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SunnyD57 03-28-2005 08:44 AM


:sunny: Good Morning my Friends :sunny:

So did everyone have a lovely Easter Sunday?!?
What did you do & have for meals?

Joe & I sure did!! We went to church @ 7:30am and got home at around 11ish. Then we had a brunch together. Then we just chilled out... Joe took a much needed nap with his pal Zeppe and I had a chance to catch up with some magazines that I have saved and wanted to read through. I enjoy the *Woman's World* magazine that comes out weekly... do any of you read it? What I enjoy about it is the very short, but informative, articles and the jokes and stories. Anyway... after Joe woke up, we decided to go for a drive just to venture out for about 40 min. and took a short walk in the park - it was still that damp cold, so we didn't stay. Then we came home and I put together our Easter meal that I prepared the day before: the Lentil Soup, the Marinated Lamb Chops (done on the grill), and the Rice, Basil & Parmesan-Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes... it all came out so good! :T Joe was like... "Would you make this again? Before next Easter" :lol: It always thrills me me he enjoys a meal I have taken time to cook up. Then we watched a movie I bought at Wal-Mart for $5.00 titled *Music From Another Room* with Jude Law... it was a nice romance story... Joe liked it too :) I do have some pictures that I will share with you all later of our decorations and our dinner :D


Hi Charlotte, How did you get on yesterday to post?! I tried, but nothing worked... thanks for the Easter Resurrection greeting :flow1: Pretty! I know you all enjoy the graphics I post, you don't have to concern yourself with telling me each time ;) I do find such pleasure in sharing them with you all here.

As for the school politics... how sad, you know, I guess that because I don't have children in the schools today I didn't pay close enough attention to what happens in them as far as the games played. I do feel for our kids today - getting all caught up in some of the grown-ups slanted views. It probably wouldn't matter if your DD chose another school for her kids... it will be in that new school too. I have friends that are school teachers, but they try NOT to talk about what goes on IN the schools when we get together. What a shame that you were passed up for your typing like that - I use to be very good in typing myself, but my skills have waned through the years - getting better now as I play on the computer more. I still have a hard time in that I tend to still watch the keyboard instead of the screen :lol: I do remember being very picked on in school, because I was always a "new" kid (military)... I often began a new school in the middle of a school year - talk about tough on a kid!! Everyone was established with their friends and clicks and then there was me! To say the least I had a very difficult time and was extremely shy (believe it or not!). I didn't open up till after I met my Joe and he showed me that it was okay to be me :flow2: Something how things in life shape you, isn't it. Makes you wonder what direction you could have gone in if a person wasn't altered by certain trials in life... but then again, I have found that mine have made me stronger, a more secure person as an adult :flow2: Interesting... ... I bet that your dear grandchildren will rise past all their trials too and become well-adjusted adults as long as they have guidance, love & someone to stand up for them. And I believe they have that ;)

Hi Sheila, I received your e-mail ;) Sounds like you were one "very busy" gal over the weekend! Exciting, huh!! I am so happy for you! I bet that the your new home and all that has to be done will be "all consuming" for quite a bit of time, but it will all be worth it once you have finished :bubbles: I cannot wait to see some progress pictures, Sheila!! You will share some with us, won't you?? What are the colors in your lamp-shade that you used in your home?

Yes... thank-you, Joe's music program went Wonderfully! He was so pleased with the choir and the celebration was just beautiful! I was beaming I am so proud of him and what he can do! People just love him! What a wonderful way to begin the day of Christ's Resurrection :sunny:

I thought you would enjoy the house graphic ;) I myself, enjoy a very pale yellow color for a home... I saw one yesterday on our drive that looked on the outside just like the home I'd enjoy having - if we had a house. It was a butter yellow (very soft in color) and trimmed in white with a wrap-around porch all the fancy trims like you would see in the older homes. So well kept and easy on the eye with wildflower gardens all around, just beautiful!

Congrats on the POUND loss!! :dancer:


Speaking of pounds... it's time for me to get on the T-Mill this morning even though I'd rather not :p I must burn some calories off from the goodies I enjoyed yesterday :o Joe bought me a few Dark Chocolate Eggs (you will see them in my pictures). I did have one (they are big), but will enjoy the rest in smaller bits. He wanted to have something for Easter. Oh, we also colored a dozen eggs together yesterday afternoon --- FUN!!!

Hello's to our MIA's... :wave: Bluet/Bonnie-1, Bonnie-2 & Diane...
& any anyone else out there lurking.
*Have a Wonderful Monday*



Angel-lover 03-28-2005 12:05 PM

Good morning friends.........

