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Sheila53 03-06-2005 09:52 PM

Over 50 and Getting Healthy #22
Decided to start a new thread.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sheila53 03-07-2005 01:15 PM

Hi, ladies!

Willow, it was great having you stop by. I hope you will stop by again. Sounds like you're having a fun time with those grands. Love Bath and Body, too, and miss going there with my DD. Are you back in the pool at all?

Candlelady, teenagers can be worse than those active little devils, can't they? There's a joke my DH likes to tell about Abraham and Isaac. Biblical scholars have wanted to know how old Isaac was because the story doesn't say. Isaac was older than eight because he could carry the firewood up the mountain. They could also tell that he was younger than 12 because if he'd been older than 12 he would have been a teenager and it wouldn't have been a sacrifice. :lol: So tell us all about your dream trip in October!! Where are you going??

Charlotte, SunnyD, and Bluet, what did you do this weekend? Hope the weather was good where you are. We broke a couple of records.

Saturday we spent a lot of time at flooring places and also looked at furniture. We gave our table and two loveseats to our son plus our cheapo entertainment center (that wouldn't fit on the truck). I'm not so concerned about the entertainment center or the loveseats (although our family room will be pretty bare until we replace them), but I would like to be able to eat at something other than a card table. On Sunday we took a long walk along one of several bike paths in the area. We also took a drive over to the other side of the valley where my DH lived for years in his 20s. A nostalgia tour. We went to church before we did that, though, and this time was much better than last. It was a lay-led service so we'll have to go to another minister-led service to see what we think. Have to say the grounds are lovely, especially now when it's so sunny and the flowers are in bloom (sorry, Bluet!).

Have a good Monday, everyone! I've got laundry to do, which counts for my exercise for the day. That and dog walking. I've been sleeping pretty darn good lately!

SunnyD57 03-07-2005 05:17 PM


Good Afternoon!

I forgot that I had to post to get any e-mails that anyone wrote... duh... :dizzy: I wondered why it was so quiet and here & why you had written, Sheila ;) I see... so has Willow (!) :o

Welcome back Willow... long time no see... glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying your grandkids :) Yes, Joe & I are still busy during the weekends (when I am not ill), but I have pretty quiet weekdays (thank goodness), it's Joe that has the hectic weeks. I too love Bath & Body Works! In fact, I just took a shower with one of their new scents - Cream Boule :smug: I lit the candle and then put loads of the cream on... what an awesome scent! I want to get the Angelfood Cake scent the next time... after I use up this one. What scent did you decide to get?

Hi Bluet, I sure hope that you are okay!!! I so miss you!!!! Darn that computer anyway!

Hi Sheila, Oh what FUN!!!! I love shopping in those stores... and do! Mostly daydreaming about the things I'd like to change one day. Sounds like you got allot done and had a great time doing it too!!! There are so many great SPRING sales coming up, Sheila, I bet you will be able to find something for a great price for that dining-room :smug:

You are so Blessed to have such great weather! I'd love to go walking outdoors!! Did you feel me hovering over you while you walked? :lol: I was there in spirit :D YES! I actually can see some daffodil's peeking up through the snow! That makes me feel hopeful! We did have a great weekend!! It was SUNNY and really rather pleasant in the temps this whole weekend. Today we have actually gotten up to 57*!!!!!!!! :o :smug: I even opened up my kitchen window to let in some fresh air - what a difference it made for me. It is rainy now, but it suppose to turn into to snow by evening (so they say :( ). I faired up rather well health-wise too! I didn't eat out and I enjoyed BEING OUT with our friends... although, my girlfriend, Peggy, is having the dickens of a time with the hormonal changes going on in her body... I feel so sad for her :( I just did allot of listening and hugging --- she said it meant allot to her just to have someone to talk to. I wish I could take it all away from her, you know.

As for the new juicer... I love it! I just clean it right after I use it and it's not a problem at all. And the juice is soooooo good! I had Joe pick up some cukes this morning (he works for a grocery store chain) so I can juice them too. It's really pretty good, because you can use the pineapples or apples to sweeten it. I just wish I could drop more weight! I feel so bloated from all the fiber these days, but at least my intestines have stopped with the spasms :) According to the book... it will take a bit of time for my body to adjust to all the fiber I am to be on. I am not a very patient person sometimes.

I have laundry to finish up with too... tomorrow :lol: I meant to do it today, but I ended up spending most the day catching up with reading my magazines and the paper & making some birthday cards.

Hi Angel & Diane, How are you both doing today?? Did you have a busy weekend too?


