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  • Hi all. I love hearing all the kind, loving words on this site. Roll, like you, I spent some time with relatives that didn't take good care of their bodies. Although one never knows what challenges life will bring at least we can try to do our best by health. Julie, I love all your loving wishes and Carol, thanks for the information.

    I've been really busy trying to catch up with the course work. I was up to 3 finishing a book last night and I had to give a presentation tonight. Two more classes and I figure about 15 more hours of homework and that's that! I'm ready and so is my family.

    Good eating day today.
    lunch - salad
    dinner - smoothie
    lots of water
    lots of skipped unhealthy food. I got a lot of kudos for my weight loss today which helped to keep me away from the unhealthy foods. I'm also relieved that the presentation is done.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for all your support. Julie, I'm thinking of you, your strength and your love! I hope you're not bearing too much of the burden of life - you're too good for that. I appreciate all your support. I hope I can be there for all of you. Here's to a healthy day tomorrow. Bye.
  • GOOD EVENING s, hope your all well, FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS TIRED, I try not to take to much on board, I go in for my HOLIDAY in January , then 6 weeks OF nausea, thats mydance card filled for Jan and Feb filled anyway enough of that, BORRRING, xmas is coming I have to much else to think about hectic grandkids all seven of them my own five , and I love every moment of it, I,m glad your staying on track and I think if we are all good from now until xmas eve and xmas day we can indulge in a little of what we fancy, food wise of course CAROL for the onfo I,ve read the same thing in my SLIMMING AUSTRALIA mags then I close the mag , and the strangest thing happens I forget everything I just read , good to see your also keeping on track , we all seem to be doing well, keep up the good work everyone we can all do this HEY WE ARE ALL DOING IT ROLL its good to see you know what unhealthy lifestyles can do to us and you are doing what you need to do to avoid these pitfalls WAY TO GO GIRL KEEP THE FAITH, MY PRAYS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU, well thats it for me I,m going to have a red salmon salad for dinner, wrap some chrissy presents then hit the sack I,m a bit off today the days have been real scorchers here downunder, but hey I have to have something to whinge about my life is sooo dull bye for now BLESSED BE TO ALL , JULIE
  • Good Night Ladies
    No, I'm not going to start singing.
    It's late and I'm tired. My house has been such a mess since I got home and it's bugging me. My daughter is sleeping and I'm thinking of using my walkman and headsets---upbeat music--- and doing a little cleaning before I turn in. I'm really tired. I didn't have such a good eating day. I feel off track.

    Tomorrow is another day. I did make a big pot of chicken soup. Having that soup handy always comforts me.
    Julie, you always inspire me, the way you focus on what is important. It's true that we do what we can and it's wise to let go of the rest. It tires me out when I try to control the universe.

    I still haven't made progress with factoring exercise into my life. Fits and starts. I fantasize about it but I can't even bring myself to put it on the schedule.

    I think I'll get on with the housework. It's late. I'll feel more optimistic tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work. Tired, I know how hard you are working and I am in awe that you have maintained some sanity with your diet.

    Carol, thanks for the kind supportive words. I love hearing the push for drinking more water. I know it's true. Thanks for all the informative bits in your posts.

