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bon5000 04-02-2005 07:28 PM

done trying

Angel-lover 04-03-2005 09:36 PM

Oh Bonnie-2....don't stop now....you're almost there! You had it right for the beginning of the post.......then do your posting.........then do the work with the / at the end...& you'd have it!!
An easier way, though.....HIGHLIGHT your whole post.....then go to the top where you see [Font] & click the "down arrow" & click the font you want. It'll put in those things for you. :D Do the same with "size", "color", B,etc.
If you want to center something, HIGHLIGHT what you want centered, then click on the center of those lines....or there's a left and a right. Keep trying, you'll get it!!!! If you put your curser over them, a description will come up telling you what each thing does.

SunnyD...Beautiful pics!! I think I like the bunny over the window the best! He looks like I feel. :lol: SNOW!!! That's not fair!!!! We only had storms & rain & a little hail!

Candlelady...so good to hear from you! I know you must stay tired. Please take care of yourself. Everything will be ok at the station. Thanks for the kind words of the nomination. It was an honor. I didn't win the award, though. A guy that runs the mission in town got it. A lot of people are saying he should have won an award, but under another catagory....it's not volunteer work catagory. I don't know. I do know he's a nice guy & works hard. He's very deserving. I was pretty sure I wouldn't get it, since I didn't go. I made the right decision, though. As Sheila said, my granddaughters know I keep my word. :D

Sheila...I am soooo sorry about your DH's work situation. I'll pray hard for everything to be alright. I'm sure it will be.
My DH does all of those things with the floors, plus a lot more! You just wouldn't believe it! He's on a very large hardwood job, now. It's take several weeks. Someone is building another large house across from it, & is thinking of DH for that job. That's how he gets most of his work. People see the work he does....he puts his best into all he does for his customers, & it shows. (no brag, just facts. :lol: )
I'm thinking about that tape. I may just send you all the soundtrack I recorded instead.....gotta think about it. I've improved my singing since then, though (I hope! :^: ) I've spent most of today running off copies to send to people who wants one. I had ran out....didn't think I'd need anymore.

I'm tired.....this time change has me all mixed up. :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

SunnyD57 04-04-2005 09:25 AM

What an exhausting weekend we had!
Okay gals...

This picture is the one I posted earlier
when we had about 4 inches on the ground:

This one as you can clearly see (look at the base of the tree) that
we have gotten allot more! All together 15" :o

Look at my poor garden :faint: it was greening up! :(


The reason I didn't come back to post was that we lost our electric for about 16 hours and had no sleep at all Saturday night (the time change was hard on us both!) - it got so cold! We dug out our kerosine heater and lit that and it brought the temps in here up to 63* and held steady... thank goodness. And we have a gas stove, so no problems there - I was still able to cook meals, just lit the burners with a match instead. And we had our radio...

Joe had to be at church by 8:00 to direct and I couldn't leave the house with the heater lit, so I decided to go shovel snow for him. I was outside for all of 10 minutes when my left foot sunk into the very wet and heavy snow and twisted! I shoved snow into my shoe & finished the job - took me about an hour. I didn't think it was all that bad of a sprain... well, guess what gals! I am wearing an air-cast for 10 days! It was bad! I was crawling on the floor last night... so off to the Dr's I went. It felt really bad last night, but it doesn't feel too bad this morning, using the air-cast. I even got in my exercise - I just used the Elliptical instead of the T-Mill - less stress on my feet.

Whew! :faint: Am I glad that this weekend is over!! I pray that the snow storms will be too! Today we have a clear, sunny, blue sky day! Beautiful!! :sunny:

Okay... I am going to go grab a bite to eat and then
I WILL be back to post to all...



Bluet 04-04-2005 10:03 AM

Hey Sunny Girl,

What were you thinking? Just kept shoveling, Huh? Man if we got 14" of that wet stuff, I'd be so MAD!

Well, one busy weekend down and one more to go. I'll be back later to post to all of you. Have to put in the billing right now. I am exhausted. See you later.


Angel-lover 04-04-2005 10:34 AM


Oh SunnyD....I'm soooo sorry!! You poor thing, with it sprung. Isn't that what happened before? Or was it something else? I know it must be so frustrating. You shouldn't have kept shoveling that snow (that you won't share with me!!!!!!!). Next time something like that happens, you get yourself back into that house, girl, & put your foot up! I'm sure Joe let you have his opinion, also, when he got home. It's hard to watch our DH's carry on so much of the work, though, I know. I was trying to figure out how I could climb the ladder last weekend to help DH. The felt paper kept falling off the roof when he would get it rolled out! When I suggested the idea to DH, he just laughed at me! At least I wanted to help.

