TG Weekly Chat for week of Jan 10 thru Jan 16

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    We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another.

    Everyone has their ups and downs and we’ll be here with you thru both! Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

    So please join in our weekly chats and let's get to know each other better ...

    Let’s all work together towards a healthier us in 2005!

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  • OK .. let's be chatty this week and have lots and lots of posts! Don't forget to check out last weeks thread for any messages you may have missed.

    Have a good day! Talk to you later...

    Love, CJ
  • Hello Ladies!

    I hope you are all doing well. I'm hanging in there. I haven't made it to WW. $$$ is very tight right now, so I may have to wait a bit. I am watching what I'm eating and did lose 3 pounds since Christmas so I'm happy with that.

    I had been starting to feel better about myself and then, my sister came to town. Now for those of you that know the "story" and the cr*p she said to me about my weight well, she's at it again. Not only did she ridicule me on what I was wearing (mind you it was midnight when we picked her up at the airport) but she also proceeded to tell me that it's my own fault that I can't find clothes. "If you would do something about your weight, then you would be able to fit into anything you want. Look at you, aren't you ashamed?" Yeah, thanks for the support. After she left, all I did was cry. Marcel was mad and wanted to call her and tell her off. I told him that he shouldn't get involved as it's between her and I. Do you know what my wonderful husband said to me? "Well, I love you just the way you are. You are beautiful and she must be jealous of that. If you want to lose weight, I will support you and be your biggest cheerleader. If you don't want to lose the weight, then I will still be your biggest cheerleader and fan. I just want you to be happy with yourself." This mad me cry even more. So what I am going to do is eat healthy. I'm going to write everything I eat down and get weighed once a week. My husband is going to weigh me and I will turn in my "food journal" to him. Ladies, this is a big step for me. Last month was the first time I let him know how much I weigh. So we shall see how this goes. I'm doing this for ME. Not my sister, not for my husband not for anyone other than myself.

    CJ- BRAT BRAT BRAT BRAT!!! You knew that was coming didn't you? I'm glad that Sharon is doing well. I know you miss her....I miss her as well. I miss the "old" chickies.

    Rita- Welcome to the Thin Group! You will love it here. These ladies are wonderful and very supportive.

    A big hello and hugs to all of you I didn't mention by name! Nico is up and trying to climb out of the crib.

  • Slyvia:
    First of all - congrats on the 3 lb loss!!!! Next ... that sister of yours! It's a good thing I can't get my hands on her ... I would certainly let her know what I think ... now, you should just let what she says go in one ear and right our the other! It must be a very lonely life being soooooo perfect! When you are ready to lose the weight you will - like you said, not for your sister, not for your hubby, not for anyone else, but for yourself! And, you should not be ashamed by all means. You are trying, and if you fail, you always try again. If you were'nt doing anything at all and always complaining about your weight then yes, maybe you should feel shame, but Slyvia, you ARE trying, and you WILL succeed! Good for hubby for standing by you! We're here for you toook? ok!! That's a great idea to keep track of your food journal and turning it in to him ... why not go one step more ... I started (again) a daily food journal for our group so why not try posting on it too every day.

    Well ... that's all I wanted to say ... keep your head up - you're going to do just fine!

    OK ... going to knit a bit ... just got out of the nice hot tub. Actually a nice hot cup of coffee with Bailey's Irish Creme would be reallllllly nice ... hmmm, not on the low carb but....

    Talk to ya later...
    Love, CJ
  • CJ- You are so WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for your supportive words. I told my other sister ( I have 3 sisters) about what sister "A" said and she told me to call her and tell her how I feel. I guess she did the same with my other two sisters and my Mom. Sister "A" did mention to my Mom that she thinks I'm mad at her. At least she's observant.

    I did do well today...that is until hubby got home and brought home some Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream to make me feel better. God I LOVE this man! Yeah, after I ate 2 cups of ice cream, I felt bad. At least I didn't eat the whole thing ( gotta think positive). On the upside, I didn't touch the chocolate cream pie he brought home.

    Tomorrow is a new day. I think I'm going to throw out that ice cream. I can hear it calling my name as I write this!

    I'm off to bed. I will write more tomorrow.

    Hugs to you all!

  • Good Afternoon Ladies hope that you all are having a great day!!!!!!!! Sylvia thank you for the warm welcome you made me want to come back again thanks cheers on the weight loss sounds like you have a terrfic hubby who is there to help you sorry to hear that sister A wasnt very nice to you sounds like it is her personality to like to tell everone faults that they have well I am sure by now you are feeling better about yoursef!!!!!!!as long as hubby cares that is all that matters so ladies have a good one Rita
  • Well good afternoon everyone! I've been taking down my xmas decorations so that's why I have been missing for couple days ...

