keep the ruffians at bay, lol.

    Angie - men just don't undrstand the concept of laundry, do they, lol. So which movie did you see at the matinee?

    Sue - I go to and print out the restaurant lists for the ones we go to. They are updated often, and are a real eyeopener! Thanks about the fudgecicle info. For my chocolate fix, I usually have a 1/2 cup Blue Bunny brand "Brownie Fudge Fantasy" ff frozen yogurt. OMG, it is so good, but so rich that 1/2 cup is all you want.

    Susan - you have a couple gray hairs on your head? You won't get any sympathy from me 'til they appear on other parts of your body, lol. Ya little whippersnapper!!

    Mindee - why were you surprised the maternity clothes fit?

    Cristi - funny you should mention centerpieces. I needed one for my coffeetable and wanted something unique. So I bought a candle ring of loose brown branches with berries/buds on them, put it atop a clay pot base, and stuck a fat creamy/yellow candle in the center. It is so pretty if I do say so myself. The flower pot base was about $2, (no pot, just the base). And the berries/buds are done in cream, clay, mauve, and apricot, and of course the leaves are green. If you remember, I have clay pots in my border, so that's what made me think of it, but it would look good with lots of decors. Hope you find what you're looking for.

    Hi also to Anita and Katy.

    Had a great lunch with my niece. We went to Quizno's, and I had the Sierra Turkey with Raspberry chiptole sauce. Seven points well spent, lol. She had to get back to work, so I hung out at my sister Katie's house for a couple of hours, and had a good time with her.

    Gonna go spend some time surfing, so I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good evening!
  • TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well hubby got done work for the week last night.. so i get 3 days .. yay. I planted my flower garden yesterday.. i just went and bought soil... it was too hot to shovel manure... and Walmart had stuff there for 93 cents a bag or somehting. Sounded better then shoveling to me!!! lol

    Marti: That is so terrible... i will never become a train driver... lol i know that is not what they are called.. but the word escaped me. ... I would be traumatized.. Why do people do stuff like that... grrrrrr

    Jane: lol i gave up on coffee tables when Nolan started to walk... too many black eyes... maybe when they are older i will get one.

    And Everyone else.. I am sorry but i forgot what is in the last posts.... and i am too lazy to go back.. besides if i tried i would probably lose this post... so have a good weekend everyone.... TTFN xxoo
  • A good Friday morning ladies...

    Katy~WTG on getting the steps in! Have fun babysitting!

    Terri~that's what we usually do...but we just buy a huge bag at LOWES. Everything we planted we added garden soil to because the dirt here was awful. Everything is growing good. The Rose of Sharon that I thought was dying and couldn't figure out why...well it surprised me and starting growing. Don't know what was up with that. Have a good weekend with hubby and the kids.

    Marti~that is so sad, and I bet the engineers do see it all the time. I will never understand people trying to beat the trains. Like you said, I don't think they realize that they can't stop on a dime. Like semi's...I see people pulling in front of them all the time and wonder what the heck they are doing/thinking. People are just in too big of a hurry nowdays and it is crazy, the take too many risks. The schools here used to start after Labor Day and I swear it gets earlier every year. I saw a sign on the school board saying "First Day of School, August 17" I remember when the kids started year round in CA. When I heard they were going to start that I soooo dreaded it. Till I found out how exactly it worked. I was worried the kids would be on different tracks and out at different times. But they weren't and I loved it because they weren't home for three months in the summer with nothing to do. They were off three weeks at a time and it was perfect!

    Jane~glad you had a nice lunch yesterday. Your arrangement sounds nice and I saw something like that done on HGTV after I thought about maybe doing candles, looked really nice. I love candles and think I would like the better than a fake flower arrangement, not that I don't like them.

    Hi to everyone else, Sue Angie, Mindee, Dee, Pam, Ellen, Susan, Katiecat, Anita and anyone I may have missed. Hope all is well with you ladies.

