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Default Good morning!

I felt a bit better yesterday, did spend the day working on getting the house up to code, but realized it will take more than a day. Probably worked too hard on it -- urinary tract infection is back, plus sinuses, chest congestion. I feel like I've got an infection from my top to my bottom. Have foresworn coffee this morning, since I know it makes it worse, am taking cranberry extract and ginseng, acidopholus. Will get a goldenseal/echinachea tincture and drink lots of green tea and water. I did all these things before, but I think I stopped too soon (as soon as the symptoms disappeared). Feh! Seems so unfair when I've been off sugar in such a major way. Oh well...

Kaylets, what a great story! Do you know anything about who wrote it? Re: sunset vs. sunrise -- I refuse to choose! In the ideal world, I'd be watching both every day they were visible, making my pact with the day.

Ceara, EWWWWW!!! How horrible! Hope your ear isn't too badly savaged and that it and earring have a complete recovery!

Anagram, thank you so much for the wise words! To be honest, I can't help but try to think of a solution to the problem. But, yes, we have to understand that trouble is part of life.

Amarantha, thank you so much for stopping by! Sometimes that's all that one is up to, and it's so much appreciated!

DGS is here -- must away, but love to all mentioned or un-. Let's make this a good one!
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Wink Bleary Thursday


I'm having one of those days where you're feeling pukey because you spent the last evening watching movies and eating too much Thai food - you're yucky physically because of all that sitting around and eating, and you're yucky mentally because the mountains of undone work sitting at home press on your mind.

I'm afraid this is a blow-by, but I wanted to stop in (after two days of lurking and not writing ) and say how much I'm glad that we're all here. Let's try, this season, to come in and say something, even if it's me-me and not very message-y for everyone. You know? Just reading about your lives and hearing that I wasn't the only one fighting the "hissies" (thanks for that great terminology, Anagram!) in the last couple of days helped so much. I resonated with your messages so much, all of them, and even though I'm not going to talk individually today, I sincerely felt all of your...feelings in my own heart and thought of you fondly.

I went to see my new therapist for our 4th session, which is probably why I'm not feeling very talkative today - it usually takes a couple of days after each session for coherent thoughts to coalesce enough to even talk about them.

One thing - I've found my shoes on the internet! I'm buying myself a pair of gorgeous character shoes to celebrate my new life as a dancer. Dancing has been one of my great, great longings since I was a child, any kind of dancing (I've gotten urges to learn hula, flamenco, latin, belly, everything except ballet and jazz), and I think being true to these urges (finally) might be part of what unlocks my great mystery (at least in the Why Do I Hate Exercising? department) and leads me into a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Eating (specifically: Why Can't I Eat Healthy Food in Moderate Portions?) is still a great mystery yet to be cracked.

All right, dears, have a wonderful day and know that I'm thinking of/smiling at you. Much love,

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Amarantha, I don't know much about cortisol---I'll have to read up on it. Any recommendations? Thanks for stopping by----please come more often!

Kaylets, doggone it, now I'm crying! But in that good way, of course!

Ceara, how's the ear? Truly horrifying story! [shudder]

Anagram, are you close to finishing your Christmas shopping? I love to finish early.

Wildfire, good luck finding your 'nest'! Very exciting. My unsolicited advice: keep an open mind. We always envisioned an old farm house for ourselves and ended up in a vacation cottage and it's perfect for us.

Arabella, feel better soon, my dear. Drink up!

Cerise, I love hearing how excited you are about being a dancer. Dancing is the best--did a little belly dancing tonight myself just for the JOY of it. I have the African Healing Dance tape too; have you tried it? Truly joyous!

Remember the accident I was in a few weeks ago? We have a third car, so it was nice to drive the spare and then that car broke down on us a couple of days ago----so 2 cars in the shop and we had to figure out the logistics of me getting around. And I was okay with it, didn't like it, but I didn't freak out. And I know you've heard it a million times from me, but being sugar-free has changed my brain or something! I am, as I told Cerise, rather unflappable lately!
I did get my car back today and it looks brand new. Nice to have the old girl back! Get to pick up the other one tomorrow and our little metal family will be complete again. It's true that we won't have a dime to throw around this holiday but that's okay, all's well!
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Hello all!

Just a quick stop by to say hi...