Gonna go watch Ellen... take care now... and have a nice evening :)
*God Bless*


SunnyD57 03-08-2005 01:18 PM


Okay... ... where is everyone??? :?: ???

Whew! We had us quite a rain storm yesterday... high winds, but great temps! We actually went up to 57* yesterday and I was able to open my kitchen window and enjoy the breeze... well... till the bottom dropped out at around 6:30pm. It went from 57* to 18* in no time flat! And this morning we have Black Ice on the roads, bridges and overpasses causing many accidents! We even got a dusting of snow over night... not to last I'm afraid. It was sunny this morning, but right now we are covered in white-outs! More SNOW!!! Big snow-flakes too! It's causing so many accidents... Joe called me a bit ago and told me he could hardly see where he was going it was snowing so hard and people were passing him like crazy --- he said it's scary because they don't slow down! I pray he stays safe...

Well gals, I am on DAY #9 today of the new program and after the first 3 days of real restrictive meals... it's good to be on a pretty reg. diet again - very much like the 3rd Phase in the South Beach Diet... the only difference being that I take his vitamins & fiber & buy ORGANIC foods now. It's not that bad after you make the initial changes. The expense is in the beginning and then it's not so bad. And the foods DO taste differently! I cannot believe it! There is more flavor in the Free-Range meats (not to mention, they are so tender) and in the Organic veggies :T We are blessed here in Ohio to have a huge grocery store called *The Mustard Seed* that carries all Natural & Organic Foods... I cannot believe how many people we know that shop there! Why didn't they tell us?! :o ;) Because they have such a large variety there the cost aren't really all that much higher... and when you think of hospital cost (!) it's all well worth it for me. None of these foods have Pesticides, Hormone Injections or Antibiotics in them. You cannot believe what is in our foods that we are so unaware of today. The studies show that --- it's why our kids are developing much sooner today (hormones in the meats) and also why we have become immune to so many antibiotics (because it's in our meats). It really makes allot of sense to me. I just wish that these foods were more affordable to EVERYONE! Cuz I know it's very difficult for those with families or on a tight budget. Anyway, I know it's working for me and I am grateful to God for that!! I feel so dumb that when the book/program was mentioned on HERE I didn't look into it deeper then! Duhhh :dizzy: The book I am in now by the same writer is titled *The Maker's Diet* and it's great!

Also, I am on Goat's yogurt, milk & cheese... at first I found it so difficult because the taste is so different from cow's and wondered if I'd ever get use to the change, but now... I enjoy it... and it feels great having cheese on things again :T I also got that Jack LaLanne juicer this past week... and have really enjoyed making my own juices. It comes with a recipe book from veggie juices to fruit juices and suggestions on how to use some of the pulp in your recipes to add the extra fiber to your diet.

It hasn't been easy to make all these changes and at first I felt really over-whelmed, but it's getting better :smug: and I'M getting better :flow1: :smug:

Thinking of you ~ALL~ with good thoughts and with
prayer in that you have a beautiful day :sunny:
Come back soon... I sure do miss you gals! :^:



Sheila53 03-08-2005 03:07 PM

Well, it's just you and me, SunnyD, but that's okay. I love reading your posts and looking at your happy smile. :)

Sounds like you've been having some wild, wild weather. Is that a normal spring occurrence? My DD called me this morning and told me that it was 70 degrees in Norfolk yesterday, and today it's snowing, a kind of wet, slushy snow. That sounded pretty bad, but your weather sounds much worse. What does your weather person say causes the fluctuation in temperature? Artic air from Canada or something like that? I find weather kind of fascinating. Let us know when Joe gets home safely!

So glad that you're feeling better following this plan. Your description of organic meat makes me want to try some. It's always so expensive, but definitely better for you. Don't think I could stomach goat milk, though. When I was a kid, some family friends had a goat, and the kids gave me a drink straight from the goat. Yuck!! I've retained that taste memory for years and can't get into eating any dairy made with goat milk.

Water aerobics first thing this morning. I can't for the life of me find my darn pulse, even though I practiced over the weekend. This instructor makes us take our heartrate after the aerobics portion, but I just can't do it. When I'm in a quiet room and really concentrating, I can get it, but in a noisy pool with her giving us a time limit, I can't. Also forgot one water shoe today so I wore one of my socks instead. I have a "thing" about putting my bare feet on the floor in locker rooms, showers, and pool decks. It just makes me cringe. I walked to the pool in my sock, and pulled it off to get into the pool. Walking along the bottom of the pool in my bare feet doesn't bother me. Then I pulled the sock back on at the pool edge and walked into the shower. Got a few funny looks, but I don't care. It's my phobia and I'm stuck with it!

