Desperately Need a Diet Buddy #22 - 2005

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  • !!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Just wanted to get us started on a new thread. And again, I think we need a new name. Any suggestion?
  • Alrighty, I shall post to myself to get us rolling again

    First, how did you guys spend your NYE? M worked so we eventually spent the evening at home drinking chmp and watching movies. If you ever get the chance to see Shaun of the Dead, please do. We were the WHOLE TIME. We then watched the fireworks (we could see the ones over Central Park, Time Square, and then another display downtown on the river. I LOVE the big fireworks displays!), drank some more, and then well...that was pretty much it. It was fun tho! I like these quieter NYEs at home - after so many crazy ones in my younger years, it's nice not to start a new year with a massive hangover, begging God not to let me throw up again, and making bargains never to drink again if He would just make the room stop spinning

    So I've started a whole new points counting journal and so far, so good. I'm trying a new thing - another brilliant plan (that should be "brilliant" plan I'm sure, as I've had many and most have flopped spectacularly!). I'm hoping to use all my Flex on the weekend - this means I'll get to relax a bit with the points counting on the w/e and it will force me to eat more fruit and veg (low points or freebies) and exercise (for the Activity points) during the week. I'm giving myself a month to see how it goes and I'll update my weight on Saturdays. Love the tracker/ticker things, THANK YOU 3FC!!! Let's hope for lots of these

    I'm also going to try, once again, to get this exercise habit started. I'm going back to the beginning with just the 1 mi WATP, five days a week. I actually enjoy it so it isn't hard to get it in. I'd also like to bully myself into doing either Pilates or some yoga at least three days a week. Not like hours of it, but I think I have some 20 to 30 minute beginners DVDs. Again, I'm not looking to change my body at this point, I just want to start the habit. Wish me luck. And the fact that exercise earns more points is just - well, frankly, it's very motivating.

    Lastly, I'm going to break down and become a water drinker. I have resisted lo these many years but I think it's time. I have no plans to be one of those one squillin ounces a day for the sake of it people, but I would like to skip the occasional Diet Coke in favor of H2O at least a few times a day.

    And in all this, I plan not to be neurotic and nuts about it. I hope to make an honest effort but I will not be hard on myself. This is the year of Me being nice to Me.

    AAAAAANNNNNNDDDD - it's almost my birthday! I can see what looks like a stack of books piling up, wrapped (which for M is such a huge effort that it's touching, no matter what's in there, that he wrapped them himself) in the corner. YAY! BOOKS!!! Woo-woo!

    So, some questions to get us started:

    If you could only focus on one (body, diet, fitnessy type thing) this year, what would it be?


    ETA: I'm also going to try to keep in more regular contact here with you chickies this year. You're all so fun and great and we've been together for so long, I'm going to put a little more energy into keeping up with everyone

    Just something to look at. Lots of info! Starts Jan 15.

  • Woooooo

    I'm back.

    Kinda got sucked into life I guess, and eating far too much over the holidays. Think I've gained about 10lbs these holidays.

    Starting tomorrow I'm going to begin using the treadmill and back on track.

    I also stopped going to WW when I fell off the food wagon mid-December. Guess I'm going to rejoin again.

    Brandy you're right about the name. Pah! Feel kinda annoyed that we're the ones who end up changing when we're the ones who coined it in the first place.

    Hmmmmmm, thinking caps on for a new name!

    Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  • Jo, as you were the one who gave us our first name, you'll just have to think of something bigger and better for our NEW name No pressure

    Speaking of walking and treadmills and things such as that, I want to keep a running tally this year of how far I "walk" (as it's WATP, you know, and not actual walking which I would LOVE to do but honestly, outside of my very own immediate 'hood, it's a scary city and I'd rather not do too much foot exploring on my own!) - just to see. And maybe it would be motivational?

  • Hi Girls ... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!

    Brandy, thanks for starting us off with the new thread for 2005 ... and I agree, Jo should come up with a new name for us ... Welcome back Jo, hope to see you around here more often!

    We had a pretty good night on NYE ... went out with a group of friends and had far too much to drink and ended up feeling rather delicate on New Years Day! ... then had to get up early to go and watch Tom play for Hong Kong in a Rugby Football Tournament! ... I should have had more sense but you know how it is!

    Well, I'm raring to go on my new lifestyle ... keeping up with the walking ... haven't got a clue how far though, maybe I should invest in one of those pedmometre (sp?) thingies? But any distance is an improvement on my past efforts!

    Although I was only 0.5lbs off my Christmas goal, I'm a little ashamed to confess that I've gained rather a lot of pounds back since then!! ... Although TOM is about to arrive so perhaps that's added to the poundage!! Anyway, I'm not letting it bother me because as of today I'm well and truly back on track, counting all my cals and making sure I write everything down!!

    Brandy, you asked if there was one thing that we could really focus on this year what would it be ... well, I think for me it's going to be getting fit ... I'll stick to a healthy diet, but I know that one of my biggest problems is that I also need to get more active, and hopefully a healthy diet coupled with exercise will help to get the job done!

    I need to update my stats which I will do later as I'm just about to go out to buy some extra brithday gifts for Tom ... he's 16 on Wednesday ... where did all those years go!!

