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SheriaVa 04-03-2005 12:08 PM

Singles Supporting Singles #4
Hello Singles!!!!!

If you are single and looking for support for healthy eating, exercise and/or weight loss, please join us. The world is often built for two and if you're looking for a place where you can hang out with other people who are single, you've found it here! We look forward to getting to know you.

Please come in, make yourself at home, and tell us a little about you. Help yourself to the fresh fruit and veggie tray there on the coffee table. We didn't figure it was appropriate to put out cookies. ;)

If you'd like to look back at the previous thread to get a little more information about us, click here for Singles Supporting Singles #3.

corningkat 04-04-2005 09:05 PM

thanks sheriva for starting our new thread! :)

not much to report today. the weekend went by way too fast as usual. i am dealing with a very large headache right now so i will probably hit the hay early tonite.

have a good tuesday!

SheriaVa 04-05-2005 09:18 AM

Sure has been quiet around the ol' singles thread. (sigh) Hoping to see some new folks join us or some of our previous folks come back to visit.

First day back to work after vacation here. BLECH. This SUCKS! And of course, now that I am back to work, the weather forecast is STUNNING. GRR. I forgot to take my meds yesterday so, in addition to having extra weight on the scale this morning due to water retention (I take a prescription diuretic to help keep my blood pressure in check), my stomach is raging from lack of my Prilosec. Ow. I rarely forget to take my meds a whole day like that...noticed at bedtime that Monday's pills were still in the box and knew it was too late at that point to do anything about it. Ah well, I will survive that. My first day back at work, I dunno about that. LOL

corningkat 04-05-2005 09:07 PM

hi sheriva - beautiful day here too!:sunny: suppose to be even better tomorrow. i sure hope spring is here to stay!! got a nice walk in with the girls(the dogs).

the first day back always stinks. my dr. just started me on a diuretic for my pressure also. i'm suppose to take it every day, but i usually go every other. i find when i take it daily i feel too dehydrated and i already drink tons of water, then i'm up all nite.

do you or anyone reading this ever eat the lean cuisine dinners? i was at my local grocery store tonite and i saw they have a new look and some new flavors as well. i stocked up because they were on sale for $1.79 each. i get so tired of eating the same thing all the time. i'm also tired of taking sandwiches to work. i figure these are just as easy to grab-n-go in the morning.

well, i hope someone else jumps in here. have a good humpday!

journeygirl 04-06-2005 03:50 PM

Hi singles, this is Jodie the journeygirl coming around again. I think people probably dissappear when they aren't doing so well in there weight lose efforts, at least that's what I do. I joined this sight because I thought it would help keep me encouraged and instead I just stay away when I'm not doing so well.
So I have a few questions, just trying to get to know you ladies better.
Sheria Va, what type of medication do you have to take and what's it for? Hope that's not too personal, if it is I appologize. Where did you go for vacation? And where are you from?
Kathy: What kin of dogs do you have? I've been thinking about getting 2 myself, I love dogs and it's areason to get out and excersis. Where are you from?
Now that 20 questions is over here's a little info on me. I'm from Windsor Ontario, I'm 30 years old, single of coarse and have been for the last 6 months. Never married, just a series of boyfriends. I love this weather, but does anyone else find it makes you feel a little lonely at times? I love to rollerblade and bike and just be outside in this weather and I actually really enjoy spending time by myself, I just find in this weather I sometimes feel I wish I could share it with someone who enjoys the same things.

SheriaVa 04-06-2005 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by journeygirl
I think people probably dissappear when they aren't doing so well in there weight lose efforts, at least that's what I do.

Jodie, I think you're right on the money about that! I think that's why we had a booming thread going BEFORE the holidays but AFTER the holidays, it was pretty much down to just Kathy and I for a while!


Sheria Va, what type of medication do you have to take and what's it for? Hope that's not too personal, if it is I appologize. Where did you go for vacation? And where are you from?
I take medication for high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, hormone replacement, acid reflux and anxiety. Plus I take a few other non-prescription supplements, so it adds up to a lot of pills every day!

I am originally from Ohio but have been living in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years now (I'm 52). I usually go on vacation in the spring with a group of friends to the Caribbean but, for various reasons, that got called off this year. I realized I couldn't make another couple of months without taking off some time from work, so I just took a week off and spent half of it visiting my best friends in Delaware (at the beach) and the other half at home doing some things around the house, getting laundry caught up, errands, etc.

