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  • G,day tired I wonder where everyone else is, hey great news 7lbs you go girl keep it up , I,m not doing to bad today is bright and sunny here in ozzieland I,ve made a good start I,ve lost 1 of the 2lb I put back on and I gave myself a good pep talk and I,m not going to let trivial things get on top of me I have no control over what others do or say , still have,nt heard from my daughter but hey thats her stuff got to learn to own my own stuff not take onboard everyone elses, I,ll go crazy otherwise what am I saying I,m pretty off the planet at the best of times good luck with your exercise hope you can stick to it and get it in when you can did you end up getting your curry well thats it for me I,m off for my morning and then my workout your 7lb loss has inspired me I was going to have a lazy day bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Hi Julie,

    I'm glad you're off to work out. Yes, I had my delicious tofu, chick pea, curry dish - very nourishing and tasty. I topped it off with a smoothie for dessert. Let's hope for a combined loss of at least 16 by the end of November. I'd like to be down 10 by Thanksgiving when I'm going to a family dinner. Now back to my studies (ugh!).

    breakfast/lunch - cottage cheese (250), peanuts (350), strawberry slushie - lots of frozen strawberries, ice and water blended - yummy (50) total 650
  • G,day tired just a quick hello, a combined loss of 16 sounds good fingers crossed , good luck with your study, I,m off for my workout then I,m going to hit the books too the counselling course I,m doing is getting pretty full on but very interesting learning about body language and facial expressions and all that, well bye for now catch up with you later BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Good luck with your studies Julie. Let me know if you learn anything you'd like to share. I hope you had a good work out.

    snack - 1/4 c. almonds
    dinner - tuna sandwich with tomatoes, bread (lots of tuna)550
    snack - apple 150 That's it for today. Take care.
  • Hi tired thanks for the luck I need it just submitted a study on body language and facial expressions , its funny how we do things and we don,t even know we,re doing them, like the way we say one thing but our body says another , I had to do a pretend counselling session for marks and this guy had to talk about his relationship with his girlfriend you know he,s sitting there saying how much he love,s her and how she makes him so happy and his body language is telling a whole different story , his hands were clenched into fists and he was tapping his foot and softly ponding the chair and his face was smiling and frowning at the same time , these are things I have to look for , to be a successful counsellor you have to pay attention to what is,nt being said as well as what is, we don,t realise sometimes just how unique we humans really are , like nature, nurture are we born the way we are ,like when we say oh it,s just my nature to be that way or are we the way we are from what we learn and keep hold of is it life or genetics, it can all get quite complex at times I think ooooh my God what have I got myself into but then I realise it,s what I,ve been doing all my life the only difference is when I,m finished I,ll have a Diploma and actually be able to get paid for listening and helping people take charge and help resolve their problems . Sounds like your on track today so far good luck , looking forward to more updates, thats it for me raved on long enough bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE

    SW 172
    CW 167
    GW 132 fingers crossed
  • Very interesting Julie! I think counseling is an interesting field and an important one. I was a psychology major many years ago in college and found it intriguing. I had to present tonight at course. I'm a lousy presenter. The teacher is going to give me feedback so I'm going to try to do a better job next time. Good diet day! Take care.
  • Hi, I'm so tempted to pig out tonight. Why? Instead I'll write what I ate and see what cals I have left.

    breakfast - 2 yogurst 240
    lunch - salad with turkey and cheese 400
    almonds - too many I used the half cut instead of the quarter cup - 360
    total so far 1,000
    Hope all is well with everyone.
  • G,day everyone hope your all well, I,m doing OK good day so far but hey its only morning here , don,t give in tired instead do something else with your hectic routine it should,nt be to hard just a short hi catch up with you later bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Last night I did give in to a few extra calories but I had a healthy, low fat smoothie with lots and lots of strawberries for about 400 cals. In the past I would have probably eaten a whole pint of ice cream for about 1,000 or more. That's progress!

    Today I'm not so hungry so I'm making up for it. I had a busy, busy, busy day but a good one. For the first time this school year I actually had a great reading workshop. Some of my struggling readers were so impressive. The class was "on" today, working hard and doing a good job. That really motivates me. They've been a challenging group to organize and manage so I've been working hard to make a sensible order out of the day.

    breakfast: cereal, milk (300)
    lunch: salad with turkey and a little cheese (250) I told the lady in the lunchroom that I was on a diet so she's making extra healthy salads for me - so nice of her.
    dinner - I don't know. I'm going out with the kids since my husband is away. I'll choose a healthy place.

    Take care Julie and all
  • Good morning all your reading class sounds as if it is very fulfiling tired it,s a great feeling when someone is accomplishing something and you,ve had a hand in it , is,nt it the few extra cals you had don,t sound like bad ones sound rather healthy , hope you have a nice dinner with your kids, good your going to choose a healthy place , how long is your hubby gone for , I,m doing OK keeping out of trouble staying on track eating wise lost half a lb nothing to chuck a party over but hey a loss is a loss, my daughter rang me sorted things out well we,re talking , anyway that,s it for me have a great day everyone were ever you are bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Hi Julie, I'm glad to hear that you spoke with your daughter. I have been very, very busy but now it's the weekend so I can get a little rest and try to catch up on things. Tomorrow night I'm going to a fancy party with my husband - a work event for him. He has to wear black tie and I have to wear something nice. I'll be shopping tomorrow. I'm glad my weight is down a bit - it will make it easier to find something to wear. I've been ravenous lately. Probably because I've been staying up way too late and drinking too much coffee. Have to think about the schedule. Thanks for checking in.

