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SunnyD57 03-24-2005 12:37 PM


Hi Angel, Wow! You have been posting like crazy these days... so glad to see you back in full swing ;) I have enjoyed all your graphics and animations too. I always have to say something to you, because I like searching them out and saving then as you do. It's a great way to check out other peoples web-sites and search for graphics at the same time :) Although, I haven't been on the computer much in the last three days, and very briefly when I was on. I had so much to do :dizzy:

Such good news about not finding RA in your spine!!! :dance: Those bone spurs will cause allot of pain all by themselves :o Continued prayers for you. As for me, Thank-you... I have been doing very well these days :smug: no complaints. Yesterday I got real tired, but not sick (yeah). I just took it easy and caught up with all my taped shows. I had at least 5 to watch :o

I'm so sorry :sorry: to hear about your granddaughter and not making the cheerleading team... I bet she was so bummed!! Do you really think it was political? Why?

What I would give to go to that "Yard Sale" you mentioned!! I love going to those - I don't always buy things, but love looking and talking with people :D

Looks like I started something when I called Bluet :^: It's very interesting to hear what we sound like to others, huh. I am glad that Bluet called you and that all is well. As for accents - I loved "Ellie Mae" - adorable! :) I know you don't watch *Survivor* but three of the members on this one tribe (minus the one who just got voted off) are from Alabama - so I have an idea of the accent you must have. And there's nothing wrong with it at all ;) I like to hear the differences in our voices... :cool: Isn't it so cool that we have the capabilities of becoming friends like this - state to state - coast to coast? :dance: I still find myself amazed :^: at what we can do today!

Oh my gosh, Charlotte... you want some snow???!!! I'll be glad to send some your way! We woke up to 30* temps and snow on the ground this morning... just enough to cover the grass. And we are expecting more snow tomorrow - hopefully not much :crossed: I have flowers beginning to break through the soil and am anxious to see green and feel some warmer temps!! We were suppose to break 50* this week, but it never happened :(

I will have some pictures soon! I have been so busy and have such little space to work in that I now have a mess to clean up. Scraps of paper and such from making cards and posters. When I get everything all cleaned up for Easter Sunday, I'll take some pictures then, okay.

YES! I had deer right across the street from us - I thought 4, but there were 5! I have some pictures that I will post just as soon as I take them off the camera. I have a couple great shots! Yeah, that concerns me too - the deer eating in my gardens, but they don't like Daffodil's or Dahlia's, so I'm safe there.


SunnyD57 03-24-2005 12:43 PM


Hi Bluet, I am so glad to hear that your DH's shoulder is doing better. What exactly happened to it? You weren't sure when you posted last. I have kept him in prayers for healing - hope he has felt it ;)

As for *American Idol* I didn't know that they had "do-overs" but found out when we turned it on last night at 9:00! :o The best part was... I missed Tuesday's show because we had practice and was going to watch it on tape - but didn't have to now :D So we watched and voted last night. I sure do hope that MIKALA goes tonight!!!! What is she thinkin'??? She is a "Babs" wannabe and each show she get WORSE! She really has to go tonight!! I too voted for Anthony and for Carrie last night to keep them in, but I think that Bo or Anwar may win this Idol - just a hunch. Yes, I loved Carrie's new look and her song choice! She was so much better this time, I was beginning to worry about her :^: I think she was giving up and then when Simon told her she needs to kick it up - she did. She was great! I also really enjoy Vonzell, what a talent she is! I know that allot of these people will be picked up by someone even if they don't make it to the top on the show.

As for *Survivor* yeah that James is gone!!!! Did you see him waste all that time trying to tie his skirt the whole time & he could have been making knots!?!! What was he thinking!!!??? I think he had gotten too full of himself and it was so time for him to go! That merge has to be pretty soon.

