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  • congratulations
    Good morning all,

    First of all, I am so glad for you, Tired. Whan an incredibly long wait to find out if you passed. What a relief! Good for you for attempting to resubmit your work. Good idea. As a teacher I would think it would be gratifying to know that you haven't stopped working just because the paper was turned in.

    This is going to be short. Got a lot on my plate today.

    breakfast----scrambled eggs and broccoli w/ cheese

    lunch-----poached chicken sandwich


    dinner--------broccoli soup

    Last night, when I got tired I ate about 1/2 cup of fancy mixed nuts---not a good idea right before bed. I feel bloated right now. I also stayed up too late playing with my computer.

    Nap today. Pretty articulate, no?

    Talk later.


  • Wow I read everything and felt like I hadn't posted in awhile. We are sure a real active group with trying to keep up with the pace. I enjoyed my reading!
    Tired good for you and I am sure your prof. will let you do that if not wow I'd be surprised. I have to say I was quite lucky with my prof. when I went to school. I tried to take some courses through this one because he was such a good teacher. One time I got way over my head with a class he taught. It was a human service class with criminal law and justice. I was in with all these young bright folks and I stuck out like a sore thumb and was way in over my head. But I tried to get out of it and he wanted me to stay. I ended up working very hard to keep up but passed with I think a B+. Luck I think. But everyone was so nice and it all worked out. The papers were so hard to write oh! Memories!
    Julie you hang in there! I love all your little icons. so cool!
    Rollmld your doing really well with your intake.
    I did pretty good today with going for breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 dry rye toast, 1/2 order potatoes. coffee
    Lunch: jalopeno hummus 2 Tablespoons w/spicy sprouts/field greens on 1 slice of dark german toast.
    Snack: while the hubby ate chips/ 1/2 c. heart to heart dry cereal, 10 choc.chips, 10 peanuts, 1 Tablespoon dried cranberries. Reallly tasty! Crunchy!
    Dinner: London broil/ mushrooms w, onions grilled/ field greens w/ olive oil, vinegar, spices, cooked carrots.
    Snack/ 1/2 cup mint choc. chip sugar free ice cream.
    I have to average out my calories for the day. But lately I have been doing some checking out info. on diets. Low carb diets such as South Beach etc. are being questions to the fact that long term the wt. comes back on. I am glad lately I have been trying to keep track of calories because in the long run thats the way to go I think. Try to watch fats, calories , carbs just make healthy choices.Oh so easy to say huh? Well nice info. in the newest Womans Day also. States we should eat the foods we don't normally get for our holidays, watch portions, exercise more and just try to maintain for the next month. Oh I still would love to see that scale go down. I didn't do the weigh in this week, thought maybe Wed.? I haven't been to bad but wanted to see if by doing it less often its better for me.
    Talk to you all soon and remember what goes in our little lips goes right on our hips!!!!
  • Hi all, Julie, you're a strong woman. I wish I could make the chemo easier for you, but again, know I'm hear to listen anytime. Roll, I wouldn't worry to much about the 1/2 c. of nuts (except for the fact that you didn't feel great afterwards), I've read that nuts are actually quite good for you. Carol, good job eating well. Thanks for sharing the Woman's Day info - that's helpful. I think I need to make a plan for the holidays. Today my parents came to dinner and I was tempted to jump ship (the diet ship that is). A plan will help. Thanks everyone for all your congrats and encouragement. I enjoyed reading your study stories Carol.

    I just got back from a shopping trip. Shopping for clothes is a great way to stay on track with the diet. If you walk fast and try on lots of clothes you get some exercise too. I've been slipping a little lately and boy, when I started trying on clothes I had two feelings: "Wow, I can fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear for a long, long time - instead of finding clothes to hide the fat, I'm looking for clothes that show off the weight loss" and "Being able to wear nice clothes is so much nicer than chocolate cake, I want to stay the course and get to my goal weight." It took me three hours to find something that looked good - I only went to two discount stores. I probably would have had more luck at the mall, but I don't really like the mall. So I bought one nice black suit that I'm planning to wear to all the holiday events from now until February - since it's winter I can wear most of my bigger clothes with sweaters, etc. Then hopefully in spring I'll be shopping for my goal weight size. It's back to business. Thanks for listening. Have a nice night.
  • Good Morning
    Well, I put off a lot of what I was supposed to do before leaving for Las Vegas so it'll be nose to the grindstone today.