Thanks for sharing some info about you!

SheriaVa 04-06-2005 05:45 PM

[QUOTE=corningkat]then i'm up all nite.[\quote]

That's my least favorite part of taking Dyazide! Since I forgot to take my meds Monday, I was up three times peeing last night making up for it! LOL


do you or anyone reading this ever eat the lean cuisine dinners? i was at my local grocery store tonite and i saw they have a new look and some new flavors as well.
No, I haven't tried any. I'm not a big frozen dinner fan. I don't like most of the full fat ones much less the lowfat ones; and, even among the lowfat ones, I have never cared for the Lean Cuisine brand. However, on my healthy eating board, there are several women who have tried the new whole grains selections and said they were quite good. Let us know how you like them. Maybe I will change my mind! :)

If you have the Michelina brand of frozen dinners where you live, you might want to check those out. Back when I was eating frozen dinners for lunch after going to the gym (about 5-6 years ago), I would find the Michelinas on sale quite often and found them pretty tasty. Of course, I am a very picky eater so I mostly ate the 3-cheese lasagna one--believe it or not, it is lowfat! They have some other lowfat entrees as well.

journeygirl 04-07-2005 11:41 PM

On the frozen dinner issue, I read oxygen magazine and they recomend Ignite dinners, there's a good source of prtein. I've tried them and they're good as far as frozen dinners go. What is really impressive is the quantity compared to other frozen dinners.

corningkat 04-08-2005 09:36 PM

hi singles! sorry to be missing a few days. they have been a whirlwind of appts...because i sold the house!!!!!:dance: i am so happy, but now i have to do the packing. (yuck)

sheriava-first while we're on the question thing...is your name just sheria???or sheri??? anywho, we must have different tastes. i don't care for the michelena's, but i like some (not all) lean cuisines. i won't eat anything that has those little red peppers for flavoring. they have revamped the line and i like them. i usually add more veggies to them though.

jods-i am from corning, ny. i am 30, single and the "girls" are a lab/shepard and a cocker spaniel. i also have friends staying with me (till i move that is) and they have a rottie and the mother cocker spaniel of the one i have. and a cat!! so i have a house full right now. they have always been around each other so they all are like sisters. :) i feel bad for my friend's fiance being around 7 girls all the time. :lol:

on the other subject...don't ever not visit with us just because of a bad spell. that is why we are here. i have lots of bad spells but i still visit. we enjoy your company thru good and bad. :)

well, big day tomorrow. work from 5am - 9am and then it's off to start packing and organizing. hopefully for the last time!!! have a good saturday!

SheriaVa 04-09-2005 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by corningkat
they have been a whirlwind of appts...because i sold the house!!!!!

Yea! Congrats on selling the house, Kathy! Good luck with the packing.


sheriava-is your name just sheria???or sheri???
My name is Sheri. SheriaVa = First name (Sheri) + First initial of last name (A) + Location (Virginia)


on the other subject...don't ever not visit with us just because of a bad spell. that is why we are here. i have lots of bad spells but i still visit. we enjoy your company thru good and bad. :)
I completely agree! In fact, I find it quite helpful to talk through my bad spells and to get support during them. Helps me be accountable to others as well as myself, which helps me get back on track faster and stop beating up on myself.

corningkat 04-12-2005 05:12 PM

hi singles! popping in to say hi! i have been busy trying to get some packing and planning done. i don't want to wait to the last minute. if i had a closing date set in stone, i'd be out of here pronto. i hate the anticipation. :dizzy:

not having too bad a week. all this moving business is helping to keep the brain busy with something other than food. i plan on having a little home gym at the other house and i ordered the "total gym" from qvc the other day. it was their daily special and quite a deal. i can't wait to get it. when i was going to physical therapy, they had one and reccomended it. it did help strenghten my knees quite a bit. when i sell the house i am going to get a good treadmill. where i'm moving to is out in the boonies and i don't like to walk too far because the last time i tried that i ran into a rabid raccoon.

well, i hope you are having a great week! :)

pebs410 04-12-2005 09:57 PM

HI there everyone! I'm single, new to this website, and way way fat, lonely and low self esteem. This is a great concept. I hope I can find some support and talk to others who have the same problems I do. It's so awful feeling out of control and not having someone to share my life with.

