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Default Amazing Royal Adventure IV -Fabulous 2005-ALL WELCOME!!!

Welcome all from every kingdom, province, monarchy, duchy, federation, or ------------------( please fill in the blank)......


This adventure promises to lead us to places we've never been but have longed to see ... this adventure promises to teach things we thought we knew ... this adventure will be FABULOUS!!

So, call your coachman, the adventure awaits!!

And as most adventures are written by the adventurer....

YOU decide ( and who better??) what direction you shall fly your colors!!

This adventure is a shared adventure... with other royals who will share and support ....

Open the blinds! Let down the drawbridge! Sound the trumpets!


The Amazing Adventure Continues!!!
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Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Happy New Year!

UMMM the smell of new paint. Love the new digs! Anagram, I haven't seen the old wagon in so long...why don't you just pick one...what colour? Maybe a new vehicle will inspire me.

Had a pleasant evening out with some new people...my new co-worker invited DH and meself over...we spent eve with her sister and hubby (who had my mother in 3-4 as a teacher librarian), her parents...the father whom my Dh knows through scouting and herself and Hubby...small world. We toasted the New York ball and then dispersed shortly thereafter. I am currently downing a BIG . Late nights are not my forte!

So have the parentals coming today for dinner...we were supposed to do the outlaw holiday thing today but....and do I sound gleeful??????...my DH is working. So we can not go. Heartbroken. NOT!

My FIL had a heart attack a couple days after Christmas and is in hospital...he is doing well. They figure the horrid cold he had and then which got him again brought it on...He was flat on his a** the next two days after Christmas and looked none too good on Christmas Day either. So far I've avoided the bug! Vitamin C and zinc....

So.....am off to kill myself some more on this video game my son downloaded.... it is addictive and I'm not very good...so I die a lot.

Highest 209, JAN 185

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Default First Day of 05

Hello all!

My NY's celebration is traditionally at home where I know I'll be safe and sound come daylight.... goes back to a long time ago when I led a completely different lifestyle and then learned the hard way. And come to think of it, the full implications took a long, long time to adopt. But as I said, that seems to be typical of my learning process....

Anagram-- I agee, going forward, I want to be on the positve side of the equation---even when when most indicators would predict a negative outcome.....

Empress-- My computer has been struggling too lately.... I can't help but think there are lots of new ads, popups, etc and etc .... I probably need to run some "diagnostics" too and see what the Royal Security finds....

Cerise--Tell us more about the Internet Cafe... Do you pay a fee to use the Internet ?? You're right, there are so many advantages to city living..... I guess there might even be a similiar cafe near my job but for sure in Philadelphia.... And yes, you're right, I'm hard pressed which one I'd choose, but if push came to shove, I'd have to take the Internet vs the phone...

Eydie-- Can't wait to hear what the ex coworkers said when they saw you...
Isn't it always bittersweet when we go to these places in our past? I remember my last trip to my former employer.... b/4 hand couldnt wait but once I got there, couldnt wait to leave.... interesting....
AND OF COURSE THEY NOTICED A [email protected]! Didnt they??

Ceara-- Remember my Bluetick Beagle and the white flaky skin rash?? Its back...Until the vet reopens on Monday, remind me what this was .... I found the Keto shampoo and gave her a bath w/ the shampoo rubbed in and "soaking" for about 10-12 minutes ( which was no easy task!). Much of the white stuff came off during the rinse... I remember last time, part of the cure was a daily bath doing the same.... I also am giving her human Vit E hoping to boost her immune system but for life of me can't remember what this skin rash was diagnosed as last year... I really dread the expense of more blood work... but will try to maintain a positive outlook and continue the bath's ( might even be warm enough today to give her one outside if I carry warm water out there!)...

WSW, Wood Nymph, Wildfire, Lurkers, Seecat, and all others.... How is life treating you????

As for DF--- its interesting how much our view of a relationship is changed when we change our view.... My nearly daily contact stopped nearly a full week ago and no contact has been volunteered. And as I said earlier, sometimes, I am a very slow learner... I "realized" this once before as well....
That much of the "work" was done by me.....
I've been noticing more and more during discussions that entire "episodes" (eg, w/ DS) were not remembered, completely misunderstood....which only made me wonder how much of our discussions were "not heard"....