The house in Seattle finally closed, and I should get a check tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't have a hard time with the bank down here. I have to put the majority into my Dad's account (I'm already in the computer as having power of attorney), but some into my account, too. Then we'll be all ready to close on our house. I felt kind of bad for the buyers of the Seattle house because they had to wait until late yesterday to actually go into the house, although I let them store their stuff there over the weekend. Today I was feeling a bit bad about not being able to see the tulips I planted last fall. We'd gone to the tulip festival a year ago and bought some new ones. I plan to plant a bunch in my new yard, though.

Have a good Tuesday, ladies!! Hope to see more of you here. Hey, doesn't anyone have Bluet's address? I'm not on my normal computer so I don't have access to it (and stupidly didn't write it in my address book), but maybe someone can send her a postcard and see what's up??

SunnyD57 03-08-2005 04:01 PM

Hi Sheila!

I placed a phone message on Bonnie's machine. If I hear anything from her I will be sure to post. I forgot that she was at work when I called :dizzy: So maybe I will give her another try tonight... I will PM you with her address and phone number again, so you will have it, okay.

As for our weather... YUP --- it's called LAKE ERIE! We live very close to the lake and so we get allot of storms suddenly from it. And the weather-people cannot predict what will happen till we are IN IT usually. They get allot of flack & ribbing here :lol: The sun is shinning right now, can you believe it! But it's very windy and so very cold! The snow seems to be coming in squalls of mini storms... strange. I will let you know about Joe ;) Thanks!

I laughed so hard when you said you couldn't find your pulse ;) :lol: :lol3: I am sure of it that you have one :lol: :smug: All kidding aside... many people do have a hard time locating it. My mom is a retired nurse, otherwise, I may not know how either. Which way are you looking for it... the wrist or the throat? On the wrist: place your first two fingers gently on the inside of the wrist about two inches up from your hand, facing away from your body... you should be able to get it there (just to the side of the tendon in the center of your wrist, not on the tendon). On your throat: you can usually locate it just to the edge of your throat on either side by placing your two fingers gently. Go to the soft tissue on either side of the center bone - hopefully you will feel it there... if not... maybe you really don't have one :o :lol: just kidding around :lol: Hope I haven't confused you more! ;)

When I use to go to the public pools - I did the same thing you do now! I always worried about what you could catch on those floors. Don't you worry one bit what anyone else thinks ;) At least you are out getting in your exercise :) I still grab public bathroom handles and public door handles with my coat sleeve or paper towel and not my hand (or I let someone else grab the door for me ;) ) So many go without washing their hands today :p I think we all have something that someone would call a phobia, don't you think?

I am so glad for you that the house finally closed in Seattle, now you will be able to begin getting things all settled in your world... bummer that you had to leave all those flowers behind... but just think of all the NEW things you know to do now for this home - inside and out :^: :goodvibes

My whole house smells like pot roast :T
our dinner tonight :hun: yum!
Nothing like it!

Take Care now...


willow_1 03-08-2005 05:58 PM

Me again, ...
Hi Girls,
I have a few minutes so thought I'd gossip a bit with you gals.
I'm in the process of taking all my CD's out of their cases and putting them into a CD album, or book, and I'm playing them as I take them out of the cases. I've been at it for three days and I have a lot to go yet.
Of course I haven't been playing them constantly. I need to go pick up another album though. I'm putting all my Christmas, Kenny G, country and the really old 50's in one album, then I'll start on the oldies, Blues and Soul.

Sunny, I bought a bunch of Bath and Body Works. I got three of the small purse-size, then I got some body wash and body skin conditioner that you put on after you shower, then rinse it off. I also got a few of the big tubes of the body cream; I got Sweet Pea, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Peony, Mango Mandarin and Cucumber Melon. I got a Sweet Pea and a cucumber Melon for my granddaughter too. So, I have a good supply again for a while.

I was at the pool this morning / early afternoon. I'm still yo-yo-ing too.
They still haven't decided what's wrong with this hip, and I'm giving them till April, then I'm having a new procedure done, called Hip Resurfacing. Anything is better than this. I really don't want it replaced if it's not absolutely necessary.

Sounds like you got some Minnesota weather out in Ohio. Hang on Sunny, Spring is just around the corner.
Now, ... what's this diet you're on?? I'm curious. Maybe I can pick up an idea or two. I sure need all the help I can get.
I took out a membership at the local Senior Friendship Centers Wellness center, and I'll be using their weights and equipment three days a week with college students and older guys who are members there teaching me.

