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  • Hi Julie, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Have fun at dinner. I'm going out tonight too. I'm saving calories for a nice dinner. We received a gift certificate a while back so we're sharing it with friends and going out. I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a crazy day so far but I've seemed to get my life in better order at least until the next unexpected event arises. I'm skipping a christening party tomorrow so I can do the last leg of studying for the course. I think my thirteen year old son is going to stay home too and catch up on his school work. He's easy going so it will work out.

    Thanks for all your support Julie, Carol and Roll. I'm really enjoying loosing the weight I had on - I have more energy, I can wear more interesting clothes and I generally feel a lot better. I couldn't have done it without you. Also, now when people ask me about it, it feels so good to say that it was mainly healthy eating and the support of so many wonderful chat ladies.

    Also - I find that my salty almonds give me the crunchy, chip sensation - just a thought. Take care.
  • Good Morning
    Hi All,
    Sorry about my absence yesterday. I'm a little overwhelmed right now.
    Christmas--my daughter's schooling--my house is "acting up" Plumbing ice, machine, vacuum, fax/answering machine--and a host of other tasks that I'm procrastinating on. I'm noticing that when I'm leaving tasks undone, I'm anxious and want to soothe my anxiety with food. I guess it's called self medication. It really doesn't help to motivate me to take care of business. I'm having a hard time. I think the time spent with my family was more upsetting than I care to admit. I'm going to go to an alanon meeting today because my dad's gambling behavior and its consequences is distressing me. I don't like dumping this out here but it's hard to avoid and it is affecting my ability to stay on track with my eating plans. I don't want this to be the beginning of a long downward spiral. Thanks for listening. I know we all have heavy issues to deal with and eating unhealthy food just makes things worse.

    This board is an anchor for me and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you are here whether I've had a good couple of days or not. I REALLY don't want to give up.
    This season has so much joy, pressure, pain and extra work required of us. It's like we all get another part time job. I love so much about Christmas--the seasonal food, decorations!!!!!!!! an excuse to give gifts, parties with friends and more personal connections. That said, I also feel stretched.

    I'm going to a dinner party with the girls. I have a group of 4 girlfriends and we meet for birthdays and dinner parties at least once a month. They are all great cooks. I'm bringing a chocolate potato black pepper cake with brown sugar whipped cream. I don't normally like chocolate cake, it's usually too dry for my taste. This is a real crowd pleaser.

    My chicken soup recipe? It's not made the same way twice. Here's vaguely what I do:

    Either roast a chicken (and "steal" some white meat for a salad or sandwich) and make a stock of the rest of the Chicken----Lots of water, bouquet garni, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 2 stalks celery, 5 cloves (not garlic---regular cloves) salt and about 10 peppercorns....Sometimes I just start with a raw chicken.

    I simmer this for about 1 1/2 hour and take the chicken out, remove the meat and return the bones and fat to the stock and simmer for several more hours--approx. 4 more.

    I strain this and add vegetables and return the chicken meat. I like to sauté the onion--caramelize it--if I use onion .
    I don't usually use broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts----no stinky vegetables(I like stinky vegetables prepared in other ways) Usually a combination like zucchini, mushrooms, red peppers, corn and pesto sauce. I use LOTS of vegetables so the soup is pretty hearty for vegetable soup. I also add cheese (buffalo mozzarella with the above combination) right before I serve it. I put the cheese in the bowl and pour the soup over it.

    Last night I put some cumin and ancho chili powder in the soup (minus the pesto) and a few pine nuts YUM.

    Anyway, that's it. Oh, I try to skim fat from the top. If I have lots of time, I refrigerate the stock overnight and pick the fat from the top, it's much easier that way.

    So there you are. I don't know if I'd call that a recipe. The longer the stock is cooked, the more flavorful. I know people who use a large slow cooker to do this and let it cook for 12 hours.

    Anyway, I appreciate you listening to my woes. I may have to make a "gratitude list" today. That usually boosts my spirits. I do have so much to be grateful for.