Bluet...........OMG! I forgot to post to you........please forgive me.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...0103lv_prv.gif I suppose I thought I did, because of my posting to bonnie-2. I've got to get used to the idea of 2 bonnie's! I'm glad of it, but I made that mistake.
Sorry you're working so hard....take care.
You'd be proud of me. NO DOUGHNUT this morning!!!! I decided to try to cut out sugar! If I don't start helping myself, this RA will get worse. Can't hurt the weight issue either. I have a whole box of Dunkin' doughnuts to throw out, though.....too tempting! I've drunk about a gallon of coffee this morning! (no caffeine).

Hi to everyone.......if you don't hear from me for a little while. Bro Jones is gone to Louisanna, to pick up a safe that was donated to the station & I may stay with Connie, so she won't be afraid. They live in a trailer in the yard of the station & the alarm system isn't installed yet.
Love you all.......

Sheila53 04-04-2005 12:20 PM

Good morning!!

Bonnie2, like Charlotte said, don't give up! You've almost got it, and it will be so fun when you do. So did you get dumped on, too, by that snowstorm?

SunnyD, I was thinking about you when I heard on the news about snow in Ohio. I think the news said that this winter that the Cleveland area has gotten 104 inches of snow. Yikes! And our ski slopes here were hardly open this year. I'm so sorry about your foot. Charlotte's right--you should have quit shoveling! Smart to stick snow in your boot, though, to help with the swelling. Absolutely love your Easter decorations, and the new tea set is gorgeous. Your Joe has excellent taste, or did you pick it out ahead of time?

Candlelady, great to see you back. We've been wondering about you. So only 10 more weeks. Do you get to be there to watch your new GK come into the world, or are you babysitting? You know it will happen at 3:00 am, right? :) You got snow! Charlotte is going to be so jealous. Is there another antidepressant that doesn't cause weight gain? Something to discuss with the doctor, I guess.

Bluet, weekends are supposed to be for resting! Looking forward to hearing about yours, which I know wasn't restful at all.

My weekend was, of course, filled with worry. We've gone over all possible options. On a brighter note, it appears that everyone in the lab where my DH works was offered the incentive to quit so he wasn't singled out. Since the lab has more work than they can handle, if he doesn't get a good job offer (which includes letting us stay where we are!), we think we'll just ride it out and see what happens. DH has been busy sending off resumes and trying to network, though. He even sent a resume to Norway. He was there a couple of years ago working with some people, and they always seem to need computer geeks. Can you imagine me, the snow hater, ending up in Norway? :lol: And he applied to a place in Lexington, Kentucky. Do they get snow?

It's after 9:00 am and I'm still in my robe. I need to get dressed and get over to the house. Looking forward to seeing what the new floor looks like. Oh, it appears we have to move in prior to the carpets being laid. I was hoping to avoid that, but we can work around it.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

bon5000 04-04-2005 04:54 PM

No we didn't get the snow. We have sun today & 55* Jazz. tonite Bonnie2

SunnyD57 04-04-2005 05:28 PM


Hi Sheila, the snow flakes were huge & so wet... so it was good packing snow, but what a mess on the roads and in driveways and parking lots. Yes, Cleveland broke a record of 105.3" for the year --- but here in NE, Ohio (one hour EAST of Cleveland and much closer to the Lake!) we broke that # weeks ago! I would have preferred not to, if you know what I mean... Norway!!!!! :o I don't know what they get in Kentucky... anyone here know? But Norway!!???!!! I heard it's beautiful there, but they get snow... lots of snow :o

As far as the teapot, Joe saw me looking at it when we went shopping at the Mustard Seed grocery store - there's a section of handmade things for sale just as we walk in the store, he went back to get it. So it was something he did all on his own. He's finally getting it ;) :lol: The tea cup and saucer is mine from a collection I have and it matched beautifully, so I just put them together.