My best read on the situation is that circumstance and health have eclipsed
many other things. In fact, health was the topic that proved to be the straw that made me decide it was time for me to redraw the boundary lines.
Pretty much, the inference was that since I quit smoking, lost weight, gave up sugars ( most of the time ) I am "pretending to be healthy" but
because I am not current on some exams I need to be hounded until I go and have them. And was told I should be hounded.... that if I had a diganosed disease I'd follow all medical advice.....

which in fact, proves that the past years discussions and sharing of my thoughts about 'marketing' by food and drug companies, Mind/body, etc, etc have not been heard. Disagreeing w/ me is fine, but what about knowing what my views are??
Its very similiar to DF 's reaction to my comment about how much I enjoyed DH's WW bread... 5, 6, 7 times the remark was always " I didnt know you ate bread, I thought you were on Protein only".... I guess you could confuse Weight Watchers w/ other plans if you're not familiar but again, there had been dozens of discussions about pros and cons of WeightWatchers vs other plans, stomach stapling , etc, etc....

And did I mention that we've sent a warm from the oven loaf to DF to sample?

Yet, every single conversation, DF invariably asks about DS and what DS's work schedule is ..... which has made me wonder many times if its just to irritate....

hmmmmm ........

And yet, I am still feeling like the "dumped" party... Again, I suspect, the relationship had a deeper meaning for me....which means I will miss it more...


As I wrote this, I took some breaks to eat, run some laundry, dishes, vacuumed a little and even quick soaked a pan of navy beans..
I am eager to get "lots of stuff done" today....

Its only been 2 or 3 days but DS took a few things and "moved out" ... to his GF's apt w/ her mother... DS prmsd he would clean his room out but if DS thinks leaving his room as it is will let him back if things "don't work out" he is mistaken. When DS explnd he was going to pay his share at GF's house, DH told DS outright that DS would never live here again for free. Personally, by saying that, I feel it gave DS the idea he has a safety net here but I am hopeful.

No matter what happens next, I feel as though for far too long, DH and I were so embarrassed at how DS was living his life ( and in turn, impacting our lives) that it was like dragging an enormous anchor. Both Dh and I need to NOT make excuses, fix, etc DS issues as it doesnt do any of us any good.
And as DS and DD both have proven that our efforts are not appreicated but expected....

Still is very interesting to me how in my own case, I couldnt wait to do for myself becuase it proved how adult I really was...

Must be time to post ...

Thought of the day:

" It's easy to think of the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda's' but at some point its time to give up past expectations and take inventory of what makes you happy now."
---Jeanette Lawler

Question of the day :

"Do you have a New Year's Eve/Day tradition?"


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Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Kaylets, try Nutro lamb and rice dog food for your bluetick. Our dawg [a bluetick mix!!!] has suffered with skin stuff and now he's doing great and his coat is really silky. And get this, Nutro guarantees that it'll work, so you can't lose. You can get it at the pet supermarkets and it's alittle pricey but worth it. Anything for the Golden Prince's comfort. [that's one of Jubal's many nicknames!]

Sounds like your friend has a touch of passive-aggressive about her. People like that are difficult, because whenever you call them on anything they just look at you with innocent doe eyes and say "I don't know what you mean".

My trip to see my old co-workers was delightful. It was great to see them again, and they couldn't stop talking about how much weight I'd lost! Especially satisfying to hear that from my old boss who's naturally slim. It was fun and I really need to go back more often. They were genuinely happy to see me. I don't know why that always surprises me!

Thanks for starting the new thread, Kaylets!

Glad your FIL is doing well, Ceara, and happy that you've avoided the dreaded bug. Continued success!
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Happy New Year, s!!! This is a me-me flybye as I be a bit woozy this a.m. ... no did not celebrate with other than pb and ff milk but went for a New Year's walk very early in park with friend. Came back and found a feline that had met its demise by dint of an automobile in the street outside my house. The animal control folks say it could be hours before anyone comes to get it ... bummer as I don't want all these little kids to see it, but anyhow, so be it.

I do wish folks would keep their pets inside or confined to a yard so these things would not happen.

Refusing to work today and am resting, painting a self-portrait and reading. Will work tomorrow ... mayhap or mayhap not.