    I hope you are feeling much better now ... But I have a big complaint against your dear hubby! Please tell him for me that he is not helping you by bringing home ice cream and chocolate pie! 10 lashes with a wet noodle for him!

    Good to hear from you again! I did welcome you to the group in last weeks thread and would not want you to think I ignored you - it was the last message so maybe you didn't see it ... here it is just in case:
    Good morning everyone and WELCOME Rita! Of course we will have you .. would love to have you join us in our group. Just jump in and post away .. we may be a small group but there is always someone here!
    So looking forward to hearing more about you ...

    Where have you dissappeared to? Hope all is well and we hear from you real soon.

    Have you finished those snowballs yet???

    OK, my tea is gone so time to get back to work. I'll check in later...

    Love, CJ
  • Hello Ladies!

    I'm popping in for a quick hello. Thank you ladies for all of your support. It does mean a lot to me. I've been trying to hang in there. I'm pmsing and my eating habits aren't what they should be. I have been taking Nico for short walks (it's been raining for the past 2 weeks) and he is really enjoying them. So I kill two birds with one stone...I get him tired and I get some exercise.

    CJ- I belong on to a "Mommy" board and I "bumped" into Desiree. Remember her? Her son's name is Ethan and she had a little girl named Mary. She remembers you and wanted me to say "hello". She did say that she was going to stop by and post an update when she has time. Yeah, my husband tried to be sweet. But he was feeling guilty when he ate the chocolate pie and most of the ice cream. Let's just say he sat in the bathroom for a while

    Rita- Thank you for your words of support. My sister does have a "strong" personality. She is getting to be quite annoying and we (my family) are starting to feel it. She did threaten to throw my Mom's clothes away because "they weren't flattering" She carries around these "fashion books" and starts to nit pick. Anyway, welcome to the group. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Just remember, that you are not alone!

    Well ladies, I'm off to bed.

    Have a great day!

  • You Are ....

    You are strong when you take your grief and teach it to smile.

    You are brave when you overcome your fear and help others to do the same.

    You are happy when you see a flower and give it your blessing.

    You are loving when your own pain does not blind you to the pain of

    You are wise when you know the limits of your wisdom.

    You are true when you admit there are times you fool yourself.

    You are alive when tomorrow's hope means more to you than yesterday's mistake.

    You are growing when you know what you are but not what you will become.

    You are free when you are in control of yourself and do not wish to
    control others.

    You are honorable when you find your honor is to honor others.

    You are generous when you can take as sweetly as you can give.

    You are humble when you do not know how humble you are.

    You are thoughtful when you see me just as I am and treat me just as you are.

    You are merciful when you forgive in others the faults you condemn in yourself.

    You are beautiful when you don't need a mirror to tell you.

    You are rich when you never need more than what you have.

    You are you when you are at peace with who you are not.
  • Hi ladies. It has been a couple of days since I posted, and what a couple of day it has been. They have ranged from one end of the the spectrum to the other and everything in between. But I'll tell more later.

    Sylvia - I really get annoyed at how your sister treats you... the first instinct is to tell her off. Period. But, that is not the classy thing to do. When I am in situations like that, I keep reminding myself not to lower my standards to their level and to act with class even when dealing with those kinds of situations. My instinct next time would be to calmly tell her how disappointed you are in her lack of support for your weight loss efforts....AND that any future conversations about your weight and clothes are off limits. Smile, leave it at that, then change the subject. You will do this, but in your time, not hers. No amount of ridicule will change anything, so it might as well not be a part of the conversations anymore.

    WTG on the walks...but CJ is right. Get DH to bring home the Fat Free fudgsicles rather than the ice cream and chocolate pie. By the way, your hubby is a sweety. I know that mine said the same when I was at my highest. It didn't help right away, but started me to really consider the consequences of being heavy and not eating very healthy. I did eventually discipline myself, but it is not an easy road. You can do this.

    Rita - Welcome to the Thin Group. I have not been here very much this week. It has been really crazy in my life and will be worse for the next couple of weeks, I'm afraid. So glad to have you here. I will pop in to chat when I can. Take care.

