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  • Hi all. I'm feeling bruised today. I'm such a sensitive person. A couple colleagues made fun of something I love to do today that has to do with work. It has to do with research. I love finding out information and learning about all kinds of things. Anyways, I know they really didn't mean to make me feel bad but oh did it hurt. I have to remember this the next time I am critical in a humorous way about somebody's interest/habits. I need to toughen up. Of course that made me want to dive into the M&Ms but I didn't. I actually told the person how I felt and I knew they felt bad. I probably was a little strong but I had to deal with it. In the past I would have shared the info with a million people instead of the person who did it.

    I'm just very sensitive -must be that time of the month. This squished schedule isn't helping either but I figure I have about 30 more hours to put into this course plus the course meetings and then I'll be done. I can do it.

    Great eating ideas Carol. You really choose a lot of healthy foods. I'll learn from your listing. Good job Roll sticking to the no eating today and thinking about healthy food treats. Let us know how your new recipe works out. I don't know what I'd do without this site, actually I do know what I'd do - I'd eat! Thanks for being there.

    breakfast/lunch - salad with turkey, tuna and some croutons 400
  • Rollm, Oh I have to have that test too! I heard its not as bad as its made out to be? Oh let me know what are friends for if we can't help one another? I've already postponed mine til after the holidays. But it may of taken of a lb or two if I had it done! The sweet potatoe sounds great. I have in the past just baked it in the mic. and put a bit of orange marmalade on it. But oh how I enjoy pumpkin spice. I will be trying this one for sure.
    Tired: Oh I am sorry but sometimes folks just don't think before they act. They most likely were having a bit of fun on your exspense. I had my problems in the past with coworkers after I returned from surgery on my hand. I was out for about 6 weeks and when I returned people were cold towards me. It took a bit of fixing . In the end I had found out a certain coworker had told others in my small office of 9 that I had said this and that etc. not what she had said though. Oh it wasn't pretty. Long story cut short after weeks of being quite unhappy we had a meeting. I let it all out oh how upset I was. I told them all how it was and that they were acting like high school students and it was awful. Well it got pretty wild and this younger girl and I really had some words with each other. Cleared the air I got spoken to for calling her inmature. It got better after getting it all out. That was about 8 months ago. What it came down to is my coworkers after awhile except two came to the conclusion that it wasn't me that started things it was ----. She likes everyone to be her best friend and getting me out of the way made her look good and have some attention she wanted.After that things got much better and today the younger girl, coworker and I are having lunch out. What I guess I am trying to say is that your a smart girl for confronting the person to start with don't let it get out of control. For awhile I was afraid to take a vacation that something would start again. I even went as far as to voice that to my coworkers which I trusted before taking 9 days off. But all worked out and yours will too! I will be thinking of you and wish you the best. I let things get at me to and sometimes its just not worth it. Yesterday I let somethings get to me and today is a new day and I will be stronger. Good luck and don't let it eat at you!
    Today is a bit up in the air with my intake plans. I don't have an office to work out of due to the State not working today and we use their buildings. But that is also okay gives me time out. I wil be having breakfast out, lunch out, working out later on.
    Intake: Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 1 rye toast dry, potatoes, coffee appox. 440 cal
    Lunch: ???????????????
    Dinner: salad/cheese/balsamic/olive oil/spices, grilled chicken 400 cal.
    1 pumpkin cookie 100 cal
    I will be baking pumpkin cookies with the little ones tonight. I have to eat one! I will preplan it in. When I workout later I will remember that one cookie will be okay. We will see how well I do with this preplanning idea. I figure it can't hurt. Fibers will be figured in later I guess or maybe not today.
  • Hi Carol, thanks for the story and encouragement. It helps to hear about other peoples' experiences. I really want to grow as a communicator. I guess in the past I just put a lot of that feeling into eating and now that I'm not binging it's time to confront the issues and decide on plans of action. Isn't it interesting how unhealthy eating is tied to so many other emotions and actions. Thanks again.

    I'll imagine you baking pumpkin cookies with the children. Did you know that pumpkin spice is supposed to arouse men - I just read that and found it interesting so watch out!

    By the way Carol, where do you live that you got 200 inches of snow last year. That's incredible. I love snow and snowstorms so I'm curious.