Had a very stormy Easter! We just had a regular service (small church) & song Easter songs....I song "Resurrection Morn". Then DH & I went out to eat & came home. Called all the kids & talked with them. Nothing really special.

Sounds like you had a fantastic Holiday, SunnyD! It's time for you & Joe to get some well-deserved rest, now. ;)
I couldn't post on Saturday night....although I started sending the "Resurrection Day" graphic to all of you by pm's. Sheila was first, & I hit "submit", & received a message that the site would be down for awhile. So, I don't know if it went through or not. I didn't try again, until Sunday morning. There was a message that the site was "limited". I tried posting the graphic & it worked! :D

I can't stay on long.....Monday's my long day.
I DID have something very special to happen to me. On the front page of the paper was an artical telling of me being nominated by the Chamber of Commerce to receive an award for "Volunteer of the Year"! I had no idea this had happened. My sister called & told me, because I don't get the paper. Of course, I bought one yesterday evening. ;) Even if I don't get the award, it's an honor to be nominated! The comments in the artical was very nice. I don't do the volunteer work to be noticed, but I have to admit, it made me feel pretty good. :)

I've got to get going. The managers have been out of town since Friday morning & not due in until late tonight, so got a lot to prepare for at the station. They went to Missouri to visit their son & family.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Bluet 03-28-2005 10:01 PM

Good Evening,

We had a very nice Easter. We went to church and then out to brunch at a very nice resturant. Then the children all game back to our house to visit for awhile. We got to see Adam, who is six months old now. He is sitting up and playing with his toys and he laughs a lot, My they grow up so fast.

It is so nice that all of you enjoyed your Easter. Our weather was fantastic. It was close to 50 degrees and sunny. Unfortunately there was a distinct lake breeze off the lake, which is quite chilly this time of year. The resturant is located right downtown about two blocks from the lake. But away from the lake at our house it was warmer.

Sheila, I really like your house and I have no problem with the color at all. I think it is absolutely charming. It would be nice if we could all meet at your place for a painting party, I would enjoy that. :)

Sunny sounds like you had the perfect Easter. Glad that you and Joe could spend some time together and share the wonder of a beautiful day.

Charlotte, congratulations on your award. I am so happy for you. It is wonderful to love the work you do.

Diane, hope your Easter was wonderful and that you are feeling ok.

Bonnie2, it was good that you could get togehter with family too. Hope you had a special day.

I loved all your posts and the graphics, what a colorful happy thread we have. It looks just like spring.


Angel-lover 03-29-2005 05:09 AM


Good early morning everyone...
It's a little after 3am, & I've been awake for well over an hour. Might as well get up. :( Something terrible happened at the TV Station that has me upset, & I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd just talk about it a little, if you all don't mind.
I got to the station at 11:45 & immediately saw the side foyer door had been broken completely out! Later, found it was a block that had been thrown threw it. I went to the front door & let myself in, checking out the building. Everything looked fine. Nothing in either studio was disturbed, cameras, etc still there. The computers (we have several) were untouched, all monitors (tv sets) were all there. Brother Jones office was ok. So, I decided some mean kids probably had broken the glass door just for kicks. I went to the office that Connie & I share to call & report it, & found a terrible mess! All of the money (which was locked up) was gone, & the personal things on both of our desks had been knocked across the room & broken! They didn't do a clean sweep of the desks, knocking everything off, but went between the phones, adding maching, roll-a-dex, etc, to get to the pictures, angels, whatever we had, & destroyed it! (gee....looks like it's not meant for me to have anything anymore, especially my angels. :( )I fell all to pieces! I finally got myself together & called Connie & Bro Jones, who were still 5 hrs away...but, on their way back. He talked to me so calmly & reassuringly. If they had panicked, like I did, I'd never made it through!
After I called the police, I let two of the guys on staff know, & they came to be with me. My sister called in the middle of me talking to the police, & I told her why I couldn't talk....she sent my brother-in-law, who stayed all evening! I may have been alone at first for awhile, but had plenty of help for the rest of the day. The whole evening consisted of police investigation, dealing with insurance, getting the door replaced....etc. I was totally exhausted! Connie & Bro Jones got there around 5pm.
I stayed & went on with my program at 6pm, with my BIL helping me. I was still trembling, after all that time! It hurts so bad to know someone would take from a Christian Station, where everyone works so hard. Also, to know someone would do me & Connie that way about our personal things. :?: Connie was scolding me for going into the building alone, when I found the door broken out........I didn't think about it, was just anxious to check things out.