I bet you ARE one sore lady! After all that work in the new house... I know I would be too. I bet that even if you don't see weight come off that you are definitely toning up some muscles :smug: I cannot wait to see some pictures of it after you have finished. So you have to move in before you lay the carpets? Why? Because of the apartment... time running out? It will all work out, I'm sure. So much is happening so fast, I just bet that you feel like stepping out of yourself at times just so you can catch up :dizzy:

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby and his job. Is it forced retirement? Will he make anything after he goes, or is this it - more like bye, see ya... I will do everything I can in prayer for your dear hubby in that he will find another job real soon, okay... Sheila. Do you think that the quality of HP will change with all of this happening? Would you still buy an HP product? Don't they know that they are biting their noses off to spite their face when they get rid of people like your hubby who is skilled in their work & so good for the company! I think that the heads of these companies that make these changes have their heads in the dark --- you know... up their butts :o It just bothers the crap out of me when I hear of lay-offs or forced early retirement of people that want to work and have such talent. I hope he knows that it has nothing to do with his work... quality doesn't seem to be of importance to companies anymore. Use to be a time when something was made to last - now they are made so that in a few short months you have to buy another :headache: :dz:

Sheila... your DD is already having marriage problems :( I hope it's nothing too serious! Just some *new marriage* adjustments.

Hi Angel, thank-you so much for your concerns :goodvibes ... good memory! Yes, I have sprained my ankle before, but it was my right ankle that took a real bad sprain - I was in an air-cast for a month with that one. I just have such weak ankles! The Dr. suggested that I wear ankle wraps (they look like a sock) overtime I do any form of exercise... just to give me added support. I just have such weak ankles. He did give me some exercises to do after this heals to help build up some muscle strength in that area. I have now sprained both my ankles several times over :dz: So I think that the wraps are a great idea... I just have to remember to do it! :dizzy: :p Yup, Joe was very concerned for me, but didn't scold me at all this time :smug: he knew I was trying to help, cuz the last time it snowed he was so upset with having to shovel the snow... I just didn't want him to be upset again and wanted to help... he does so much He was so tickled that I did it and was so surprised (all before he knew I had hurt myself). He gave me an nice aspirin rub after he found out that I had hurt myself... he's a great guy.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...-congrats1.gif again on your nomination... I think that is quite an honor all by itself... many do volunteer work that never gets noticed, much less mentioned --- it's nice to be noticed even though you have never called for that kind of attention. Keep up the great work :angel:

Oh... believe me Charlotte... you wouldn't want this amount of snow. I know your hubby wouldn't. It has been a tough year on my hubby this year! This snow and winter weather has worn him down!! He is loving this sunny day we are having today :) He is talking about taking off tomorrow just to enjoy it... suppose to be sunny & go into the 60's again. He's so looking forward to warmer weather and working in our gardens again, it's his favorite thing to do when he comes home at night and on the weekends - gardening. I saw on the weather channel that some areas of Alabama had gone through major flooding after your storm - guess it wasn't around your area, thank goodness. My folks live in Maine and they got allot of rain also... not a stitch of snow. Strange, huh... you would think that they would have gotten the snow too :dizzy:

:cp: :dance: WooHoo on *NO DONUT* this morning!!! :dance: :cp: I remember how hard that was for me that first few days; then by the third or fourth day I didn't even miss it. I am praying for you! Maybe if you eat a bit a fruit when you get that craving it would help you through it. You may have withdrawal headaches, but don't caved - they'll go away. Good for you :cp:

I enjoyed hearing about your granddaughters pageant... I bet that they were so happy to have you there! Children remember forever when you take time for them... even if they don't tell you so, they do remember. You are a good friend Charlotte... I am sure that Connie will enjoy your company. Take Care!

I would love a tape of you singing! Send me one... pleazzze ;) I will get out the CD's this week... hopefully by Wednesday, okay ;)

Hi Bluet, Sounds like you had quite a weekend too!! :o You must come back soon and tell us all about it!!

You said the snow would make you so angry... well, that's what I was trying to prevent with Joe - he gets so upset with the snow and we had 15" this time around :o and he had so much to do already Sunday morning... so I was determined to do it for him & did :D The snow I tucked into my boot really helped it I think! It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. I am getting around today pretty good.

Hi Diane! Looks like you have a pattern here ;) Weekend posts... well that's just fine with me :smug: at least we know you will be able to pop in on the weekends, so we know how you are doing :D :bubbles: That's cool :cool: I think that if I lived in SUNNY Texas I would be outdoors allot more and not on the computer till nights or weekends too.

