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  • Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club.

    We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us!!
  • Ok,I'm I wanted to add stuff to my signature like all you have only I'm not sure how to "cut" and Paste" so I can have a weight loss traker at the bottom.I think I might have an avitar now .? I guess I'll find out when I post this.? Live and learn.
  • Here's my little helper: (I made the size only 25% of the original at Photobucket, to comply with the rules)

    Makenzie doesn't have to worry about BLTs (bites, licks, tastes) yet, lol.

    Pam - love the new avatar!
  • GoodAfternoon Everyone
    Happy Birthday Marti
    I hope that you have the most wonderful birthday. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. I sent your card out late I am so sorry, I have had so much going on , I had it ready to go and then completely forgot, so it will get there late.
    I can only say Hi to everyone right now and wish you all a wonderful day. I am so exhausted can't much think let alone type , I am all weepy today , to much stress I think ,for one day, knocked the wind out of me, I promise to catch up soon, I just had to wish Marti a Happy Birthday
  • Jane,thanks. Went to "live Chat" but no one there.Boohooo. I want to put a tape with my weight progress but don't know how to cut and paste it to my posts. Another Boohoo.Ohhh,she is sooo cute.Wish I had one.
  • Afternoon ladies~

    Boy am I pooped! Did the Wal-Mart thingy today and was out of a lot of stuff so took a while for the shopping. Of course forgot a couple of things so had to go to the store by the house and then to Walgreens to pick up the pics. Not pleased with them at all but will post some. The ones with the new color all the walls look horrible! The paint looks odd, off from the color they actually are which is kind of weird. I did take some that are on a new roll so may wait till then to post some.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Ms. Marti!!!! Hope your day is a special one for ya.

    Ellen~sooooo sorry to hear about the accident but I am glad that DS wasn't hurt bad. That is always my worst nightmare-a knock at the door in the middle of the night. ((((((HUGS)))))) to you all! I must say we never really do stop worrying do we? I told then kids I will still worry no matter what age they are.

    Katie(cat)~so glad to see you checking in girly. Yeah, it was me asking about Netflix. I think we probably would rent more movies if we had them delivered in the mail but we too either end up not watching some that we've rented or they end up being late. We do watch a lot of movies but still not sure if we will do it since we have cable and eventually the movies will either come on Showtime or HBO, hopefully. I need to start taping some again.

    Jane~how cute! Bet you guys had fune making the pudding!

    Okay, can't remember what all was said on the other thread. I had it all in my mind but DS is distracting me. Can't concentrate what I am doing while he is talking. So...HI to everyone else!

    Need to get going and get some laundry done and straighten a couple of things. Feeling a little better today since I took something for the pain and cramping. So hoping tomorrow I will definitely get my house clean. Anywho...take care ladies and have a wonderful day! See ya
  • Cristi,thats the same tape I wanted but choose the little fat bee instead. How or what the heck is "copy and paste" ?
  • Once again thank you all so much!!

    Last night (early morning) James was still up when I got home. He asked me when I wanted to open my gifts. I told him either in the morning or RIGHT NOW! Then he asked me if I wanted them wrapped. I told him we don't have B-day wrapping paper so just give them to me. (I'm so needy)

    He comes out w/this little bag and I got this Herb Garden for my counter top (or kitchen window sill) I've been wanting one!! I was so excited. I was ready to start planting right there!! He also got me another pedometer.

    Then he says...wait I have another bag.....goes to the back room and them comes out dragging this huge box (no bag there!) It was my GAZELLE!!!!!

    I was all giddy and was just kissing the man like there was no tomorrow!!

    So nice.....

    I'll do some individuals next time. Today I have some things I need to get done before work.

    Talk to you later
  • Pam---You want to high light the link you want to copy. Just drag your mouse acrossed it while holding down the left button (on your mouse) then, once you get it highlighted, right click the mouse button and you should see "copy" as one of your options.....then go to where you want to paste......right click your mouse again and paste it down.

    Give it a try. I hope I helped.
  • Or Pam, you can go to EDIT on your toolbar after you've highlighted and hit copy and then paste.

    Marti~so glad you got the Gazelle for your birthday! Now there's no excuse for not exercising! I say that and have an exercise room and still don't exercise enough.

    Sorry Pam and Ellen I did not even see that you ladies had snuck in before me-ooopsie! Hi to you ladies I was on the same time as you ladies but didn't think to go to chat. I never can keep track of it, the time. For some reason I thought it was 1 pm my time-wasn't home at that time tho so didn't think to check if anyone was there.