    breakfast - pb sandwich, yogurt (so hungry) (600)
    lunch - healthy salad with turkey (300)
    snack - apple and one beer (I really wanted one - it's been two months and boy did it taste good) 300
    dinner - Thai food - yes I'm over, but I think my body really needs it. I have to rethink some of my habits and get to the grocery store for some healthy food. Whenever I run out of my healthy crutch food like sugarless gum, seltzer water and nonfat yogurt, I start to eat too much. Something to remember.

    sw 210, cw 186, gw 150
  • G,day tired, hope your well , does,nt sound like you went to overboard your doing so well you inspire me to keep going, hope you find something nice to wear and have a great time your hubby should be proud to have you on his arm , just look how far you,ve come so far and I bet you,ll look beautiful remember it,s all about confidence thats what makes a women attractive, glad you enjoyed your beer I,m like that sometimes when it,s really hot and boy it gets hot here downunder a really icy cold one goes down great especially if it,s been awhile between drinks, I know the feeling of staying up late I suffer from bouts of insomnia have for years and thats when I,m tempted to snack when the house is quiet , but don,t give in it,s all willpower and with your hectic life I know you have alot of that well I,ve raved on enough bye for now catch you later have fun BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Hi Julie, thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. It's been a tough day. I really lost it with my nine year old. He can push my buttons. I've been so busy that I feel like I haven't had enough good energy for the kids. There's a part of me that would like to quit my job and just be home as a mom, but then we wouldn't have enough money to pay the bills, etc. I actually like my job. I've been getting negative vibes from my mom, sister and neighbor all because I'm just too busy to be available. I feel pulled in so many directions - it stinks! I know I have to reframe my mind, change my attitude and some of the ways I do things. My life is like a giant jigsaw puzzle - interesting pieces, but very difficult to fit altogether. The dream that keeps coming back to me is combining parenting with writing. Write while the children are at school, and then parent when they come home. The hard thing about teaching is that you have children who need you from very early in the morning until late at night with little or no time to be a grownup. My life's too full and I can feel myself smoldering and having little eruptions. I just don't want the volcano to blow! Here's a good counseling case study for you - only kidding! Thanks for listening.
  • G,day tired WOW your headed for burnout girl bigtime , you have to first step back take a look at your life and put things in boxes little things first deal with them then move on to whats in the next box , all kids no how to push buttons it,s what they do , and they seem to do it when your frazzled , remember it,s their behaviour you don,t like not them so explain to your son that at times his habits really freak you out and you would prefer him to try and get your attention in more positive ways sometimes kids just want to be noticed if they think their not getting anough positive attention then negative is better than nothing , try to make time with the kids about quality not so much quantity I used to do like a Mary Poppins thing when my kids were little when I was cleaning or cooking I,d give them little jobs to do to help me but make a game out of it use your imagination ,you say you write what do you write, as for your mum and sister and neighbours, you can,t be there for everybody all the time as long as you touch base once in awhile that should be enough , eplain to them that while you love all of them dearly your life is so hectic at times you don,t even have enough time for yourself and it hurts you just as much as it anoys them, try to come to some sort of compromise maybe set a date for once a month for together time have a big get together for a BBQ or if the weather does,nt permit a dinner party , remember again QUALITY NOT QUANTITY is important and ifthe rest of your family is feeling neglected at times , then also take a look at yourself what about you at least one night this week when the kids have gone to bed put down the books and pens turn off the computer run a nice hot bubble bath and have along soak and tell yourself you are special and your dream can be a reallity with a little time and patience , don,t run around getting frazzled what does,nt get done today will get done tomorrow , don,t take everyone elses stuff in board or you will explode and then you,ll be no good to anyone , so now relax let go let God , your an eagle you can soar you just have to slow down life is,nt a race and remember it,s not the journey thats important it,s the destination. TAKE CARE bye for now BLESSED BE JULIE
  • Okay, I'm committing myself.
    I just finished reading ALL the posts from this thread. I'm inspired.
    Thank you so much, Tired, for encouraging me to join this thread. Do you prefer being called Tired??? I'd like to call you Spunky or Peppy. I am so impressed with your honesty about your eating log and your tenacity- that even when things are SO difficult and busy, that you are still here on this path. You just keep on showing up. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Thank you, also, Julie for answering my post on the other thread. I feel welcome here already. You are so kindhearted.
    Well, on to my report
    Breakfast- homemade chicken vegetable soup coffee-splenda and half and half
    Lunch - more vegetable chicken soup with mozzerella cheese.
    Dinner - small steak
    one banana and one avocado.

    How can I lose weight eating avocado? It's SUCH an improvement over 1/2 gallon of (sugar free nyuk nyuk "I can eat as much as I want!!!! It's sugar-free!") ice cream in one day. As a rule rather than an exception.

    Water is an issue for me. I hardly ever remember to drink it until I'm thirsty and it's too late- Bedtime. I'm then, up all night and don't feel rested in the morning. Guess I could invest in a truckdriver's friend and wet the bed. Nah.
    So, today I had 3 quarts of water. I've also had 3 cups of Egyptian licorice tea with splenda--super sweet--for my cough, 2 servings emergen-cee lite with splenda, and 6 (gas producing) sugar free ricola throat lozenges.
    I also take amino acid supplements.
    I plan on starting that walking program when I feel better. I even bought two pedometers-- one for my 12 year old daughter. We'll see.....

    Thanks for being here. I feel hopeful about getting healthy for the first time in a long time.
    I hope you don't mind my playing with the toys here.
    I wonder if my goal weight isn't unrealistic. It's been a long time since I've seen that weight and don't know what it would look or feel like. Any advice on how one chooses a goal weight?
    Also, Tired, when you track your food, do you write down what you eat as you go, all through the day, or do you take an inventory at night?