Yea, K, there are a lot of popups on this site ... I paid my subscription so only see them if I haven't signed in or have erased cookies. But I sometimes have problems posting ... have moved my "Diet Club" to the land far away's journal forum.

This is the day.
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Well, my sweet neighbors were out there even as I was typing and disposed of the poor cat. They are so nice ...

K, re thy DF, I know that feeling ... that all the discussions you've had for years seem not to have registered with a friend ... that they don't even know who you are ... it is good that we can move on sometimes. ....
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Ah, the 2005 model wagon is so shiny and new and full of hope. Also has a great suspension system so we don't bounce out as easily when we hit a bump in the road - just what we needed. Thanks, Kaylets. And how does Royal Purple sound, ceara, or have we done that already? Sorry, too, about your FIL - sounds like dh's "cold" - it's really bad again today and I left him here while I went to DSs for dinner. He's spent most of the last two days sleeping but also had some swelling in his hands and feet - not a good sign w/the kidneys. Sigh....

But it's been a great holiday season and I'm going to stretch it out. I don't think he's enjoyed it as much as he's been out of it the last two weeks. I've given him an "exemption" for church tomorrow as well as it makes no sense for him to go out in the cold and drizzle we're expecting.

Empress - thank goodness for nice neighbors! Seeing a kitty carcass is never a pleasant sight.

Yes, Eydie, pork and sauer kraut is a good luck Pennsylvania German tradition much as your black-eyed peas are a good luck tradition. Plus I just love pork and sauer kraut. Enjoyed it in moderation as I did the corn, mashed potatoes and applesauce. We won't discuss the lack of moderation I then displayed re the cookies. But it was nice to see my 3 nephews, their wives and their children as well as my two sisters (plus one's dh) and a brother (though one sister and the bro had been here during the past week). Since Mom died, we haven't see each other all that much. Oh, I also have another new grandniece (born in Alaska on Monday) - named Grace Emma. Some day I must count them all.

As yes, the non-hearing thing. So many friends (and also relatives) of mine are that way, it seems. I had a chuckle the other week as a dear friend/relative of sorts was saying how convinced she is that people don't listen. She is better than most but honestly I can say I feel that way about her sometimes. I guess one of the worst I've had with that was when my DD had spinal surgery at 13. I had gone into greater than usual detail about the upcoming surgery with my SIL (dh's side) because dh's family usually tuned out medical details and I thought she was my best bet for having any of them understand DDs ordeal. I used words like "incision", inserting a metal rod, risks of paralysis, etc repeatedly. Several years later in a discussion she said "oh, so she actually had SURGERY. I thought she had some kind of procedure". Floored me, absolutely floored me. It's one reason I enjoyed my recent lunch w/42 yr friend - she still brings up things we both went through and remembers things re my kids health, mine, etc. that showed she really was listening then and cares enough to still remember. And yes, I too have let some friendships go and truly don't feel sorry enough to try to rekindle them though in at least one case there were some nasty after effects. In each case, it was a case of feeling they were not there for me and that I was the one carrying the friendship. There was, though, the one where I was the dropee. that's happened in other cases as well and it didn't bother me all that much. But the one did because I am so sure that it involved "money" and perceptions and I felt I was dropped because of that - not because of who I was or what I did, etc. But if that's acurate, then it's her problem, not mine and I've survived quite well, thank you. But that one really hurt.

Anyhow - back to positives. Looking back on 2004, I feel good about how I've handled most stuff besides weight. I'm particularly pleased w/improvements in my spiritual person (which I had resolved to work on). And so far, I'm pleased w/starting my one resolution early (the one about quitting the solitaire for something more productive) - it's been four or five days already so I'm sure I'll keep that one. Not that I'll never play but I want to lose the "addiction" part.

I'm resolved to work more on "inner strength" because it's looking like 2005 isn't going to go as well as we'd like re DHs health and I need to be able to handle "everything". And then much more work on the "healthy" goal. While I haven't lost much weight, I still believe that I've come a long way down the "healthy" road and despite my recent and really rotten behavior, I'm still ahead of where I was, say in 2001 or so. So back to the drawing board..............

Wildfire, I too am anxious to hear how house situation is coming along and when and how and all the rest. Not stealing Empress' journalistic queries - just want to cheer along w/you.