I have been feeling great! Thank-you... no complaints as far as the IBS go. Now I just have to heal up this sprained ankle :p How's that Lexapro working for you?? I do hope that you are feeling better. I just read in an article about depression and anxiety attacks and this gal was put on two types of meds to help her. They were Xanax and Paxil. She stated in the article that she is like a new person and is feeling so much better. Didn't mention anything about wt. gain. I do hope you are feeling better :goodvibes Maybe you ought to do what I am doing and just concentrate on your health and improving that right now. The weight is secondary ;)

Bonnie2, I am so sorry that you are so frustrated with the font, color and such. Did you click on the link I left you? It explains it all there :^: Maybe if you have a son, daughter, grandchild, or neighbor who can help you understand the directions I left you. I am glad to hear you like the graphics, but until you get this down I am afraid that the graphics may only cause more confusion for you. Let's go for one thing at a time, okay. Don't give up! You are almost there!! ;)


Time for me to go gals... I haven't a clue what I am going to make for dinner tonight and hubby is due home soon :o I am so thrown off from the early times and it being so bright,
not that I am complaining mind you :sunny:

*God Bless!*


SunnyD57 04-04-2005 05:42 PM

[COLOR=Plum]Bonnie2... YOU DID IT!!!

The Color Code is:

what you write and then finish it with this code [/ COLOR]

With no spaces in between the code itself like I have here...
I did that because it's the only way it would show up to
show you... was if I added a space.

You are so almost there!


Angel-lover 04-05-2005 09:06 AM


Good morning friends,
I stayed with Connie last night. We sat up until 2am watching people remodel rooms in their homes. I hadn't watched those programs in a long time...enjoyed. We DID get a little spooked once. The phone rung....the ID only showed a cell phone # we didn't know. Couldn't get anyone to say anything. We took turns for about 30 minutes yelling into the phone for someone to say something. We could hear a crunching sound, so knew someone was there. Finally, when Connie had the phone, a woman answered wanting to know why she had called. Connie explained that we hadn't called. (her # is the same as the station's #....rings at their trailer, when station is closed.) The lady apologized. Said the phone was in her purse & the button must have gotten clicked, somehow. The station was the last place she called, so when it was clicked, that's where it called. We have a program where viewers call in to get discount coupons for restaurants, etc (very popular program!) Well....that was the spook for the night. :lol:

No sugar yesterday!!!! I made it pretty well. Wouldn't you know it.....the lady that does the cooking show on Monday (we always wait for her!! ;) ) made some of the best looking sweet stuff I ever saw! I don't know the name of it...she's all time trying new recipes. I took a tiny nibble, to make them all think I was eating, while talking....& later threw it away................reluctantly. :^: But, the thing is, I did it!!!! I fixed carrots for supper (with other things), & only ended up eating THEM. I LOVE carrots! Connie & I ate a little popcorn. The box of doughnuts are still untouched! Right now, I'm eating just a little bacon.......very slowly. It's probably not good for me....but, couldn't find anything else, & thought it might be better than a doughnut. :D

SunnyD....how's that ankle???? Do what the Dr says. I thought you might already be using those ankle wraps. Good idea. I'm working on the tape. I had them to tape "Tennessee Valley Now" yesterday & my program last night. We had all kinds of technical problems!!! :dizzy: Connie & I had even said hello to all of you! We got to cutting up & laughing & Connie was begging me not to send that tape to you all, while we were still on the air. :lol: The technical problems were pretty bad, so I'll probably try again. It'll probably be next Monday. That's the only day we just have 30 minutes. The remainder of the week is an hour. We don't do the sports on Monday. The tape is 1 hour, so it would hold "Tennessee Valley Now" & "Vision of Heaven". Gives me another week to practice my singing, too! ;)
Ohhhh, that snow is beautiful! I don't want it for very long....just one good snow!
That wood & brass bible in the picture is like one I "used" to have. I also have the "Congrats" graphic. :D Some day, I want to afford to buy a PSP program....I think I'd enjoy making my own graphics. I finally downloaded a CD burner, but after it loaded, I found it to be a different language! :^: I can't win for losing!!! :dizzy:

Sheila....NORWAY!!!!!! Do they have computers there?????? If not...NO WAY! :p
Joking aside....I'm praying for you & DH every day. I know how it is to worry about work. DH's work has slowed down a lot, & he'll be 56 next month. He's also thought about getting another job, especially because of insurance coverage. It's a scarey move for him to make, though.

Hi Bluet....I'm sorry you're having such a hard time these days. I sure hope things get better for you, soon. Post every chance you get....please don't isolate.....I worry. It would be so nice if you could enjoy getting up every day & going to work.