corningkat 04-13-2005 09:49 PM

welcome beth! glad to have you join us! it's been awfully quiet around here. we will give all the support we are able to. i have many of the same "symptoms". i am always struggling with my eating, trying to get on the exercise bandwagon, and of course, being single, always lonely. this board helps. i do a lot of reading and it helps because i know i'm not the only one with these problems.

i am getting better at the exercise thing, now that it is getting nicer. i took the "girls" (dogs) for a nice long walk today. i don't know why it is so hard to exercise...because once i get going it feels great. i think it is a mental thing.

well, i hope everyone has a good thursday!

corningkat 04-15-2005 10:26 PM

hi singles! what a beautiful day today and i had it off from work. now they cancelled our overtime so i get a 3 day weekend!:dance:

i went to my ww meeting last nite and i lost 1.5 for a total of 6lbs. now. i know it's not much, but i am happy.

sheri - more good news! the girl that is buying my house wants to rent it for a month till the closing. now i can really get moving! which is a good thing because i think work has gotten out about my dad passing and we are getting a lot of trespassers. the sooner i get moved the better. i will be busy so don't think i got lost if i don't check in for a few days at a time. i will probably be offline for a week too while i move.(i'll let you know when) i have to get slow poke old dial up because there is no cable or dsl out there in the boonies. :(

well, i'm off to do some packing. have a good weekend!

SheriaVa 04-16-2005 09:25 PM

Hello all! So sorry I have been missing in action this week but I hope everyone had a good week. That flu I had last weekend took a while to get completely over...my tummy was still irritated for days so I was eating soft foods like rice and soup clear into my work week. The appetite monster returned on Wednesday with a vengeance! It felt good to go have a long, hard workout at the gym today after missing workouts all last weekend. I did upper body weight training, an hour-long step aerobics class, and another 30 minutes on the treadmill after that...plus hours of shopping after. Whew! I think I will sleep well tonight. LOL

Kathy: Good going on the weight loss, girl! And great news about the girl renting the house before closing...extra income can't hurt! :)

Beth: Welcome! Sorry I wasn't hear to welcome you sooner. Please talk to us about what kind of support would be most helpful. We can talk about food, cooking or exercise tips or emotional support...or all of the above!

corningkat 04-17-2005 10:55 PM

hi singles! what a nice weekend! got a lot accomplished. it feels good to be productive instead of sitting around veggitating. i stayed at the new house last nite and it was soooo peaceful. i slept like a baby.

sheri - i hope you are fully recovered. you tired me out just reading your workout. :lol: now the shopping is my kind of exercise.

i have a long week ahead. i am having a rummage sale next weekend and i have a lot of organizing to do. sell, sell, sell.....less to move!

have a good week!

SheriaVa 04-19-2005 02:55 PM

Hi all. Just a quick hello...things have been insane with my work schedule so I haven't had much time to get online anywhere. Hope all is well.

corningkat 04-19-2005 09:12 PM

hi sheri - don't be working so hard your flu comes back. remember your body is still probably recovering. it's looking like me and you again. i don't understand why no one stays? :(

busy this week getting ready to rummage hopefully. i'm watching the weather. i got a "total gym" yesterday to add to my home gym for when i move. right now it is set up right smack in my living room. boy i tell you that is harder than it looks when christy brinkley and chuck norris are doing it. i did some last nite and i was sore today.

have a happy humpday! :D

SheriaVa 04-20-2005 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by corningkat
it's looking like me and you again. i don't understand why no one stays? :(

It's a mystery, kathy. I find it very frustrating. I think we all hit on it a few weeks ago when we were saying that people tend to drop off of boards like this when they aren't doing well because they don't want to "fess up." Still, I think that talking through a fall off the wagon is sometimes more helpful than keeping it a secret. I will admit that I don't ALWAYS feel up to talking through mine, but I don't stop coming to the board because of them.


i got a "total gym" yesterday to add to my home gym for when i move.
Cool! I have seen the infomercial and always figured it HAD to be harder than it looks. I think it must depend a lot on your fitness level but also your weight, cuz if you are very heavy and you are pulling your body weight on that slider thing, I would think that would be a lot harder than little Christie Brinkley pulling HER body weight! hehe Let me know how it goes! Sore is good as long as it isn't debilitating sore!

SheriaVa 04-24-2005 11:02 AM

Just thought I'd bump us back up to the first page since there hasn't been any activity in a few days.

I had a good workout yesterday...my usual Saturday thing...an hour-long step aerobics class that includes upper and lower body toning as well as a killer abs workout and then 1/2 hour of upper body weight training.

