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Angel-lover 03-20-2005 08:03 AM

bon5000 03-20-2005 01:16 PM

I thought I'd post here as I am over 50 group ,Trying to get healthier by losing weight. I enjoyed going thru the recent post by you all. I am also Bonnie. I'll try to remember the name of this groups thread Bonnie

Angel-lover 03-20-2005 03:27 PM


It's nice to have another friend here! My name is Charlotte, I'm 55, been married 36 yrs, 4 kids...& 11grands! I live in Alabama, where I was born...but was raised in Detroit, MI....how far is that from you?

It's kind of quiet around here on Sundays. You'll hear from everyone soon, though. Stick around....we're glad to have you!

Have a nice evening.........

bon5000 03-20-2005 07:50 PM

Detroit is about 2 hours away. My son ,wife,& grands live in Eastpointe{ east Detroit} Bonnie

Sheila53 03-21-2005 02:08 PM

Welcome, Bonnie! I think we're a wonderful, supportive bunch of women here so I hope you'll stay around and get to know us. I'm almost 52, have a blended family of four adult children and one granddaughter whose cute little face is my avatar. I've been married for almost 24 years, and we have a small obnoxious dog and three cats. Currently, we're living in an apartment until we can move into our house. We just moved to Oregon from Seattle for no particular reason other than we wanted to.

Charlotte, thanks for the wonderful thoughts of spring. Spring break brings spring rain around here (just like clockwork--it can be hot and dry for weeks, but it always rains during spring break). Okay, what's a northern accent? :lol: Although, I do have to say that midwestern people definitely sound different than other "northerners." I sound just like the TV newspeople, except for Peter Jennings who just can't shed his Canadian vowels. It's funny how a little bit of snow in a place that doesn't get much can cause so much excitement. Wonder if the telephone circuits overloaded? :) That's too bad about your granddaughter. I remember last time when that happened with the other ones. Does she have any other interests that she's better at than the other two? That's just so sad, and I imagine she feels terribly rejected.

My Dad is doing better. He called me yesterday, and I didn't have to shout quite as much. I really think he doesn't remember talking to me before--it sure seemed that way. If I were you, I don't know if I'd have gone back to do the other eye after such a bad reaction! Dad said he had no pain and could see just fine. He said his stomach was fine now, too. I didn't ask if he was eating okay. Maybe I'll call the facility again. Glad your ears and throat are doing a bit better. Sure wish you could get antibiotics. I sure hope that you can get more information today. Let us know!

Hey, Diane! No snow? Bet your grandson would have had a lot of fun playing around in it. That is going to be kind of tough when the baby comes. Does Bradley (I have a sievelike memory so I hope I got his name right!) go to a preschool at all a couple of hours a week? That might be helpful if his parents can afford it. You know, when we lived in Seattle, one of the carriers for our zip code was stealing mail. They found piles of it at his house. Hopefully that's not the case with your daughter's mail.

The party was great. I wore an apron and told my friends to quit introducing me because then people would think it was a catered event! :) We worked pretty hard getting stuff ready. My friend's daughter used to own a flower shop, and she went out in the yard and picked flowers to make some beautiful arrangements--about 10 in all. The party lasted from 1-5, and I came at 11 and stayed until almost 6:00 so I was exhausted. They wanted me to come to the family party on Sunday, but I declined, although I was honored. My friend had sent out 60 invitations, and said some people called and said they couldn't come, but I swear there were well over 100 people.

Today we get the papers for the house, and tomorrow we deplete our bank account and sign the papers. We went by the house on Saturday and saw that they were taking the old washer/dryer out, and had gotten rid of some of the stuff. I think they'll have it all done by Friday. If not, well, I'll just moan about it to the realtor!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

SunnyD57 03-21-2005 04:34 PM


Good Afternoon Sheila, Bonnie-1 ;),
Charlotte (good to see you!), Diane (and you too!),
Willow & Bonnie-2!

I am sorry that I haven't been around lately, but it's a very busy time of year for Joe & I... almost as busy as Christmas is! So just give me a couple days to get my cards made and pkgs. mailed and I will be back to post to each of you, okay. I am doing real well... health-wise. Getting in my walking every morning too :smug:

*WELCOME Bonnie!*


As I said, I'll be back just as soon as I have a moment gals :bubbles:

*God Bless* :wave:


Bluet 03-22-2005 09:20 AM

Good Morning Everyone.