    Julie, how are you doing? I wish I were there to make chicken soup for you. It's pretty good coming up. I'm sending lots and lots of love your way. You are such a fighter and you're going to kick that cancer's butt! Bless you.

    Food for today:

    breakfast-raspberry smoothie

    lunch-------sauteed red pepper, onion and mushrooms on a bed of lettuce.

    dinner------------vegetable frittata


    I'm a little freaked out about what I'm going to wear on my trip. I've been in denial about dressing all this week. I have lots of clothes but most don't fit and I really don't look good in anything YET. I'm having a big attack of low self esteem. Tired, good for you, buying that suit before dressing became an issue. Planning ahead is always such a good idea when it comes to clothes.

    I'm hoping that I can log on a little while I'm away. There are computer keyboards in the room that hook up to the internet using the in room tv screen as a moniter. My parents usually get a penthouse so it's pretty luxurious------big jacuzzi in the room, lots of room service, vip lounge comped tickets to Penn and Teller and the Bette Middler concert. I bought tickets to see O by Cirque du Soleil. It should be lots of fun. Down side-they are remodeling their exercise facilities and spa the week we'll be there I know I'm being a big baby but I thought this would be a good opportunity to work out a little-------or a lot! There is a free shuttle to another facility at another hotel but it's not as effortless to get to the gym. We'll see. I hope I can get myself there. If not, one of the hotel pools (they have 5, each a different temperature) will be open and I can do what passes for swimming---people usually attempt to rescue me.

    Well, I'd better get on the good foot here.I'll check in later while it's still relatively effortless.

    You're all doing great! Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Roll, the trip sounds great! The shows will be amazing. I'm sure that your daughter is excited. You sound very positive despite the clothes issue. It's so hard to shop and find clothes. Good luck. I hope to hear from you. I'll be on until Wed., and back on again Sat.

    My sister got really, really mad at me today. Long, long story and lots of entangled events - hard to sort out. Do I own it, after much thought I don't think so, but I am compassionate of her feelings since she feels this way because of lot of life events. She gets mad at me before every holiday so I have to recognize the pattern and see what I can do to change it. Thanks for listening.

    Good eating day so far.

    Breakfast: pineapple and strawberry yogurt smoothie
    lunch: carrots and ??? I'm going to eat that now
    dinner: chicken and veggies

    Have a good day.
  • sibling problems
    I had a fight with my little (50 years old! ) brother about six months ago. He said something really offenive to me, actually, he had been displaying really annoying behavior for a while. I finally, pretty much, cussed him out in a dismissive way. We didn't speak for a month. We don't live in close proximity so it wasn't awkward or anything like that. I felt uncomfortable about the way things sat. I know my brother doesn't feel that great about himself and can be socially inept at times. What I did was apologize for MY behavior without touching on his. I think it freed him up to admit where he was wrong, and he did. I could have been more direct rather than blowing up at him.So...... we made up and he still bugs me sometimes. I'll be spending time with him over Thanksgiving. I'm glad you reminded my of the challenge of getting along with him. It can be fun and rewarding and a pain in the butt. Family. Sometimes I feel like we all live in a sit-com------------or a soap opera.

    Good Luck.

    Talk with you soon.
  • Hi Guys
    GOOD MORNING s good to see your all in relatively good spirits , thanks again for the kind wishes, ROLL I know I,ll beat this hiccup in my life at the moment you know what they say you can,t keep a good B...., down I hope you enjoy your trip you big skite , penthouse suites, jacuzzies, room service, shows it sounds heaven, you sound like a lovely person you deserve it and more as do we all, TIRED try not to be to discouraged with your sister family can be trying at times from my experience in the past with my daughter and so on I think its because they know we love them no matter what that they feel they can vent what ever they like at us and we,ll understand and still be there and come back for more, sometimes it does,nt seem fair but thats part of life as they say you can pick your friends but not your family they are what they are warts and all,CAROL you seem to be doing well , thank you for your kind words they mean alot, really you all don,t know how much, well I,M back on track lost a lb of the 2 I put on so I,m rather positive today, but hey having half of what I eat revisit most of the time I should be losing weight ROLL your chicken soup offer sounds nice thanks for the warm gesture, and TIRED you are so sweet to want to make my chemo easier for me you all are so wonderful, at times you crack me up , at times I feel so inspired, and at times I can feel the genuine warmth and caring reaching across the miles that are between us for just being there, I read something in my AUSTRALIAN SLIMMING MAG I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE, A BENJAMIN MAYS WROTE IT," THE TRAGEDY IN LIFE DOESN,T LIE IN NOT REACHING YOUR GOAL. THE TRAGEDY LIES IN HAVING NO GOAL TO REACH." FOOD FOR THOUGHT I THINK I hope your new love doesn,t miss you to much while your away ROLL hope your computer doesn,t get to lonely and still does what you want it to when you get back anyway your all doing very well keep it up stay focused, no giving up, no giving in, no excuses well I,m off for now catch up with you all later, be good bye for now BLESSED BE TO ALL JULIE