    Me - As I mentioned, this week has been from one extreme to the other. I had my performance appraisal for work this morning. One of the comments that my boss made on my appraisal is that he has never given an outstanding ranking to anyone before and I am the first. I really do take back all the *****ing that I did about the extra work that I have been given...including special projects for HIS boss. I try to make it look easy, work efficiently, get them done on time and smile with each new job. If he only knew the truth about catching up on this site and having plenty of time to do that almost every day. However, there are other considerations in that, too, so it evens out in the end.

    I am also getting ready to go to Saskatchewan to babysit the grandkids. I don't get much opportunity to babysit without their mom and dad there to keep me in line , so was really looking forward to the time. Unfortunately, one of them took a tumble off a top bunk on the bed, fell on her head and is in hospital. She has a bruise on her brain, a fractured skull and they are doing more tests today to find out if there is any mroe damage. They are monitoring for a blood clot on her brain and hoping that it settles down OK. If they don't find anything more today, she will get out today, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. That does put a different complexion on the babysitting, though, but we will be able to spend some less active time.

    My weight is holding steadyish this week - up and down a couple of pounds, but, for the most part staying the same. I am really trying hard to keep it at the same weight. Maybe after I come back from babysitting, I will try to lose another 5 pounds. I will need to decide if I want to be that thin, or not. I feel OK now, just need to do more weight training to firm up a bit. I really quit the weights before Christmas and just can't get back to it. I promise myself everyday that I will, but just don't get there. Maybe I will haul them with me and try to workout during the day when the kids are away. That would probably be the best way to get back to it.

    Must go, DH is waiting to pick me up to go home. Have a great evening, everyone. Remember, we can all do this and NOW is the perfect time. Stay OP...
  • I'm Back!
    Hi everyone,

    I heard everyone was missing me and I have been reading the posts pretty regularly and thought it was about time I posted again. I have been such a busy girl between my studies and of late all my holiday company. I think CJ told you that I had my Dad, Papa from Michigan here, wanted him to get away from his assisted living facility and spend the holidays with us. Than Alan came home with his girlfriend, Tina from Pennyslvania, who I met for the first time and who he met on the internet when he was 14 and she was 12 and they are now 21 and 19. 2 yrs ago they finally decided to meet and he has been to see her and her family 3 times so far and she has been to Lompac Air Force base to visit him once, this past summer. She is a lovely girl and we all love her and think she is a great match for Alan. So had lots of fun and company. Our daughter, Tracy, also in the Air Force couldn't come as she is stationed in Kuwait on a 6 month tour of duty and will be back home in Florida mid Feb. Also our daughter, Kelly is getting married to her longtime fiance, Brian the end of April. So all is well there. Son Dan still taking classes and working and home with us, when we need help in taking care of my COPD and mentally challenged brother, Jerry who lives with us and has been for 3 yrs now. That is what has been happening in my life, so now you are all caught up.

    So my gosh this group seems to have grown. Welcome to all the new members of the group. I am an oldie, but a goodie that's for sure. I have been around a long time and miss each and everyone of you's so much. This is probably going to be like a journal cause it has been so long since I posted but here goes:

    CJ-Hey girlfriend, thanks for keeping everyone updating on what is going on with me. And thanks for sending that beautiful scarf you made. I love it and when we had those 24 inches of snow here it came in handy. I felt like I was where you live with all that snow. Glad things are going well for you and you are doing well with your weight loss plan and staying on program too. So glad we keep in touch, I guess you got my email from your previous post and I will wait patiently for one back at me. No hurry, I know how busy one can be. We too just took down out Christmas decorations this past weekend. I got Ken, Dan and even Jer to all help so it went pretty fast. I know you are glad I came back because I could tell wanted me to post. But like you said between being busy and time getting away from me I just decided today would be the day. Thanks for hangin in there with me. Love you much!

    Sylvia-How wonderful you are and what kind words about missing me. I too miss you. You are such a sweetheart do you know that? How is that sweet little Nico of yours? Thanks for the pictures you emailed me. He is growing up so fast and I know he is one amazing little boy. My gosh how great is that losing weight over the Christmas holiday. Me! I gained but am back on track now. You have a wonderful husband and I am sure you know that. I don't know him, but he is such a rock for you from what I can see. He is much like my husband, so supportive and just there for you when you need him. I too feel that your sister is just not a nice person when it comes to her family. I am so sorry that she hurt you, but there is something really wrong with her. She may not be happy with herself and puts everyone else around her down to feel better about herself. Since she does it to everyone else in your family that says it all. It's NOT you, it's HER! Here is a big hug from me to help you along.
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Hope this helps you because you know I love you and care about you as does everyone. We are here to help you when you need us there.

    shaun-So glad you are with us. I see you are doing great and walking is a great thing to do and it is nice that you can walk on your lunch break and morning breaks too. It should really make a difference in your weight loss. I try to walk or exercise daily if I can fit it in.

