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tiredoffat 08-15-2004 06:12 PM

Daily Check-In
Anyone interested in a daily check-in. The focus would be to email one, two or three times a day to check in on the following:

exercise yes/no - if so, what kind?
Food not eaten - the food you passed up to lose weight even thought you wanted it.
healthy eating report and/or calories consumed.

Also, thoughts, feelings, etc.

I know this would really help me lose weight. I also know it would fit my busy lifestyle to be able to check in at any time.

I'll start. Mom's birthday party - difficult.

exercise - lots of heavy cleaning
food not eaten - alcohol, ice cream, kids' cake, sweet bagel, cream cheese
healthy eating - lots of fruit instead of ice cream, lots of water
calories - 2200 (daily calorie goal - 1500-2000 to start)

I made a plan before the party and pretty much stuck with it. I still ate a lot, but a lot less than I would usually have eaten.

sw 210/gw 150

kerryclem 08-16-2004 10:12 AM

This is a great idea! I'll post about yesterday.......

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Exercise - Did yard work for an hour last night - hauling branches, picking up twigs, pulling weeds; Grocery shopping in Wal Mart on a Sunday (think extreme shopping! We also parked at the very back of the parking lot.)

Foods passed up - Diet Coke (limitin myself to a max of 2 per day), candy, pretzels, cake, brownies, BEER

Healthy Eating Report - Ate breakfast of eggs, toast and cantelope and a glass of milk (blech!) within an hour of getting up. Lunch of I-Haven't-Had-My-Coffee-Yet wrap (turkey, cream cheese & lettuse on a whole wheat wrap). Snack of whole grain bread with benecol and a handful of almonds. Dinner of BBQ King (turkey keilbasa mixed with baked and navy beans, tomatos topped with a flaxseed infused breadcrumb) and raw veggies.

Yesterdya was a good day. No real challenges as far as eating goes, except for seeing the brownie mix box in the pantry every time I went to put something away or do laundry. Still really down about myself, though..... I have GOT to get this weight off ASAP......

hblank 08-16-2004 11:47 AM

:tread: And here I thought this thread would be pages & pages long!!
TODAY is my first day on the South beach diet. I have fianally had it. I need to get healthier so that I can keep up the hours I need to for school & work without really wearing myself out.

Exercise today, probably none, except walking around the hospital I work in as it is rainning quite a bit today.

Breakfast- protein shake (see breakfast recipes SBD Phase I), coffee with skim lactaid, no sugar or sweetner (yuk) and a string cheese

Snack- celery sticks with 1 tbs peanut butter

Lunch- salad made with all sorts of raw veggies, squash,zuccini, broccoli,cauliflower,cucumbers,tomatoes, and all marinated overnight in vinager...yummy!!

Dinner....who knows yet? I will have to post that later.

I know it is early, but so far so good. Passed up a bagel, a muffin, donuts, and so many more temptations, but I am determined to do it this time.

kerryclem 08-16-2004 01:48 PM

Yay Blank!!! Doing good so far!

Today's going well..... Just got back from taking the girls to the library to get some books and videos. They LOVE the library so much! Even Heather at only 10 months....

Exercise - Well, I got a new Yoga video today at the library, so I'm going to do that in a bit. I also parked far from the door at the libraray and danced with Aliceon while holding Heather.

Food Challenges - Still fighting the Diet Coke Demon, but so far so good - I haven't had one yet!

Healthy Eating Report - For breakfast it was an Abs Diet Smoothie. Morning snack was a pice of whole grain bread with benecol and a piece of string cheese. Eating my lunch of homemade chicken soup right now. Snack in a bit will be an apple and some peanut butter. Dinner is going to be Mas Macho Meatball subs.