    Good night and love to you all.
  • Goodmorning everyone well its the start to a new day. Yesterday wasn't too bad as far as eating goes. I did bake brownies for my grandaughters Pre K program. I only ate only little 1" corner to try them out of course. Then off they went to my daughters. It was a bit easier than I thought it would be. In the past I would of ate a few good control hey! Oh I enjoy this site so much and I am glad we are all on here! Gotta be thankful for the little things in life that make everyday easier. Yesterdays intake:
    Breakfast: 1 pumpernickel bagel w/ 1/2 scoop jalopeno cream ch.
    Lunch: salad w/ fresh broc. peppers, croutons, chickpeas, garlic mozz. and balasic vin, olive oil, celery sticks w/ natural peanut butter
    Dinner: jrecks sub ham and cheese, lettuce, tom, little mayo, litttle olive oil, vin and spices.
    I have been knitting up some scrafs and hats for the little ones out of the fun fur. Its quick and helps keep me busy with out snacking.
    Tiredoffat you are nearing and end to your school work. Isn't it great to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Such a wonderful thing! Your almost there put your best forward and give it a great finish! Good intakes!
    Julie your welcome. Enjoy your little ones. Right now my little 3 yr. old is off to Nana's I dropped him off yesterday morning on my way to work. That was different getting the little guy out the door. He is so cute and easy. How lucky we are to have him and our other kids in our lives. Keep up those spirits girl!
    Rollmdl the water thing does make a difference. My office heat is so dry I find myself having no problem with drinking water at work. I am not always in my office and sometimes like yesterday I forgot to take it in. It kills me to have to purchase it but I did. It wasn't as much as I usually have at work but better than nothing. I try to stay away from soda but like a fresca once in awhile . No calories in that! Good luck and keep up the good work. The exercise will be their for you when you get to it. I am going to get there today after work! With the little one I am slipping up on exercise.
  • Good Morning
    Well, I stayed up a little too late cleaning the kitchen. It saves me from feeling overwhelmed and depressed when I get up in the morning. I'm having chicken soup for all three meals today--kind of a healthy kick start. I've been lax since that Thanksgiving vacation in sin city and I want to get back on track today.
    Scratch the "nothing but chicken soup" idea. My daughter just brought me a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese. Now if it was a plate of cheesecake................
    I know that drinking water is one piece of the puzzle that has to be in place. I confuse thirst with hunger. I have also noticed that I'm more patient--more sane when I'm hydrated. I'm committing to drinking 10 glasses of water today!
    It sounds like we all have too much going on to get bogged down with self pity or depression. Good for us! Well, I'd better get going. My daughter has a friend coming over today after their science class. It's supposed to be a study date. It usually turns out to be a play date.
    Talk to you all soon.
    Thanks for being here.
  • Lots Of Positive Energy Found Here,i Just Love It
    GOOD MORNING s, GLAD TO SEE YOUR ALL IN FINE SPIRITS, ROLL I think I would swap chicken soup for scrambled eggs with cheese anyday too, good to see your getting back on the train to destination weight loss after your wicked days in LAS VEGAS and as far as exercise is concerned, house work is the best form of that you exercise every part of your body without even knowing it, if we only look at exercise in the form of going to the gym or a set exercise routine, then of course it seems like we don,t do enough, then I guess we all must just sit on our big beautiful butts all day, which I know is not true look at the hectic lifestyle you lead, all of us are quite busy, SO NO MORE OF THIS , I,M NOT EXERCISING ITS NEGATIVE THINKING AND JUST WILL NOT DO CAROL good to see your staying on track, I do enjoy my grandchildren as I enjoy everyone and everything around me, I love all the new things each day brings , some good some that leave me in awe, some that are trying but all life is so precious and if at the end of my journey before I move on I can say I made each day count then that will be enough for me, TIRED I hope your doing well your nearly there, your into the home stretch and your going for gold good luck with your studies, you,ll soon be able to take a big breath and say you made it, I hope your also remembering your, you time YOUR IMPORTANT TOO I,m doing fine staying focused and on track its not hard at the moment it is so hot here downunder, I could cook breakfast on the driveway the ground is that hot, I tend to lose weight in the summer because I can,t eat that much , hey if there was only spring and summer I wouldn,t have a problem with weight not that I do anyway I mean its consistent , reliable, you tell it to leave and it always comes back, yeah I know I,ve lost the plot anyway I,m off for now catch you all later be good, stay focused, no giving in, no excuses, and most of all PLEASE BE KIND TO YOURSELVES BYE FOR NOW BLESSED BE , JULIE
  • Hi all, yes, I'm scattered. Good to hear from everyone. Lots of humor - that helps doesn't it. Good diet tips. Roll, I'd like your chicken soup recipe. I find it comforting too but just never seem to make it right. Perhaps I'll be back later but I have to run my son over to youth group and pick up the pizza and soda on the way.

    breakfast - 2 eggs on toast (270)
    lunch - salad with turkey (300)
    snack - 1/4 c. almonds (170)
    total so far 640 - dinner 1 piece of veggie pizza and lots of water, perhaps even two since I have the cals left.

    Take care.
  • Hi All
    I thought you might be getting bored with me so I thought I'd give you something extra to focus on.
    I thought I'd log in because I'm feeling overwhelmed and like using food to soothe myself. I haven't eaten anything REALLY wild but I haven't stuck to my plan either. The girls wanted to stop for a quesidilla and I got one for myself. I'm thinking that having my soup without cheese will make up for it.
    I'm doing okay with my water today and that's a big plus.
    Just thought I'd pop in for a quick update and to feel support.