I am just checking in too. Busy day, accountant is coming, so I have been tied up getting ready. Posted a big message on Saturday and lost the whole thing. :( Totally frustrated me. Enjoyed talking with Charlotte Friday evening. :) "A very sweet Southern lady". DH's shoulder is improving very slowly, so far does not need surgery, depends on the improvement.

Welcome Bonnie2, nice name. ;)

Have a good day ......Idol is on tonight. :D


Angel-lover 03-22-2005 11:16 AM

Had my treatment yesterday, so kind of "out of it"...but, wanted to say hello. Maybe I'll make sense & remember I did this tomorrow. :^:

Dr. said MRI showed no RA of the spine. (thank God!) He said I had a LOT of OA & bone spurs & some bulging...but nothing was pressing into the spinal cord. Most of the damage that is causing the pain is where I have my "hardware" from the prior surgery. If they did surgery again, it would fuse the spine & I would be immobile. So....surgery really can't help. I just have to cope the best I can.

They hadn't received any information on the blood tests for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc., from the other Dr. Was going to call & request it. After I got home, the other clinic called me with the results. They said I was "borderline" for everything they tested for! That they would fax it on to my Rheumy & for me to be sure to follow up with him. I have no idea what this means. It doesn't sound good...I used to be borderline diabetic & it was no fun. :( I'm hoping to find out more. Has anyone heard of this before? I'd like to find a website that would give me some info. I thought you either had these autoimmune diseases, or you didn't. :o DH was really sweet (as always :) ) & brought supper home...then took care of himself this morning for work. It's very stormy here...hope it doesn't get bad while I'm alone...I'd sure like to go back to bed & sleep.

SunnyD...take care of yourself as you handle your Easter business. Be back when you can.

Sheila...granddaughter plays softball & is into that now. The thing is...she's really good at cheering. My daughter even paid for lessons to help her. It's just political! That's a shame...they should go by ability, & not by who you know. She's in a different area of the school than her older sisters. She's like her grandma though, a fighter.......she'll be ok!

So, today you sign the papers on the house!! I'm so happy for you! Maybe, soon, you'll be all settled.

Bluet...Thank you, again for the call. You don't know what it meant to me! As Sheila was pointing out the differences in accents...yours is beautiful! A little "stronger" than the people on the news. I like Northern accents. I also like Southern accents. A lot of people (especially in movies) tend to over-dramatize. Although, as hard as I've tried, I still talk like Ellie Mae, of the Clampets! :lol: I don't know where I got it, no one else in our family talks as hill-billyish as I do. :dizzy: I have several tapes of my program, & I don't seem to sound quite so bad, but on the answer machine....I'm TERRIBLE!! :^:
I'll be glad when the accounting is over...I miss you. I've lost so many of my posts, that I've got to where I "copy" them on my mouse, just in case. I don't always put them in notepad, because they're on my mouse to just put right back in. You might want to try that.

Hello Bonnie-2!! Hope you're having a good day.

Gotta go...need to rest awhile.

bon5000 03-22-2005 06:27 PM

I did quite well today, mostly op. I do w.w.anyone else?
Went to jazzercise last nite. did 30 min. with denise austin tape & walked 30 min today, actually had sun & about 50.
I'm an Idol fan & amazing race fan. Bonnie

Bluet 03-22-2005 11:18 PM

Good Evening,

Charlotte, you do not sound like Ellie Mae Clampet, at all. :) Where do you get that from? Not that there is anything wrong with the way Ellie Mae talks. ;) You sound like a sweet soft talking southern lady. You also sounded very tired, so I am glad you were scheduled for your treatment. I can't help you on the questions you asked today, because I had never heard of any of the things you suffer with until I met you on the internet. I am very sorry that you have RA and all the other borderline symptoms you mentioned, I hate to know you have that pain. Also, when you say you copied it on the mouse, what does that mean? Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. I watched HGTV this weekend and they had a program on there about the 400 mile yard sale that ends in northern Alabama. Have you ever been to that? I think that is something I would like to go to. But then again, I have too much stuff the way it is and you know DH's rule about nothing comes in this house unless something goes out.