Ceara-- YIKES!! Bet the pup was very upset wondering what was going on!
And how many stitches???

Wood Nymph-- It was one of those emails fwded by someone else... came from the Yahoo site it looks like... I'll see if I can find out for you...

Cortisol.... sigh... still stress related right?

Spent today's commute reading Marianne Williamson's "Refelctions on A Course in Miracles".....
Am very encouraged that she writes as I remember her speaking on television... she believes its all just different paths to the same place... and that place is simply but grandly, love....

See you all soon.
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Hi, E!!! My recommendation for cortisol reduction: RETIRE EARLY!

And hi all s and thanks for the responses to my cortisol dilemma ... will write more later.

Well, I have five minutes before I have to head out to cover a meeting, so can't post much again ... but wanted to say I feel better and have embarked and invited participation on a 30-day holiday challenge (which unfortunately I posted on the challenge section and my journal in the far far away land ... hoping folkettes will join me) ... IT'S LATER THAN WE THINK, s ... THIS IS IT ... LAST CHANCE CAFE ... gonna get in gear for the new year.


Sorry, I gotta go do this thang!
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Hello all!

Friday! Hope the Q of Friday can stop by and bring news of her kingdom....

Looks like my system thinks its in the midst of a "illegal transaction..."

Think its best to wish us all a good day and I'll look in from work if I can....

and oh by the way, I can only lurk from there but just imagine me there on my rocking throne, listening raptly ....


PS- Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite?
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the sword bearer
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O.H.H....SNOW! Just a slight bit...

No, no stitches...just drugs. The earring didn't pull down through the lobe. Thank goodness it came unclasped. The gash across my ear is just below the cartilage that forms the V at your ear was/is shallow...a tooth caught me there too....Yes she was confused, 'cause I whipped her butt into a crate so I could assess the damage...actually DS eyes don't swivel over there..."It's Ok MOM, I don't think you need stitches" My son, the doctor. (He's 17)

Am working through Cortisol Connection book....think I need to assimilate this info....sounds just like me...or is that how they write those books? off shortly...I need to pack and load the car...then hit the road. Have a great week-end ladies...I'll check back in on Monday!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!

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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Thumbs up Good morning, Glories!

I do feel better this morning, and will keep up all the things that make me feel better. Did get to the gym this a.m. and did a set of tai chi while I was there -- nice to have all that space and flat floor, although there's so much more chi around for the gathering outside. Sunny here, although pretty freakin' cold. Tonight's Friday night, and still a big treat even if it only means watching a movie and not looking forward to the alarm going off in the morning.

Ceara, so glad to hear that your shell-like ear is intact! The cortisol connection sounds very interesting -- I'm going to see what I can find out about it. I know that stress is a big problem for me, and has certainly been a huge factor in this weight problem.

Wildfire -- YES!!! It was the house hunt! I knew there was something big going on. Too bad about the great house in the terrible location, but I know you'll find your perfect place. I love Nat King Cole too, loved your description of listening to music -- love being able to picture you, too, since I've had the pleasure of seeing you in the flesh.

Amarantha, so happy to hear that you're feeling better. YAY!!!! Looking forward to hearing more. This has been very interesting, taking even a few days off. I feel occasionally like I should be doing work-related things but have fought off the impulses. Next week the site editor is away (she's going to be an extra in "The War of the Worlds" which Steven Spielberg's shooting near where she lives) so I'll have more responsibilities, but I suspect get more done too since I won't have as much e-mailing and IMing taking up my time.

Kaylets -- I see you there on your rocking throne, nodding sagely and thinking your royal thoughts!

Anagram, thanks for the warning on the computer solitaire -- I was just about to have a look for same and then thought "do I need another way to procrastinate?" Uh-uh. I can imagine it being sort of meditative, but then I can also imagine spending WAY too much time on it. I think I'll make myself do a meditation today instead.

Cerise, oh, yup, I certainly know that feeling -- too much food (although I am v. surprised to hear that one can eat too much Thai food -- thought it was exempt ) and sitting and the messy environment thing. I've started to get my house clean, but found to my dismay that it wasn't a one day job. Guess I'll list the bigger chores and try to get them done gradually.

Eydie, my sugarfree twin! I concur. The psychological effects are astounding. Not that things don't bother me, but they don't overwhelm me. I feel so much more level-headed. And that's bound to help deal with things instead of just getting tied in a knot about them.