Bluet...I'm glad you had a nice Easter, enjoying those grands. It's hard to believe Adam is 6 months old, already!
I haven't won the award, yet, just nominated. It's an honor to just be nominated, though. I received my letter from the Chamber of Commerce yesterday. They were telling me about it, & inviting me to the banquet Thursday night for the award ceremony. That's when the winners will be announced. All of the nominees will receive recognition! I've been volunteering at the TV Station since '94, when it first came to our town. I never thought about anything like this. I just felt it was something the Lord wanted me to do. I also sing at a few nursing homes & assisted living. Not as much as I did for awhile, though, because of this aggravating RA. Thursday night is also when my 3 granddaughters (sisters)will be in a pageant at the school. I had promised them I would be there. I made them that promise before knowing about the nomination, so I plan on keeping my word to them. I'm sure they will contact me, if I win.

Well........thanks for listening to me, everyone. I just had to vent & get it out of my system about the break-in. I'll try to post more, later today.

bon5000 03-29-2005 06:39 AM

That is just terrible what they did to the station Charlotte, I would have been scared also & disappointed that someone didn't have any christian values especially for the Easter blessed holiday. Let us know how it comes out.
We had a great Easter weekend. Sonn & family Sat. Easter sunrise service & men of Church made pancakes & scrambled following that. Other son, Daughter & family came for dinner here at 1:00. We have 3 grands so far allunder2 yrs.

Back to work yesterday. went to jazz. last nite. better get ready for work. talk again when I can. Bonnie2

SunnyD57 03-29-2005 08:07 AM

Oh my gosh, Charlotte! :o

I am so very sorry to hear of what happened to you and your station!! I just wanted to share with you right off, something my Joe told me the just other day... he said that we are in troubled times right now and if it seems that we are being attacked - it's because we are! When you are a servant of God (as you are!) there will be many threats from the devil and YOU are definitely being threaten by him! The devil knows that YOU are the threat - not him!! That's why all this is happening to you... I am so sorry that it is, but look at it as there is a battle going on here and "you are winning the WAR"... each time something happens and you dust yourself off and begin again. Therefore, the devil is throwing everything at you - much like Job. You will pull through this too and come out stronger. I'll send you some more angels to put on your desk ;) as long as YOU ARE OKAY!! That's all that matters to us... that you are okay!

You go to your grandchildren's pageant and enjoy... I know that they will contact you "when" you win ;) As far as I am concerned "YOU are already a WINNER!" I am so glad that nothing happened to you! Your friend was right - once you saw that door was opened at the station you should have made a bee-line out of there and placed a call (but I think I would have done the same thing you did, to be honest with you). I am just happy to hear you are okay. I don't blame you one bit for being all shook-up!!! It would stay with me for a long time too if it happened to me. Know that God is with you and that you are so loved, or the devil wouldn't be trying so hard! I am so glad you are okay...

{{{Huge Hugs}}}


SunnyD57 03-29-2005 08:23 AM


Hi Bonnie, It sounds like you had a lovely Easter too... I am sure counting my blessings after hearing what Charlotte just went through, you know...

You had nicer weather then we did! We had rain and temps just barely in the 40's... we are suppose to have some sunshine today :crossed: and warmer temps, but I am still waiting ;) My daffodil's are up about 4" :D So it won't be too long now before we see some color in the front garden :cp: And the weather-persons are calling for temps in the 60's tomorrow :o I anxiously await... ... :goodvibes

*A-Idol* is on tonight... who do you think will go next? I am just thrilled not to have to listen to Mikala again :smug:

Bonnie-2, I'm happy to see you stopped in again :) Did you happen to see my last post to you about Jazzercise?
I am so happy to hear that your Easter was grand also...

Diane, where are you these days :?: We miss you!

And Sheila... we KNOW what you are up to ;) Pop in when you can and give us an up-date :goodvibes


Time for me to go walk...


SunnyD57 03-29-2005 08:26 AM

Here's a little Angel for you, Charlotte ;)


Love you!


Sheila53 03-29-2005 11:24 AM

Just wanted to say hello before I change into my painting clothes. Until we get moved in, I probably won't post too much, although when they refinish the wood floor, I'll have 48 hours of nothing to do while it dries. Oh, yeah, I do have to pack, don't I?

Oh, Charlotte, that was just horrible. The money being gone is one thing, but all that vandalism is so heartbreaking. Hope the police can catch the people who did that. And how exciting to be nominated for the award! I think keeping your promise is much more important, but wish you could do both.

Have a great day, everyone!