Oooooo... sounds like you will be a very busy grandma, as of today! By the time you give those kids back to mom & dad you will be looking like this :crazy: :lol: and looking forward to Monday for the first time ever :lol: I do hope you have fun with them... *Happy 40th Birthday* :hb: to your DD and SIL :flow1:


SunnyD57 03-24-2005 12:47 PM


Hi Diane, Good to see you too! Sounds like you have been rather busy also... busy is good, if you keep it under wraps ;) I don't have the kids and such to keep my days filled, but I collapse like you do by 9:00 these days. I have been very busy with work for my Joe. He has been taking over the Adult Choir at our church and has had allot of typing & copying for me to do... things he cannot do during the days because he is working, so I do it for him since I am home. I like keeping busy, especially if it means he won't be so stressed. I can rest when I am tired, he can't... you know. It's nice being needed too.

Thank you so much... it's always good to get an atta-girl :D I have been walking every week day now and have already put in 8 miles this week. I had set a goal for 7 a week and didn't realize that I had already gone past it as of today :cp: So tomorrow will be an easy day for me again... that's okay. I'll probably just walk a brisk mile in the morning. Next month I will up the weekly miles to 8 as my goal then 9, etc. moving 1 mile up each week. I also want to add on two days a week of resistance wt. work. Well, that's my goal anyway...


SunnyD57 03-24-2005 12:55 PM


Again, *Welcome* Bonnie-2! It's good to see that you have stuck around. I am not yet 50, just 48 right now (the thread baby, so to speak ;) ), but the gals have made it a warm and inviting place here for me to stay... I have loved getting to know them as friends & I KNOW you will too enjoy it here too.

A bit about me :^: I (Donna) have been married to my Joe for almost 30 years (this June 21st) and we have 3 furry kids ( :sssh: cats)... Domino (9), and brothers - Guido & Zeppe (3). I look forward to getting to know you better. Sorry I haven't been on the thread to post, but with Easter fast approaching, there's much to be done at church and so little time to play. After Easter I will be on more frequent again :bubbles:

My best girlfriend is on WW's and she loves it! It's really a good program for her, I think you will do very well on it too. There are WW's boards here at 3fc's - have you found them? If not, I will give you a link ;) Me... I am on *The Maker's Diet* by Jordan Rubin for health reasons, but haven't lost any more weight on it yet. I hope to as I increase my activity. I have very ill with IBS, Diverticulitis and a Spastic Colon for quite a long time and have just recently began to feel health again from his program. It's quite costly in food and supplements, but oh so worth feeling well again :flow1: I am on Day 25 (I think) and am feeling healthier as time passes. He said it could take up to 3 months for the intestines to fully recover and rebuild, but I think I am doing real well. I just need to see the sun and feel some warmth again! I hope soon!

Joe & I have been watching *The Amazing Race* too (well, we record it and watch it later) --- it's a great way to travel without the cost ;) We love watching how Rob and Amber work together! They really make an awesome team! They are the couple from the *Survivor* show. I don't necessarily want to see them win again, but love watching them play! Rob is SMART!


Whew :faint: all caught up now (I hope ;) )...


SunnyD57 03-24-2005 01:22 PM

Me again...

Well... let me begin here:

Last Saturday - we stayed home all day long just enjoying a day at home. Joe took down the rest of the Christmas lights outside and put away our Christmas Tree (that has been on the porch) under the house to store. And then he put in a new filter system on our water lines - to filter out MORE of the chlorine we get from the pump-house in the park. I spent the whole day Saturday making a poster board for the sales of our CD's, we're hoping to sell a few for during the Easter season. I think it really came out nice. Then on Sunday after church, Joe & I went grocery shopping and then met our friends, Mike & Peggy, to see the movie *Robots* @ around 5:00 - it was really a cute movie (it did make me laugh hard in a couple spots), but I think you could wait to see it on DvD at home ;) The fun part for me was just going out with our friends and their daughter, Lisa, & her boyfriend. After the movie... we all went out to dinner at the *Red Robin* restaurant and I got a chicken breast grilled and they wrapped it in lettuce leaves (instead of a bun) with red onion and tomato and I used Bar-B-Q sauce in it - yummy and it didn't bother me at all. I think I have figured out a way to eat out wisely. I just have to be selective in *where* I go - making sure the restaurant will work with me, and so far so good.