    Love to you all and keep up the good work. You are all such an inspiration to me.

    Tired, I'll be thinking of you when I go to my dinner party. I plan on eating a little of everything and NOT having seconds like I usually do. I'm also planning on slowing my eating down so I can enjoy every bite and still be eating when the others are going back for more. I'll let you know.


  • Hi Roll, I've missed you. I'm so glad you wrote today. Family issues can really weigh one down and since we're so used to comforting ourselves with food during the hard times it gets really tough. I went to dinner with friends tonight. There was a troubling issues and I found myself wanting to eat it away. I had given myself a free night and did try everything, but it wasn't as enjoyable as the last time I had a free dinner out with my husband and we just simply enjoyed the food and company. This was more complex - nothing big, just disconcerting in ways.

    Please feel free to vent anytime. Actually when you vent I learn too - many of your emotions and responses are similar to mine. I always want to eat away my family issues and I think I'm actually somewhat not in tune with things because I've spent so many years eating it away that I haven't learned how to think through and process the issues rather than bury them. We are here to help each other on this health journey and to do this we are here to listen to each other. Vent all you want and please don't give up - you've been such a great addition to this site. I love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for the chicken soup recipe. I will make it.

    Where are we headed - we headed toward healthier living so we can live more fully. What does that mean - it means eating really healthy foods most of the time, exercising often, having positive friendships and relationships, time for ourselves, meaningful events. . .fun. . .what else?

    Thanks for being here everyone. You are all so supportive to me and I appreciate it.
  • Good Morning
    Thank you for your kind supportive words, Tired. I feel like I've been given a boost up from them.
    I had a fun dinner with the girls. It was a birthday celebration and we all brought yummy, lovingly prepared food. We stayed up till 1:30 laughing and playing our favorite card game, Quiddler. I lost. I felt like having the day off from tracking my food. I didn't overeat at the party but when I got home at 2:00, I had another piece of chocolate cake. My judgment isn't too good in the middle of the night.
    One of the girls has lost about 50 lbs. in the past 6 months. She did the fat flush diet along with exercise. The change in her appearance is remarkable. She just looks shiny and glowing. It's such an inspiration to me. I have a hard time, though, imagining what I would look like if I were thinner and I guess it would just have to be a surprise!

    My food plan for today:

    Lunch----- chicken soup

    dinner----steak salad

    snack------dried peaches and nonfat yogurt

    Lots and lots of water and tea.

    Thank you all for listening to my long rant yesterday. Sometimes I just have to give in to self pity wholeheartedly before I move on. I certainly gave it it's due!!!!

    I did go to the alanon meeting yesterday and the discussion topic was feeling pain and moving through it without going into denial (which, for me would mean escape- food etc.). It seems that when I open my eyes and heart, I am given whatever it is I really need. After the meeting I shared with the woman sitting next to me about my dad's behavior and my fears surrounding it. She reminded my of the analogy about the emergency procedure stated during commercial flight take off. In the event of an emergency, when traveling with a child, apply the oxygen mask to yourself before helping the child. I really need to focus on my own spiritual, mental and physical condition. I will have the energy to handle whatever comes my way if I remember to attend to myself.

    Thanks once again for listening.
    Love to you all.