  • Julie just take care of yourself that should be your number one goal. You have a lot on your shoulders. Just remember when you get weak at the knees its okay to lean on your friends. You have a great spirit.
    Rollm enjoy that trip such fun shows! Hope you have a good time. We will miss you!
    Tiredoffat good for you shopping for new clothes. I am so glad you went out to spend a little something on yourself. You have be working and studying so hard you deserve a reward. I don't like to spend much time in the mall either. I would rather go to department stores or run in and out stores. But black friday is another story I will go where ever they have the christmas presents at the best rate. My daughters and I go out at 5 a.m.. Yes thats the correct time crazy huh? We started doing it about 6 years ago now its a yearly event. Instead of saying are you going? You say where are we going first? It is crazy fun and I get a lot done. I did start my shopping early this year and have about 1/2 done I'd say. Somethings I make and those I will be working on. I like to knit, sew, quilt and bake. So there always is an on going project of one type or another. In fact my new adventure is making some jewelry. I picked up some beads, and materials when I was on my trip last month. I purchase a new bead magazine today with a coupon. Soon I will ck it out but first I need to finish my grandaughters poncho and hat. Well its been kind of a crazy day with eating.

    Intake: Breakfast= 2 slices toast w/ little canola marg. little jam 1 serving raisan bran cal. 350
    Lunch= 1 apple sliced w/ 1 T. peanut butter100+81
    1 bowl of beef , mushroom homemade soup?100 cal.
    sweet potatoe chips. not so healthy 280 cal.
    Dinner= soup again. 150 bigger size
    snack= pumpkin coffee 0 cal. blk.
    1 baked apple with dried cranberries, splenda, apple pie spice 130?
    So far about 1300 cal. I most likely did more than that w. those chips sounded healthy!
    I haven't done well today as far as water . See yah later I have to go get some H20
  • Good Morning! Today I start a really healthy three days! As you know my cals have been edging up as has my tummy, so at least before Thanksgiving I'm striving for three healthy, low cal eating days starting right now!!!!

    The prof wrote back and will accept the new copy of the paper - glad I asked. I went holiday shopping yesterday - I bought lots of gifts and enjoyed it. I should have been studying but when I did the calendar for Dec. I realized that time for shopping would be slim and I hate the crowds so I shopped a lot yesterday. Most of the remaining gifts will be gift certificates and gifts I purchase via the internet.

    Carol I love hearing about all your creativity. I'd be right there with you at 5am shopping as I love it! I'm in a house of boys though so no one here likes to shop. No problem though as we'll be hiking through the beautiful Connecticut forest (northwest corner) that morning and I love that too.

    Now that I've passed the teacher test and nearing the end of the reading course, I'm starting on my new focus which is to learn more about "love." I thought I'd share that here as I can tell all of you are so loving. In the past years I've read a lot about "love" but never felt that I was quite ready to dig deeper - now I'm ready. It was funny because yesterday at my church the sermon was about that subject and a family member really challenged me to act in a loving manner so I guess it's the right direction for the next focus. You can see I always have a focus mainly because it keeps me out of trouble.

