Floozies March Walking/Exercise

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  • Please Post Your Daily Walking Or Exercise Here.

    Come On And Join Us!!! Make A Walking Or Exercise Goal With Us!!! It Will Be Fun And We Can All Lose Weight And Get Into Shape!!!

    What's YOUR Goal????
  • I'm gonna try for 120 again. Last month I didn't reach goal by 18 miles. This month I have to do it!!
  • March 2
  • Finally got out and bought a pedometer. I went 3.32 miles today. I will try to go more each day.
    I don't really have a goal. I will try to go further each week I guess.
  • Janice-Yay!! Going a little farther each week is a great goal! You may want to try going farther every other week to begin with, to avoid injury.

    Went 5 today.
    Fri Mar 4
  • Total walked today 3.5 miles Total for month 6.8 miles.
  • Janice-Awesome job!!
    Sunday. Ran 15 miles today, my highest ever!
  • Monday
  • I don't measure distance, I note my intensity and time.
    SUN - 45 mins moderate pace
    MON - 15 mins moderate pace
  • 2.5 today total for the month 9 miles.
    Some days are harder than others.
  • Janice-I know what you mean. Somedays I can run and run, and other days I feel like I won't make the 1st mile! You are doing great!

    Krystal-You're doing great, too! I hope you are adding your AP's to your daily points total.

  • I sure am Shelley!
    My 3 hr window shopping marathon earned me a bowl of chocolate icecream last night!
  • I have walked 1/2 mile everyday this week.

    Taking it slow, I still have to wear my special shoes for 3 more weeks. Hoping to build back up to 2 or 3 miles a day soon.
  • WTG, Debbie!!! Glad you joined in again!!
  • Thursday