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Deelite 07-06-2004 12:55 PM

Wow Ramona that is some home removations that you are going to tackle. It will seem very spacious. I like the idea of a master bedroom suite. Just make sure that the walls you take down are not supposrting walls, or if they are that you support them properly with beams.

Gayle I would have never thought of painting the purse. It turned out beautifully and very unique. Purses with pictures or designs are really in right now.

Debbie the pool parties sound great. It has been a really cool summer here. We had one hot week. The forcast is looking better towards the end of the week, they are usually wrong but I hope this time they are accurate.

Sherry is the yard bigger in your home now than the one you had before? What do the boys think about you moving to your parents home? Thanks for the recipe. It isn't that bad when you add up the points if you use the low fat version of everything

Doni good going with the weightloss. You are doing well.

Shelley how is work going? Are you pleased with the changes you have made in the house? That would be great if Gayle could do something with the french doors for you.

Carol how are you doing? Are you on program?

I went to the doctors yesterday for the results on my MRI. I don't know when the surgeon will get back to me. He is only in the clinic one day a week. Anyways I have a herniated disk between the 4th and the 5th. It is pressing on nerve 5. From the 4th to the 11 vertibrea (sp? I can't spell today my brain is all fuzzy) there is something wrong. I can't remember but it wasn't that serious. They see some artheritis on my spine too. My doc said that it is up to the surgeon if he will operate but since it is getting worse as apposed to getting better it is likely that they will operate. The doc said that sometimes after the operation the scar tissure causes a lot of pain, so it is an important decision to make. I am still in a lot of pain in the morning and the evening despite all the meds. The doc increased one of my meds again yesterday. For someone that hates taking meds I am sure taking a lot. With the morphine increase a couple of weeks ago I have a very hard time to focus and to remember things, yes even how to spell! I still don't have my wheelchair even though they said that it was only a two week waiting period. It has been over 3 weeks and they said I would have a chair for sure by today. No word from them yet.

Well I just wanted to check in and let you know that I think of you girls often. Sure would be nice to get together this afternoon for drinks around the pool.

gdeann 07-06-2004 02:21 PM

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Ramona, good luck on the remodeling job! its alot of hard work, but you will enjoy the end result.

Shelley, let me do some checking...I will get back with you...let me know what the lady writes you back about the windows.

Sher, the cake sounds heavenly!!!!!

Dee, did you find ou anything?

Okay...here are some pics from one of my bathrooms. This is my first try at wall design, so let me know what you think...BE HONEST! The two garlands over the pictures are on two separate walls. The brick break away wall is on the opposite side, opposite the vanity, so0 when you look in the mirror, you see brick. I didn't have enough space to get it and the ficus tree together, so when you look at those two pics, imagine the tree off center to the faux brick area. I'm going for an English garden like decor and feel to the room.

gdeann 07-06-2004 02:27 PM

Dee, we posted at the same time. I hope they get everything straightened out, it has been way too long for you to be in this much discomfort!

Well shoot, for me to post the images, I had to reduce the size, you can't see the detail of vine coming up out of the brick etc.

Jennelle 07-06-2004 03:06 PM

Gayle, even little, they look lovely! :)

bootwoman 07-06-2004 04:04 PM

Gayle, you are such a wonderful artist! How do you come up with these ideas?

Dee, yes, it is a supporting wall. We will have to put in a header beam and then we are going to use two decorative columns for support. Now, about your back. I'm no doctor, but it seems all they are doing is trying to mask the pain without correcting the problem. When I herniated a disk, I went to the chiropractor and to physical therapy and didn't have to have surgery. I was down for about 6 weeks, but you've already been down a lot longer than that! I just worry about you so much!!!

ShelleyM 07-06-2004 04:32 PM

Gayle-It looks beautiful. The lady wrote me back and said that I might be better off with plastic inserts instead. That's too much trouble, as far as I'm concerned. She said the clings for that size would start at $10.00 each. I forwarded her email to you.

Deelite 07-06-2004 05:21 PM

Gayle your amazing! That looks wonderful. What does your family think? You did a wonderful job. I am pretty sure you posted how you did the brick wall. I want to go and see if I can find it. Looks better than I imagined!

Ramona I tried physio and it was making it worse. I am too scared to go to a chiro because my massage theripist, physio and my doc said that it could potentially make it worse. It is bad enough already that I don't want to do that. Yes I know that I am on to much meds but it is the only way that I can make it through the day for now.

Sherry 07-06-2004 10:24 PM

Gayle.....The bathroom looks so good!!!!! I wished you lived close to me!

siamese 07-07-2004 01:54 AM

hello gals!
gayle,your work is awesome!
i draw stick people.

dee, im sorry to hear bout your back.
your in my prayers.

well we had a great 4th.
not as exciting as you guys but hey brian was home all weekend.
we had the haynes apperson festival downtown and rupert from survivor was in the parade got pics of him.

my neighbor and us set off our own little display of fireworks.
great time here.
on a sour note...
remember last year we had some herrific storms and the neighbors tree came crashing down on her and brians car?
well tonite lightning hit that sucker and anouther chunk came tumbling down,missing our cars by inches.
its 1 in the morning and the city finaly cleared the tree it was across the street.
there is something bout the 4th and this tree 3 years in a row now .
hey im sharing a cool site here.
www.sparkpeople .com
got great tools and online menus and tons of stuff.
im on ediets and its 9.99 per month this place is 9.99 per yr and got more stuff.
its cool.
275/247/246 mini goal

ShelleyM 07-07-2004 05:54 AM

Gayle-Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I envy your talent. You really should think about doing murals as a business. I think you would do wonderful by word of mouth. Even if you started out doing something as a donation for a school or some kind of public facility (like we have, except ours wasn't donated, but she already had her business) then you could start by word of mouth. Think about it, I believe you would do wonderful!

Ramona-Good luck on your remodeling! I can't give you any tips because I'm still working at it. I still haven't started the kitchen yet.

Sherry 07-07-2004 08:11 AM


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