**All the foods that I have listed are outlined in the Abs Diet Book with recipes. All are low fat and low GI**

Thoughts and feelings - I'm tired and not feeling so grand today....... but it will get better!


hblank 08-16-2004 02:48 PM

Kerry, you are doing great, better then I.
I crumbled, I had some hot tomales(sp) in my drawer from last week & I just ate them. :( Oh well, the fight goes on, right?
On another note though, I made this huge salad for lunch without any lettuce, and I can't eat it all. I am full. I will snack on the rest on the train ride home.
Yoga is great. I need to get a tape too, that would be a great way to start a morning, or start back at the gym.

kerryclem 08-16-2004 04:29 PM

One indiscretion does not a diet fail. Just jump back on the horse!
I had my 2 glasses of Diet Coke today...... I just NEEDED it...... but, I am allowed two, so that's okay..... Just ate my snack of apple and almonds..... now time to start thawing dinner!

tiredoffat 08-16-2004 05:06 PM

Thanks for responding to this thread. It's very helpful to me to check in. I agree a discretion here and there won't hurt.

Here's my day so far:

Exercise - extreme classroom set up. Nine hours straight of moving furniture, putting up bulletin boards, passing out materials, etc., etc. I have to pay extra for day care to do this so I try to finish it up as quickly as I can before school starts. Today I did all the heavy lifting/moving work, next time I'll do all the think work/paperwork. Then I'll be set to start at the end of Aug.

Food - breakfast - spinach, potato (not too many pieces), onion frittata made with low fat milk and some cheddar cheese - very yummy. I'd say about 500 calories.
oj - 110

Lunch - four plums - yes four, they were so good! (180 cals), yogurt smooothie - plain yogurt, fresh strawberries and banana and ice (about 300)

so far 1090 (calorie goal for now 1500-2000)

sw210/gw150 (still haven't got to the gym to weigh myself but my pants feel a little loose - perhaps I'll get their tonight. Depends on my husband's schedule)

Good luck everyone!!! Thanks for the support!

HestiaGwyn 08-16-2004 05:17 PM

Hi, I just signed up and thought I'd go ahead and jump in with both feet.
I had Oat Flakes cereal with skim milk and a cup of decaf for breakfast.
Lunch was leftover salmon, broccoli and wild rice.
Then, I crashed with my snack of soy crisps and Nutella!!!! Boy was is yummy!
Don't know what the dinner deal is yet but I may skip it, altogether and go walk 3 miles at the park.
Thanks for the opportunity to "tell the truth".
SW 235
CW 208
GL 155

tiredoffat 08-16-2004 05:55 PM

HestiaGwym, you've lost a lot of weight. That's great! I'm glad you are joining us. I noticed that you drink decaf - do you think that caffinated coffee is harmful to dieting? Good luck and enjoy your walk - sounds nice.

chipper15173 08-16-2004 07:05 PM

Hi y'all:

Everyone is doing great. Don't beat :stars: yourself up for eating something someone says is sinful :nono:. We would always have bad headaches. For me it works just to eat it and be done. If I don't then it will get to the point of binging and giving up on the whole deal of losing weight. I understand the "feeling down days". I get those myself. But, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take a nice bath, give yourself an facial or something and put fuzzy pjs on and tell yourself you are worth millions. Because you are.

I myself had a great first day of my new life. Because this time I am going to do it. :D.

I am on a plan of just changing a few things everyweek and making new habits. This week it is eating a better breakfast and getting my exercise in.

I did Curves. :tread:
Ate eggs and 2 toast for breakfast, ( it's always been 4 pieces of toast w/lots of peanut butter)
Ate at Fazollies (sp) for lunch got the small portion and not the big one
Had a pasta dish with tomatoes for dinner.
Will have a dessert later tonight. Fat free pudding

My reward for the changes made for this week will be a new shirt I saw today at Ross. ;)
Tomorrow will be a new day. With new challenges to over come. Take one hour at a time, it's easier to think short term.

Everyone have a great tomorrow and type to you then. :dance:

hblank 08-17-2004 09:27 AM

So true!! I do know that one indescresion isn't going to ruin my day, I just felt a little guilty, but those :devil: candies are gone now & I will not be replacing them.

So dinner last night, even though not on the South Beach diet, was a small bowl of cheerios with strwaberries & banas & skim milk. Calorie wise, not to bad, but it was 9pm which I usually will not eat after 7:30p, but I was starving!!! And 9pm was when I finally got home form work & stuff. Oh well!!

Back onto SB, breakfast was scrambled eggs with ketchup(yummy)
Lunch will be another salad of zuccini,squash,broccoli, culiflower,cucumbers, and tomatoes with a little bit of lite dressing.