    Rar/Rita-Welcome to the group. You will love it here, everyone is so wonderful and will motivate you and visa versa too. This is a great group, they have been there for me and we will be there for you too. We will be able to give you encouragement and whatever else you may need either in your weightloss and anything else.

    Peggy-You seem to be doing great with everything. My gosh you have lost 63 pounds I see. That is so great. All done with your shopping almost? kudo's to you for that. I don't even want to think about it till maybe around November. Sounds like you did a great job on those scarves too, I loved the one CJ sent to me, It was a pretty blue one. I wish I had the talent to make them, but I have NO patience. Good job on your performance appraisal. It doesn't surprise me, you seem to have it all together and I know you carry it over to your job as well. I sure hope everything is alright with your grandaughter too. But you will have to give her extra love when you are there babysitting. She as well as the other ones will love spending time with you. Keep us updated on what is going on with her.

    Loon/Deb-Also a big welcome to our club and come on back and post so I can get to know you too. I see you are from Minnesota? It is beautiful there with all those lakes. I am orginally from Michigan, like CJ too. Do you have a lot of snow there? We had 24 inches in southern Indiana where I live. I know you are used to it, but it was a pain on the rear to shovel. HA HA

    Desiree-I saw where Sylvia posted and said that you were going to stop by and post again. You are missed and I know you are busy with the kids and your Mommy board, but we would love to have you come back to us. You gave so much to us I remember when you posted and we would all love to have you post again. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Sherry-You still out there? I miss you lots too and was glad to see that you pop in and post with us sometimes. You sure kept things hopping too. How are things with your family and your sons too? They must grown young men by now. I read your Loosing Floozies and see that you have been doing well on your weight loss program. That is so wonderful. Thanks for all the encouragement you always gave to me in our club. I just saw the private message in my computer and I promise I will answer you soon. I had trouble with my computer and everything went crazy, that was a long while ago you wrote. But I will write you back you can be sure of it.

    Well for me I did have a gain this holiday of like 4 pounds for 2 weeks, I didn't go between Christmas and New Years, but am happy to say I have been trying like crazy and this week, journaling, drinking my water and exercising too. I lost 6.4 lbs so that makes up for the 4 plus 2.4 lbs so I am happy with that. I have been really trying this past week on my WW program and I had joined Curves For Woman in November and have been going nearly every day and when I can't get there than I try to do my Leslie Sanson Walk Aerobics video tapes downstairs. I just got the Walk Blaster set with the step thingie and I really like it. It is not hard at all and I can do different ones to mix things up for me.

    I will try to post more often. I am only off a while longer, this Sunday I start at H & R Block and will work weekends there and during the week starting Jan 24th I will be traveling out of town quite a bit to do another study, an educational one called NAEP where we go to the schools and administer tests to grades 4, 8 and 12. So should be interesting and we may have to stay overnight at times. So that will only be till March 4th and than there will just be Block till April 15th, than I guess some more time off till I work again. I tell you when it rains it pours, I go from no job to 2 jobs, but I will do my best to keep in touch here.

    Take care and love you guys, Sharon
  • OMG!!! Sharon!! Woman, it's so nice to hear from you! I'm sure Cj is spitting out her coffee when she sees ou have posted! You are quite a busy woman....a mover and a shaker! Glad to hear that everything is well with you and your family. Nico is our pride and joy. Thank you for asking. He is in fullblown toddlerhood and even though it's rough, I'm enjoying every moment. When I think I can't handle him anymore, I just think about what I went through to have him and how many other women are still living with that heartbreak. I also count my blessings as I know he is a healthy and happy little boy...a pain in the b*tt sometimes but still healthy and happy.

    I'm taking things a day at a time. My eating hasn't been great for the past few days and I feel it. I'm also pmsing so that isn't helping. Well, I've got to run and jump in the shower while Nico is napping.

    I will post more later on tonight.

    Here are some pictures of Nico that I would like to share.

  • Hello ladies!

    Just popping in for a quick hello. Well I had a good eating day today. I ate healthy food and went on a 3 minute walk with Nico (he was in his wagon). It felt so good to walk in the sun. The weather here has been bad for a few weeks and the sun came out. Nothing like getting out of the house!

    Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!