  • GOOD MORNING s, SORRY for being AWOL yesterday I was feeling a bit off so I had a day in bed BY MYSELF , BORRRING anyway thanks for the recipe ROLL sounds yummy, I agree with TIRED you vent as much as you want, we can,t all be positive all the time life would be so easy and BORING if we were, like they say when life throws you lemons make lemonade I,m glad you had a good time with your friends, its important to have YOU TIME, my second husband was an alchoholic and gambler, I know where your coming from I attended alanon also and at times came away with some very positive and info, its not always easy to watch someone we love being self destructive, all you can really do is be there for them , act with love, try not to take it on board, I know that is easier said then done, I,ve been there but, REMEMBER IT IS THIER STUFF NOT YOURS, LET THEM OWN IT, you haveenough on your own plate I think we all look for comfort at times and food seems to fill the gap for so many things I know when I was near the end of my second marriage I ate MAN did I eat if it was,nt nailed down I ate it , my turning point came from a wake up call from my eldest grandson who was 5 at the time this was three and a half yrs ago he sat next to me instead of on my lap ,I asked him how come, his words I LOVE YOU NAN BUT I CAN,T FIT ANYMORE THERE IS NO ROOM I FALL OFF, that made me to think I had let myself let the way someone else made me feel lead me to depression and the called comfort eating I had gone from a size 12 to a size to a size 20 , from 9st to 15st in ozzie sizes thats big,and I did it in under 2 yrs, so I guess what I,m trying to say in a long winded way is that we can let our emotions and others get the better of us or we can remember we are better than that and not cave in, ROLL you are doing so well don,t let a few hiccups discourage you, we have all been there and I,M SURE WE WILL BE AGAIN, whats important is that you recognize the pitfalls and don,t fall in we are all here for each other for good and bad warts and all please everyone remember there is here at this site, no recriminations , no judgeing, BUT PLENTY OF HELP AND UNDERSTANDING ALWAYS WHEN ITS NEEDED THE MOST HEY TIRED I,m sorry your dinner wasn,t as pleasant as it could have been but I,m sure you rose above it , good kuck with your study I know you,ll do well and you don,t sound like a person that would settle for less anyway, its good your son is easy going he sounds like my son he is 20 now but has always had an easy going attitude even with his ADHD it makes life a little bit easier on us to doesn,t it, HEY CAROL hope your well maybe catch up with you later, ROLL I forgot to ask you for your chocolate cake recipe sounds different but yummy, anyway guys thats it for me hope you have,nt been bored to tears, bye for now BLESSED BE TO ALL , REMEMBER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, EVEN WITH OUR FEW SLIPS WE ARE STILL ALL DOING GREAT JUST BE AND REMEMBER TO SAY I WILL NOT GIVE UP , EVERYDAY, AND ITS NOT WE CAN DO THIS ITS WE ARE DOING THIS, JULIE
  • Hi Julie and Roll and Carol, I just stopped by for encouragement and I got a lot. Julie, thanks for sharing your story that empowered me. I appreciate it. The studying is going well. I liked the peace in the house today. I don't mind studying when I'm by myself - I wore my pjs all day and worked. Have a good night all.
  • HI s, hope your all well just a short visit , its so hot here downunder and I,m tempted to eat some calorie loaded icecream so I thought I would see how your all doing instead, your welcome TIRED, I,m glad you had a good peaceful day for your studying, I sometimes like to stay in my pj,s too when I,m studying its comfy well take care all bye for now BLESSED BE , JULIE