Sheila, it sounds like you're making progress on your real estate deals. Really frustrating, isn't it? All that hard work you put in last year and now you have to do it all over again at a different location. Well, you guys will probably stay there now for a while, huh?

Hey Sheila, I'm with you on the goat cheese and milk. We had a couple goats when I was a kid, and I too will never forget that smell/taste of the milk and the meat too. That tallow stuck to the roof of our mouth. ICK! It is healthy though. People in the middle East live on it. :p
I do love buffalo meat though. It tastes just like beef and is soooo very good for you because they are range fed and the meat is only half the caloric value of beef. Very expensive though.

You can find your pulse on the thumb-side of your wrist right next to the center tendon. Or, you can take it on your carotid artery in your neck, which is sometimes harder for an untrained person to find. It's just next to your adams apple, and you have to press into the soft tissues. you won't be able to feel it by just laying your fingers there, ... you have to press in a bit. It doesn't matter where you take it, ... it will be the same both places. You'll get used to shutting out any other sounds and soon you'll be able to find it immediately. It takes practice.

I'm off work this week and then I'll be working half days till June first. Hopefully by then this thing will be fixed.

Hello to Bonnie and everyone. I take it you never heard any more from Fatpuss.

Well, I need to get things done here.
Have a good day girls.

SunnyD57 03-08-2005 08:51 PM


Hey there Sheila, I just wanted to let you know that I got a hold of Bonnie by phone :D What a sweet person! But she sounded so very tired... she's having *Bully* problems at work again :jig: Darn it all anyway! I wish I could do something to help her. Also, she is having computer problems and doesn't know when she'll be back up. All I know is that I miss her here and do hope it won't be too long before she's able to come back. Please keep her in your prayers :^: - that job is really taking it's toll on her :(

Oh... Joe made it home just fine tonight ;) :) Thanks for the prayers!!!


Willow, Those CD's sound like quite an endeavor... better you then me!

As far as the Goat Milk and Cheese and such... I haven't a choice... I cannot have any dairy, so this is better then nothing, you know. Not to mention how good it is for me ;) It is an aquired taste... for sure!

And Joe & I have eaten Buffalo steaks too --- they are very lean! You have to be careful not to over cook them or they can be dry. We are going to see about getting buffalo meat for our freezer from a farm here in Ohio. Hoping it will be cheaper that way.

Nope! Fatpuss has not been back :(

Okay Angel & Diane... what's up with you two???!!! Come back and let us know that all is well or I'll be calling you next ;)


Sorry this is so short,
but I havta return a phone call :)


SunnyD57 03-08-2005 09:10 PM

Angel, I hope you are feeling okay :?: You haven't been here on this thread yet (come to think of it neither has Diane)! Have I said something to chase you away??? You left CEr's too :( and I was there... I hope I am just being over sensitive.

Have you heard anything new about your tests?

Now... I am signing off... :^:

Angel-lover 03-08-2005 10:35 PM

SunnyD...you silly girl!! Of course you haven't run me off!http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...throwingxs.gifI've just kind of gone into my own little world, lately. Sorry. I HAVE been reading all of the posts....I know it's selfish...can't explain. You being on the CEr's thread had nothing to do with me leaving. I still love everyone there, especially you. I DID have a reason for leaving, but it's something I have to deal with.
You are a blessing to me, & I miss your posts terribly when you're not around. I miss EVERYONE here, when they're gone too long. So....I know I shouldn't do that either. Again, I'm sorry....I'll try to at least stop in & let you all know I'm among the living. :^: I haven't heard from my tests, yet. Thanks for asking. So glad you're feeling better. Wish I had the will power to do something about my eating habits.
Glad you checked on Bluet......I'll be praying for her. I had decided it was her computer & she was afraid to use the one at work. I think I'll pick up a card & send it to her. :)

Hi Sheila....Happy for you that everything is finally about to get settled. I'm sure you'll have beautiful flowers this summer, & we'll want to see pics. :D My DH has been bringing my bouquets of Buttercups! Remember my romantic story of how he started bringing them to me & kept it up?? ;)

Willow...it's so good to see your posts! I've been wondering how you're doing. I stayed out of your forum for so long that I forgot my username & password....I got so aggravated the last time I tried, that I just gave up!! :( You can see how lazy I'm getting anyway, about posting. I still love you a lot, & miss your stories of days gone by. Hope you get help for your hip soon.