    I hope the day is treating you well Roll. Julie, I hope all is well with you too.

    Breakfast - two poached eggs on toast (300)
  • Not the best eating day but I avoided a lot of high calorie food such as candy, cupcakes, soda and pizza.

    breakfast poached eggs on toast 300
    big healthy lunch: mashed potatoes 150 (no butter, low fat milk), carrots 50, salmon 300 tangerine 75 (total 575)
    dinner - light smoothie 250, lots of nuts 350
    total about 1575 give or take a little, not too bad but I've been edging up since the cold weather has come. I'll have to rethink as I seem to be hungrier lately

    exercise - roller blading

    Have a good day.
  • Tired well I live in Syracuse New York. Crazy isn't it? Oh well I have saved some sick days to roll into bad winter driving days. Last year I had surgery and missed some of the bad days with driving. Your intake doesn't look bad to me. Better to have a few more calories then binge on lots of other stuff! Keep up the good work. Good exercise.
    Roll hope your colon testing went well and your resting today?
    I had a good day today it was nice being out of my office. I met the girls for lunch. I had wheat tortilla wrap chicken cal. 390 and mashed garlic califlower cal? The girls ordered dessert I didn't it was okay and I survived.
    I went to workout this afternoon it wasn't really busy. I think somedays classes are going on and so there are more people. I did 50 min 32 treadmill, rest wt. resistance. Today I stayed a bit longer on the treadmill it was going well and so why not I figured.
    Changed my menu for dinner: 1 grilled burger, w/ bread and onion, pickle and 1 sweet potatoe baked. Cutting it close today just added up my calories 1365 and one cookie to go! Now that was lucky huh? Well gotta go bake my pumpkin cookies. The little ones aren't coming tonight the other gram decided to have them. Thats okay as I get them more often and she needed to spend some time with them. I will make cookies for them and send some to my son and daughter in law in Seattle. A little treat from home as their not coming for Thanksgiving. I will see them at Christmas for a bit. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your all doing well. Oh friday is scale day for me! Only 1 time a week. Has anyone ever heard of the T Factor Diet? Its an old diet but some good pts. in it. Anyways I found it the other day in my books it has all the calories , fats , carbs etc... for most foods. Just wondered if I was the only one who followed that diet before years ago?
  • Hi Carol, I never heard of the t diet but it sounds interesting and informative. You continue to make good choices. I've been very off center this week. It's probably that time of the month, plus I just don't want to work this hard anymore. I want more time for family and friends. After the course I'll see if things settle down, if not I may need to make some kind of change. I want to be more available emotionally and physically for my boys. I love them so much and find that I'm always thinking about work. Thanks for listening. Glad to hear that you're sending the cookies out west - I'm sure they'll be thankful for a little taste from home.

    Roll, I hope your test went well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Pretty good eating day so far.
    breakfast - smoothie - 300
    lunch - salad with turkey and cheese 300
    snack - 1/4 c. almonds 170
    total so far 770
    we're ordering Thai food tonight. I eat the healthy stuff.
    Thanks for being here - the check in really helps me.
  • Hi, I'm back

    I've missed posting, missed my pals. I just didn't have much energy after the test. They knocked my out during the procedure. Really, the prep was the only uncomfortable part. Fasting and two courses of powerful laxitives. The good part is that they have the procedure pretty much down and the formula they recommend doesn't have a bad consistency and there is no cramping. So, now I have prints of my intestines (no kidding) just in time for Christmas cards (kidding). Everything came back clean and I don't have to do this for another 10 years!!!!!

    I came right home and had 6 poached eggs on 2 sour dough rolls. I was pretty drugged up.

    I haven't counted the past 2 days but I'm back now and feeling some resistence to tracking.

    My total intake for today is 1600.

    I'll be checking in tomorrow.

