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  • Hiya ladies~

    Now that I am back and started the new thread I don't remember what all was said on the last one!

    Shanna~I do have to agree with Jana and Marti on the job. If it is sooooo bad then why not look elsewhere? Some people stay at a job that they hate for years because it pays the bills. Others go from job to job till they find the *right* job, a job they love. Maybe if you look at it in a different light rather than hating it, maybe it will work out better. But if it is absolutely so bad that it is making you miserable, then I definitely would quit.

    Miss Jana~THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the card! It totally made my day. Also for all the prayers and well wishes from you and all the ladies. It means A LOT! I think we are having the same weather, supposed to rain here also.

    Marti~nothing like being woke up by the sound of a lawn mower. I am glad they are almost done with the houses in the cul-de-sac, well the one and it is nothing major. They are working on the inside. But, unfortunately they will be building two across the street-UGH! but I swear there is an ordinance that says they are not supposed to start work before 7 am thru the week and 8 on the weekends. Many times they have started a little after 6. Have fun shopping for Jhanai.

    Susan~keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that you get that job. And good vibes your way with your new Les is more! (Cute one Jana!)

    Angie~enjoy your manicure. I've never had one either, or a pedicure but swear one day I will have a pedicure. I have to agree with Marti about the friends and age thing, it's just a bunch of numbers and I too have friends of all ages.

    Hi to everyone else!

    I am doing fine, a nervous wreck, but fine. I am going to have to go to AR , not sure when, and am totally dreading it, family stuff going on. DH could be laid off any day. Of course he told me that he was supposed to be back when we bought the house. I asked why didn't he tell me then and he said why? Because there is nothing that can be done and there is no sense in worrying over something we have no control over. This is true, and we have to have a place to live. We are actually paying the same for this house as we were for the rental, and that includes insurance and taxes. If he actually makes it through the nest two weeks they still are shutting down his dept. for 3-4 weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed and just taking it one day at a time. And that is how the aircraft business always is so...moving on. I am trying to find a job which is a bad time to be looking with all the kids out of school. It could be worse. Anyway, with my mind being elsewhere it was hard to get on the 'puter. Didn't think anything would make me stay away! Okay, I have gone on enough. Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • Gmail
    Gmail is the new email service from Google. You get 1 gig of storage, a search feature to find old messages, and it groups email conversations for you. It's currently in beta testing, so you have to get an invitation to start an account.

    I got a really good response from a library listserv that I posted on, so I'm all out for now, but as soon as I get more invites, I'll let you know.

  • Afternoon!!

    I have to get busy but wanted to say hello first.
    So wonderful to hav eyou back Cristi Sorry you are under stress with possible lay off and such. Pretty sure it will work out just fine, always does......might as will sit back and have a B & J

    Can't believe you walked past the ice cream Angie!! That is so great, not me though. I am on a mission to make my way through all the flavors .
    btw- my phone is busy with Les Is More. I think we have talked for 11 hours since Saturday ( not that I am keeping track) Kind of starting to wonder what is wrong with him......why does he like me?? He says I am sweet and nice to talk with -- that he looks forward to talking with me at night.So, what IS wrong with him???? lol I am not going to get my hopes up-- he seems like a sweety. I went to Freddies yesterday and did a mosey in the music section to listen to Dave MAtthews, I guess that is his favorite.btw- I think Jana asked.........I don't get the feeling this one is still pinning for his has been 7 years. She isn't real involved with the children , though she lives in the same town. I think she is bi polar and that seems to take away from a lot of things, I believe she is only 37, so I found that sad. He does a super job, the kids in the background always sound happy......

    Marti- your grandpa sounds like a sweety himself I enjoy reading about him.

    Suetalk- I am not a morning person either

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!! Am I belated?? Sorry........

    LibraryKate-love hearing about weddings!!! I am sure you will be a lovely bride, best wishes as your day draws near

    I weighed in at 143 this morning- couldn't stand not knowing. So, I have gained some back..........argh........I am drinking water now like crazy. I did find me a cute GAP skirt yesterday ($4.99) size 8, so I was happy about that.