Sunny, How-bout-that Carrie Underwood. What a knock out, with that new hair do. Simon has her winning Idol. She sang terrifically, don't you think? Worried about Anwar, hope he doesn't get the boot tomorrow night. I called in and voted for Anthony six times. I now he isn't going to make it to the top, but I hate to see him voted off. Mikala, yikes again, when is she leaving? Jessica Sierra did so well, and to think she almost lost out last week. Wonder what is in store for the Survivors tomorrow night. I see you are busy decorating again. I have the Green Bay boys, from Thursday evening until Saturday at noon, I don't think I will get much decorating done. Hopefully I will be able to get my house clean for company on Sunday. Our oldest daughter and her husband both turned 40 this week, and are spending Thursday through Saturday at a bed and breakfast in Door County, and grandma and grandpa are the designated babysitters.

Sheila, busy closing on your house? Moved to Corvaliss, just because you felt like it. You must think you are a free spirit or something ;) How's work going for DH? Good I hope. Glad to hear Dad is doing better. My sister is working on getting my Mom to agree to getting a hearing-aide, but from what I understand they are quite expensive. Does anyone know how much they cost? Mom will be 82 at the end of April. She hasn't been hearing us very well for quite awhile now. I hope she goes for the extra help in hearing us. You are quite the little trickster, with the catering ploy. You must be tons of fun to be around. I can imagine you and I would get into a lot of trouble if we ever lived close enough to hang out together. :) What one of us wouldn't think of the other would.

Bonnie2, keep up the good excercise work! Was it really 50 degrees in Michigan yesterday? That is practically a heat wave to us northern people. :)

Diane, hope you had a good day. Don't work so hard, you are such a busy lady.

Willow, hello out there, how are you doing?

have a good Wednesday!! Accountant is all done for another month and I am one happy camper :D


Sheila53 03-22-2005 11:31 PM

You're doing great on the exercise, Bonnie2! When did you start WW? I went from 261 to 179 on WW, but gained a bit back as you can tell by my signature. I went to my last WW meeting last week--used my last coupon. Once I get our finances figured out, I will probably go back, but now I'm doing it on my own. Kind of scary. I found that having a great leader is quite motivating, and my Seattle leader was wonderful. Didn't have that same experience since I moved to Oregon so if I do go back, I will have to find another meeting. My friend has been going to jazzercise for over 20 years. She's been going so long that even though she's joined an athletic club, she still goes to jazzercise.

Charlotte, I'm SO glad to hear that there is no RA in your spine. I bet you're so relieved about that--I know I am! :) Well, if you're only borderline any of that stuff, that's better than having it, right? Maybe the medical field doesn't really have clear tests for those particular problems? Hopefully you'll find out more when you go see the rheumatologist. Man, they do keep sending you back and forth to the different docs, don't they? Glad to hear that your GD isn't going to let the cheerleading thing get her down. It is a darn shame that it turned political.

Bluet, that's good news about DH's shoulder. So is he using it at all? Hope he continues to improve.

SunnyD, thanks for letting us know what's going on and that you'll be back in a couple of days. You know what worryworts we are! And you mentioning cards reminded me that I still haven't gotten one for my GD.

Felt sorry for my son who is in school fulltime and working fulltime. He has spring break this week, and was looking forward to doing a little fishing on his days off. His ex-wife went out of town for the week, and told him that the healthcare person she uses for my GD would help out so my son could have a little downtime over spring break. Well, that fell through so he doesn't get to go fishing. He needed that little bit of respite, too, before school starts again. He did decide not to go to summer school so he'll just be working full time.

We signed the papers for the house today! We won't take possession until 5:00 pm Thursday. I called the utilities today, and also the flooring people to get estimates. Gotta start getting in shape for painting, too!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Angel-lover 03-23-2005 09:09 AM

Well, I'm coming back to life.....just a little "slow" this morning. I've got the TV Station alone today, so I've gotta get myself going. Managers called last night & checked on me (always do!). Said they were going out of town today, & would get someone else to come in if I couldn't. I told them to go on & not worry about it. I usually have it alone on Wednesday, anyway. If I get to feeling bad, I'll call in reinforcements. :D I kind of enjoy being there alone. It's peaceful. We play GMT (Gospel Music Television)until coming on live at 4pm, & everyone will be there by then. I've got plenty of paper work to catch up on from Monday.