    Thanks for being here and for being so consistant.
  • Tired you hang in there girl. I have been there before trying work , raise a family and take courses. It isn't an easy task by any means but give yourself some credit for the effort it takes to do all that. How old are your kids? See when I went back to school I only had one daughter home and she was 16. My hubby didn't really like me going to school and that wasn't always easy. Maybe you just need to take little break? How much more do you have to go for? I remember trying to take a test near christmas time!!!! Oh how I studied on my lunch hours at work, home before bed in a.m. it was crazy. I did enjoy it most of the time it was something I had to prove to myself. I am sure you may have some of the same feelings. Sometimes I still think of taking a course and then I never do.Just sent out my payment for school yesterday. You hang in there and if you need to talk feel free. I enjoy hearing from you gals.
    Rollm, Can't wait for my turn on that test! I cracked up with your card idea. Wow how funny! I got some knee pictures too maybe together we could start a card business? At any rate glad your doing okay. My friend had hers done last month and said about the same thing. I guess I'll have to go get it over with in the spring. To busy to think about that now. I am getting ready for the holidays. I love baking and making things etc. I am off to go do a bit of christmas shopping today with the kids and my daughter. I was glad to hear you call us pals and its true we are! Yesterday's intake:
    As far as food goes breakfast and lunch were good. Dinner we ordered pizza and wings. So I was a bit bad but it will be okay it has to be I already ate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn't make it to the gym yesterday but plan a walk around the lake sunday. It is 33 degrees today but sunny. So I am going to wait for my walk sunday is going to be in the 50s cold front came through from Canada.
    Breakfast: 1 1/2 cups heart to heart 220 cal. 10 fibers
    The rest of the day isn't planned yet.
    The friday scale was up 1.5 but I'm not to worried a friend said when you work out you gain muscle and take off inches. Could of been my cookies? or just water wt. oh well! I am feeling good and my clothes are fitting better so I will keep going I guess. One friend which I hadn't seen in awhile lost 20lbs. on South Beach she looks great. She said at this time of year its important to just daty maintained? I guess doue to holidays etc. but a few lbs.off is still my goal.
    Have a great day!
  • Good Morning
    I just read over the past few days' posts. Tired, what a huge shift, your dealing with your hurt feelings -- sticking up for yourself. Your way of dealing with not accepting insensitve comments is so much cleaner than processing your feelings with people who aren't directly involved. That issue is hard for me. I've had a problem, in the past, with being far too concerned with taking care of other people's feelings. They get over it and, if they are at all grown up, feel more respect in the future.

    I have, once again, too much on my plate.
    I want to make a shopping list for you to marvel at but I'll hold back.

    One thing that is distressing is that our neighbor, a really good friend, has broken both her ankles. She has a toddler and needs lots of help. I'm going over today to sign up for some shifts. I'm already overbooked this week but this is such a crisis situation for her and I want to help as much as I can without making myself crazy.

    I really need to keep my eating as healthy as possible. My energy level is so much higher when I'm putting clean fuel into my body.

    Ah, here's a good idea. I can take that baby out for lots of walks in his stroller.

    My plan for today:

    Lots of water and tea
    breakfast-----chicken zuccini basil soup

    lunch----tuna salad with lots of celery and water chestnuts

    snack-----that sweet potato idea

    dinner-----teriaki salmon with rice, eggplant and zuccini

    Carol, I'm so inspired by your determination to exercise no matter what. Good for you for skipping the desert on Thursday. Tired, ROLLERBLADING!!!!!! Did you ever see the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Malcolm's dad teaches him to skate? It's the one on the 1st season dvd. Check it out if you can. It's sooooo funny and I'm sure it will inspire you You are so brave!
    Well, I'll check in with you later.

    Have a great day. Thank you for all the support this last week. I'm glad to be back.
  • Hi, I laughed out loud when I read your entried Carol and Roll. Julie, where are you? I'm sure you'd have some humorous tidbits to add to these entries? The card line of joints, limbs and innards sounds interesting. With the aging American population I'm sure you'd find a market looking for a good laugh at all the ailments that come with aging.

    Roll, can you daughter help out with the two year old. I find that girls her age are a natural for that age child? Maybe that would relieve you. I'm glad your tests went well.

    Carol don't worry about the increase in weight. I find that my weight fluctuates a lot but all in all when I weigh myself (now about once a month) there's a drop as long as I stick to the low cals or close to it. I find that my clothes are a good indicator. Thanks for all the encouragement. My boys are 4,9 and 13 so it's a busy stage of life. Roll's suggestions to watch the Malcolm in the Middle video is an excellent one - my house is a lot like that one and every time I watch that show (which isn't often) I can't stop laughing because I'm living a lot of those scenes.