  • I'm a live girls! Just been on a full load lately, not used to raising a 3 year old. Lots of things to do I don't usually have to do. Like my schedule isn't my own if you know what I mean. Oh well today mom and dad come home. He is really missing them 9 days is a long time for the little guy. I don't think they can wait to see him either. We will pick them up at 10:30 p.m.. Yesterday we went and saw the movie Polar Express it was great. A little up there for the little guy but he enjoyed it and sat nicely. I don't go often to the movies it was a nice treat. The hubby put the tree up while we were gone and I have to decorate it later on today. I always had a real one up until last year with the hubbies health problems this is easier. Can't put up the lights this year a ladder for him is just not possible unless I get the kids to help and I hate to ask. So no big deal. I will do the front porch with lights and it will look nice. Adjustments in life we just accept them and try to move on. Who needs all those lights anyways?
    Sorry to unload! Seems like the place to do it though. Roll thanks for that recipe and the cake one would be great if you get to seconds. Everyone is soooooo busy! Roll my dad was an alchoholic and some of my husbands relatives its not easy to deal with. But know that I understand and you have my support 100%. I like an occassional drink but thats it. When you grow up with it and see what it can do to someones life you make your choices. Thank goodness I was strong enough to take the right route. My mom used to go to the meetings as a teenager she encouraged me to go . I never did but sometimes I think now that maybe it would of made me understand dad better. Instead I ended my relationship with a lot of hurt feelings. But its life and I am older now and make better choices I hope! Take care!
    Tireoffat I did pretty good at the party no roll , little pasta , extra meatballs instead, desserts ohhhhh they got me with those Italian cookies oh so goooood! But I guess it could of been worse. I had a good time. Your doing GREAT! KEEP IT UP! Thanks for the hints they always help thats how we all learn more info. from each other.
    But sunday with the popcorn , candy , McDonalds cheese burger with the kids! Oh what was I THINKING! NOTHING THATS WHAT! Oh well needless to say yesterday was a wash out! Last week not my normal routine of exercise I only got there one time. But today I have adjusted work time so I start at 10. So I am off to workout this a. m. and get ready for work at the gym. Go run some errands and then go to work. I have to work until around 6 tonight I have a meeting. So I will beable to adjust my schedule again Wed. for a work out. We just changed from exempt employees to hourly. They don't want to pay overtime so we get to adjust our hours. Its okay with me just a pain to keep track of. I hope to make healthier choices this week and exercise on a regular basis. Look forward not back I guess. My clothes still fit the same so maybe it wasn't to damaging? Gotta start some cookies soon but I will wait a few days and freeze them right away. The kids come home from Seattle on the 20th.-31st. That will be lots of fun and good family times. I look forward to that my hubby is excited he hasn't seen them since May.
    Julie sounds like your busy too! The holidays are alot of fun but stressful sometimes. I hope your not over doing? Take a little break once in awhile for yourself. Put those feet up an relax! Thanks for your input it is well taken we are all learning how to cope with emotional eating etc.... Experience from others is as good as gold!
    Thanks everyone I am off to work out and to get my day going. I need breakfast of course something healthy! You got it!
  • Hi all. Carol, you are busy and you're going to be busier with all those visitors. It will be fun though and life's too short not to enjoy these special times with family. In January we'll all be ready to really "put our foot to the pedal" and race ahead with our healthy eating. Until then I just want to do the best I can and skip anything I don't think is extra, extra special. There are times in the day when I'm really strong - I want to be on track at those times. Then there is the weak time (4-7), I just have to do my best. I'm ready to get back to exercising and hope to soon - perhaps this weekend.