    Ellen~sweetie just go down and relax, or try to anyway. After the night you had I would be frazzled and would need to rest to calm down. So take it easy and come back when you are rested.

    I may try to ba back later. Not sure what's going on later if anything. Know there are no shows on that I like either so that will give me the opportunity to get on, now to make sure no one else is on. Take care all.
  • Pam - I think you're wanting a weight loss tracker, right? If so, just click on somebody else's tracker, and you will be taken to the place to get one. Hope this helps!
  • Good evening ladies...

    Thought about not posting since no one has posted since I was here last but did say I would be back. Anyway...kind of a waste of a post since I really have nothing to say.

    Did manage to get some cleaning done downstairs so less to do tomorrow.

    Pam~did ya figure out how to do the tracker? Don't think I realized there was a bee. I kind of liked the ones from TickerFactory a little better and they have a turtle that is cute!

    Marti~hope you enjoyed your special day!

    Did anyone catch American Idol tonight and last night? I only watch the very beginning because it is so funny. Simon is kind of mean but at least he is honest and tells it like it is. No point in sugar coating it if they can't sing. was funny, and scary Mary-OMG! It's kind of sad too because people are telling these people that they can sing and they can't, at all. Why would you do that so they could be hurt more and on national tv?!

    Guess I will see you ladies tomorrow some time. Going to go and try and find a decent movie on and finish a book I started last night. Pretty short book so won't take long to finish it.

    Nighty, night ladies!
  • Cristi I got to watch only part of it with the girl at the end saying your trying to get on my nerves aren't She really couldn't sing and all those friends of her saying she could...thats just cruel.
    Jane, awww I want a lil girl,,,she is just too cute!
    Ellen how ya feeling today? get some sleep?
    Fantastic with the birthday Marti,,,,so nice to have a man who knows what you want.
    Pam, good mileage and room is all I was going for in a vehicle. ok ya I was looking for something that would go with all my
    Well I have some pretty wild hair right now,,,red black and blood red again...yikes!
    The contractor for the house spent a total of 3 minutes in the house with him walking out saying he would be back to fix it. WEHHHH I admit I was freaking.
    The show went well tonight...1/3 of the audience was in
    Anyway got to get to bed, Brandon has physio in the am...yawn
  • Good morning, ladies,

    Marti - aww, so glad you got the Gazelle! And the herb garden sounds nice, too. So all in all, you had a pretty good day, huh? Where are you going to put the Gazelle? Don't you have an extra room?

    Pam - dang, I stayed in chat for almost 15 minutes, but then Makenzie started to stir, and she likes to be held when she wakes up, so I got off-line. Maybe next time?

    Cristi - well, at least your walls look very nice for real, if not in the pictures. Maybe you'll get a good one on the last roll. I thought chat IS at 1pm your time? It's at 2pm my time... Speaking of movies and stuff, there's a small business here that will deliver movies and pizza, salads and subs to houses. Well, not to MY house, since I live so far out, but I think he's doing a real good business. Sounds like a money-maker to me, lol. Wish I'd thought of it first, lol.

    Angie - I've got granddaughters out the wahzoo - just come over and pick one out, lol. JK!! Your hair sounds wild - just like you, lol. Hope the physio appt. goes well today for Brandon.

    Susan - how did the hearing go?

    Today I'm picking up Mackenzie the 5y/o from kindergarten and then we'll have a little lunch and go shopping. I have to run the sweeper in the living room before I go out, though, because it's downright embarrassing how bad it is. Wish I'd been like Cristi and got more done yesterday!

    Not much else to say... my life is boring! <yawn>

    Have a good one, and I'll bbl,
  • You all almost lost me. If not for Suzanne I'd still be out in the cold banging to get in.I attempted to change my e-mail and password yesterday and it did not do well. I did learn to copy and paste but it didn't help me then ,I hope it will today. One question all, where the heck do I drag the url once I've got it.All I see on the page is the top example of what I chose and below are 3 urls for various things. I don't see anywhere to paste it down.

    Angie,you left them crying.Good for you.I smell Oscar in your future.

    Marti,good Birthday. Very good Hubby.Well trained.

    Jane,my son is 29 and not in any hurry to get married or have kids.He's very sensible but dang,I'd love to have a little person to cuddle and play with.

    Cristi,the best pat of "Idol" for me is the beganning. How can people be so delusional? They don't seem to care about being humiliated as long as they get on TV.Go figure!

    Ellen,come on out and play.We miss you.