Hi Bonnie-2...Hang in there!!!


Bluet 04-05-2005 12:48 PM

Good Morning,

My goodness, seems like I haven't posted for two whole pages on this thread.
You all have been very busy. Everyone is becoming experts on this graphic, font, and color theme too. :)

Charlotte, sounds as though you had a very fun sleep over at Connie's house last night. So are you thinking the crunching sound was the lady walking around with the phone in her purse? How funny. Well, not at the moment for you and Connie. Charlotte, thank you for worrying about me and my work place. Most days I do enjoy getting up and going to work, and most days we are all civil to one another, but there are just two people who lose their tempers easily and explode, and because I have my fingers in everything, I usually receive the brunt of that blow up. In answer to Sheila's question, "how much time do I have left before I can retire?" Two years and 10 months :D I am glad to hear that dh would not let you go on the roof. Roofing is a dangerous job, even when a person is young and agile. So we have no business up on a ladders. Although, I was up on a ladder almost all weekend. My dh is attending therapy classes now for the pain he is still experiencing in his shoulder from falling from a ladder. Next year I am going to box some snow up in a cooler and send it to you girl, just so you can make a minature snowman for your yard. :) I can't wait to get the tape for your show and your singing. It has often crossed my mind to ask if I could get your show on Direct TV, so I could see what your show is about.

SunnyD, cute pictures of your Easter decor. I spotted that tea-pot right off. Very pretty indeed. It was my favorite. Your house always looks so nice. I had such a busy weekend, that I did not even realize that Ohio was getting socked in the way you did. I would have been sooooooo upset if we got all that snow and no power too. :( One year when the kids were little, I was washing walls and getting ready for one of the kids First Communions for the first Sunday in May and we got a snowstorm just like the one you got, and the kids were all sent home early on the bus. Everything was shut down. Having a snow storm in May was really a freaky thing. Now let's talk about that ankle sprain. You must be more careful when you are out there doing those kind of things. (Do I sound like your MOM?) :lol: Hope your ankle is better today. You might end up in physical therapy just like my dh. That was good thinking to put snow in your boot, I don't think I would have thought to do that. All that snow is going to be excellent moisture for your daffodils. Just trying to think of a positive. ;)

Sheila, How did you get that wallpaper off those walls? The wallpaper we tackled at my MIL this weekend was cemented to the wall. It was almost impossible to remove. I hate wallpaper! There were six of us painting on Saturday. We painted three rooms: living room, kitchen and bathroom in five hours. We painted everything white, looks terrific. We used up two gallons of primer and 5 gallons of paint. My MIL is 92, and her house needed a thorough spring cleaning, so on Friday afternoon we were washing walls and taking off wallpaper. Saturday afternoon, we were putting things back and cleaning and scrubbing floors. My muscles are still sore today, but it is all done now. Sorry about DH's job situation, everything will be fine. The Lord closes one door and opens another :) Of course, I think the doorway to Norway is a little too far from the rest of us though. ;) Our weather is starting to improve and with day light savings time in place the sun is out longer in the evenings, so that gives one faith that spring will be here soon for us. I hope your daughter was just having a little glitch on the marriage road, it is so hard with Mom further away when she needs a shoulder. :(

Sunday we had grandson next door First Communion and next Sunday we have grandson from Green Bay First Communion. Last Sunday was a beautiful ceremony as I know next Sunday will be too. Next Saturday a co-worker is getting married in Green Bay, so we will be running up and down the I system to attend these functions, it is about a 45 min drive one way.

Diane, so nice to see you check in. DH and I are going to be grandaprents for the ninth time on May 11. Our Son and DIL are due then. She will be having a C-section, and they are having a little boy. They have a little girl now who will be 2 in June.

Bonnie2, Outstanding, you aren't giving up, that is too wonderful. You probably will be posting graphics, and I will never learn. :) Perhaps when I retire. What kind of business do you and your dh have?

Well, gotta run guys, talk to you later.


Angel-lover 04-05-2005 01:54 PM



Well........of course I worry about you! You're my friend. :D I can remember working at places (only a couple) that I hated! I know you don't hate it....but, you can't look forward to going to work, as you'd like to.