Punkin, if thou lurkest Happy Friday!

All, let's get out there and make this a good one. Love!
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Love it when the thread is so active I have a time catching up after only one day! Arabella, hope you're feeling better - too familiar with one day not doing it. Give DGS a couple of hugs from me. And try to rest when he does - IF he does. Hope housing problem is working out a bit.

Ceara, hope the ear is feeling better. Love it that you get to go on these weekend jaunts though I'm sure it puts time stress on rest of week. But they sound so fun!

Nope, Eydie, not near done on shopping. Hope to get out today and get daughter last of her birthday gifts. Do have the girlies done (most important), also DIL, need one more thing for DD and also for DSIL. Then it's DS - he's getting as tough as his Dad to buy for. And then there's Dad himself - almost impossible. For his birthday this week, I got him a new remote ALL FOR HIMSELF. $10 but it was more for the idea and he liked it.
Glad your car's home!

Wildfire, courage in the househunt. It's so fun and so discouraging at the same time.

Woke up this a.m. a bit on the blah side but I've pushed that into the past. You're right, Cerise, if you sit too long, you can get to be very blah. Hey, hon, vent when you want and me-me when you want - just check in, lurk but don't get lost again.

Glad you're feeling a bit better, Empress. Come on and check in on the court and we're sure to brighten your life (a little humility here?) - anyway sounds like your challenge will help. Will search it out a bit.

Had a good day yesterday on all 3 fronts. Gad, that's two in a row - is the earth still spinning on its axis?

Don't want to lose my momentum for the day so had best kiss the computer goodbye for a while.
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Good Friday, mes amies!

Punkiiiiin. It ain't Friday 'til the redhead sings.

Just stopping in to say hey - I'll be back later to do posties. I hope you're all doing well today. A few more hours until the weekend!!!
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Thumbs up

Well, I'm absolutely certain that this is the first time I've ever conversed with you because I couldn't sleep - it's an ungodly hour; 8:45 on a Saturday morning! Just kidding. I don't always get up at noon on a weekend, but getting up before 9 is a rarity and I thought I'd remark on it.

I really can't sleep, though. I'm feeling rather feverish this morning. Maybe I've already mentioned that I've been answering ads in the local anti-paper (what do you call those? Free weekly papers that everyone reads but they aren't the paper, know what I mean?) for bands looking for vocalists. Well, most of them are infants (age 18 to 25, max) looking for an Avril Lavigne look-alike, though they can't say that because they shamefacedly know that it should be about the music and not about how their lead singer looks in a punk bustier, but I digress. Most of these bands haven't the slightest intention of calling me back because I make it clear when I contact them that I'm 29 and a woman of size, though I also make it clear that I'm pretty, very funny on stage and experienced in lead singing and recording. The age and the weight are totally against me, so I get no calls back, but I keep on because it's a numbers game (Ramon introduced me to this concept). Eventually, I'll run into a group of people for whom it is all about the music and not about selling sex, and then I'll be in. And those will be the only kind of people that I want to make good music with anyway, right? Right.

So, ANYWAY. Sorry for the long lead-in. I got a response last night, not from The Stranger ads (our weekly anti-paper) but from an ad posted on a window at our favorite used music store on Broadway, you know the kind, with young hipsters meandering here and there flipping through cds looking for the latest release from local underground bands - a cool place with infinite listening stations. These two guys were also infants (listen to me - it's like I'm 90 or something), but charming, polite infants who wrote about their lovely, tender musical sensibilities in the ad and thereby won my heart. The guitarist (who works at the store) asked me in a voice message to stop by, pick up a demo of his guitar playing and determine what I could add vocally to the project. Excited isn't the word. Recording again! I could record with nice, hip young men and maybe it'll be brilliant! In college, when I had a million requests to record my vocs on peoples' demos, I would've said, "Well, I don't know..." but now I'm all freaked out - when can I start? Where's your recoding space? Is now a good time???

I know that so much could go wrong (here's me overthinking again) - I'm worried that when they see me...well, I'm not the elephant man. I won't think about that any more.

So, posties. Thanks for reading all of that, by the way. I'm so verbose when I'm in an up period and am actually putting myself out there.