Monday & Tuesday I worked on Easter Cards for my family (they are all out of state) so I could send off their Easter baskets I made them (I made 5 pkgs.) - that was fun. I just put together small boxes with Easter grass, goodies and games and such... nothing special - just want them to know that I am thinking of them. Today I have spent most of the day right here on the computer - catching up with my e-mails and with posting... I cannot believe that I am so far behind in just a few short days :dizzy:

We had a practice on Tuesday night @ 7pm - a Healing Service to sing for on Wednesday @ 7pm. And then Joe has a Choir practice on Thursday (tonight) @ 7pm and then we have the Stations (re-enactment), Friday @ 8pm. Then we'll be going into the Easter weekend... Saturday night Joe has an Easter Service to do with his choir and then we have the Easter Sunday Services. Yup, quite a busy week!

Once we are home on Easter Sunday Joe and I are having Easter dinner here (at our own home this year)... Annie (Joe's sister) invited us over, but both of us really wanted to be home this year. I am making Lamb and Lentil Soup and Stuffed Tomatoes with Pecan Pie for dessert (a special treat :T ). It will be a relaxing day for Joe after all he had to do over the week into the weekend.

So... what will you gals be doing for Easter Sunday???
What do YOU have planned for dinners?
And such...


bon5000 03-24-2005 09:44 PM

Enjoy reading your posts sunnyd. Went to jazzercise last p.m. & tonite, now the Easter weekend ahead to try & watch What I eat, going to son & family Sat. Rest of family here Easter after sunrise service, church breakfast. Busy busy busy. happy, Holy Easter all. Bonnie2

SunnyD57 03-24-2005 10:10 PM


:wave: Hi Bonnie2, You know... I worked for Jazzercise as a Registrar (signing people up) for 15 years. My hubby still does repairs for their equipment here at the Jazzercise Ctr. where we live. I enjoyed it when I was working for them & working out there, but my health got worse, so I had to quit. It's neat to know you go there ;)

Have a Wonderful Easter!


SunnyD57 03-24-2005 10:23 PM

Hey there Bluet!! Mikala's been voted off - Finally! :dance: :cp: I don't mean to sound so happy about it, but she was tough to listen to!! On second thought... :dz: I am happy, she'll be okay but I didn't know if my ears would be if she stayed on :^: I honestly don't know how she made it on there for as long as she did.

Can't believe I am still awake- it's after 10 :o
Heading for bed now... night...


Sheila53 03-25-2005 12:16 AM

Hi, everyone!!

Just a short one tonight to say we got into the house around 4:00 pm. Yippie! We took photos, too. First thing we did was pull up carpet to see about the hardwood. There definitely is hardwood in the dining room, entry and down the hall. The living room is a step down and there's hardwood that goes over the edge. It's so cool!

Tomorrow I'll be at the house working, but will try to get on again and get some photos.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Sheila53 03-25-2005 12:47 AM

New House
3 Attachment(s)
Okay, got some photos of the outside of the new house. As you can see, we have a lot of work pulling out junipers! We're not so thrilled with the color, but the paint job is relatively new so it will stay brick red for a while.

bon5000 03-25-2005 06:24 AM

I was glad M. got voted off last night A. Idol. :coffee:

SunnyD57 03-25-2005 07:32 AM


Hi Sheila, Ooooo you were up late last night. Bet you are one very tired :tired: person! I was thrilled to see that you posted pictures of your new home... :cp:

I am not a big fan of brick red either, but I think that over all it's a really nice home! What color would you paint it if you could right now? As for the wood floors - awesome! Isn't it something how they put those beautiful floors in and then covered them up - carpet was really in then. I am so happy for you! I do hope it all continues to pan out for you. I really like the last pic of your new home showing the yard along with the home.

Thinking of you...