    Best Get!!!!

  • Hiya again--

    I see Jen busy at the other threads! away. I should go peek in and contribute but always am rushed.

    I am heading out for my dinner break. I was thinking the Cobb salad and McDonalds, my favorite........

    I have popped waaaaay too much candy today, those lil chocolate bars.....and those chewy nugget things........

    Checked my Christian Site that I stumbled over Les Is More at.......he logged in there in 5 days.He said he probably wouldn't go that he is getting to know me,........ain't that the sweetest......

    omg- what is wrong with that man??? Can't wait to meet him , we are doing that this Friday evening. I will work the 8 to 5 shift and be free in the evening. If all goes well we can have an actual *date* later on........*sigh* I never make it to dates anyway,,,,,,,think positive right??

    Ok, starved!! Come over here and post Jen!! I want something to read

  • Well, I think I've managed to post on all of the poll threads. Some good topics out there! I should be out mowing the yard, but it's so humid out, thick as soup. It's supposed to be storming soon too. Anyway, the grass will still be there waiting for me in a day or two. And I have soooo many weeds to pull. I wish days were longer than 24hrs!

    Christi - I am sorry for all that you are going through. I hope that it all works out for you in the end.

    Shanna - I've had some jobs where I was practically in tears because I had to go to work. That isn't worth it. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a nurse and can get a job just about anywhere, but, I figure it's just a job. I even told my boss once "I had a job when I came here and I'll have a job when I leave." No threats, just the way it is.

    Marti - what is up with neighbors? I called the cops on mine the other night. He was building something at 11pm, sounded like he was drilling steel. In fact he was. Now he has this contraption behind his redneck pick up truck and it takes up half of the street. Why are some people so inconsiderate?

    Jana - my veggies were great. I usually use peppers too, but I forgot to get some. I'm having the leftovers tonight!

    Susan - be careful. Don't talk yourself out of les is more. He may be just right!

    Sue - Good luck on your Hida scan tomorrow. If your gallbladder is having problems, it will probably trigger an attack.

    Mom2Gaby - I'm not weighing myself this week. I am sure I'm up. It's my TOM and I can just feel it. I'm really trying to watch it though. Hopefully when the water weight is gone I will be surprised.

    Well, I should go. I'm starving. Having a chix salad sand and leftover veggies.

  • Oh, good a post at chit chat!! YAY-

    Hi Jen, I am Susan and mom2gaby?? Unless there is another Susan with a More of Les or another mom to a Anyway, just came back from break.

    The Cobb salad is great - feel human again.

    I am a terrible, terrible romantic. I fall in love with most men(jk). I was going to tell Les "if I say I love you on the first date, please don't take it personally".....haha...........argh. Anyway, sent him the Mothers Day picture of the girls and I- he said he printed it off and that it was a nice picture,he would call at 8pm- started telling me about his day but stopped and said he would just talk later.
    Anyway, some of this I am JOKING, hope I don't get lectures on my self esteem and ways to boost it. lol

    I have to go to my 2nd counseling session with Gabsters father tomorrow. I am paying $25 and he is suppose to pay $25- that is sliding scale, she usually charges $125. I have to find someone to watch Gaby.

    With all this TOM talk I must say I have always weighed myself and never considered TOM. I usually have lost most weeks- though it might slow the weigh loss down??? Of course sometimes I would drop rwal fast maybe that was due to TOM???
  • Chatty bunch today!

    I finally got tired of eating left over chili! James made it the night before he left...did he expect me to eat it all? I should have frozen half of it...I believe it may be too late now. He makes the BEST chili ever!!

    Looking forward to seeing both James and Jhanai tomorrow. Jhanai is going to the movies with some friends tomorrow. They got to choose which one they want to see.....They're going to see "50 first dates" Anyone seen it? Why would 10yr olds want to go see that?

    I'll be back...I hear the timer going off....time for dinner. Rice Pilaf for me.


