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Fat in Hong Kong 01-31-2005 02:46 AM

Hi Girls,

I'm pleased to say that I've finally got back on track today. I did weigh-in on Friday and discovered that I've regained 2lbs!! I simply can't keep doing this ... before I know it the summer will be here and I'll still be in the same position that I'm in now :mad: I'm not going to change my ticker (partly because I don't know how to do it yet :dizzy: and partly because that 2lbs WILL BE GONE by next week!! :^: ).

How's everyone else doing? Hope you all have a good week :)


ecchs 02-03-2005 03:11 AM

Hello Ladies!

Have had an ok week. Have a bit of a cold, so I've been fighting the need to nap every 2 hours, although all the coughing is giving me a good abs workout, so there is a positive side to things. :) I've joined a new gym. It's farther away than the Curves I was going to, but it has childcare, and my neighbour goes to the same gym, so I'll have a workout buddy and we can carpool. I'm quite excited as it is a nice place, and it costs less that Curves in the end, even with the Childcare. Yay! Had a really good eating day today too. Managed not to nibble at work, which is really huge for me so a pat on the back there.

How is everyone else doing?

Jo- Did you get my Msn IM message the other day?


RaffaellaBella 02-03-2005 02:07 PM

Hi All! I'm doing okay with the 3-0-1 (3 meals a day, nothing in between, one day at a time). It's an old OA thing but it seems the best for me to do for now. I've lost five pounds in two week and have decided to weigh myself at the beginning of each month.

I ordered these great Timberland shoes from Zappos.com for my trip to France. I had to get a men's size because they don't make wide shoes for women that are nice. And if they do they are way, way too wide. At least the men's version gives me wiggle room. Aah. I remember the days when I could fit my slender size 9 in a $100 shoe with no problem. Those times are gone but they will be here once again, God willing.

How is everyone else doing?

NicoleNYC 02-06-2005 03:29 PM

Hi all - back from visiting parents and of course managed to bring a cold with me. Had a nice time despite odd dental issues. Much "home" food, which I miss terribly. Have taken so much cold med that I now have cotton mouth - hee. But seriously, yuck. Will catch up with you all soon.


Fat in Hong Kong 02-06-2005 10:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

Lorraine & Brandy, hope you both feel better soon :grouphug: Brandy, glad the trip went well and hope you've now got your dental probs sorted out :^:

Raff, well done on your 5lbs loss ... keep it up :) When are you going off to France ... I'm really jealous, we love France but there's not much chance of us visiting from HK!!

Glad to say that my ticker now has the correct reading once again :D Now all I need to do is get it moving in the right direction! :o I'm off work this week for the Chinese New Year holidays so I'm going to have more time to prepare some good healthy meals ... unless of course hubby decides we go out to eat ... then I'm going to have to be careful ... but planning to get in lots of walking together so hopefully will counteract any damage that I may do! :^:

Hope you all have a good week :)


NicoleNYC 02-08-2005 10:03 AM

Hi all!

I'm back - I'm back and bigger than ever. I've just never really gotten a grip since sometime last September and it's been a steady climb. I'm not sure why really, I don't have an actual reason, but I finally really LOOKED at the scale and did the math and I'm up higher than I've been in ages and I guess why doesn't really matter but enough is enough. So now I have to update my ticker upwards AGAIN which sucks but I think I really need to sort of face the number.

So congrats all you losers and maintainers and for us gainers (which, in reality, might just be me), time to get going.

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!


NicoleNYC 02-12-2005 09:49 PM

:balloons: Bumpity Bump Bump :balloons:

How is everyone? It's awfully quiet around here!

I am once again hitting the START OVER button - I am not going to go into it too much because really, what can I say that would surprise you? But I'm giving it another go so wish me luck.

Hope things are well with all of you!

B :flow1:

ecchs 02-13-2005 03:50 PM

Hi guys! I'm alive and well...been busy this past week getting into my new gym routine. Having a good time and hoping the trend will continue. I'll keep you posted!

Nichola...hoping Chinese New Year was fun!
Brandy...starting over is better than not starting at all.
Jo...hope all is well!
You too Raff!


RaffaellaBella 02-14-2005 01:04 AM

Hello Ladies! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I'm preparing for my mini-vaca to Paris by trying on the tops I bought. A couple fit snug but hopefully I'll lose a couple of more lbs before I head off. I'm going to do WW for a month and see how it goes. I'm not crazy about the plan but its easy for now, until I get back and can start on South Beach again.

Well have a lovely Valentine's Day! :love: :flame: :grouphug: :high: :cheers: :cofdate:
I tried to use all the lovey dovey smilies I could.