    Be back later!
  • Back again! Have now updated my weight loss stats ... 3lbs gained over the holidays so not quite as bad as I'd expected ...Phew!! ... Now the real work begins!! Good Luck to everyone ... Let's make this a successful year for all of us!

  • Sheeeeeesh, like, no pressure on me or anything!!!!

  • C'mon now Jo - we just need something brililant, clever, and catchy that says who we are without giving too much away, is positive and upbeat but not too perky, and would look good on a tee shirt. Is that so much to ask!

    Nichola, I'm up quite a lot myself and trying to not focus on it. When I think I was 238 for quite a while and then just got complacent. Urgh! But that's behind me and it's all onward and upward - well, downward, actually. I hope.

    I'm really really really feeling motivated to work out and take care of myself. Dealing with my older relatives over the holiday - you can really tell the difference between the ones who kept active, the ones who work out, and the ones who just didn't try at all. I keep telling M we are getting to an age where it's going to get harder and harder to GET in shape. And of course, there's always the "when are we going to take the plunge and get pregnant" thing hanging over our heads. Really. I'm 32 in a few days (on Thursday, actually) and M and I agree - it's getting to be now or never. But I'd be miserable if I were pregnant at this weight. I've been whinging on about the same things for years but really, it's make or break time.

    So, that said, Happy Monday. I'm going to finish waking up and then try out this new Pilates DVD and then do some WATP.

    You all have a great day!


    ETA: Due to a large dose of Tylenol Allergy meds, it was more like PilatLAYS and Stumbling Away the Pounds, but I gave them both a go and want my efforts to recieve due notation
  • Come on Jo, you know you can do it ... We are waiting in anticipation for our brilliant new thread name

    Brandy, what a great incentive you have to get fit and healthy for a new baby ... believe in yourself, you can do it, we all know you can. And we'll all be here to help you every step of the way

  • Nichola, I just keep thinking that I've been SAYING "I've got to lose weight if I'm ever going to get pregnant" for so many years now and time is just whizzing on by and here I am still. It's scary. I don't really have "baby fever" right now but I do have a sense that I can't keep putting it off forever and right now I'm in horrible shape. Anyway, yes, it is incentive!

    Wish me much luck and same to all of you!

  • Yes Brandy, but perhaps before you just haven't felt committed to it ... you know how it is, we always have in the back of our minds that there's plenty of time until the next summer holiday, or next Christmas, or someone's wedding ... or of course, plenty of time for getting pregnant (which might I still add that at 32 years of age you do still have plenty of time!!). But there comes a time when we know it's the right time and we feel more committed to making it happen. Hopefully this is the right time for all of us! ... Let's make it happen!! to all of us!!


    PS - Jo, where's our new thread name??? ... No pressure or anything
  • How about.....


    I've been thinking about it long and hard, and lets face it, in three years how many of us have changed shape??? Ali, but we lost her along the way. The rest of us have lost the same few pounds over and over again. The only constant in this is our relationship as friends. We are friends first, and dieters second.

    Ok, I'll get my coat!

    Losing weight to have a baby is a great idea Brandy, or you could do what I did. Having Dom so soon after having Natty was a bad move as I hadn't lost the baby weight from her. I dieted throughout the pregnancy (under guidance from the doctors), and almost as soon as I had him I was lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. Mind you, I gained it back and then some over the years following that!

    Do you actually want kids, or is it that you feel you should? Some people make the decision not to have any and for them it can be the right decision. My sis wishes she hadn't felt obliged to have kids, as she feels she'd have been better as an auntie than a mom.
  • Hi all!

    Nichola, you're right. I've always felt that there is just plenty of time to...whatever. I guess I need to deal with this as something that's not about deadlines, but about the fact that I'm just not living a healthy life and I need to make changes, not quick fixes.

    Jo, I LOVE the idea of Friends First. Because we are and have been for a while. And honestly, the lack of weight loss doesn't depress me so much when I consider that I've met you guys and made friends - it's not time wasted at all.

    As for kids, tho I don't feel I necessarily have baby fever and want a child right this minute, thinking of not having kids makes me sad. I was a nanny for ages and Mark loves loves loves kids. I think he'll make a great dad. And it just makes me sort of sad to think that we might not have kids. At the same time, I dearly love sleeping till noon on Saturday and doing whatever, whenever. It's like I know I want kids eventually, but I really like my life right now. So we go back and forth.

    As for diet - this week I'm doing really well with water and exercise and kind of iffy with food. I'm trying to tighten up with the food bit but I'm really proud of myself for drinking less soda and coffee and much more water. I'm not drinking water just to make myself do it, but I'm trying to reach for water instead of soda when I'm thirsty. This is HUGE for me. I'm a Diet Coke fiend!

  • Glad you like the new name. Just have to get the others to agree and we're all set.

    I've been terrible diet-wise the last few days (and been making myself ill with it). I just can't bin chocolate. I want to lose weight, want to get what do I do???? Throw caution to the wind, and eat as much as I can, ending up feeling shaky in the process because it sends my blood sugar into overload. Alan is convinced I'm trying to kill myself (although I blame his family, cos they all bought me regular chocolates for Christmas, while my family bought diabetic chocs!). The thing is, no matter what I can't throw it away, and there is too much of it. Last night I had to go to bed at 10pm because I felt so sick.

    I must stop this.