Bluet 03-29-2005 12:28 PM

Good Morning,

Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you sweetie. We have had several break-ins here at work over the years, with a lot of equipment destroyed and cash taken from the petty-cash drawer . :( I know how you are feeling right now. The invasiveness of personal things is devestating. You will be allright, because you are a very strong person. Sunny's words put a new slant, on ones perspective. Her words even calmed me and reassured me that all will be o.k. What a good friend we have. Congraturlations on being chosen for the award, I have a feeling you will be selected hands-down. You take care, if you want me to call you just say so and I will. ;)

Sunny, it is soooooooo good to see you feeling better and up beat. That diet is really working for you...Yea!! I haven't thought about Idol, (I am really bumming again..darn) :( I think, and it is really hard to know right now, it seems pretty unpredictable, but possibly Anthony, Nikko and Constatine will be in the bottom three. I sure hope not, I want all of those guys to stay. I don't think Simon likes their talent though. I am going to vote for Anthony as many times as I can regardless. I am cheering up a little bit, looking forward to Idol tonight. So glad Mikala is gone. My oldest grandson mentioned Mikala last weekend. He said, my family doesn't like Mikala's talent much. I thought, oh poor Mikala, only 17 years old and there is not one person I know that wants her to stay. She really can't sing, but she is awfully smug for a 17 year old, I think that is what bothered me the most. You know "darn kids and all nowadays" ;) ;)

Sheila, good luck on your painting. Thank you for posting so we know how you are doing. Sounds like you new home is going to be fabulous!

Diane and Bonnie2, hope you are having a wonderful day. We are suppose to get to the 60's today with rain showers tomorrow and in the 50's. Hooray, Hooray, go away snow. :)


bon5000 03-29-2005 08:36 PM

sunny d , do you get any benefits being a registrar person at jazzercise?. What kind of equiptment do they have at jazz. there? I went tonite, I go 3 days a week. Bonnie2

Angel-lover 03-29-2005 09:24 PM

What did I ever do before I got to know all of you???? :) I love you all so much.....you almost made me cry. I've told you all so much that I've been through the last couple of years, that I get worried, sometimes, that you might think I'm making it all up!! I know it's hard for ME to believe, & I'm the one I'm telling about! :(
SunnyD (thank you for my angel....I took it!)...You're right. I believe the old devil knows he has a short time to work & he's trying to stop everyone from doing anything good that he can. That little TV station does a lot of people a lot of good. This shortage of money will hurt, but, it won't stop us! As far as the pretty's on our desks...we'll accumulate more. They are all gifts from viewers who come in to visit, so it's only a matter of time, until we'll have more! It just looked so personal toward me & Connie.....it hurt. Today was my off day, & I went to get my nails done & pay a couple of bills. I stopped by there coming back home & ended up staying until we did "Tennessee Valley" (our evening news, etc). I found Connie & Bro Jones just sitting in our office....disbelieving what had happened. My head has been hurting since I found it all yesterday...seems like something is just tearing at my brain! I told Connie I thought it was just my heart was broken. She said she felt the same way. They live in a trailer by the station. Bro Jones goes on missionary trips to Mexico a lot, & now she's afraid to be by herself. I told her she wouldn't have to be, I'd stay with her when he was gone.
Talking about Job....I/we can take it....but, I keep remembering that Job also lost his kids. :( Surely this isn't going to get any worse. Help me pray...I don't want to get paranoid about this. I do want His hedge of protection around us.
Bluet...that was so sweet of you to offer to call me. Be careful what you ask, I'm easily spoiled! :D I was thinking the other day about having Randal (our AV Engineer) tape one of the "Tennessee Valley Now" programs & one of my "Vision of Heaven" programs, so I could send it to you all, just to give you an idea of what I did. Then I thought of my singing not being that great! :lol: But, it might be an idea to tape a little of each of us & send to all, so we could see each other & hear our accents! :D I've been wanting to hear SunnyD & Joe sing for awhile now! Does everyone have a video camera? I think I have a good idea!!!!!!! I think I want to lose 20 lbs, first, though. :lol: Might not should wait for that....I may never lose it. :^: Hey....I'm cheering myself up!!! :D
Hi Sheila...My daughter is insisting on me going to the Chamber of Commerce banquet. Now....we're fighting over it! I tried to keep it from her, but she found out. Although I'm highly honored that I was nominated...I don't think I'd be enjoying myself knowing the pageant was going on. Also, the youngest just lost cheerleading. I think my place is with them. I'll get my reward!
Enjoy that painting, friend.
Bonnie-2...Glad you had a good Easter. Thanks for caring for us & the break-in. Maybe I won't have to "vent" at 3am tomorrow morning! :^: I'm really feeling my lack of sleep.....
Talk to all of you later. Love you all soooooo much!!!!!!