    I wish everyone well - enjoy the good times this holiday season. Make sure to plan a couple of special treats for yourselves. One treat that I've planned is that I'm taking the whole day - 12/29 to myself. I'm going to work in the morning and catch up there, then I'm going out to dinner in the evening with some friends. Perhaps I'll go for a workout in the middle of the day. A whole day to myself without studying or children (even though I love them) or my husband (even though I love him) - just me! That's the best gift I can get. What gifts will you give to yourselves this holiday?

    Today's eating:
    breakfast - 1/2bagel with cc (300)
    lunch - salad with turkey (300)
    snack - 1/4 c. almonds (170)
    dinner - fish (200), asparagus (100), corn (100), oven baked fries (potatos baked with a bit of olive oil) (200), apple crisp (I had to try it since I made it differently, just a little - 200)
    Total - 1600 - not bad for all that yummy food !

    Checking in at the end of the day really helps me to realize what I ate and that I've had enough for one day! Have a good night.
  • Hello everyone! Well my little guy will go pick mom and dad up at 10:30 boy will my house be quiet with out him. It will be a bit sad I am sure. Not hearing Gram I need you! Such a cute age.
    I did manage to work out this a.m. for only 40 min. but that was better than not doing it. I will try to get there again on Tues. .. Our weather was really bad late this morning oh so slippery. I have to say I don't look forward to the winter driving. I slid a few times too many for my liking. The snow had ice underneath. Then it warmed up and we had some rain. Its suppose to change to sleet later on, hopefully not!
    The intake of the day wasn't too bad, could of been a bit better. When I got home I guess I had a bit of stress eating.
    Tiredoffat boy are you right about eating and making choices. At work I took in sugar free candy for my jar as the gum drops were a bit too tasty. Everyone liked the sugar free hard candies. So I guess it worked out.
    The holidays will be full of fun times I hope for all of us and our families. Such good times to build memories and traditions.
    Intake: 2 eggs, mushroons, onions and a little cheese cooked in spray. 350 cal.
    salad w/ romanine , mozz. ch. , ham slices cut up, 1 orange cut in, balsamic , olive oil and spices. 300cal.
    animal crackers 20! Could of been a worse choice. Not too bad.175 cal 15 almonds 170 cal.
    pasta and sauce 325 cal.
    1 small piece of pizza plain.350 cal.
    Plus my hard candies. ? snack: soy chips 100 cal. and jalopeno hummus 2 Tab. 100 cal
    Around 1700 calories. Which my treadmill read 175 calories burned for my 20min. on that and then 20 min. wt. resistance program. I have changed my treadmill to speed 4.0 and my incline 3.0. I hope to increase it to a higher incline gradually. Not to be funny but boy can I feel it in my butt! Oh excuse me girls!!!!! So not a bad day! Sometimes I am a bit surprised on the calories when I add them up. Thanks for all the good input on this site. We all offer support to one another and boy does it make the difference. From venting to losing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gotta go to the airport pretty soon to get the kids.
  • We Can Still Have A Good Xmas As Well As Stay On Track
    HI and good afternoon s, hope your all well I know what you mean CAROL I love having my grandkids for holidays and I,m sad when they go home, it takes awhile to get used to the quiet, my twin grandsons are 3 and are a delight, enjoy him while you can they don,t stay little long enough, TIRED you make sure you really enjoy your you time we all love our families but alone time is important , time to re,energize to put things in prospective I like you intend to take things easy during the festive season I,m going to really enjoy time with family and friends, I don,t tend to eat at any one meal during the holidays MY PROBLEM is I pick all day last year I sat down and wrote down everything I ate over xmas I put down everything that went past my lips and I was shocked at what I put away, I will not be doing that this year I intend to have a little of what I like on xmas day, and I have made a promise to myself not to put everything I see in my mouth , but I,m not going to sweat it either, I go in for my holiday as I call it the middle of January, so I,ll really focus and get back on track when thats over, I,m a bit nervous so from now until its done I think maybe some comfort eating may be done , lets see what will I give myself for xmas, like you TIRED I think that I ,ll give myself a day off , from everything , no study, no cooking, no cleaning, no nothing, I,m also going to give myself permission to stop worrying about things like my health, and diet at least until the end of January anyway anyway I just dropped in to see how you all are doing, I,m off tomorrow for a few days to visit family, I,ll catch up with you all when I return, in the mean time STAY FOCUSED, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND REMEMBER TO ENJOY EACH AND EVERYDAY, TREASURE WHAT YOU HAVE AND THOSE AROUND YOU, EVERY SMILE AND EVERY TOUCH IS WORTH MORE THAN ANYTHING BOUGHT IN A STORE, BYE FOR NOW BLESSED BE TO ALL , JULIE
  • Julie how true your words are that you have given us. Your insight on life is surely right on the button. We all take a bit too much for granted sometimes. The things that we can give one another that don't cost any money surely out weigh any store bought item. Good to remember and keep in our thoughts! Thanks!
    Julie and Tiredoffat I think in the near future a me day would be fun. Maybe I need a me day we sure deserve it right! Maybe I will make mine sunday this week. Yes that indeed is a great idea. I do feel when I work out that time is mine and look forward to doing it for myself. That is why when I am stressed if I can get to the gym its good for me. Well looks like I will be taking off thurs. or fri. my uncle passed away yesterday. He was quite old and his lovely wife of 52 years will surely miss him greatly. Uncle Louie was a lot of fun over the years he enjoyed life and everything he did do. The last few months he sat in the V.A. nursing home it was very hard. I feel so bad for my aunt but know she hated the way he had to live lately. Enough of that!
    Intake today started my day with a bowl of raisan bran cereal, 2 coffee's
    Lunch? I will pick something up as I am out for a meeting at 11:00.
    I will try to stay on track today!
  • Good Morning
    I know I have been inconsistent lately and it is reflected in my eating. I haven't been tracking my food and not knowing the numbers behind what I eat is unsettling. Time for me to get back on track.
    I had my daughter's contact teacher over for dinner and had a roast. I didn't gorge myself but it wasn't the healthiest meal. I notice such a difference in the way I feel when I eat healthy food.
    My plan today:


    lunch-----chicken salad

    dinner ------salmon and vegetables

    snack---lots of water

    I am not giving up. I've been having such a slump and letting my life circumstances dictate my eating. It's not helpful.

    I'm glad you are here. Thank you all.
  • Rollmdl I know what you mean things can get out of control so easily. On the weekends I seem to have more trouble with eating than during the week. I think its just I am around food more and access is so much easier. At work its more of a planned eating for me. Good luck remember you can actually eat quite a bit if its healthy choices. I am sometimes surprised at how much one can eat for around 1500 calories a day. That goal works for me when I stick to it. One step at a time don't look back just forward its a tought time of year. I actually turned down a cookie at work today now thats a first! The sugar free hard candy is working on my desk.
    Today I didn't get to the gym and wed. I won't either to many things on my plate for the day already. Enough to make my head spin. But thurs. I will get there in the afternoon after all my obligations are met for my uncle. It will be a good stress relief.
    Intake today: Breakfast : raisin bran 220, 1 whole wheat scone 200 cal.
    Lunch : chinese buffet : chicken, green beans, califlower, broc, carrots 1 shrimp fried appox. 400 cal.
    Snack: 300 oops!
    Dinner; chicken skinless boneless on the George Foreman grill spices and spray. Green beans 1/2 cup with little caniola marg, and vinegar , sauce made w/ hot pepper sauce and little vinegar and canolia marg 350 cal
    Total appox. 1450 cal for the day not too bad and lots of food. I was a bit proud of myself at the buffet. I made some good choices and even though I wanted to eat the shrimp I only took one. Its a good thing it cost by the pound it keeps you in line with choices and wt. One day at a time. It didn't come on over nite and it won't go off that way either. Keep up the good work girls! Rollmdl you can do it!!!!!!!!!!! Tiredoffat your almost done with your classes! Enjoy the holidays! Julie hope your enjoying your visit! We miss your wonderful views of life!
  • Good evening! Great to hear from everyone. We're all struggling this season with all the temptation, but I bet we're all doing better than we did last year. If this were a night last year I would have already eaten about 3,000 cals - big change.

    Thanks for all the insights. I really want to stay centered. I like thinking about the gifts we can give ourselves - the no cost, best of life gifts One gift I can give myself is to just stop during my teaching day and watch the children. Today, due to schedule snafew, I had to come up with a lesson at the last minute. I pulled out a snowman math lesson I had done. A few minutes later the room was filled with happy children making giant white paper snowballs and crafting lifesize snow people. A beautiful scene with lots of creativity and smiles. A snapshot to remember. Then this afternoon a student I had in my class 18 years ago came back to tell the children about her work with poor children in Peru. The student was now a bright, beautiful late twenties young woman making a difference in the world - I was proud and the children were inspired. Another gift!!!

    Back to eating. Pretty good day:
    breakfast - new soy/oat cereal w/milk (not bad) 300
    lunch - salad with turkey and grated cheese, pear (350)
    snack - 1/4 c. almonds (170)
    dinner - bagel with pb, smoothie (1000)
    about 1800 total give or take - a bit high, but I used a lot of energy today.

    Thanks for all your encouragement. I appreciate your life-changing energy and time!