Hi Sheila...yes, they do keep me running from dr to dr. You know, I got to thinking yesterday. When they called about the lab results, they gave me a follow up appt for April 12th with my GP! That's the follow up she was talking about. :dizzy: I had just gotten home from my treatment & was asleep when she called....didn't remember the rest of the conversation until later. :^: Now, getting a follow up appt with GP, because of the lab results.....hmmm.....I REALLY don't know what to think. I do know that Fibromyalgia isn't dx by bloodwork, & they were almost sure of that. So am I...I have all the symtoms. I'm going to try to stop dx myself. :lol:
I'm sure you'll lose more weight when you start that painting!! Just don't overdo yourself. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us here could get together & come help you??? :D I'm afraid we'd party too much & not get anything done! But, it's a nice thought, anyway.

Hi Bluet....Thanks for the sweet compliment on my accent. No one has said I sound like Ellie Mae...that's my idea. I think everyone probably is surprised to here there own voice. Like I said, I sound quite different on TV than on an answer machine. (thank goodness!) I'm stuck with it anyway. :lol:
By copying it on the mouse, I mean.....highlight the message in the post & right click to "copy"....just don't "paste" it anywhere, unless you lose your post. You can "paste" it into a new post, if you need to. If you don't need to use it, no harm done...but, if you lose your post, it's a lot better to be prepared, than to retype!
I do get tired & weak when it's time for a treatment. I get that way anyway, a lot of days. The treatments really help though. They're mostly to slow the progression of RA & help with pain & fatigue. It takes a few days for the Remicade to "kick in"...yesterday I actually got so weak, I lost my voice! The phone rung several times, & I had to strain to talk. :( I've got it back today, though, so I'm on the mend. :)

Hello Bonnie-2...sounds like you're doing great with ww! I've got to get some will power to lose about 10-15 lbs. I'm a sugar lover, though, so it's hard for me to lose. I had lost my wait about 2 yrs ago, & was maintaining, but some creeped back up! Easy to do.

Hi SunnyD....miss you lots!!!

Hi Willow!!!

Sheila53 03-23-2005 11:40 PM

Hi, all!

I see we posted around the same time, Bluet. What time is that for you? Hhmm, a nine-mile yard sale--wow! The traffic must be incredible, but what a lot of potential Antiques Roadshow finds. I'm still hoping to pick up something for $5 and have it be worth $125,000. :) Sounds like a busy weekend for you with the GKs. What fun for your DD and her DH! Glad the accountant is done for the month.

So were you at the TV station all day today, Charlotte? Glad you're not letting anything stop you from getting on with your life. Chronic conditions can be so darn life-altering if we let them. I know I often have to force myself to do stuff, but I'd be laying on my bed all day if I didn't and what kind of a life is that? Yeah, stop reading that big medical book--just say NO! :) It's kind of like when you have a scale you end up weighing yourself every day. I bought a scale last week and vowed to weigh only on Friday mornings. I really had to stop myself from weighing today just to see how I'm doing. I'd love to have a painting party! Maybe I should start playing the lottery and if I win, I can pay for you all to come out here. And we wouldn't even have to paint because then I could afford a painter! :lol: We'd go to the beach and do some sightseeing while the painter paints. That's a good idea about copying and pasting, Charlotte. I've only lost one post, but it was quite annoying.

So a flooring guy is coming on Friday to measure, and then another one is scheduled for Tuesday. I also think I'll get a shrub removal person out to see how much it will cost to remove the junipers. I think my DH will take a chainsaw to them, but we'll have to have someone stump them. And I'd like to get an idea of how much it might cost to have a couple of trees removed from the backyard. I'm going to have to take before/after photos. I've been thinking about painting an "accent" wall in the office. I've seen that so often on HGTV and it looks cool. Tomorrow I need to go get one of those paper tiger things that score wallpaper so I can start taking it off as soon as we get in the house. My DH is itching to pull up the carpet to see how far the hardwood extends. Cross your fingers that everything goes through for tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!