Since I had to work Monday, I got to take Friday as my off day instead. So I went to the gym Friday morning and did lower body weight training and some cardio. And today, Sunday, both the upper AND the lower are telling me I did something right. Ow. (grin)

It's a beautiful, though cool, sunny day here so, after a couple of cloudy/rainy days, I think I'm going to try to get out for a walk. Sunday is usually my off day from exercise but, because of my unusual work schedule earlier this week for a special media event, I did not get to work out for a couple of days so I'll try to get an another workout in today. Even if it's only 30 minutes, I will have done SOMEthing. And I need SOMEthing because I picked up a little weight this week from all the eating out I did...it was a VERY unusual week in regard to that!

corningkat 04-25-2005 10:18 PM

hi sheri! great job on the workouts!! how do you stay so motivated! i can't seem to get into a routine. i workout here and there. that total gym sure did make me sore yesterday. i was folding it up because of company coming and boy did i wack my chin really hard on it. it is all bruised and hurts something fierce. as for actually using it i tried the video that came with it and didn't care for it because i couldn't keep up. there was too much flip flopping for a beginner and by the time i changed an attachment and got in to position she was starting the next exercise. i think i will stick with the basics till i build some strength. and i agree with you about my weight vs. christy brinkleys...it does make it hard because i've had a few friends try it and some have a harder time than others. i looked at treadmills today to finish off my home gym for when i move. i actually miss my treadmill.

things are coming along in the moving department. a little at a time. i don't actually have a closing date yet. the lady who is buying is waiting to finish a few conditions of her loan. ( a home buying course) i'm thinking maybe mid-june but i think i am shooting for a may 15th moving day for me.

curiosity....what is it you do for a career?? sounds exciting. i work in a boring old shop, but it is very good money. couldn't ask for better without a degree.
have a great week!
kathy :)

SheriaVa 04-26-2005 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by corningkat
hi sheri! great job on the workouts!! how do you stay so motivated! i can't seem to get into a routine.

My plan each week is to work out 5 days out of 7. Last year, I was doing 6 days and started feeling resentful so I bumped it back to 5 and am doing much better with my mental attitude now. It's all about establishing a routine. Last spring, I worked hard to establish a routine of working out before work in the mornings. I thought it was going to kill me at first getting up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. and having to face that level of activity right out of bed (I am NOT a morning person) but I got used to it and now it is just habit. The alarm goes off and I roll right out of bed and into my workout clothes. My schedule usually goes like this most weeks:

Monday: Either cardio & lower body weight training at the gym (total 1 1/2 to 2 hours), or 1 to 1 1/2-hour power walk outside if nice (off work Mondays).
Tuesday: 30 minutes of abs work at home before work.
Wednesday: 45 minutes of cardio at home before work.
Thursday: 30 minutes of upper body weights at home before work.
Friday: Off
Saturday: 30 minutes of upper body weight training at the gym followed by a 1-hour intense step aerobics class and sometimes followed by another 30 minutes of cardio.
Sunday: Off.

I guess the bottom line answer on how I stay motivated is that I have seen such incredible improvements in muscle tone, body firming, endurance and even in my bone density that I know it is the right thing to do for my body (my bone density scan at age 52 was better than the baseline I had done at age 47! I think that's pretty amazing and so does my doctor).


curiosity....what is it you do for a career?? sounds exciting.
I work for the Federal Government. Every Government agency has to write regulations outlining how their programs work...how you qualify for them, what paperwork is required, etc. I read the regulations my agency writes and make sure they are technically correct--in other words, I'm sort of a technical editor. I am also the head of the regulatory affairs section of my agency which involves a lot of other tasks.

It's not exciting at ALL but last week I got involved in something outside my usual job because they needed an extra body and that was pretty exciting. I got to meet a lot of media people and see Denise Austin and be involved in something that was on the news (the new food guide pyramid that was announced last week). Exciting but glad it was only a few days. :)

corningkat 04-26-2005 10:04 PM

that sounds interesting to me. at least it's not repititous.(your job, that is)

i guess i will have to establish a routine when i move. the first thing i would like to see for myself is to be more flexible. i am so stiff when i wake in the mornings.

got my rummage items all priced tonite. what a long task. :dizzy: i just hope all the junk goes.

have a good humpday!

corningkat 04-28-2005 08:03 PM

hi! just giving us a bump up. hope all is well!
kathy ;)

SheriaVa 04-29-2005 11:10 AM

Yea, all is well...it's ust been an especially busy week at work. Wednesday was one of those days...very stressful...lost my temper...hate when that happens! But I'm keepin' on keepin' on...glad it's Friday. :)

Enjoy your weekend, Kath!