    I spent the morning trying to figure out how to write an MLA specific bibliography about 10 resources for my paper. After writing I'll return to the paper itself about using nonfiction texts and trade books in the classroom. Again, helpful info but I'd rather be Christmas shopping. This might be my last course. I've also been working towards my national teachers' license in the past couple of years if I get it this year I'll be done with courses for a while. If I don't I'll have to take on more course next spring or summer then I'll be done for a while. I'm working towards certification requirements and the pay raise that goes with it which will take some pressure off at home with college payments, etc. ahead.

    Diet challenge tonight. I'm going to a party with a group of college friends that I haven't seen in years. Nice people. I'll bring seltzer and drink that. I'll eat before I go so I don't snack on all the unhealthy food. If it's for dinner which I think it is I'll eat the healthy food - they are health conscious people so I know there will be some good choices there.

    Take care all and thanks, thanks, thanks for all the encouragement, stories and laughs.

    breakfast/lunch - tuna sandwich (500), pineapple/banana smoothie (400), cafe latte with nonfat milk (100-200) total so far 1100 - that leaves a whopping 400! I can do it! I'm not starving today.
  • Good evening! I hope everyone is having a good day. Just checking in to stay with the plan.

    Last night I managed the dinner party well. I skipped dessert, tried only a little bit of the appetizers and had a nice portion of dinner - not too much. It was a delicious African dish called groundnut stew - very yummy!

    Today I did ok, my calories have been edging up a bit. I think it's a reaction to the cold weather - I just want to eat. Not too bad though I just have to think a bit about it.

    breakfast pineapple, toast, egg, cheese, banana smoothie (700)
    lunch 1/4 c. almonds (170)
    dinner - a few more nuts, pasta and broccoli with parmesean cheese - probably another 700-900 cals which puts me over. I was really hungry tonight - too much coffee I think while studying. Still much better than the old days though.

    Have a good night!
  • Hello everyone! Julie where are you? We do miss her sense of humor! This weekend was okay I won't bore you with my past intakes. I did make an apple pie with crumb topping added in some walnuts. It was so good no I didn't have the courage to say no. But what I ate that day wasn't too bad so all in all I guess it wasn't so bad. My hubby and sister inlaw settled to have the rest for breakfast and w/ vanilla ice cream I sat betweent he two of them and had my heart to heart cereral. I did have a scoop when I was dishing it out though. Oh well what can I say it was great if I say so myself. I love to cook and bake as long as it goes quickly its not so bad.
    Tired sounds like you are quite a busy lady. Your almost done with those courses look forward to ending it well. Just look back to see how far you have come good for you. With raising kids and school you should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the great work. Sometimes I found it nice to go to our local coffee and book store to study using some resources from there. It was a different environment and a treat for me.
    Watch that movie with the kids and a bit of popcorn snack sounds like fun!
    Rollm sounds like something I'd do to help out also. No matter how full our plate when there is a need like this we find a way to help. It has to be tough for the mom. Walking with the babies sounds great go for it.
    My exercise this weekend was more getting out and about. Yesterday I went on a photo shoot with my daughter Tam. We went to a neighborhood which is located in the city we live out about 30 min. form there in the country. The shoot was of a gay community and what they have done to clean up the area. They have re done a lot of houses which were old houses with lots of wooden designs really cool. There had just been a murder not far from the area and I wouldn't let her go alone. So grandpa watched the little guy and we went out. It was fun I did all the paperwork while she shot the pictures. There were purple, green, yellow, and lots of traditional ideas as well. Kind of a neat area and I guess their just trying to find an area to be excepted in. The pictures are going in a magazine in Boston. Tam is doing it for free other than gas, lunch and material. It will be good on her resume and she is eventually looking for a different job with design and advertising. Currently works for our local paper as a photo editior. Well at any rate that was my sunday.
    Today I plan on walking or the gym not sure yet but packed my bag.
    Intake: Breakfast: heart to heart cereal 150 cal. 1 boiled egg
    1 slice dark german toast w/ little blueberry jam
    Lunch: salad w/ 1 boiled egg, cuke, cheese, baked ham slices
    celery w/ peanutbutter
    Dinner: grilled chicken breast marinated all dayw/ olive oil,vin,spices
    squash acorn baked in mic. little aprcoit jam
    Snack: sugar free jello
    Water Plans: 32 oz. day time, 32 oz after work.
    Coffee: 2 cups
    Have a great day and keep up the good work together we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good morning
    You probably don't remember me.