Punkin - if you're into NY resolutions, how about resolving to visit the palace a bit more? We miss your cheer.

wsw, you're always in our thoughts and I hope you're reading even if not able to post.

Being lazy tonight. Watched Mummers Parade from Phila. after I came home this afternoon. Now it seems like New Year's to me.

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HEllo all,

DH and I are doing chores and watching tv inbtwn... he slept in very late as he was up during the night for a bout 3 hrs, me I am beginning to fade.

New lock on the door puts a definite mark of punctuation. I told Dh how much calmer the house feels but made it plain I was..... and DH filled in the blank,
"waiting for the other shoe to drop".....

One thing for sure, it sure is nice to have the odd things DS was asked to do as his room & board done....I did quite a few of them today and it sure beats not having to look at the chores imcompletely done.
Now I really understand what people mean when they do something someone else was supposed to do because they " are tired of waiting"....

Anagram--- I know you must be itching to call the doctor.... I don't know anyone who has been thru the entire gamut of this cold epidemic....just watched two coworkers get worse and worse Wed, Thurs, Fri.... Special positve energy and prayers for both of you.... I know your DH has so many dietary restrictions... can he have tea or veg soup?? Poor guy....

Time for me to call it a night...

Kettle is on!
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Today is the day!
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Happy 2005, my fellow s! Glad to put 2004 to rest, as there were many heartaches as well as joys, and expect 2005 to be heavy on the joys side because I plan to influence it that way.

Have spent the last couple of weeks gathering strength for the coming battle to be as healthy as I can be this year. My sword and trusty Sgian Dubh are gleaming and ready to defend against all demons that cross the royal path. Have been looking forward to the fresh start, and I think battling demons counts as aerobic activity, does it not?

I am not making any resolutions, as I don't need to make declarations of the areas in which I may be failing. I know what they are and will continue to plod away at progress.

On Monday I start making plans for the move. Gleefully dropped my form N9 to terminate residency here into the drop box yesterday morning. Did obligatory happy dance in the hallway before heading for the car. Our realty company has a relocator service that will organize and arrange all the logistics of the move, such as booking movers, transferring utilities, etc., so I'll call them Monday morning to get things underway. DH wants to book the move for Feb 19 (Saturday) so he doesn't have to book time off work. I have the whole last week of February booked off already. So let's see...30 more days this month, 18 days in February...48 days from today we get our keys!!

Have also ended a friendship recently, so I, too, know what you are going through Kaylets. It was so one-sided, I finally said "nuts to this" and ended it.

Best wishes for each and every one of you that the coming year will be filled with health, happiness and success. My new journey begins on the 'morrow and I am blessed to have such wonderful travelling companions!
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Hello all!

So far, about the only thing on routine is the 2 cups of coffee--
Dh and I maneuvered the BlueTick into the bathroom again for the 2nd bath in 48 hrs-- Ceara would know the cure better than I but the hardest part is getting the dog to stand for 15 minutes while the shampoo is working...
This morning we doubleteamed her w/ her favorite treat ( yes, its totally no good for her but ....)
While we were waiting for her to fall for the bait, the othe beagle was begging to get in the bath to drink (! go figure)

Its been awhile since she's had a bath so in she went too... The bluetick then figured the coast was clear and that's when we made our move.....

She seems more comfortable but she is such a bulldozer she's a tough read...
She'd be one of those hounds bloodied and limping still chasing the rabbit....

Finally, I am ready to post the long promised 10th speech.....

Please remember, the delivery is probably more important than how I've placed the words.... what is listed here is the "written" -- I know the hand gestures are exactly as I gave them as those were spontaneous once I realized my original plan of cutting the deck wasnt going to be effective...

Here goes:

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Texas Hold'em....No Draw... Omaha...
A year ago, I wouldn't have known what those names were...Today, I know they are Poker games .The popularity of poker has exploded... TV, Internet, even the firehouse's Bingo games have been replaced by poker games....
Poker Games are a great equalizer..... card games allow players who might have nothing else in common compete at the same level...
A seasoned world champion may sit down with a fresh faced novice ..
And often, a player can come from behind on a single hand....

