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  • Thanks for all the advice, I think some of what I was feeling was shock. I am ok with it today and even excited for her. Tiredoffat---I completely agree about the life after kids, I do have 3 step-children that are 3,5,6. I have been with their dad since they were 3mos,1&1/2,& 2&1/2, so we already have busy weekends, but very fun & fulfilling.

    As for the diet, yesterday was a total wash. Talk about emotional eating!
    But it is a new day, I won tickets to the Pats/Jaguars game tonight, so I will be VERY good during the day so the couple of beers won't kill me tonight.
    Started off with coffee and bagel with light cream cheese.
    L--i think I will run out for a grilled chicked greek salad with lemon for dressing. This indian place near the hospital makes them...yum!
    Snack- sugar free jello
    Dinner- bbq at tailgate party!!!!

    Didn't got to the gym this morning, but seeing as it is so nice out, I think a walk at lunchtime is in order.
  • Morning:
    hblank: We have our days. It's done over with, today is a new beginning. Have fun at the ballgame. If you are tailgating, why don't you walk around the lot? I have never tailgated before so I only know what I see on TV.
    tiredoffat: You are doing great on avoiding the teachers lounge. Hey for you. Enjoy the quit time in a quit place and reflect on what is going on with your body and enjoy the changes it is making. And feel good about it in the process.
    1977: Keep counting them points. You will be surprised at how much you can eat and not use many points. I always went for the no point food, but, didn't lose because I wasn't eating my taget points. I am happy to see you are doing good.
    Remember everyone: One day at a time, one hour at a time if easier, and Slow and steady wins the race. One day closer to our goals and past is past.
  • Hi all - another good day. The kids came to school today - seems like an energetic, very nice and hardworking class. I enjoyed them today. I had a first too - usually kids make a mistake and call me "mom" but today for the first time someone called me "grandma" - a sign of getting older. I told the child it was a compliment and got a good chuckle.

    breakfast - very healthy, but not that tasty tofu smoothie - 400
    lunch - apple and two plums - 200
    dinner - salad - turkey (so low cal), cheese (not so low cal), veggies, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (600), pear ( about 100).
    exercise - a bike ride tonight

    Total - about 1300-1400

    Thanks for all the encouragement. Good idea to put lemon on the salad. Take care all.
  • hey all.....day 3 and going strong. went over by half a point today....but i have a storage of 3....so now I have 2.5 for actual need.

    Breakfast....well it was a bad breakfast, I had bologna & cheese sandwich with guldens mustard on light italian bread with a full 8 oz. glass of 1% milk. TOTAL 11 pts

    Lunch....WW Smart Ones Homestyle Chicken dinner. Surprisingly filling, and only 5 pts.

    Dinner....3 oz hamburger and 1/2 c. rice a roni cheesy parmesan rice(which sucked, but was filling) for a bit total of another 11 pts.

    Snack (after work)....huge tomato and cucumber "salad" with white wine vinegar, adobo, and a tsp of olive oil.

    Dessert....kick butt quick peach cobbler....5.5 point, but well worth the going over by a touch.

    Todays total was 32.5 points...a little disappointed but still an overall great day.
    Got in touch of exercise, walking to and fro all day and walking to the bus....20 minutes tops, so I think it evens out.

    Sooped....energy levels did falter a bit today, but otherwise feeling great!!!!
  • Sorry I didn't have a chance to check in today, but what a crazy day. I was covering for a couple of co-workers & I will tell you those docs are very demanding!!
    Had a good breakfast-cinnamon muffin & coffee
    Lunch- not so good because I didn't get out, so one of the girls grab me lunch when she went for hers. Had fried rice from a thai place and veggies in batter(I think fried) with peanut sauce....yummy thai. Felt a little guilty, but then walked 2 miles home from the train station & just had boiled chicken with veggies & garlic. Very good for the no carb and low calories.
    Who knows what the weekend will bring, but I am sure it will be a very busy one chasing the step-monsters around.
    Have a great weekend everyone! I will try to check in again over it, but no promises. Last chance to beach it for the summer!!!
  • hblank - I just noticed once again that you're five pounds down - that's really great! Good luck this weekend. Perhaps you could stop at a farm stand and get more of those great cucumbers for snacks. I think I'll try to do that - there's something nice about the crunch and how long they take to eat when you need a break from all the energy.

    Synn - you can keep it up. You just went over a little. I know you can stay on the WW diet - it sounds like a great plan. How are all your family members doing that joined with you? Great job on the exercise too.

