Cows under a full moooooon

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  • you have driven me to earlier drinking than usual for a friday.
  • sorry about the cows--damn canadian cannibal cows
  • People kind of turn gay in a way. I had a friend in Los Angeles who attended a gay church and had many gay friends. She was not gay but was handicapped and found that she fit in with this crowd better. She was more accepted. Anyway, she told me that on Christmas, they were dragging their kids down the aisle as much as in a straight church. It made me think they didn't always live as gays. I mean, it would give that appearance.

    I guess I shouldn't have said "pervo." It's just a word that comes to mind when I think of Bagz sometimes. Not sure why.
  • When you look below, do you see "weight loss for cows" and "skinny cows"? What's up with that?
  • Two people have complimented my new earrings today. One said they bring out the pink in my eyes. Of course, she meant in my cheeks. Or sweater.
  • my dd made her earrings---she made me some red ones to match MY eyes.
  • just because i say eff doesn't mean i am a pervo----maybe it's my nineteen year old "crush"
  • Bagzie, I hope you stay off the tractors.

    My brother's "wife" called me today because my brother wanted to apologize for "making the neighbor whine to you". I told her she needn't apologize for anyone else's actions, but if my brother wanted to apologize for acting like a madman, that would be appropriate. I told her I wasn't taking sides, but bro needs to learn how to talk problems out instead of behaving crazy and making threats. I'm sure my brother won't be talking to me any time soon. Darn.

    You will all be relieved to hear that Grandpa Jim has a car to replace the wrecked one. He's back on the road.

    Bagzie, dear, I really, really, really would love to be drinking margies with you tonight. I could use a trip to margaritaville. See you lovelies on monday.
  • oh well---i will have to tell wabby that i had to settle for amaretto and milk tonight----i was at sissy's and that's what was available {i hate beer}---------------had fun dishing about this and that--------drinking is almost like a vacation......................
  • Amaretto! THAT's what I need.... Oooh, better yet, I wish I had a slug of Baileys. Hmmm.
    Nobody's in trouble that I can tell. It seems that we are all a bit pervy, liberal and, um, creative.

    Yesterday there was a sheep loose on the road. Poor thing was flummoxed by two cop cars with strobe lights and two animal control trucks with men with stick/lasso thingys. (HOW can you catch a sheep with a harness.) Sheep was smart enough to run out of the middle of the street and back into it's suburban farm lot. They've got 1 llama and a bunch of cattle... If one of them gets loose, I'll send photos! It was very entertaining. See... that's what passes for entertainment around here. No snow. No starlets. No cheesecake.
  • Speaking of lassos and gaysos, here is one of my friends stories from that time. There was a Gay Pride parade in Los Angeles and her church participated by having the choir, in robes, march along singing hymns. It was near the time that Carter first ran for president (I forget who ran as Republican) and while the parade was forming, a man dressed in a huge condom appeared. He intended to march in front of the choir. Well, the church people were not in favor of this and marched off to have the police take him away. His name was Mr. Penis and Mr. Penis had no hands on which to put cuffs. So he was lassoed and taken away in a squad car.

    What they didn't know was that Mr. Penis had supporters and when the parade began, two men holding a sign reading, "Mr. Penis for Presdient" marched in front of the choir.
  • Wabs, I just reread your post and laughed. He made the neighbors whine to you!1 HAHA. Even though he got drunk and overtook the neighborhood with a tractor while making threats, it's still them who are the trouble-makers here because they are WHINEY!!

    I also just read the 3FC essay on what the best diet is. Apparently, it's one you will stick with. Well, which one is that? Their survey found Weight Watchers was favored but it's inconvenient and costly. Can't we just have Wabsy run a diet plan for us?
  • Could I be wrong in believing that my body knows it’s too fat and knows what to do about it? I mean, should I have to be manipulating it and trying to trick it into slimness? It used to be thin. I think it’s just being mean and lazy. My hypothesis is that I can eat all the chocolate I want and still lose weight. It hasn’t worked but it could. If only my glandular system would shape up.

    I believe that this will happen and I’ll be really cute and a nice handsome greyhaired man with a genuine leather checkbook cover will sweep me off my feet. Today, I dyed my hair and Ds says it looks natural. I am ready from the scalp up.

    But, just in case the man’s arrival doesn’t coincide with DS’s departure for college, I am planning to be alone for a while. I thought and thought about how I would do things if I were alone and today I had the ultimate test. I gave my cat a bath all by myself. It’s a cat I’m allergic to and he needs to be bathed. We got through it fine. Afterwards, he even cuddled with me while I petted his soggy back.

    DS will be going to university next year. At school, he is required to pick three schools and learn about them. This is a continuing project where he is given more and more information to seek out. His choices of schools to investigate: the community college he now attends; a chiropractic college in the midwest; and a technical school that may be in or near New York. As Sugar points out, he may end up at the U of Siberia with this kind of attitude.

    Nevertheless, my cat will be clean
  • are you serious-----------ds is old enought to graduate from highschool??? i thought you were like 18 when you graduate----did he skip grades?????----------give me the lowdown--------------i can't believe DID THIS HAPPEN????
  • You are so silly. He is in Grade Eleven. Next year, he can graduate.