And that,
Mr Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters, Honored Guests is what I'd like to discuss today..
(Speaker places full deck of cards on table and draws a 'hand' from top of the deck while still speaking.)

is what we love about poker, is that the game is so much like life..
we identify with these card games because we see the players as ourselves, the cards as all of the experiences that life throws at us .....(holding hand up for all to see)
..how the ordinary person, a person not much different than you or I, can become a winner not by the cards he's dealt but in how he plays them...
An ordinary person knowing what they can do but then, doing what they have to do......

Let me give you some examples of what I mean....

For instance, Peggy and Ron... an ordinary couple, making plans to begin traveling and enjoy time together now that their children are grown.
Life is good.
Then, out of the blue, Peggy and Ron (Speaker pantomimes a single card being drawn from an invisible deck)
are dealt a card they didn't expect. Due to unfortunate circumstances, their grandchildren are suddenly at risk. Peggy and Ron know what they can do and then do what they must....
they accepted full guardianship for their grandchildren and begin the childraising process all over again.

Ordinary people, knowing what they could do, and then doing what they had to do.
Ordinary people becoming extraordinary by the way they played the hand they were dealt.

Another ordinary couple, Jan and Paul, only a few years away from retirement. Their house is the place where most holidays and events are celebrated but in-between sometimes the house seemed too big for just the two of them.
About this time, Jan and Paul decided to become foster parents. Many thought they were making a mistake but Jan and Paul 's minds couldn't be changed. Although Jan and Paul would remind the kids they fostered that they weren't taking the place of their parents, Jan would say, " I am your Nana and no matter what happens, I will always be your Nana."....Although both Jan and Paul both knew the "Foster Parent" rule, the inevitable happened. A newborn named Cory abandoned by his mother at the hospital. came into their lives. Nearly 18 mos later, when Cory became a legal ward of the state they loved Cory too much to let him go to strangers.
Jan and Paul knew what they could do and then did what they must.
Jan and Paul legally adopted Cory.

Ordinary people, knowing what they could do, and then doing what they had to do.
Ordinary people made extraordinary by the way they played the hand they were dealt.

In the early winter of 1956, our third couple were looking forward to the birth of their third child. The future looked bright with possibilities. But then, suddenly, an unexpected card was dealt. A childhood burn injury of Don's became reinfected. The usual treatment began but this time, the infection was stronger. Once the doctors realized Don's leg had gangrene the only option was amputation. By St. Patrick's Day, Don was back home and believe it or not,.within 6 weeks, he was back at work.
Very fast by today's standard's of medicine but amazing considering we are talking about 1956. Many people might have used the leg amputation as an excuse, but not Don. Within a few short years, Pat and Don's family had grown from 3 children to 6 and Don realized he needed to change employers to advance his career. He was offered a job with Pepperidge Farms in Downers Grove, IL. He wasn't there very long when he was offered a promotion which involved a transfer to Norwalk CT....

Some of us might think that a transfer across country away from family and friends would be too much .... everything considered, who could blame Pat and Don for being cautious??
Hadn't they enough to deal with?? But not Pat and Don... they moved to CT and for the next 30 yrs, Don commuted 40 minutes twice a day.
By 1968, Pat and Don had 8 children. One of the younger girls was having trouble learning to walk and speak. Many doctors were consulted and finally, at Yale, the problem was found to be related to a valve outside the heart. A surgery was successful but the long term effects could not be changed. In the early 70's, education for "special" children was hit or miss...
So, with Don's support, Pat spearheaded a local group to change CT legislation so that all children in CT had the same educational
opportunities....There were countless meetings,phone calls, research to be studied. All this while working and raising 8 children... but Pat succeeded.. CT law was changed so that all children had the same educational opportunities.... In fact, because of her efforts, Pat was honored to meet and be congratulated by Roslyn Carter in person.

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things......
Ordinary people like you and I...( Speaker picks up the actual 'hand' of cards for audience to see and pantomimes choosing a card to play)........

Ordinary people winning, not because of the cards they were dealt but winning because of how they played the cards...

(Still holding 'hand' )

Ordinary people just like you and I.

( Long pause and then gesture to Toastmaster acknowledging its the Toastmaster's turn to retake the podium)


DH wants to go out for breakfast. I'll look in later!

Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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...and finds everything to her satisfaction. Thank you, Queen Kaylets, for arranging things so spendidly in our new home. I sweartogod, I dreamed about this place last night. Very powder blue, baroque, lots of knick-knacks, roaring fires, narrow staircases and vaulted ceilings with white molding and gold trim. Next time we move it's my turn to decorate and it'll be all Turkish. This, though, is by far the coziest digs we've ever had. So, pull up a Louis XI chair (or whatever). It's awesome in here.

I'm at a different internet cafe, sipping a ginseng and peppermint tea. Internet cafes are great - you buy a coffee/tea/bottled water and get 20 or 30 minutes free, depending. This one's cozy with low, black-painted ceilings, pillars, old, comfy furniture and blues. Friday I was at the one just a block away from our home, with modern furnishings and classical music. Though I miss having internet at home, these cafes are wonderful. Human interaction is limited, since we're all staring at screens, but there's something convivial about the tapping keys, and no one thinks you're weird if you murmur "bless you" when your neighbor sneezes. I do love, love, love living here.

I'm jazzed today - I got up at 9:00 with Ramon and saw him off to work, then walked down to Pike's Place (freezing my *** off - it's a cold, clear, sunny day here), got some of our favorite greasy, squishy, warm donuts and took them to Ramon's shop and shared them with him and Grae, his super-hip boss. I love Grae. Then I bussed up to Broadway and have been strolling up and down, bought the latest Stitch and ***** knitting book (I'm determined to learn how to knit and the patterns are very, very hip), bought some toys for the Royal Catlies, Simone and B'Elanna, and seriously discussed a raw food diet with the shopkeeper. I also bought a smudge stick at our herbalist/tarot reader/pretty things store - I've never used one before (herbs tied together with string - you light them and stub out the flames and let it smoke in a bowl for a while, supposed to cleanse the air) but I burn incense and resin and stuff, and people swear by smudge sticks as an air-freshener. I refuse to buy the spray any more. Hate it. It's my 'try something new' day, because after this I'm going to try out the Green Cat Cafe, which is supposed to serve kick-butt vegan food. Wish you ladies were with me today.

Man, you guys, so much is happening in your heads today - I honestly can't respond to everything, but I've read and smiled and laughed and am so proud of every one of you for how you're fashioning your lives. I treasure your thoughts and dreams and admire the work you're doing on yourselves and your homes, bodies, skills.

Kaylets, I'm doing the happy dance for you guys setting some real, awesome boundaries with your DS. Yes, the other shoe may drop, but you're equipped, man, and I know you and your DH are going to stand strong with these new tools to help you - I mean the changed locks, the rent ultimatum, him being gone for awhile - these are all going to help you renew your own two lives, I'm sure of it. And I'll be honest with you, I'm going to read your speech tomorrow when I've got more time to digest it.

Lord have mercy - I'm doing the rest of the posties tomorrow when I have time to respond to all of you. Sorry...

For now though, I love knowing you all, I'm proud of you, and you're dam' good company.
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Hello all!
The "mostly clear " day became very raw and rainy....
DH and I got carried away and he wound up waiting too long for lunch which then made his sugar #'s goofy so he's sleeping...

I 'm doing odds and ends ....
Going to start some lentil soup and try to connect w/ a few folks on the phone.

hope everyone is well. And yes, Cerise is right.... We should take great pride in our efforts....

And oh geez, how could I have not noticed that this is French Provincial?? Serves me right for letting Hildie in here....Let me go and drag all the big squishy rockers and overstuffed chairs back in.... and whoever walled up the fireplace will have to answer!! I have footmen using very unroyal tools to knock all that wallboard down... we shall have a nice cozy fire here in short order.....

Seems like a royal's job is never done.....

And whatever made Hildie think you can do French Provincial on a $1000 budget....??

oh, btw,
Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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Second day of the new year. How's it going? So far so good?
Garry and I are doing the "Soul Coaching" book again. It's 28-day program. We did it last April. It's interesting to see how we've changed since we kept our journals from last time. I'd say I've made progress! Cool!
We've also meditated the last 2 days, and man, my thoughts are all over the place!!! There I am, following my breath, and all of a sudden, I'm making grocery lists, singing silly ad jingles, thinking about work, and worse! Yep, it can only get better. This is a good discipline for me.
Loved your speech, Kaylets! And it's fun to picture you doing it because I know what you look like now!
Love hearing about city life too, Cerise. It sounds wonderful! Funny you should mention smudge sticks, I used one today.
By the way, one of my resolutions is to stop buying regular cleaning products for home. I want to make my own from now on--from vinegar, baking soda and such. Whenever I get it together to do that, I really do like it better. Only exceptions will be dishwasher soap, and carpet spot cleaner!