Dinner??? I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Exercise---it doesn't look like it is going to rain today so maybe a nice long walk (about 1 hour) by the river here in Boston.

Keep up the good work everyone!


tiredoffat 08-17-2004 02:44 PM

Great encouragement from all. Thanks! I like the weekly reward idea. I think I'll do that too.

last night dinner - pasta/stewed tomatoes (700) daily total (about 2,000) stewed tomatoes are really good and really low cal/healthy - about 100 cals for the whole can!

breakfast cereal/milk (300)
lunch - veggie omelete, 4 pieces of bacon (not good, but I passed up the toast and potatoes), one plum (about 700 - a big omelete)
lots of water
plan for dinner - broiled bass and some veggies (I'll have to stop at the farm stand and buy something healthy probably zuchini and summer squash) (about 500-1000 left for dinner)

exercise - one hour of kayaking, low key not too strenuous but I got out there with my son. I hope to go for a swim too. I was taking a long ride to p/u my son. I was passing fast food restaurant after restaurant. I'm used to stopping and getting a diet coke and perhaps a treat. Instead we stopped at the state park and went kayaking for an hour for about the same cost (perhaps a little more).

Keep it up everyone. We're on a path to a better future!!!!


chipper15173 08-17-2004 05:42 PM

Everyone is doing so good. I have had a busy day. I had always wanted a Yorky Terrier. Well, they run about $700 and up. So, about 2 weeks ago I found in the paper a Silky Terrier, which are sorta the same, for cheap, no papers but purebreed. So, got him. He is 8 weeks old now. Well, today my dh tells me he found someone who has a Yorky for free, papered and everything. Went to look at her. Will get her in a few days. Now I have them coming out of my ears. That will give me 5 dogs. My son says not another one. That's a long story. He just moved back home when he got out of the navy in May. Shows no signs of leaving again soon. DH gives him till after holidays and then he has so much time to find a place. He has a good job and is 23. At least he pays me rent. HeeHee.
Eating wise: cereal/milk breakfast at 6 am, so that put me hungry at about 8. Didn't last me long. At a nabisco 100 cal snack. Lunch: Subway a half not a whole. I was hungry then too. Didn't eat lunch until 2:30 or so. DH making dinner now. Leftovers from a big bbq this last sat. Hamberger,baked beans, and what ever else is in there. Exercise: Took the puppy, getting leash trained, and the min pin for a walk about 1/2 mile this morning. So, far that top is mine.
Remember each day we are closer to where we want to be. That is one day less of old habits. What is past is past. Today is the only day to think about.
Everyone have a good night.
s/w:260 c/w:258.5 g/w:145

tiredoffat 08-17-2004 08:41 PM

Chipper and all, good luck with all those dogs. Thanks for the encouragement especially the "one day less of old habits."

I'm dying to drink a glass of wine or eat junk food to simply relax, but I'm writing on this site again. It's 8:42 - I'm beat. I'll take a bath instead of all that food.

I ended the day with a great salad - macaroni (135 cals), veggies (200 or less), feta (160) and an apple (100), watermelon (100) - that puts me at about 1700 so that's it for today.

I also managed to fit in a 20 min swim which was rushed, but good. I'm really going to need support once school starts again - that's when I'm always looking for junk food. Thanks again for all your encouragement. We're all on a journey for a healthier, happier lifestyle. We can do it.

sw210/cw205 (I weighed myself for the first time since starting - yeah! It's working)/gw(150)

tamaralynn 08-17-2004 09:23 PM

exercise: 3km walk and 30 minute crunches (gotta work off that baby fat)
Food not eaten - McDonalds. Walked in, and out with food JUST for the kids.
Meals today: Breakfast: Bowl of fruit - Lunch: Panza (beans and veggies) Dinner- cod fillet on whole wheat bun with non-fat cheese, salad and 1 skewer of shrimp *6 shrimp*

Total fat consumed: 6 grams (I don't do calories lol)

Weighed myself this morning, and I was 230! But when I got home I was 229.5! Whoa! What happened? My CLA is kicking in now, not as hungry as I used to be.

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