SheriaVa 05-01-2005 10:18 AM

Just bumping us up...hope Kathy (and anyone else who may be lurking) is having a great weekend! Been rainy and gray here. :(

corningkat 05-02-2005 10:15 PM

hi sheri! the time has come. :( i am going to be offline for a couple of weeks at least. i should be back online after the 15th sometime. maybe we can just take a break and start a new thread with some newer catchy name when i come back. just an idea.

not much new here. i have been busy, busy moving. you know how much fun that is. i will catch you in a couple of weeks. if i get a chance i will pop in on my friends computer sometime. take care in the meantime!!! :)

SheriaVa 05-03-2005 09:24 AM

Best of luck with the move, Kathy!! I'll miss you.

corningkat 05-16-2005 09:44 PM

i'm back
hi sheri! i'm finally back online. i was beginning to have withdrawals. i have to use boring ol' dial-up now and i was having problems. my computer was in the shop for a week.

i am all moved, not very organized :dizzy: ,but moved. i still have a lot of work to do.

i have started my daily walk again. i walk down my hill and back. it is about 1.5 miles. not much, but a start and i am feeling better doing it. i am out in the boonies now so i can't just jump in the car and go a block to any fast food. that is a good thing. i've got the mowing thing down. it takes about 2.5 hours to get it done, so that is quite the project. i will certainly be busy.

how are things with you?? doesn't look like anyone has visited here. maybe we should come up a new name???

SheriaVa 05-17-2005 05:11 PM

Hey Kathy, welcome back! Yea, I must admit I've been neglecting the ol' singles thread while you were gone cuz no one ever seems to post but the two of us. Maybe we need a catchier title or a new focus, I dunno!

Congrats on the move...wow, that mowing sounds like a job and a half! Good exercise though I bet? Or do you have a rider? Good job on the walk and I know what you mean about it being good not to be close to fast food. I live right next to a McD's and about a block away from a Wendy's. Not good! Esp. in nice weather when I'm driving with the windows open on the way home from work and smell those fries. WHooooaa! hehe

YP1 05-17-2005 05:15 PM

Hello, there don't seem to be many singles on here so I'll pop my head in and say hello!

corningkat 05-17-2005 10:06 PM

hi there yp1! thanks for dropping in! it is a quiet thread. people only stay for a short time. i don't know why???

sheri - yes i do have a riding mower, but some of the spots i will have to do by hand. there are springs running thru the yard and a rider will sink.

i ended up calling off today because i think i was overtired and everything was catching up. i slept in and i'm still tired. no walking today. that's when i probably need it most to get my energy back.

do you think we should give it a new name or both of us go to another busier thread??? i don't think we have enough pizazz here. :?:

have a good humpday!

SheriaVa 05-18-2005 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by corningkat
do you think we should give it a new name or both of us go to another busier thread??? i don't think we have enough pizazz here. :?:

I dunno, Kathy...what do you think? I joined a new thread while you were moving to check it out, but it is not very active either (not even 1 new post a day most times) and it's mostly very young girls so I don't feel like we are really on the same wavelength, ya know?

I'm up for either. Do you have other threads that you recommend we try? I really haven't explored 3FC that much. I've tried about 4-5 different threads since I joined and, believe it or not, this has been the most active one (okay, not lately, but back before Christmas). The others all petered out too, and much quicker than ours did. I just wonder if that is the nature of the beast. There don't seem to be a lot of people who are committed to the long haul or who are committed to staying in contact even when they aren't doing well, but maybe I just haven't found the right threads yet!!

And Welcome YP1! Sure hope you will come back to visit.

corningkat 05-20-2005 10:24 PM

hi sheri! i guess if that's the case then there's no sense in going elsewhere. we'll just stay here and be happy! :)

not much going on here! i have to work all weekend. the company is probably getting nervous with the end of the month and a long weekend to boot. didn't walk today because i got 50 feet down the driveway and it started to rain. i guess i will have get moving and organize my home gym area for such days. i went to my ww meeting last nite and gained 1.5. :( i will do better this week! :)

have a good weekend!