    Thanks for being here.

    s/w -- 172


  • Hello everyone! Rollmdl I love those little exercise people how cute! Sounds like your doing good with your water intake. I guess its more important than I had thought. At any rate we all should be drinking it. Oh yeah it also helps keep us youthful less wrinkles etc... good for the skin. Not that any of us are aging! No way! Gram used to say just numbers honey! Words of wisdom!
    Tiredoffat your doing good. Keep up the good work. I slipped a little today but not bad. It was so rainy today my knee was awful no way could I do the gym today. So I came home and made homemade veg. beef soup. I added lots of veggies.
    Julie your right about life sometimes we take things for granted and actually none of us really should. Each day we wake up we should think how lucky we are and find some good in each day. I will try to do that its good advice. You always have such good wisdom!
    Intake: 2 poached eggs, 1 1/2 slices dry rye toast, hash browns 1/2 of the order Cal.appox 450 oh high!
    Lunch: salad w, veggies, croutons few, blue cheese, taco meat little, tomatoes and olive oil, vin. spices, 1/2 cup spicy rice appox. 380
    gum drops 15? cal. why did I eat these???????????
    onion light baked chips 140 cal.
    Veg beef soup 200cal crackers 100
    1 grain bar 140 cal.
    Kind of crazy day but still somewhere near 1500 cal. Not that bad after all I GUESS?
    Water Intake: 32 oz. work, 32 oz. 16 oz with breakfast not too bad.
    Talk to you all soon hang in there!!!! Gotta go knit for a bit. Christmas is in 24 days!
  • Good Morning
    Hi All,
    I hesitate to report my holding pattern. I've been eating a maintenance type diet. I haven't been bingeing on sweets or super fat snack foods but I haven't been sticking to a low fat, low calorie diet either. I'm having a problem with sticking with my resolves.

    My kitchen sink is stopped up and I've been trying to unplug it myself. The last two times I called the plumber it was $150. I may have to bite the bullet and call them.

    I'm feeling down today. I'm feeling overwhelm and I need to keep in mind
    that I can only do one thing at a time.

    food plan

    lunch--------chicken vegetable soup

    dinner---------- chicken vegetable soup

    Sorry about the funky mood. I know it will pass. I need to create
    some sort of success for myself.

    Thanks for being here.
  • Do Not Sweat It
    GOOD MORNING s s, You all sound a bit off today, and thats OK we can,t be upbeat all the time after all we are only human but we are all positive and WOMEN , ROLL and CAROL you both hang in there you are doing so well , don,t be so hard on yourselves, SELF LOVE IS MORE POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE, no more recriminations OK, ROLL I,m like TIRED I would like your recipe too, if we all eat chicken soup then we can all be spring chickens and get great bods well just a short one from me today , I know shock, horror but miracles do happen bye for now take care BLESSED BE, to all, JULIE
  • Hi all, our emotions do roll along from high to low to medium. I've been noticing my emotions more since I started this healthy eating incentive. I can see how connected my emotions are with eating. It's a long journey and in winter, without the sunshine, it can be harder since the cold is connected to so many sweet and hearty foods.

    I like the "spring chicken" idea - I'll be keeping that in mind when I really start this diet action in January again. I'm still trying to stick to the 1500 as best I can this month, but I'm giving myself a little more slack due to the number of unexpected events that seem to happen in this holiday season as well as the celebrations and parties.

    I'm really trying to regroup and rethink where I'm at in life now that the course is ending. I really want to go "deeper" and be more like the person I aspire to be - more forgiving, loving, giving, etc. I'm finding that in some ways I'm starting to be less harsh to myself - probably because of all the positive encouragement I've gotten from this site. I'm rambling a bit since I'm tired, but I want to say thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks for all your love - that's what all this is. Take care. Peace!