It was so funny that you thought DH wouldn't let me on the roof! Don't be offended, please. I just pictured in my mind DH not letting me. I wouldn't have made it up to the 3rd step on the ladder! Between OA & RA, I can't walk on solid ground very well, that's why he laughed. I was hoping he could figure out a way that I might help him, though. Believe me, although he was grateful I wanted to help....he laughed BIG TIME at me!! :lol:
Oh you sweet thing...to think I would be good enough to be on Direct TV! :) We HAVE tried to get on the "Angel Network" (hey, I like that name. :D )It's very hard to get on, but we're still trying. Also, we ARE trying to get on Dish, & Direct TV. They said that another channel would have to leave. If a spot comes available, they'll let us know. You've got to remember, although we DO have professionals there quite often, most of the regular programming comes from our surrounding areas.....& there IS a lot of talent! I'm afraid I'm not one that has much, though. I've done a lot of singing at Nursing Homes & Hospice, so when they or their family see me on TV, they show their appreciation. I get so tickled & amazed. I'll be going through Wal-Mart, or the grocery store, & someone will see me in person for the first time & get so excited! I don't understand anyone getting excited over me....especially since I'm not a professional. I will say though, having our own Christian TV Station in our area has done a lot for the town & for the viewers as well as all of us! It's nice to be able to call in any time, if prayer is needed, etc. I've listened to a lot of people with heavy burdens. You know....sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. :) When I first started volunteering there, that's what I felt like I was suppose to do. The singing wasn't started by me. Someone actually got behind me one night & PUSHED me in front of the camera (I was in the studio, adjusting a camera, or something)....had the Engineer put a tape on...& handed me a microphone! It was either sing, or cry! I decided to sing. :D I DO love it....just wish the Lord had given me a better, stronger voice. Then again, I've really been blessed, so He knows what's best. Goodness.....I sure didn't mean to say all of this. Too much to print to delete, though....you gotta read it, I guess. :dizzy:
I'd love some snow sent next winter! I told you I'm easily spoiled!
I always think to ask about your DH after I've submitted my post. :^: Thanks for letting us know how he is. Still praying.
Well....I've been in a cleaning mood today. I was just taking a break, & saw your post. Love ya lots!!!!!!! I'm going to go ahead in another post & put in some pics of the break in at the station, while I'm resting.

Angel-lover 04-05-2005 02:31 PM


Hi everybody...we took a lot of pics of the break in. I'm just going to show you a few............

This is the side foyer door. A cement block was thrown through it, hard enough to make a large dent in the wall.

This is an inside view of the same door.

This is Connie's desk & area of the office. She uses one side, & I use the other. She really should have her own office (Manager)...but, then, we couldn't talk! OK! I JUST NOTICED I SPELLED "CONNIE'S" WRONG ON THE PIC! :D

This is my desk. Sorry it's blurry...I was using someone else's camera & didn't know how. He told me I need to hold the camera still or it would blur. I told him I couldn't help it, I was shaking!

Connie & I were talking last night about how the pictures don't show it to be as bad as it really was. I guess you had to be there. Of course, it could have been a LOT worse! If you notice the end of my desk.....looks like they just swept their hand across the end of the desk....& there was the hand mark doing just THAT. Only thing, the things in the floor weren't all on that end of the desk! They actually moved them there. The only thing at that end was the roll-a-dex, which wasn't even touched. It was moved over out of the way! We found some very strange things. It was the same with Connie's. Also, there was a pic of Connie & Bro Jones on her desk...they just turned it face down. I had a pic of me & Connie on my desk...it was face down on the floor....it & a few more things actually stomped! :o See that large box in front of my desk? A BRAND NEW computer, they just walked right by, yet took the time to rearrange our things?????
We also discovered last night that our Sportscaster drove by the station around 8pm & noticed the light that shines on to the building was off! Total darkness! He said he started to call one of us, but decided the bulb probably just burned out! Well, it didn't. There's a switch, well hidden in the ceiling of the front porch that turns it off & on! Someone has really been looking that place over. I didn't even know about the switch, neither did Connie. We both thought it was triggered as the street lights are. We have a mystery going!
Gotta beeee going........


Bluet 04-05-2005 10:43 PM

Well Sunny, what did you think of Idol tonight? Simon out did his sarcastic self, that's for sure. I thought Carrie did an excellent job, I don't care what Simon thought. The other kids were ok too. Some a little off key, but they are amatuers. Did you see the sign in the audience of a Holstein Cow with Simon's face and the words were "Simon Cow"? I watched The Office at 8:30, but I did not like it. It wasn't all that funny, actually a little pathetic.

Well, time for bed. Have a good Wednesday everyone.


Sheila53 04-05-2005 11:58 PM

Post on this thread, please!


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