Angel-lover 03-25-2005 09:05 AM

Good morning everyone,
SunnyD...I always love all of your graphics, also! I don't say it often enough. I suppose I've come to expect it out of you. ;) You've got us spoiled! Enjoyed reading all the "catch up" posts.
About the granddaughter cheerleading...I'm afraid the school they're at (most schools here) are promoting students by who they know, instead of their abilities. It wasn't just her, a lot of parents are upset. The oldest, that's going into the 11th grade, was upset, also. They have always given "head cheerleader" to a Junior or Senior, out of respect. This time they gave it to a girl that's just going into the 10th grade! That's the same as an insult to the Juniors & Seniors who have been cheering for years! This girl's parents were associated with those who made decisions. :^: I told my daughter if she wanted to get others together & go "picket" the school, I'd be there with her! :D Don't think she's going to, though. I know it was that way when I was in school, but was hoping things were different, now. If your parents weren't doctors, lawyers, or someone well-known, then you were nothing. Those students got everything. I remember at my graduation....everyone in my class were amazed at my typing (one of my few talents). They all said I'd get the typing award. I didn't though...one of the teacher's daughters got it. Not putting her down, but she really couldn't type. :^: My soon-to-be DH was furious!! I really wasn't surprised.
I DID watch the first round of "Survivors" & enjoyed it...all but the fact it took so many weeks. I'm impatient & didn't want to wait from week to week to get to the final episode. I've always been impatient. If I start something, I'll sit up all night to finish it, if I have to...or it drives me nuts! I need to watch this week to see how the guys from Alabama talk. When does it come on? You're right, I AM posting like crazy! :lol:

Sheila.....I LOVE your house! I don't worry so much about the outside color (unless it's wild!) Such a pretty, & neat place. You'll have the yard the way you want it in no time. Until then, it looks great as it is.
You've got hardwood!!!!!!!! It'll be so pretty....& save you money on floor covering. :D I want pics of the inside of the house, now. Remember what I said about being impatient. :lol:

Bluet....Hope you enjoy your weekend away from OB! Are you going to have grands over for Easter weekend? Will eggs be hidden out in the yard or pasture? I'd love to do that. I haven't been on a real farm in a long time. Our 2 1/2 acres hardly qualifies for a farm. :p
It's been a couple of days since you posted. Hope you & DH are ok.

Hi Bonnie-2...How's the diet going? I've got to get some will power to lose the rest of what I've gained back. I don't know why it's so hard for me this time. My sugar cravings have been out of control! I even bought some pills to help with sugar cravings. I take them, then eat my sweets! :^:

I hope you all have a great Friday! (TGIF!!! "Thank God I'm Forgiven!")

Sheila53 03-26-2005 12:59 AM

SunnyD, cool house graphic! Thanks for the good house wishes. I'm not sure what color I'd paint it. Something lighter and more cottage-y looking, I think. I like the ivory trim.

Charlotte, if I were one of those cheerleader's parents, I'd be hopping mad at all the politics. Hard to believe that they'd pick a sophomore for head cheerleader. That was pretty rotten about the typing award, too. I do have some photos of the inside, but I have to size them and mess around with them. No time for that!

Today I got almost one wall of wallpaper stripped (luckily there was only one wall in the office that had wallpaper, but it's two layers), and my DH did one wall of border in the guest room. He has to strip the borders because they are just too high for me. The muscles in the front of my neck are so hypertrophied and contracted that I can't tilt my head back very well. This is where my movement disorder comes in handy because I have a medical excuse for not scraping the wallpaper border! :lol: While he was working on the borders, I was taking off the switch plates and removing hardware from the bathroom cabinets. We then took down all the drapes and blinds. Finally decided on the color of the walls after I tried out three different paints. I ended up taking our lampshade into the paint store because it's exactly the color I want on the walls. Bet the paint store clerks see people do stuff like that all the time. Also got the floors measured for carpet and vinyl by a very talkative guy. He sure knows his stuff, but he made my head ache. Tomorrow it's wall washing and masking for me, and more border stripping for DH.

Have a great Easter everyone! SunnyD, hope Joe's music program goes well--actually, I'm sure it will. Have fun with the GK's, Bluet. Hi to you, too, Bonnie2! Also, hope everyone's weather is better than ours. No-one will be able to hunt Easter eggs outside around here.

Oh, forgot to add that I lost a pound this week. I'm getting the stuff I gained over the winter off slowly. Gain fast, lose slow. *Sigh*

Angel-lover 03-27-2005 10:11 AM

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