YP1 05-21-2005 02:30 AM

Hi, so are you sticking round here then?

I guess I'll introduce myself, my name's Helen and I'm resolutely single.

Big day today - my mother's coming to stay with me for a while and I've lost a stone and a half since I last saw her. Will she notice?

corningkat 05-24-2005 11:22 PM

hi there! yes helen, we are sticking around and welcome again! i am not posting as much as i used to because i am still trying to settle in after moving. i now have to use dial-up (no choice in the matter) and it's driving me insane!!! so sloooowwwww!!

i've had to do a few birthday cakes this week for work. i am making healthy cakes and they don't even know it but love it!!! what they don't know won't hurt them. :devil:

the weather here is putting a damper on my walking. it's not suppose to get much nicer for another week. :(

well, i have to hit the hay!!! nite

SheriaVa 05-26-2005 12:55 PM

My apologies for taking so long to get back here! It's been wild at work and that's where I usually check in here from. Anyhow, good to see you both (Kathy and YP1). Things are going okay with me...was at the beach in Delaware last weekend to visit my close friends and that was much fun. Don't have anything planned yet for Memorial Day weekend. I'll be content if it stays that way, frankly. LOL

I'll be going to Florida for a family vacation on June 4th for a week so I won't be checking in at all during that time.

So YP1, did your Mom notice your weight loss? I hope she did and that she was positive and complimentary of you. My Mom came to visit about 5 months after I'd started losing weight and I'd lost about 20 pounds I guess at that point. She didn't say a word until we were sitting in my apt. and I was saying something about my weight loss frustrations and she said "Oh, I noticed your weight loss right away when I saw you at the airport." and I remember thinking "Gee, it might have been nice if you'd said something." In other words, had I not brought up my weight loss the whole time she was visiting, she'd probably not have said a word. (sigh)

Edited to add that I also went to a family reunion in August 2004 after I'd lost 35 pounds and not a single person said a word. Granted, these people only see me once a year but *I* thought the change was noticeable! It wasn't until a cousin heard me make a comment about an old picture (they always put out pix of past reunions at the current one) that she looked at the pic and then at me and said "Oh my, you HAVE lost weight, haven't you?"

Enjoy your long weekend!

corningkat 05-29-2005 10:55 AM

hi singles! been busy too. i have a friend visiting and we've been doing a lot. blew my calories out of the water of course. yesterday we went touring of some of the wineries. that was fun! today is window shopping. my suggestion so we can walk off some of those calories. ;)

i hope you are having a nice long weekend!

lilybutt 05-29-2005 12:49 PM


I would like to join in! I am 43, single, never married, just a string of bad relationships, abusive and controlling (how do we do that to ourselves!!!????). I am a special education consultant. Love my job!!!! I have 3 cats now; jut added my first “little man” to may group. I have always had girls, but he is a sweetie! I enjoy being single again! It is a hard adjustment after being in a relationship, but, as they say, time heals everything, and I am happy again! I think of being single as the time to take care of me! I try so hard to diet and exercise, but have so little luck with actually losing……seems I have to eat about nothing to lose! It is so frustrating that after so long I can’t take it anymore! I have done the WW thing, Atkins things, and now I just count calories….works the best for me! I exercise fairly regularly. I walk, bike, and sometimes swim laps. After my last breakup I even hired a trainer to get me into some new habits, so she taught me a lot of strength training with free weights. So I try to get that in too! Right now not exercising much though….got a big blood blister on my toe last week and OUCH it hurts!

Well that is me……I enjoy posting and post on the 40 somethings and race to 199 also! So happy to see this thread though……being single has as many challenges as being married and having kids, I think we singletons get overlooked sometimes!


SheriaVa 05-29-2005 10:09 PM

Welcome, Lilybutt! I know what you mean about singles getting overlooked sometimes. Sometimes it seems that "coupled" folk think of the world as everyone being coupled but, as WE know, this isn't the case! I think that living alone presents its own challenges too. In one respect, it's easier because you don't have other peoples' fatty snacks tempting you. On the other hand, you don't have someone there to talk to or for support and cooking for one is a pain!

A little about me: I'm 52 and never married and I have been living healthy for 2 years come July 1st. I have lost about 30 pounds but have been plateaued for a long while now and am working at trying to get back to losing. I eat low fat but don't subscribe to any particular plan/program. I exercise 5 X week--a combo of cardio, toning and weight training.

Look forward to hearing more from you, Lily!

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