Take care,

Fat in Hong Kong 02-14-2005 03:07 AM

Hi Girls,

For some reason I've not been getting notification of posts agains?!! :?:

Glad you're all doing fine :)

Brandy, I'll be hitting the start button again with you ... did a bit too much socialising over the Chinese New Year Hols ... ad we all know what that means!! :o

Lorraine, hope the gym routine goes well!

Brandy, if you stick to WW for a month I'm sure you'll look extra good in those new tops ;)

I'm just off to visit the doctor ... came out in a rash over the weekend which is driving me crazy ... it's all over my arms and legs mainly and it's hot and itchy, a bit like sunburn ... Not sure if it's something I've eaten or an allergic reaction to something :?: Hope the doc can sort it out as it kept me awake half the night!! :tired:

Have a good week everyone! :)


NicoleNYC 02-14-2005 01:35 PM

:dance: !!!Happy V Day Girls!!! :dance:

Lorraine, good luck with your new gym thing!!!

Raff, enjoy Paris and take lots of pics!

Nichola, hit that restart button HARD girl, we have to make it stick this time.

Hope everyone has a great day,
B :flow1:

britjo67 02-16-2005 06:31 PM

Hi all...

Sorry, fell off the thread wagon again :dizzy:

Been hellish here, with deadlines galore at Uni, and I've got 7500 words to write for 17th March :^:

I'll be insane before I finish this degree!!!!

Dom is doing well with his ice hockey, gained his first assist (not bad for a defender!!) the other week.......you never know, he may make it to the NHL one day! Natty turned 11 the other week.....no idea where the time has gone. We got her a mobile phone for her birthday, so for all of two days she thought we were the best parents EVER! :lol: She's so moody it's not funny though...and I guess we've got a fun few years ahead of us.

Fell off the food wagon and currently feel MASSIVE. Refusing to stand on the scales so no idea where I am, but I do need to get my butt moving as I'm at the doctors in April and he'll give me **** if I've not lost around 14lbs over what I lost last time....and I think I gained that all back, so 28lbs in two months....is that achievable??? :dizzy:

Lorraine, I didn't get an MSN im.....was it to my britjo67 addy? I don't have you on MSN....or yahoo now, as I use my main addy as my login. Let me know your addy and I can add you :)

Anyway, that's all for now,

Hope you're all doing well. Did I read it right, is Raff going to Paris???? Ooooh la la :D

Talk soon
Jo :grouphug:

britjo67 02-16-2005 06:33 PM

Almost forgot.....I never did go back to WW :o

RaffaellaBella 02-17-2005 01:18 AM

Hi All! I'm hitting the restart button as well. I gained back 3 of the 5 I lost and am now in the 2 week PMS period which is **** for me when it comes to food. I can not afford to gain any weight because I bought new clothes for my trip.

I've been doing WW for a few days now because it's more structured and that's what I need right now. Ideally I like South Beach but it leaves way too much room for error.

Overall I feel good. I've been following my foodplan and only went over on my points today because I went out to eat with my sister.

On another topic, I am so upset with my sister. We are spending 3 full days in Paris and I thought that the third day we could swing by London. Well she is completely against it because she doesn't want to take away from her short time in France and that we could go another time. Yeah as if I'm the globetrotter she is. She knows I'm poor and can't afford to pass timezones the way she does and yet she won't compromise. I think what hurts me most is that if the tables were turned I would make the sacrifice for her. Well there's nothing I can do about it, but it just pisses me off. Argh!

Talk to you all soon. Stay well.


Fat in Hong Kong 02-21-2005 04:05 AM

Hi Girls,

Seems to have gone a bit quiet around here lately! My reason for not posting since last week ... I've not been a good girl and feel a bit ashamed!! :o Obviously I didn't push the start button hard enough!! Will definitely be pushing it harder today!! :^:

Nick completed his 50k charity walk on Saturday and I now feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders ... I won't go through it all again but you may remember that I was having a few issues about the whole thing a few weeks ago! Anyway, no more long, intensive training sessions to take him away from me every weekend!! As of next weekend we'll be out in the country parks and hiking trails, up and down hills, walking together. The good thing (??? :yikes: ) about this is that there's absolutely NO WAY that I'll be able to make any excuses not to go ... certainly not after all the fuss I created about him doing the walk with other people because I wasn't fit enough to do it. It's now his mission to get me fit ... and he's even talking about me signing up to do the charity walk next year!!!!! :rofl: I must confess that there's a little part of me that would like to attempt it if I could get myself fit enough over the next 12 months ... just to prove to myself that anything's possible if you try hard enough.

Maybe this is going to be the turning point in my life ... who knows? ;)

Hope the rest of you are doing better than I've been doing lately ... Have a great week!! :D


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