Anagram, the penny drops. I've long wondered what your husband was dealing with that you and he had to be so solicitous of the health of his kidneys. An aneurysm - yikes. That must have been painful and infinitely frightening. Well, I just think that you and he must be extraordinary people - your life sounds good, a life I'd like to come visit and bask in every so often, and I can't help but think that only the strongest and best of people could make a good life in the face of such a life-changing and -challenging event. At least, your life sounds good. Maybe it's **** on wheels and you've been faking it this whole time on our thread, but I think not. Your DH is a lucky man and I'm honored to have spent time reading about your and his life.

Arabella, you made me laugh. Honey, I live in a one-bedroom apartment and even that ain't no one-day cleaning job. Crazy girl. I'm glad you're feeling better, love, and was intrigued by your statement - more chi to be gathered outside? Hmmm. Do you mean gathering strength from looking at a beautiful tree or a smile from a stranger or a cute dog walking along? Like that? Please explain because that's a way cool concept and I'm going to adopt it even if it's not what you meant. Muchas gracias for the inspiration!

Oh, my Lord, Ceara. Ow ow ow ow ow ow! Ehhhh, *shudder*. You poor baby! Walking wounded and all that. Have a good weekend even dealing with your Mike Tyson ear...

Kaylets, you call me, baby, anytime you want! How I'd love to hear your voice. Your story was cool - thanks for sharing it. Is your computer OK?

Eydie, I really am excited about dancing, and masterfully trying to fight away the million fearful thoughts that come knocking when you try something new. What if I hate it? What if I just suck at it and quit? What if no one wants to dance with me? Etc. Just a sampler there. Never mind! I'm just going to do it. I believe that if you put yourself out there that (along with the inevitable awkwardnesses and embarrassments) rewards that you never anticipated follow, and I'm just going to shut my eyes and jump. I know you believe in all this too - just repeating it for my own edification. Whoa, you have that African dance DVD too? I pulled it dusty off a used DVD shelf at the aforementioned music store - I actually watched the dancing and wept a little, because I used to watch the mothers from the Muslim village teach their daughters very similar steps around a fire at night in Africa. Yes, it's a wonderful DVD. Now to actually dance to it...

My dear, two cars in the shop would have indeed put me and most other average American women into a considerable flap. You are to be commended and I'm overjoyed for you...

My dear Amarantha, your psyche is anything, anything but weak. Trust me on this one. And I wish you'd stop worrying about responding to people - I read your stuff and you are talking to me, silly. You're here and with me and that's all I care about, my dear. We all need to get a life sometimes. Like me. My only friends in this big city are still my brother and SIL, and I've been here for a year and a half! For someone as social as me, that might as well be a decade and a half. I have daydreams about meeting an ultra-cool gay man at salsa dancing and he'll be my best friend. Not sure why the sexual preference is important, but it seems to be and I'm rolling with it. God, I'm weird...

Wildfire, your neffy is too cute to be real. Come on, used pictures of a Baby Gap model, didn't you?!

Hmmm, what's in my discman? I've been playing this album, "Simply Baroque" with Yo-yo Ma. Baroque music (Bach and stuff) relaxes me like nothing else, except maybe jazz. It's a wonderful CD to have playing during a stressful time. Ahhh, Vin Diesel. Y'know, there's something irresistible about a beefcake-looking man with exotic, racially ambiguous looks who was an English major. We watched "The Chronicles of Riddick" this week and...I have no words.

Speaking of movies, I saw "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks last night and really liked it. Kind of feel-good at the end (Spielberg can't resist it, I swear) but very, very good.

WSW, Punkin, Seecat, Frogger, Zadie - love to you all and hope everything's copacetic with you.

On to hunt for the perfect tree! Luv!
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Happy Sunday, my dears!

All right, well, I'm afraid of boring all of you with 3 straight posts in a row about little ol' me, but I want to be with you today, so here's me sitting down and telling you about my Saturday.

Our tree is exquisite. We drove for about half an hour to find my co-worker's tree farm, having a meaningful conversation in the meantime about our arguring style and why it's not very efficient (he says something I think is thoughtless or offensive, I get indignant and fire a salvo, he shows indifference and feigns shock that I'm even upset, then I blow my stack, etc.). We get to the tree farm (it's raining, of course - this is Seattle we're talking about) and it's positively crawling with people, but the family is efficient about getting people a saw and getting them on the wagon to go out into the fields of Christmas trees as far as the eye can see. Or they can be weiners and buy one from their lot for outrageous we tromp through the soggy fields, looking for the perfect tree, and there it was. I'm including a picture, unadorned for now. After we tied it to the top of our car, we paid for it, a sprig of real mistletoe (with berries and everything!) and got free cups of hot apple cider pressed by a family about 1/2 mile away. What a very, very cool experience.

