The Zen of Cowness and the Nothingness of Moo

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  • Just got a call to go into the doctor's office. Somebody hold my hand.
  • Peach -

  • peachers---------------come back here -------------we are all holding hands----------and i want some big dresses in loud colours-------------------xoxoxoxox
  • The important part was venerable

    I'd like more good reads. And healthy take-out so I never ever have to turn on the oven in this @#$%^&^'d Texas summer heat.

    Over and out. Off to the surgeon for next verdict.
    O CowPeach, my fingers, toes, eyes are crossed.
    Puhlease keep US posted when you get results, too, OK.
  • I think I'm ok except for a diverticulum.

    The doctor, natch, suggested more tests because the xray didn't see some things so well but it saw the diverticulum RIGHT WHERE I HURT so that's that.

    You can let go hands now and I AM SO RELIEVED
  • Yay!
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My Grandmother Had Diverticulitus And She Had Terrible Pain From It-------------she Had To Avoid Fried Foods And Nuts----nuts Get Caught In The Diverticuli------------------keep Off The Nuts!!! Congrats On Having That Over With!!! Good Girl!!
  • The doctor told me nothing about eating nuts. Or anything. And I ASKEDDDD. Thanks Bagzoie
  • Woo hoo
    YAY!! Boy am I happy!

    Wow, I bet you feel 1000 times better knowing what it is. Are they going to do something about it or just leave it?
  • CowsiePeach-- Um... so what next? Is this an intestinal issue or a bladder issue? (I did a quick Google.. and my ignorance is greater than imagined ) Apparently sometimes they manage pain, sometimes they recommend "life-style" (i.e. diet) changes, and other times it's surgery that does the trick. So. What's the rest of the story?

    I had good news from the surgeon today.
    No second surgery required!!! More details here.

    There's also the opportunity to be of horticultural help.

    Here I've done it again. It's nearly 3 am!! and I'm teaching a class tomorrow. Fortunately it doesn't start till 1 pm.
    Sweet dreams all.
  • Hey, ya'll, say something!!
  • I'd say something but it would be negative and I'm trying to not be. It's gray. I'm in a slump. It's friday, but it's supposed to rain all weekend. OK, shaking it off....

    Peach, YAY!!!!!! Glad it was good news.

    Painty, YAY!!!!! No more surgery!

    You know how you can be just crazy about your spouse, but every once in awhile you want to choke 'em? I'm having a choke 'em day.

    Oh. and another reason I'm pissy - check out my updated tracker.
  • Wabby said pissy.

    Now, back to religion. I have a dear 3-d friend who is anti-organized-religion and who is getting bent out of shape over my efforts to get DS to join the church. I think it's pretty funny. She tells me that SHE'S proud of him, and his age it's good to be "that way" (anti-authority), and how she found church people to be hypocrits when she was in her teens because they talked about peace but let their kids go to Vietnam.

    This is all new to me ... this anti-church rhetoric and very amusing. I'm not turning him over to a cult or forcing him into a locked room with a priest. But I'm not done raising him and this is an experience and a background-component I want him to have.

    That's all.

    Stop talking about my bladder and don't ever refer to me old again or I'll beat the crap out of you. (I'm glad you're good healthwise though, Paintold.)
  • I'm so glad you have a verdict and are relieved, Peachy! Sorry I missed the suspense yesterday. I didn't get you any big dresses; how about a pair of wide shorts?

    Excellent news about the surgery, Painty! Sorry, didn't get any books or healthy food either.

    That's either a squash or a melon in the picture. How big is that fruit? The flower looks like a squash flower, but I can't think of any large round squashes except pumpkin, so my guess is that it's a melon, and there plenty of green melons. Does it have a smell at all at the stem end?

    Spent a fortune on DD, or at least it seemed that way. Shoes, skirt, tops, bathrobe, rainjacket (okay, I only spent $8 on that..), art supplies, bottled drinks. She couldn't find a single pair of shorts that she liked that fit. That was ridiculous. All the typical clothing stores are showing almost nothing but skirts this summer, and when she did find shorts, they were universally too big. Normally she wears a size 5 pant, but the only things she fit into were 1s at some of these places! If she's now a 1 (believe me, she's 5 or 7 in reality), what on earth are those skinny little 13 year olds wearing -- -3s? Maybe they're coming out with clothes in fraction sizes. How dumb is the clothing industry anyway? They ought to scrap the whole system are go with actual measurements. Yeah, lady, you're wearing size 52 pants; get used to it.

    Oh, I just looked up melon flowers, that doesn't look like it all. I guess Ruthxxx is right, it's a pimpkin. Did you have a Halloween pumpkin that rotted or got smashed? I have a very funny article about how to grow jack-o-lanterns; I have to see if I can find it.

    Hey, look at this! Says it's a white pumpkin!

    Wow, would you believe there 25 files on my hard drive with the word "pumpkin" in them? And I only searched the small drive that I keep my saved files on (I have 2 much bigger ones). Anyway, here's the story. It's actually called Growing Gourds


  • Gee, I'm being neglected. My funny attachment has had 0 views. Perhaps I'll whine.

    Didn't buy DH a knife. Bought him a cool short sleeved shirt.

    Gosh, Peachie, anti-church rhetoric is really new to you? Wow, not to me. Religion is such a volatile thing, it's bound to dredge up a lot of emotion. I know a number of people who feel that having been forced to go to church as a kid practically ruined their lives. Especially kids who were dragged to evangelical type services and subjected to real fire and brimstone stuff. I was brought up in a very liberal-leaning church and I still found a lot negative to say about it. But at least the fact that they were trying to involve youth and be tolerant of differing viewpoints helped keep me from hating it. Some of the things I hear of and see in other churches make me wonder why they still exist in a free society.

    But anyway, you're not joining one of those churches obviously; I'm sure this one is welcoming and somewhat tolerant, right? So I see no reason not to encourage DS to join. Forcing of course would be counter-productive, but if he can see the benefits of the community, it would be worthwhile. Probably.

    How I do Babylon.