    Well, it's raining again! It was clear when I went tanning this morning and when I came out the sky was almost black. It is supposed to rain the whole weekend. Guess I better get to the bookstore so I have plenty of reading to do! Did a little bit of staining on the fence yesterday and then when V got home he mowed the front while DS edged and then planted a Rose of Sharon in front of the fence. We put one in the front and it is about to bloom, so pretty. Just kind of sat out front, me, DS and V and relaxed. Then ended up in the back yard after dinner in the swing. At least we had one day...he has to work the whole weekend. Anyway...same old, same old...laundry to get done, straighten the house and head to the bookstore, unless the rain gets too bad. On with the day...

    Take care ladies and have a good day and weekend!
  • Good Morning/Afternoon Ladies--

    Jane--My mouth just about hit the floor when I read about "crawling under dragging your bike" Glad you had a good time w/your neice. I don't eat at Quizno's much. I think work brought some stuff in and that was about it. Your centerpiece sounds beautiful. I should really come up w/something like that for my diningroom table. Right now it has this brass looking ring that has four candle grandma gave it to me for my birthday one year, she had gotten it from the Candle party.'s really not decorative. I bought fake daisies to put around it...I still need something for the center of it! Need to get creative.

    Terri--The drivers are engineers. The man who is seen running around doing everything else is the conductor. I would be traumatized too. Since James has started working, there have been almost a dozen train-pedestrian accidents. And he's worked w/the RR for a year now. I'm wanting to plant flowers in my hanging baskets this weekend. Rather than buy a basket costing almost $50, I can get creative and buy some cheapies!

    Cristi--I think the year round school would be perfect! Sure wish it was that way for me when I was going to school! Heck...sure wish my work schedule was like that!! Speaking of roses....have you heard of a Rose bush called "Coat of Joseph"? That is what our neighbor lady called the roses we have that change color. I've never heard of it and was just wondering if she was making it up. Beautiful, then yellow, then pink, and then they end up being hot pink. Never seen such a thing. May have to take it w/me if we ever move!

    Hello to everyone else out there!!

    Not much going on, James is on his way home from Klamath Falls. He'll be on the computer doctoring I may not be on here the next day or so. (hopefully not that long)

    Gotta tend to my doggys so I better get going.

    take care!
  • Back again for a few minutes...

    Hi Marti~oh no, your neighbor is not making it up. The roses are called Josephs Coat and they are pretty! I've only known one person who had them and haven't really seen any sold around here. Maybe I wasn't looking good enough. Check out these two sites and let me know if these are what you are talking about. Wish I had somewhere to plant some because they are gorgeous! Of course I am sure I could find somewhere.

    Turned out to be a nice sunny day afterall. And not so hot, just 86 today! Hey, it beats 93 with the humidity! Anyway, did ge tto the boostore and only bought two books. The third one to one I am reading and one by Jack Ketchum. Don't think I have ever read anything from him but it sounds interesting and did catch my eye. Can't wait till the end of the month (21st) when Janet Evanovich's new book comes out! I have been waiting for 11.

    Anyway, take care ladies and have a good one, see ya later!
  • Cristi--YES!! Those are the ones!! And they ARE very beautiful. They look so pretty as they bloom. And the crazy thing about this rose bush is that it bloomed in the Winter AND in the Spring! So I got to view them twice!
    Thanks for the I can tell people at work what I'm talking about.

    Well of to work I go, I'm leaving early since James called and told me that the traffic is way backed up because of College Graduation and some high school graduations going on at the Hult Center....which is only a little ways from where I work so I better get going.

    Hurray for FRIDAY!!!
  • Ok,,,,,,,I am going to bed.

    Welcome ExGirlfriend!! Look for you at ChitChat

    Where is Ellen?? Missing her again.

    Gabster is spending the night at her half sisters. I need to be up at 4 am and out to the country by 5 am - takes me 1/2 an hour to get out there. Only to drive back into town - what a bother!! Whaaaa, whaaaaaa.

