Newbie Valentine's challenge?? Interested?

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  • I figure... since we're all new and need encouragement maybe we could start a little mini challenge until valentine's day. We could all set mini goals for ourselves and try to meet them by Feb 14. We could all email each other or start a post everyday to see how we're doing... I would definately like to get to know people so anyone interested should reply or email me or send me a private message.

    Also, here's a quote for anyone who feels they've messed up their diet!

    " The path was worn and slippery. My foot slipped from under me, knocking the other out of the way, but I recovered and said to myself, it was a slip and not a fall."
  • I am trying to loose 10 lbs by Valentine's Day. It is a good Challenge
  • I'm in! I think this is a great idea!!! I'd like to lose 15 pounds by Valentine's Day! Heck, I'd be happy just to be out of the 200+ pound range.

    Start Weight: 262 lbs
    Today's Current Weight: 211 lbs
    Valentine's Challenge Goal: 196 lbs
    Final Goal Weight: 135 lbs

  • I'm In!!
    I'm new too! I think the idea of a mini goal is great. I would like to lose 12 lbs by Valentine's Day!
  • I'm in too! I'd like to lose 10 pounds by valentines day as well.
  • My first mini-goal is being brave enough to attend my first WW meeting this week!!! I'm nervous I need an "official" weigh-in so I know where I'm at. I'm just not sure how accurate my scale is at home.

    My second mini-goal for Valentine's Day will be 8 lbs. lost. I'm not going to shoot for the moon, as I don't want to be disappointed

    My third mini-goal is to start learning more about healthy foods, and put it to work grocery shopping!!
  • Have fun at your first meeting next week, just remember everyone there is there for the same reason you are and understand the challenges facing you I'm sure you'll meet some great people, learn alot and basically just have a great time.
  • I am in
    My mini goal is actually 180 by my 39th birthday which is Feb 25th but I will try and hit it for the Valentines day Challenge.

    Good Luck to everyone.
  • woohoo just had my first weigh in since starting 1 week ago - 2 pounds gone. Its a start now I just have to keep going!
  • Congrats Amity! Count me in Ladies! I'd like to lose 15-20 lb by Valentine's.. So far, so good.. I haven't cheated, besides, I'd only be lying to myself.. hehe.

    Good to luck to all!
  • Sure, Im in! 10 pounds by Valentines Day (at least!)
  • Hi, everyone! I'll join and aim for 9-12 lbs. by Feb. 14. This is a good idea.

  • Okay, I'll Valentine's Day, I will have lost 10 pounds, by diligently keeping up with my food log, doing some sort of workout five days a week, and meditating in the morning. Oh, and by fancying up my posts--you gals are really stylin' here with the graphics!

    Checking our thread every day will work for me, or emailing, either way. Thanks for kicking this off, Sarah lee.


    Today's weight: 248.5
    2005 goal: 191 by December 31 (so I can wear my little black dress on New Year's Eve)
    Ultimate goal:155 by December 2007
  • Yay!
    I'm glad some other people want to do this with me. I desperately need some motivation. I feel like my weight has hindered every decision of my life. I want this to be the year that I actually make some changes... I want to meet my goals and not fail, again! Good luck to everyone and I look forward to getting to know some people!
  • Hi all! This sounds like a great idea! count me in!! . 10 pounds by Valentines day. Will do!