Anyway, today we decorate.

I'm going to sign off so Ramon can get on (don't want to precipitate a fight ). See you later hopefully, ladies. I hope you're all out doing amazingly fun things this weekend.

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Just so you don't feel too lonely rattling around in here, Cerise...

Great tree! It looks beautiful already, too We're getting our tree next week -- DH's birthday is on the 16th and I'll be hosting a dinner party, always like to have the tree up for that. It always seems to be a dependably very pleasant gathering. Holiday magic, I think because somehow I manage to have everything ready ahead of time and all goes smoothly and everyone's in a very festive and warm mood.

We went to my mom's birthday party yesterday afternoon and my behavior was stellar . Not a glass of wine, not a single illicit treat. Then DH's staff party -- well, I drank 5 glasses of wine. But had only salad, veggies and lean turkey and ham for dinner, so I'm counting it a semi-victory. Also, actually had some fun (after *****ing about having to go for about a week ) So, that's good and I'm totally back on the wagon today where I'll remain for the foreseeable future, with only 2 or 3 brief, controlled, and fleeting exceptions through the holidays.

Going to watch "Hero" tonight. DH is cooking an Indian meal as we speak. Tomorrow is my first WI after a full week OP (ok, except for the wine) on the SB induction, so I'm hoping to have a good loss See you in the morning!
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Hello all!

Been a very odd day for me schedulewise.. I ate perfectly fine which is a plus but took a nap from 10:30 to 1 mostly because I felt like a block of ice...
And its really pretty nice outside....

My ebay auctions are not being bid on... a tiny bit but nothing as it should be...
Now, DH and I are going to have rethink the whole process...

And believe it or not, I've been lurking around ....

Cerise, the tree looks perfect! And I wish my house was tidy as yours !
Right now, I feel like I could use a dumpster!

Wood Nymph, You've survived two holiday gatherings w/ barely a scratch!
How regal !!

So... finally have a photo to share....
The me on the far left is early days of the journey...
In themiddle is me now but wearing the same shirt as in the far left...
and the shot to the far right speaks for itself...

So... there I am!
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Pictures all over the place! Love it!

First, Kaylets...what a transformation! Maybe I shouldn't say it, and I hope it doesn't offend you because we are all on personal journeys to our goals, but I don't think you need to lose any more weight. You look great now! Perhaps your body has been trying to tell you that the last while. Don't get hung up on a number.

Cerise, what a darling tree! Our real trees were alway big sprawly beasts that didn't look so big and sprawly in the great outdoors but sprung to life like the tree from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation once we got them home in the living room. Yours looks perfect! Can we have pictures of it when the decorating is completed? I can just picture Ramon with a goofy perma-grin now that he has his real tree.

Arabella, so glad the party wasn't as awful as you'd expected. DH's party last night was fabulous. It was so nice for me to see all my old workmates. I've never been hugged so much in one night in my life!!

Our house hunting yesterday took us to see five houses. One of them we want to purchase! I have been on pins and needles since we were there. I'm not good at these things...I want it NOW. It is in a great location, excellent condition, and I really think it is the best we are going to find for the price we want to pay. I don't need to see any more houses. This is the one I want. The kitchen is small, and one of my main requirements was a good kitchen, but the potential is there for us to redo cabinetry and add a little, and then it would be great! So we are meeting with the bank in the morning to finalize things and then we'll make an offer. Please cross everything you have for us! I want this house SO much. Details...gleaming hardwood floors (I mean you could see your reflection in them!) new ceramic floors in the foyer and powder room, 3 bedrooms (master bedroom has a 2pc ensuite), finished basement, cold storage, fully fenced back yard, great deck on the back, single car garage, security alarm, all freshly painted, new carpets...I'm going to be insane until we get this house!

Here's some pics (no revealing information included as to location):
Front -
Back -
Entry -
LR -
Kitchen -
Dining -

I'm not going to sleep tonight!
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