    Anyway, need sleep.

    Rach had her hair dyed today with money I don't really have only to be a snot and take off with her friends. I told her to never , ever ask again......

    Mike is not communicating with anyone. I don't think he has been served yet. I called the sheriff dept this morning and they said he hadn't. They have been trying since Tuesday.

    He hasn't gotten back to the custody evaluator or my lawyer. My lawyer emailed me saying he received my share for the evaluation but nothing from Mike. So, the evaluator (along with my lawyer) will write a letter to the judge. My lawyer says this makes me look good.
    Ya, ya, ya........I also support her , pay for medical and adore that 3 feet tall princess.......just tell Mike to take a hike and lets be done with it!!! Sheesh,,,,,,

    Watch me in the parade!! yay..........
  • thanks for the welcome!
  • Hi ladies!

    Terri - yep, buying manure would be a lot easier, lol. Bet the flower garden looks nice.

    Cristi - the weather here is unpredictable, too. It's hot, with storms looming. We're in for some bad rain when the effects of the tornado that is in the Gulf get here. Proabably Monday. In the meantime, it's awfully humid!

    Marti - yeah, my mom just about flipped out when she heard about it, too, years later. Of course, my grown kids have told me some of the stuff they did and I'm sure glad I didn't know about it at the time! Hope James gets your computer all doctored up, lol, nad that you aren't gone too long.

    Susan - I don't think the parade is televised around here. Is it an Oregon thing? Or national?

    ExGirlfriend - welcome to the Jaded Ladies! When you are comfortable with it, maybe we could have another name to call you? Are you now an ex or a soon-to-be ex? Either way, I hope you're ok with that!

    Had my son & Gina's kids over last night and they had a lot of fun. Went swimming in the little pool we bought, and also picked cherries for the first time.

    Then Neal and I took off for town, and on the way, our song (When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge) started playing on the radio, so we pulled over in the KMart parking lot and slow danced to it. If possible, we dance to it, no matter where we are when we hear it, lol.

    Got a lot to do. Ciao for now!
  • Hi ladies and good morning!

    Man am I tired for some reason. Not sure why, maybe it's the weather. Speaking of the weather...jeez...thought we were going to be blown or swept away with the torrential rain we got last night. It was HORRIBLE! A little freaky too. There was this HUGE cloud, weird looking and so many tornadoes around. None close to us but still, too many. Anywhoooo...

    A big WELCOME to you ExGirlfriend! Looking forward to getting to know you! And feel free to share all the pictures of your babies you want! A lot of us are pet lovers!

    Marti~wow, they bloomed in the winter?! The carefree ones I have bloom well into fall and that's it. I don't think I have ever seen any roses that bloom in the winter, everything is ugly looking-might have to get some of those after all. Those would be pretty to see in the winter time. I noticed this morning the rose of sharon has 3 or 4 flowers that have bloomed. I had V get one last week when he went to Lowes to get some paint brushes and he picked a good one. This has a lot of buds and as soon as he planted it Thursday, Friday some of the flowers bloomed. Of course I am glad to see it still there with the wind we had last night-thought we were going to lose a lot of stuff.

    Susan~maybe Mike will just give in. After all, he is digging his self into a hole. I never thought from the beginning that he was wanting to be a father to Gaby, just wanted to make things hard for you to get back at you. Anyway, I hope he walks away and everything works out for the best. I wish I could see you in the parade, wish I could be there for the parade! I haven't been to a parade in years. Have a fun day!

    Kind of quiet around here today ladies, where is everyone? I know I don't normally post on Saturday-well sometimes. Well, HI to everyone wherever you are and whatever you are doing in your corner of the world.

    I don't really have much to do. V brought home another can of stain but can't do anything outdoors as it is WET! Was raining earlier and is supposed to all day so not much I can do. Guess I will do some straightening of the house, a load of clothes and read all day. Finished my one book finally, and started another. Borrowed two from DS that I want to read and hopefully will get to those after I read the one I started. Should have rented some movies yesterday, oh well. If I get movies then I won't read and I think I would rather read.