    It's been a little crazy around here and I feel like I'm losing track of my goals.
    My weight is stable. I haven't gained and haven't gone on an all out binge, but I haven't been tracking my eating, either. It's a shaky feeling.

    My daughter and I are going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Not exactly traditional to say the least. My parents spend lots of time there because my dad's health is deteriorating rapidly. He has advanced Parkinsons, diabetes, heart trouble, prostate cancer and high blood pressure. He likes to gamble and he spends so much that they set them up in a penthouse. So we'll be taking off for 6 days next monday.

    I apologize for not posting more frequently. I've just got so much going on here.

    It's important for me to stay in contact with you guys even if I offer tiny weenie posts.

    Tired, congrats on passing the dessert up. Sounds like an exotic and tempting dinner. Carol, that photo shoot sounded like lots of fun. You must be proud of your daughter.

    Food Plan

    Breakfast---Scrambled eggs with zuccini and cheese

    Lunch-------tuna salad

    snack--------jello with a little yogurt and walnuts

    dinner ---------CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUP

    Tomorrow morning I get to babysit at 4:30 am!!!!!!!!

    The husband of the broken footed woman (sounds like an American Indian name) has to go on a business trip.

    Thanks for being here. You're doing great! This is a life long change and there are going to be some bumps along the way.

    I miss Julie and her smilies, don't you?

    I'm really going to try to post tonight.

  • Hi all. It's nice to hear all about your life's events. Carol, the photo shoot sounds great. I love houses and architecture so I can just imagine how delightful the area looks. I'll be on the lookout for the article. When you know the name of the magazine let me know.

    Roll, hang in there. I agree there are going to be bumps along the road, the main thing is that we stay on track in general. Mostly good days, but some not so good days. Good luck with the 4:30 babysitting. I've been up at 4:30 the last few days (I've been going to bed very early at night - 6:30 last night!). Anyways I've loved the quiet serenity of that time. Today I read my students' writing books and made comments while I had my coffee. I love the morning! So think of me when you're up at 4:30 and treat yourself to a nice hot healthy drink.

    My healthy food supply is very low - I have to make a shopping trip tonight!

    Breakfast - pb sandwich (470) OJ (100)
    lunch - salad with tuna and sprinkled cheese (300)
    snack - pineapple, peach smoothie - yum! Yum! I used fresh pineapple and frozen peaches (300)
    dinner? Let's see I have 33o left - I may find a filling treat at Trader Joes.

    Take care all. It's great to hear from you.

    p.s. Carol, I love to cook too, especially around the holidays. I have a great Moosewood veggie cookbook - it has some wonderful sounding soups and desserts too.
  • Rollmdl, just know we are here when you need us. I like hearing from you and look forward to any entry you may have time to do. If your Dad enjoys gambling and it makes him happy thats what he should do. Its fun and I like to go too but only spend around 50 nothing like your Dad. I hardly know what the **** I am doing when I am there!!!!!!!!! But have a few laughs! Try to enjoy yourself you will reflect back to those times in the future.
    Tiredoffat, Sounds like your doing pretty good. Your students are lucky to have such a good teacher. The journals are wonderful learning tools. My son years ago used to have a teacher who would write back to him and he really inspired him to write. It was a high school teacher and a creative writing class. Good for you! I did have fun and am very proud of Tam. It was a bit scary but fun and interesting for sure. I tried a new creative snack wanted something crunchy. So I added 12 semi choc. chips, 1/2 cup heart to heart cereal kashi, 5 cashews and 2 T. dried cranberries. It was really good and kind of healthy. I changed my dinner a bit: grilled chicken on my george forman
    hot sauce for dipping
    1/2 acorn squash plain
    snack; stuff above
    I think I was about 1400 calories today. Lunch I added in green and beans soup 1 cup. No real exercise just walking into work and up the steps 2xs Tues. I will go to the gym. Wrong side of the city at the end of my day.
    Have a nice evening girls.