    breakfast - skip
    lunch - salad with turkey
    dinner - two slices veggie pizza and large smoothie
    lots and lots of hot water w/a tiny bit of milk - very soothing on these cold late fall afternoons.
  • Good thoughts and info. everyone. Oh Tiredoffat how true your wisdom of emotions and eating are. Before I even started to read your note I was going to write about my emotional eating last evening. I think it is good that we are in tune with similar thoughts and ideas. It is very good I think that we recognize why we eat certain things. I grabbed the bag of chips my hubby had sitting there when I had a phone call that stressed me out. But I only ate 2 handfuls v.s. the whole bag! That is an accomplishment. I also know about the holiday get togethers and its tough. I have a group home christmas party to attend on saturday. The food is always so good! So I decided to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch before I go and I will exercise before going. That way at least I have some control and small portions of each thing I want instead of over eating. Well we will see how it goes. The party is 3-6p.m. so I will attend at least 1 1/2 hrs. I will also try and drink diet soda or coffee. This will be the first party of the season. Tonight is my work party but I choose not to attend. It is at least 45 min. away and in the dark, little snow no thank you. At any rate its healthier for me not to eat all that stuff! My other group home parties are on the weekends and like 7-9p.m. its a drive into the city so I am choosing not to attend. I have one more on th 22nd which is my last day of work. Its 5-7 that is closer to home and I will most likely attend. At any rate lots of stuff going on. Preplanning is the answer for me I think. We will see how it goes!
    My food intake for yesterday: B= raisan bran w/milk cal. 250
    L= salad greens w/feta cheese/olives/balsamic/ol.200
    homemade veg. soup w/out the potatoes 150 cal

    baked chips 140 work!
    1 little cookie 100
    D= pasta 200 cal. w/ sauce 110
    THOSE CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 200
    Total====1400 calorie appox. I expected it to be higher!
    Glad it wasn't oops I had 3 little grape leafs wrap 100
    I did make it to the gym for a 50 min. workout and I am planning to go again today.
    Julie the advice is well taken. Thanks for your input as always its sound advice. WE CAN DO THIS YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!!!
    Rollmdl I also would love your soup recipe. I love to make soup this time of year and the hubby likes it too! Its nice to make as there are always left overs. If you get some time to add it to your message that would be great, Thanks and don't feel alone on getting back on track it took me a bit to get back to the gym. My grandson is a cutie and I love having him but my schedule is a bit strained! I am going to get there today and plan it for saturday. Water in take I need to concentrate on a bit more. Only around 60 oz. yesterday! Starting to decorate the house and bake cookies! Freezing someof them and hopefully it will help me stay out of them!
  • Hi Carol, Roll and Julie, So good to read your posts. Carol, it's good to "talk out" this eating thing we're all involved in. Strategizing for parties, etc. is really good. Eliminating certain foods at certain times helps too. I'm starting to think "are those calories worth it" and passing up some foods in favor of others. I've passed up sweets at work entirely this year and I know that's helped a lot. I also substitute water for other drinks which helps. If you bring seltzer or sparking water with limes and lemons to cut up at the party that can help you Carol.

    I'm very, very scattered these days. I'm going to try to center myself tonight.

    I've started getting Prevention magazine. Lots of good tips in it for healthy eating and living. It comes often and helps. I read a lot last night. Did you know that eliminating carbs altogether can have an affect on your libido? Interesting! The magazine suggested drinking water in between drinks of wine or other drinks at parties. Lots of good recipes too.

    Good eating day today. I happily wore my size 12 pants - a little snug, but they felt great. I wore a bigger top so they didn't look tight. I've been getting some really nice compliments - meaningful ones that have motivated me. That helps.

    Eating today - ok
    breakfast - skip, just black coffee
    lunch - salad with turkey and shredded cheese, pear (350)
    snack - treat: Starbucks cafe latte nonfat (probably about 200 - I'll look it up)
    dinner - bagel w/cc (600), grapefruit (120), almonds (170)
    Just about 1500 cals - that's it for today.

    That's it for today - I'm full and happy.
  • HI s, glad to see your well and in good frames of mind, TIRED some good info on eating and drinking at parties water in between alcohol sounds good, I like fruit flavoured mineral water, I,ll have to give your idea of lemon and limes ago sounds quite refreshing, WAY TO GO slipping into size 12 good work and you lap up those compliments you,ve done well and deserve them keep it up I agree with you and CAROL I think getting in touch with our emotions and the reasons why we eat is important so much of our lives are centred around food , good for you CAROL only eating a couple of handfuls instead of the whole thing CHIPS are my biggest enemy I adore savouries more than sweets , if there is choccy around of course I might eat it but if there are chips well the gets me everytime I,m not doing to bad on the water intake as I have said it is really hot here downunder at the moment so plenty of icy cold water is the call for the day, also lots of salads and smoothies its to hot to cook, good excuse for staying out of the kitchen today has been good I,m not feeling to bad today but then again the xmas season always lifts my spirits.
    SW/ 172