Angel-lover 03-24-2005 05:30 AM

Good morning,
It's 4am, & I've been up for an hour! :( Oh well....I can sleep another time.

I forgot to answer about the 400 mile yard sale! It's about 1 1/2 hr drive from where I live. I've always wanted to go. I never really had the opportunity, & now, I wouldn't be able to stand long enough & would be miserable. :^: I have a cousin that lives close to it, & goes often. She says it's great! She's a yard sale person, anyway........finds real bargains!

Sheila...It would be nice if there's pretty hardwood floors all under the carpets! I wouldn't be surprised. DH lays floor covering & finds that people (especially elderly or in bad health) have covered their hardwood with carpet, because they can't keep it up, anymore. The new kind that he lays, though, is very easy to take care of. That's what I want in my house, along with ceramic tile. He's doing a very large house now, with hardwood & tile. It's so large that it's taking him several weeks, bringing in a regular paycheck each week for awhile. He told the owner he'd have to be paid each week for work done. Shingles are having to be put on hold again. We need the money, & it's been raining each Saturday. Amazing how pretty it is all week, then rains on Saturday. :^:
Yes, I was at the station all day. I was alone until 4pm. Everyone got there just in time for our evening weather, news, etc, program. I got a couple of phone calls that people had missed me on there Monday & Tuesday. :D How sweet they are. We started out with the program being serious, as the other stations do their evening news. Then, somehow, Connie & I started picking at each other & it escalated. :lol: We have a very large viewing audience now that has let us know that they wait for 4 o'clock to see what we're going to do! It's probably the most popular of the programs we have....& just having fun. We never know what we're going to talk about until the camera comes on! Of course, we have our days of being serious. But, it's refreshing to have a little fun after a long day.
We want to see lots of pictures of your house...inside & out!

Well...I'll go. Maybe I can sleep a little, now. I'll try to post more later, today. Hello to all of my friends...........

SunnyD57 03-24-2005 12:29 PM


Good Afternoon Gals :wave:

Hi Sheila, How cool!! You get your house today at 5:00!!! :cp: :dance: How excited you must feel! I do hope all goes smoothly for you and that they cleared the house out as they were suppose to for you. I cannot wait to see pictures of it! Will you post some? Fingers crossed :crossed: that all goes well for you today!

That party sounded like so much fun! And a big success!! I'm glad to hear that you had such a good time! I bet you were exhausted, you did allot!! I am sure that everyone involved appreciated all you did to help out too.

Did your hubby ever get his chocolate? ;) We are selling our CD's to anyone who wants one. We don't really need and organ (I always think of *Phantom of the Opera* when I hear those pipe organs :lol: ) we just need a new piano - badly. Right now all we have is an upright and it sounds like a player piano. We are up to $7,000.00 in our fund raising, but need quite allot more... we are getting there... one day at a time :) We have sold a few more over the last week. Thank-you for asking :^:

As for where we'd go to winter... Joe mentioned Nevada - noooo, not near Vegas ;) - wayyyy on the outskirts of Vegas, no specific town... we have travelled in that direction when we've landed in Vegas to go visit my family in Ca. and loved the weather and the sunsets there! There's nothing like the sunsets in the west! I grew up in the desert (29 Palms, Ca) and have always loved it there. Allot of people don't realize what they are missing... there's allot of beauty in the desert, especially in the Spring when all the cactus are in bloom. And after a rain... awwww... the scent of sage fills the air. I do miss it and the sunshine, can you tell. Maybe one day we'll go back...

Sheila, I had a feeling that your DF was reacting to the meds. I can't believe my SIL told me on the same day you mentioned your DF :^: Well, at least now you know why he was acting differently and I am glad to hear he's doing better.

How exciting that you have an Iris bed at your new home... I bed you will have allot of garden surprises this spring... cool! So sorry to hear about the postal service, but am not surprised at all. What a bummer! What will happen now with important papers? Do you have to call people now and explain what happened? Or will the P.O. write a letter for you that you could make photo copies of to send out, they owe you that much.

So what's going on with hubby and his job search? Anything yet?


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