    I had a pretty good day. I'm finding it hard to fit in the exercise though so I may have to try to do it in the early morning. I should be able to fit it in all weekend.

    breakfast - 2 pcs whole wheat bread, 2 tbs healthy pb, 1 cup milk (450)
    lunch - grapes, 2 plums (200)
    dinner (at moms) - fish, green beans, one ear of corn, strawberries and cool whip - probably about 1,000 since she puts a lot of butter, sugar on things. I skipped the pot, ice cream, brownies, etc.
    snacks - sugarless gum, seltzer total - 1650 approximately - a little high, but not bad

    cw 202 (next weigh in 9/15)
    gw 150
  • Everyone is probably at the beach or fighting that nasty hurricane (or tropical storm) that's traveling up the east coast. I'm checking in to keep myself in check.

    breakfast - cottage cheese/fruit salad, coffee (300)
    lunch - two pieces grilled chicken covered with a little cheese and tomato, broccoli
    (about 600)
    snack - seltzer, sugarless gum (50 - 5 cals per piece), apple (135)
    planned dinner - grilled chicken w/veggies, corn on the cob, green beans (500)
    skipping the rice, bread, ice cream, candy bar, toast, etc.
    exercise - about 30 minutes total of swimming
    daily total - 1585 (I'd like to shoot for 1200 whenever I can, but this is ok)

    next weigh in 9/15
    gw 150
  • good evening all....the last two days were a success....right on target for lowest point amounts. yesterday I was a bit low, but i fell asleep early.
    i had breakfast of 2 light english muffins with 2 tsp margerine and lunch was a grilled chicken sandwich with a snack size bag of baked cool ranch doritos...days total was 24 points.

    today, missed breakfast, lunch/dinner was 2 bologna and cheese sandwiches, and then later on 2 slices cheese pizza. had a snack of a couple cups of popcorn too. todays total is 28 points

    so got in a bit more walking and a bit of actual lifting today so...yay, i'm workin it!
    the family is doing well, i think i am doing a bit better though because i am fully determined.
  • Yay
    Breakfast - Go lean crunch with Soy milk, Snack Orange, Lunch PB & jelly, Dinner Eggplant sandwich, snack PB & Jelly --- Didn't feel like cooking today

    Workout 45 Minute Back, Chest, Butt and Abs Circut

    I'm feeling pretty good right now.
  • Way to go synn and suchaprettyface! I'm finding this weekend full of temptation. So far I've resisted. I'm about to do a good workout. This morning instead of pancakes, I made myself a delicious egg frittata - eggs, onions, cheese, tomatoes (garden-fresh). Quite a few calories, but packed with healthy food.

    breakfast (500)
    lunch plan - fruit (200)
    dinner - tough, I'm going to a cookout. I'll bring lots of seltza, lemons and limes. I also bring a fruit salad or veggie plate so I know they'll be something for me to eat. I'll plan on eating some of the meat/chicken served with the veggies and drink seltza so should end up about 700 or so which will bring me to 1400.

    Hope everyone has a good day. I'll be checking in again tomorrow.
  • Good Luck Tired....I know you can do it.

    Everyone here is doing so great....I am so happy that I have found the right threads for me!!!!!

    I will be posting again later to fill you all in on my progress and to check in on yours, just thought I would check in now to boost a little confidence!
  • Glad to hear from you Synn. The weekend has been tough. I've been extra hungry and craving food. So far I've resisted with the exception of a little too much healthy dinner food last night. I skipped all the empty calories: ice cream, desserts, appetizers, alcohol. Had a great bike ride with the kids yesterday. During the party I spent a lot of time outside away from the food - a good strategy.

    Today I plan to eat light - I have lots of great garden vegetables around. I also plan to get some great exercise and do some necessary cleaning. I had a fun summer so it's time to get back to work even if it is a holiday. Take care and good luck all.
  • Yesterday went well.

    Breakfast was a light english with 2 tsp margarine & 8 oz. 1% milk
    Lunch was 2 meatless riblets (Gardenburger), a Kashi GO Lean bar, and 14 oz. Apple Juice
    Dinner was a bbq chicken sandwich...which was awesome

    I also walked for an hour with the BF
    POINT TOTAL: the full 32!

    Keep on truckin' everyone!
  • Good Job Synn. The hour walk sounds great! I had a second tough day - no empty cals again, but too much food - about 300 or so over my goal calories. I did fit in a short swim. Tomorrow I'll be back on track. We're all just getting used to the new school schedule so this first weekend was hectic.

    Keep up the good work all. We can do it!
  • Hi all. It's been a busy day. No exercise but I managed to stick to the diet.
    breakfast - banana-peach-strawberry-yogurt smoothie (400)
    snack - apple (135)
    lunch - 1/4 c. almonds (200 - very filling and good for you), cherry tomatoes, carrots