SunnyD57 03-30-2005 11:55 AM

GOOD MORNING! (almost afternoon :o )

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...UTTERFLY02.gif Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte... yes... Job lost his children, but I was speaking of all the *trials* he went through not *what* he went through, silly ;) You are not *Job* and are not in biblical times, so your trials will be uniquely your own for this day ~ but you have gone through MANY trials. That's why I mentioned Job ;) You will not lose your dear children... :no: I will pray that hedge of protection around 'them' and 'you' each morning in hopes that your trials will lessen as the days pass, okay. I will also keep Bro. Jones (for a safe trip) and his wife (for her peace of mind) in my prayers.

And don't you (or Connie) worry... your desktop's will fill up again with precious gifts --- you'll see ;)

As for our music... I have a CD of us I will be glad to send your way. In fact, I will mail one to you, to Bluet & to Sheila next week. I think you just might like our sound.

Bonnie-2, Nope, I didn't get paid to work at Jazzercise as a Registrar... we got free things (like tee-shirts, sweat-shirts, water containers, etc.) and free classes for our pay. I was with them for 17 years (worked for them for 15yrs). I still have the exercise ball & wts. I used there and use them at home. I don't go there any more (quit about 6 years ago), so I do not know what they use today for equipment... I believe they still use the balls, steps and some weights - depending on the type of Jazzercise class you go to. Jazzercise has branched off from just the aerobics classes. Glad to hear you like it there.

Bluet, Yes... it is great to feel well again :lol: I saw *A-Idol* last night and I think that Anthony may go - even though I like him. I would like to see Nikko or Constantine go... but the judges liked them last night... hummmm :chin: it will be interesting to see who goes tonight. It's really a hard call because you just never know what the mood of the public might be in voting someone off, you know. I didn't think that Bo or Anwar were as good as usual either. But I enjoyed Carrie allot!!! She was my pick from the auditions :cp:

I will continue to hold you close in prayer that you feel better! Especially as the sun shines more these days, the sun makes everything feel brighter :sunny: Feel better, okay... Bonnie... :angel: :goodvibes

Sheila, I'm so glad to see you pop in... you are one very busy gal these days :faint: You know... if I lived closer I'd be over to lend a hand in a heartbeat, even though I don't care for painting. I do plan to do some painting in our home this year too... I really want to paint my kitchen walls butter yellow --- it's just such a cheerful color.

What are the colors in your lampshade that you went with? I hope I didn't upset you with sharing about the color of your home... are you upset with me, Sheila? :sorry: I'm sorry if I did... I really don't mind the color -brick red- just not for a house is all --- it reminds me of the color of barns I guess, but your home is really nice when you look past that. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings :crossed: I hate the thought that I would hurt any of you...

Hope you are having a great day!!!


Did I mention that I got in 1.50 miles in yesterday on my T-Mill? I haven't walked yet today... gonna though... In fact, it's time for me to get something done today :o Take Care Gals...



Angel-lover 03-30-2005 09:29 PM


Hi everyone...

SunnyD....I knew what you meant about the trials of Job. I guess I was just thinking out loud. I had been talking to DH about feeling like Job, & that it almost scared me, because of the kids. It seemed we were going to lose everything we had...health & all. So all we'd have left were our kids....so, kind of scarey. I know it's not the biblical days....& I sure hope we don't have to go through all he did....but you know, just like the policemen were saying...things are getting bad. It's like so many people have disrespect & no care about them. My trials aren't any more important or worse than any one else's, but they sure are heavy at times. I went back & read your post of what Joe had said to you about troubled times. As the police told me....this is all just beginning. Thanks for your prayers, dear friend. Looking forward to the CD! Thanks. :)
I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Hi Sheila....don't overdo now. From what you've said about your neck problems, you could probably hurt it pretty easily. I'm finding my electric blanket helps me a lot at night. Only thing, the weather is getting warmer, now.........

Bluet...I hope you're having a peaceful week at work. Hope OB is leaving you alone. Just two more days!

Hi Bonnie-2...Hope you're ok today.

I'm tired....going to go for tonight. Hugs to all of you!

bon5000 03-31-2005 06:31 AM

[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=7][COLOR=Magenta]
good morning.
got up to 60 here yesterday, got in a 2 mile walk. picked up cans & bottles on my walk. here in Mi. 10 cents each . .60 cents in change bank.What is the key for cents & degrees. anyone help me there. not the most experienced at typing.
started my day with raisin bran & p.butter toast
Everyone have a great day Bonnie2

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