    Well, take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! See ya later
  • Hi Jane~you snuck in on me. Sometimes I take soooo long to post! Not because I type slow but I will be in the middle and take a break to go do something, or look at something else online etc. have Terry and Gina set a date for the wedding yet? Do they know what kind of wedding they want? Garden, big, small, church, etc.? Look forward to hearing about that when it happens-love weddings, just don't go to many. Hopefully you guys don't get the weather we had last night. Don't know which way it was headed, but it was nasty! Well, have a good weekend!
  • Just a lazy, warm Sat. here. We have been expecting rain for days now and haven't had any. They say rain through next Wed., but I am not counting on it.
    I am puttering around doing odds and ends today. Watering plants, cleaning the tables on the screen porch, etc. Nothing overly ambitious.
    Will probably go see Mom this afternoon and run to Wally world. She lives right by a Super one so I save up my errands.
    There is a fair in town where we usually go for the grilled burgers, but it is so hot I doubt we will even try it this year.

    Be back tonight.
  • thanks again for the warm welcome!

    Jane, you can just call me Ex. And don't worry, it's just a name! It's from a song from one of my favorite bands.
  • Welcome, Ex! You and I have similar weight loss goals.....I've been bouncing around between 175-180...would like to get down to 140 or so, but will be very happy with 150. When I started posting here, I was 'round all this great support certainly helps!

    Jane - thanks for the card...heehee I thought it was real cute "go ahead, eat the bread"

    Sue - I don't think I could cut it in the midwest... your weather would do me in. I suppose you are used to it. We have had a typical Oregon week..mid-60s rain off and on. For me, that's pleasant. I've grown exasperated with the mud, though. Our big dirt pile in the backyard was lots of fun 'til it started raining, now it's a big mud pile. The kids are thrilled, but I despair of ever having clean floors in my lifetime.

    Cristi - hope your weather dries up enough so you can finish your fence. Your storm sounded kind of scary..hope you aren't getting a tornado or something. Don't know if it's our mild weather or not, but I have had roses blooming in December before. I can never remember their names. Usually I get rose hand-me-downs from my ILS, from when they get a new delivery from Jackson and Perkins.

    Susan - I missed the I didn't get to see you scooping the poop...hope you had fun..I think the rain stopped long enough for the parade, but I can't remember...I took the kids to the library and completely blanked on the parade. Hope you had a good time.

    Terri - your flower bed sounds so pretty. I found a place this year that delivers composted dairy manure... so I ordered about 3 or 4 four scoops. That's alot of POOP. Fortunately, it is composted so it doesnt smell. It is the best for our flower beds! I was so excited! I couldn't find anyone in the area that delivered last year, but now I guess there is enough demand from wierdos like me who have nothing better to do than to get excited by cow poop.

    Marti - hope you missed the traffic - and that you are having a great weekend.

    Well, my week turned out to be busy. Some friends of ours had their baby on Tuesday, so we had a visit or two...bought them my standard new baby gift; a case of diapers and a binky. I figure flowers die, and babies don't wear that much in the way of clothing at that age. On the home front, I booked the plumber to come out and do the rough in, and we are getting bids on the concrete foundation job. Hopefully, we'll finish the digging today.

    Started the week at 180 , but was able to stick to the Zone for most of the week and yesterday I was back to 177... I had a nasty little flirtation with some yummy popcorn balls last night. We were watching some kids for our friends so they could celebrate their anniversary...and it just seemed like a great rainy-day thing to do. The kids had so much fun making them.. and we all enjoyed eating them. This recipe was from my DH's grandma and calls for putting a package of jello mix in with the marshmallow mixture. Gives it some color and flavor. We made yummy. So today I am back in the Zone and will be sticking to it.

    Have a great day everyone!