Desperately Need a Diet Buddy #22 - 2005

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  • Brandy, I think you've hit the nail on the head! We got too comfortable! I know when I got married and then had kids, my life changed. "I" was no longer my priority. I was totally happy taking care of the house, hubby, kids when they came along. I gave up my job and threw myself into being a wife and mother ... I lost my own identity, I can see that now ... and now I want it back! I have a job which I enjoy and the kids are older and no longer need me so much, so now's the time to do something for "me"! Don't get me wrong, I don't regret the past few years of my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I do regret losing pride in myself.

    Yep, I'm up for spring cleaning my life!

    Lorraine, I reckon we should go for the new name ... "Friends First" sounds right to me, what does everyone else think? Someone go ahead and start the new thread with a post telling people we were formerly "Desperately Need a Diet Buddy" just so everyone knows who we are, then we'd better PM all of our existing buddies so that they know where we are.

    Raff, well done on losing 7lbs ... that's a great start!! keep it up! Hope your hubby's departure wasn't too emotional? You've got a month alone now when you can throw yourself into your diet and not worry about doing stuff for someone else ... you can surprise him with your weight loss when he returns! Good luck!

  • Hi All! This one is a quickie because I'm still sick as a dog and need to get to bed. I think the new name Friends First is a great idea!

    See ya,
  • Poor Raff - Feel better!!! Congrats on your weight loss and I'll be thinking of you while you're waiting for your husband to return. M only visits his family for a week at a time and I still feel all out of sorts while I'm here on my own.

    Nichola, I am with you - a big Spring Clean is in order!

    And Lorraine is right, Friends First is what we should be. I'll start the new thread. Sorry if it's not a very inspired first post - I'm in a med head fog (still with the weird back pain) but I'm still ready to go!!!

    Someone get us started!!!

  • Ok, I was going to start our new thread yesterday but got distracted by a phone call. I'm on it now. I'll come back and post the link here.

    Look for FRIENDS FIRST - Desperately Need a Diet Buddy #23 - 2005