Hello to everyone......Diane...it's your turn. :smug:

willow_1 03-09-2005 10:19 AM

Wednesday 3-9-05

Bluet 03-09-2005 12:36 PM

Good Morning Ladies,

Thank you for your concern, I am fine and expect to have my home computer back today sometime.

I have spent quite a lot of work time on the computer this morning and need to solve some important issues on my desk. I will check in with you later tonight after Idol. Sunny has me hooked on this Idol program. At my age, can hardly identify with the songs they sing, but I enjoy watching the competition, just as I enjoy the competition on Survivor. Did you take note, those of you that watch it, of the beautiful white sand on the beaches on their island?

We are having a cold, but sunny day, so far, suppose to get colder by the weekend. There's not a tulip in the world that would be brave enough to poke it's little head above the ground around here. Possible snow tomorrow. Nineteen degrees outside right now and with the wind chill is it 6 above zero. :)

No that I cherish you all, you warm my heart. Charlotte, I love the graphic of the cat in the box and the "Hello Baby". Made me smile.


SunnyD57 03-09-2005 03:03 PM


Good Afternoon!

First off... it's WONDERFUL to see you back Bonnie!!! :flow2: You are VERY Dear to us and so you cannot go a long period of time away :nono: and neither can Sheila, Charlotte or Diane (where are you Diane?) & Willow too... we all care about you very much! You have good friends here that do really care :goodvibes I am thrilled to know that you will have your computer back sometime today! :cp: I have missed my *American Idol* buddy :smug: What happened with your cp? A bug?

Okay Sheila, where did ya go???? :^:

Angel, I am so happy to know that I haven't done something to hurt your feelings :goodvibes I too like your kitty graphic :smug: I made one (from a picture I found) for how I am feeling today. I am having "one of those days today"... I have tons to do, but feel so darn tired! :p Uggggg... ... ... Even my cats just sleep the day away! Here are some pictures I took of them in our laundry room:

I KNOW how they feel! :tired: All this this dreary weather does is make you feel sleepy... when the sun was out earlier, I felt like I could conquer the day without any problem... :jig: well, now I feel like my kitties :dz: So I cannot blame you one bit for feeling the way you do either, Angel. I saw on the weather channel that you were getting allot of rain there. Is it getting into your home too?

Willow, thanks for the card :rofl:

Later gals...


Bluet 03-10-2005 12:40 AM

Good Evening,

It is really late, 10:30 pm here. I am making this short, until tomorrow.

Sunny, such sweet pictures of your babies, thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling more energetic tomorrow. :)

Charlotte, you are right, it was my home computer and a few issues at work, that kept me off the computer there. You are oh so wise. ;)

So, Sheila, now where are you? I must admit you never miss an evening post. And we don't even have your new address or phone number or email.:(

Willow, so nice to see you posting. Once again I am wondering if my roses made it through another Northern Exposure.

Have a good Thursday everyone. "Survivor Thursday" Oh that reminds me Sunny, I was very disappointed that NIKKO SMITH was voted off of Idol, I can hardly believe it. Also, I would have not kept the Barbara Striesand impersonator over Amanda Avil (sp?)


SunnyD57 03-10-2005 06:13 PM

What a difference a DAY makes!

Good Evening Everyone :wave:

I cannot believe how much better I feel today!! It's cold outside (25* right now), but the sun is beaming :sunny: into our home - what a wonderful feeling! I have gotten so much done already... I walked 30 minutes this morning on my T-Mill listening to Steve Green's *Hide 'em in Your Heart Songs* (that CD just makes me smile! I just love his music with kids), I got some paperwork done that had to be finished today & the laundry almost finished. And after I finish here... I'm gonna go wash the kitchen floor, clean the bathrooms & then run the vacuum while I still feel so good. Day's like this give me such hope to be well again and I feel like I am well on my way :df:


Hi Bonnie, about *American Idol* I whole-heartily agree with you! I hated to see Amanda go over Mikala... but they go for different on that show and she's sure different. And I too hated to see Nikko go over Constantine (the other rocker), I really felt it was time for him to go. I knew that Janay & Travis were going, they did so poorly last time through. It's Thursday night :cp: I sure do hope that we don't have repeats tonight :dizzy:

Sheila... what happened????????????????? I miss seeing your grandbaby and you!!!!! Come back soon, and when you do would you give us your new address by PM? Bonnie is right! We have no way of reaching you right now :( Come back soon! I so look forward to hearing from you each day :^:


Hello's to all the MIA's :wave:
We miss you too!!!!!

Joe just got home...
time to get dinner finished :D


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