    Take care and keep sharing. Thanks for the encouragement and support.
  • Tiredoffat good for you on your 3 day challenge! I am right there with you! I am trying really hard to be good and fit in my exercise all 3 days with out any excuses. I am working later tonight as 2 of my men on my caseload are entertaining us for an early thanksgiving. I will eat a good breakfast and take a nice lunch. I plan on only visiting them for 1 hour an then excuse myself. I will take a bottle of water with me. I am going to go work out this a.m. as I am adjusting my schedule of the day. I will fit in another workout on Tues. and Wed. I am off so not excuse will be tolerated! Oh we have to have some humor. I have never been to Connecticut but have heard its really nice. Enjoy your shopping as I will too! I love to save money and see how well I can do. My friend won 500.00 on the pull tabs at the casino. She is using it for Christmas how luck and she only spent 10.00. That is luck! I am happy for her she has had a rought few months and can use it I am sure. We are going to go to the casino on friday or saturday just for a bit. I only take around 20.00 when its gone its gone. Once in awhile it doesn't hurt. I hope Rollm wins big while she is away. Wouldn't that be great? Julie hello there! Haven't heard from you in a bit! Thinking of you!
    Today I can hear the hunters shooting in the woods. How I hate that sound. I live in the country only 5 min. form town. I don't have any neighbor on one side for about 1/2 a mile. My friend Karen and her family live next door but we have a wooded lot between us. Oh well its country living I guess!
    My plans for the day:
    Breakfast: 1 slice dark german bread 90 cal. with canola marg little, 1 cup of cereal 150cal. milk just to wet the cereal
    Snack: 1 small apple70 cal.
    Lunch: field greens with tuna, cuke, almonds and croutons appox. 300?
    Snack: kashi crackers 130 cal. lowfat horseradish cheese spread 70 cal.
    Dinner: not sure yet hopefully some healthy choices?????????????????? appox.800 cal so far!
  • GOOD MORNING s good to see your all in good spirits, I,m fine CAROL thanks for the input I do remember to look after ME most of the time but I find if I,m there for others too it helps remind me of what I have now, and not to dwell to much on the future I got good news about the boob op, now they tell me when they did the xrays of my chest they found that I have an enlarged heart something they call dilated cardiomyapthy if I keep on the medication they gave me for it watch my diet and lose some more weight I may be fine for another few years I look at it this way in life there are no guarantees you get the hand your delt, play it and live every day to the fullest, this body I,m in may not be perfect at the moment but it is only a vessel and when the time comes I,ll go for something more like MARILYN MONROE anyway enough of that I seem to be doom and gloom these days HOW BORING AND HOW RUDE OF ME TO OFFLOAD ON YOU LOVELY LADIES, Christmas is coming my fave time of the year I,m like you CAROL AND TIRED I love to shop sometimes I go overboard on the spending but I figure I,ve got all next year to worry about that, I love the smell of xmas the sounds, the love TIRED you say you want to learn more about love, I think thats wonderful I think to really get in touch with love on all levels you first have to start with yourself, every day I try to look at myself and remind myself of just how unique I am all of my physical imperfections , wrinkles , fat, sagging body bits, there all me there what makes us who we are the living the caring the loving we have had along the way, if we didn,t show love in everything we do then would the people around us still be there,when we have disagreements with family or friends, don,t we care enough to worry about how they must be feeling because of how we feel ourselves about things, I think love is unconditional something you give freely without expecting something in return to me LOVE is more than a word, anyone can SAY I love you, I think its more than that its a combination of emotions , feelings, anger, pain, tears, laughter, love comes in so many ways, love for children, for parents for lovers, friends, even if someone gets you to the point of frustration and you act out of anger everything else that you do and have done before then will let the person know that they were and are still loved, well I,ve raved on enough please forgive me I just put down my thoughts, I just think that its the good things we should hold onto, I say BLESSED BE AND LOVE TO ALL when I sign off because I mean it, I love people I don,t always understand them or thier actions but you canlive with someone for ever and still not really know them everyday there are new surprises, well I,m off now I have certainly been long winded today, keep up the good work stay focused catch you all later bye for now BLESSED BE TO ALL , JULIE
  • Good evening. So good to hear from you Carol and Julie. Roll, I'm sure that you're beginning to live it up in Las Vegas. I look forward to your stories.

    Julie, thanks for your thoughts on love. The subject has been permeating my soul today. Now that I passed that test and am nearing the end of my course I have greater freedom to think about this. I also had a great challenge from my sister to be loving even though she's upset with me (long story, a pattern - I may share it sometime).

    Thanks for joining me on the healthy eating Carol. I did well today and plan to stick with it for the next two days. Good for your exercising.

    Julie, hang in there with your health challenges at the moment. Health problems are so humbling. I hope that during this time you can draw strength from reflection - you are such a deep person. I love to talk and think about the deeper areas of life like love, friendship, ethics, etc. Love, I do think, is at the center of it all though. I've been reading some Buddhist readings on love which are very powerful.