Interesting to hear others talk about one-sided friendships. When I tried to call my friend on it, she said, 'So you're keeping score?' She just didn't get it and even admitted that I made 100% of the contact. 2 years ago and it still stings, but I know I'm better off.

Back to work tomorrow!
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Flying by, Dearies! I'll get in to catch up soon, but it's been Dreaded EOM and DH has been home all week...

Had a very strange experience. My latest article profiling an artist -- the woman was talking about major upheavals and so on. The painting we decided to talk about was called "Tsunami" and was an image of one -- the article was all about "messages for humanity" and destruction, but also transcendence and peace. The woman is deeply religious and believes that her work is guided by the holy spirit. I think most people won't realize that the article was written and printed before the tsunami, but I had a friend call me the other night and ask me if I was freaking out about it. I'm not, but it's just one of those slightly inexplicable things.

I heard from wsw, who's been sick with a respiratory thing. Hope you're feeling better if you're managing to lurk, Sweetie!

Love to all!

Onederland by New Years

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What a coincidence, Arabella. One, I'm sure, that will also have more people reading the article thoroughly. Transcendence and peace - love that as my goal.

Communication mishap here - today I was looking at Christmas gift certificates from dh. He had typed up one for a Tai Chi class I had been thinking of taking starting this week. I assumed it was a gift but I would have to register, etc. and was still debating whether or not to sign up as I can't go first night. Something made me ask........turns out he has already registered me and paid for the classes. The other g.c. is for services at a spa and he had told me he did prepay that because "otherwise you won't go do it'. Turns out he meant that statement for both certificates. So now I'm registered for Tai Chi. Please tell me it's ok to miss the FIRST CLASS. I'm sure that's not good but I do want to take the course. AND I'm going to schedule a massage for next week - whether I've earned it or not - a sort of pre-reward of sorts. I guess he did it this way this time because he had typed up a g.c. for five massages for my birthday and I had only gone for one (since they weren't prepaid but he had not wanted to choose where I should go). But anyway, glad I asked.....

So tomorow it's back to the Real World for me. I've so much enjoyed this sabbatical of sorts. All my decorations are staying up, possibly for as long as another week. My DIL celebrates "Little Christmas" (Byzantine Calendar) so I am too this year. We always left our tree up that long when I was a child sort of as a courtesy to neighbors and others who celebrated. Plus it covered the Feast of the Magi and my mother was always careful to include that in our celebrating. So, since I'm not rushing to get off to Florida this year, I'm covering the whole spectrum.

Arabella, somehow I didn't realize there was an EOM this month. Kaylets, good speech, sound principle.

Hmm, Cerise, are you helping me to decorate? Am considering repainting my bedroom in a Frenchy blue. While the furniture is total '50s, it does contain some obscure Second Empire elements. Don't know, Kaylets. I think Hildie would do something more in Cerise's Turkish theme. Although I think she actually did a blue room once and I was in shock.

Sorry to hear wsw is having respiratory problems though I was sure she was having some kind or she'd have been with us. Cheers, w.

Had a good nap and have been "putzing" around organizing myself for the new year. Each child presented me with an "organizer" - think they're giving me a message? DDs is for my purse and Ds's is a whole big thing. I'm so used to using a calendar on my fridge but this will be helpful because I'm thinking I can squeeze in some diet stuff here and there as well as soon as I get a system worked out.

Had fun w/a nice leisure outfit dh gave me as well. Needed a larger size top so took both pieces back and exchanged them. Turned out I DIDN'T need the larger pants so had to go back and exchange them again. Have weighed in and damage is substantial so surprised the smaller pants did the job.

Dh seems slightly better this evening. Poor guy - second weekend out of the last three that he was totally out of it.

Well, good night, ladies. I'm turning this infernal machine off for the day.
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