    I wish everyone a wonderful evening.

    breakfast - smoothie (400)
    lunch - salad with turkey (300)
    dinner - pasta with stewed tomatoes (400)
    dessert - strawberries (100), sugar free hot cocoa and milk (200)
    That's it for tonight, unless I decide to round it off with one more hot cocoa with water this time - 60 cals.

    Take care.
  • Julie wow what a nice input you gave us on love. I do agree with you and all you spilled out in such a good way. I have to remember some of your in put maybe it will give me a better out look on my day at work today. I sometimes don't understand others or how self centered they can be and it stresses me out. Yesterday was a very stressful afternoon and all because others don't agree with the way you want to do things for others. Oh well if I can't help a co worker del. her Thanksgiving baskets to people during work hours for people on her case load I will do it after work. I am not going to let people get in my way when I feel I am helping someone with what they need. I might not beable to help on clock time but after work its all my time. Oh thanks for listening not that I gave anyone a choice in the matter. But I feel better now!
    I am off to the gym for a quick workout before work its helps with my stress level and I get it fit in. No excuses! I have been feeling better since my routine of exercise has started.
    Last night I didn't get home til 9. Oh so late! I had decided to go to the early thanksgiving event my guys were putting on. I enjoyed seeing them so happy and it made my day. Sometimes its things like that which make the difference for me in loving my job. I do like what I do not the stress of the nonsense some people put in my day because of jealousy etc.
    Tired wouldn't it be fun to get together sometime? Oh well just seems like we have a lot in common. Anyways your doing great. I did eat a little sweet potatoes with yummies on it but skipped the pie and no roll. So in the long run not to bad. When I got home I had my 1/2 cup of sugar free choc. mint ice cream Eddys with a few choc. semi chips. It was really good and my treat!
    I will add in my intake later for today I have to go to the gym! Before work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good Morning From Downunder
    HI s, hope your all in good spirits thanks CAROL for your input my outlook on love and life in general comes from my beliefs and how I live my life I,m a WICCAN a white witch , don,t get it just means I love the earth and my world around me I do good things and try not to hurt anything or anyone around me intentionally, I still get angry at times but try to be constructive instead of destructive people can be trying at times but just remember your better than the negative vibes they may instil in you and you have the power to overcome that negativity , way to go in helping your co,worker that in itself must be rewarding and good KARMA, I,m like you I find exercise stress relieving I like to dance my blues away, you seem to be doing well with your eating plan, TIRED thanks for you kind words, health is a pain in the butt at times , but I,m never sent anything more than I can handle in anything in my life so I know I,ll get through all of this to I,ve
    asked my spirit guides for help and my fairies and I know they are always there SO MOTE IT BE, or MAY IT BE SO, HEY ROLL hope your having a good time have a soak in the jacuzzi for me, I miss you , anyway girls I,m off just dropped in to say hi, keep up the good work , give me an update on your progress, I,m not doin to bad you were right TIRED I lost the 2lb I put back on it was,nt that hard hubby just made me a so bye for now BLESSED BE TO ALL , JULIE
  • Good Evening all. I'm having a hard time staying totally faithful to the diet. I'm tired, but soon I'll have a vacation on my hands to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have little to no responsibility this holiday so I'm planning on hanging out and relaxing and keeping my boys in line of course. There's going to be plenty of beautiful country for all of us to walk in so that will be nice.

    Julie are you of Irish descent - just wondering. When my great grandmother left Ireland she was supposed to get on a ship to Australia but she came to the US instead because that boat got there first. I've looked at some of my lineage and a lot of ancestors with my mother's last name (Lucey) went to Australia.

    Carol - I had a similar problem with my sister this week. I like Julie's advice. I've sent no bad vibes, I'm waiting it out. I did send a loving message though. My sister tends to get upset at the holidays.

    I'll be back on tomorrow in between cooking squash, cranberry bread and some finger desserts. Take care.

    ok eating day - not the greatest
    breakfast - peanuts 340
    lunch - salad with turkey 300
    snack - power bar 250
    snack II - mix of choc. covered peanuts, yogurt covered raisins, pretzels 500

    I guess I stayed under the 1500 - that's good even though my choices have left me hungry. 1390