  • OMG Marti, I love that movie! The penguin part just kills me...I laughed so hard then the next day I was giggling over it,,,Becky came with me and she knew exactly why I was laughing,,,she sits 2 desks over...
    Anyways I liked it.
    I also liked Laws Of Attraction.
    Becky has 4 boys,,14 12 and twin 10 yrs Tanner just fits right in with the 3 younger ones,,,they go see a movie and Becky and I go see great.
    Not only did I get a manicure I got a pedicure...and french tipped no less with rhinestone flowers on it...ya Im such a
    Still have the headache,,,migrain I guess,,,woke me up at 4,,,took advil migrain,,,was good till 9..when I finally woke.

    Cristi, glad to have you back,,,and I feel for you,,,we have been there. Monte got laid off one month after his mom died,,,and we split the cost of the funeral with his one brother,,,plus I had been laid off a few months before and I was working at a really low paying job. It barely covered the grocery bill. But we made it throu,,,as you will.

    Katie,,,THANK YOU! You made my day...I just love just because mail. I told Monte we need to go to Banff this weekend,,,to get post cards...*wink ya right. Hot Springs here I come,,,Im really into the pampering kick.,,,,lol When I saw the postcard it reminded me of Banff...
    I made this awesome dinner,,,huge salad, with beef stew that I had simmering in the crock with onions since 9:30 this morning,,,I put in a caserole dish and put pastry over top,,,,MMMMM Do you guys try different salad dressing? Im trying a mustard onion dressing,....very tasty.
    Jen we had a neighbhour that had this big flatbed truck taking up half the block...someone in the neighbhourhood called the authorities...can't have something that big in a residential area.I was happy to have him move that thing,,,he took all the extra parking, it was loud when he started it,,,I hated him. He used a cement mixer at midnight one summer...$%^@# I freaked,,,but then again most of the other neighbours did too..from what the cops said there was 4 complaints in that one night.
    Its been raining for so long now,,,where is our summer? Im still wearing capris,,,just with thick
    Susan yes I walked away from the ice cream,,,but I couldn't do that with cinnamon buns,,,so I don't even go down that isle
    Les is More sounds charming,,,is that word still being used? Well I don't care if its not,,,he does sound charming.
    Well I need to get to bed....Brandon works at 7...arghh and I was voted most likely to drive him to
  • Hello....I'm back later than I anticipated.

    Cristi--I know all to well about being laid off. Sad part was, it was both of us! We had so many plans and we had to change all of them. I think it's sweet that your husband tried to not worry you. Things will get better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that his department isn't shut down for too long.

    Susan--I worry about you!! You say you're joking most of the time...but I'm still going to worry. It's like a little sister I'm looking over who is trying to date for the first time and is a little too anxious! So just beware that I got my eye on you!

    Jen--The landscaping is done by the city. So it's not actually the neighbors themselves fault. But I can still wake up cursing at them!

    Angie--Postcards!!! I would love to have one from Canada!! (hint hint) Cristi sent me one of Kansas....beautiful view from above!! I had a friend who was going to Mexico for vacation and I told him to bring me one, and a friend who went to California, and my sister in Florida......Hey.....maybe I should have added that to my collection!!

    Hello to the rest of you girls.

    What are all your plans for Fathers Day? My grandpa told me that the family is getting together for a BBQ. So I'm sure I'll be there. I need to call my dad and see if he's coming!! It's been awhile since I've talked to him.

    Well's hot in my house...had the A/C on most of the day. Got up in the 80's...and is suppose to get close to the 90's tomorrow. Too hot....when from one extreme to the next....crazy.

    I'm going to take the muglets out and then head to bed. You all have a good night and chat with you tomorrow.

  • hey, I am at the devil job
    Hey everyone. It is 12;29 am her and I am at work and thought I would take some moments to chat endlessly (hee hee) and respond to some post.

    To repsond to dolphin and cristi: I respect everyones opinion to find another job if I don't like this one. Well, that is all when and good, but I was lucky to find this job since it pays better than anything else I could probably find. Too bad that i still can't pay all my bills every month and i am going so far in the whole even with this god pay. Makes me scared to think what will happen when school starts and I have to go part time or find a job that will accomodate my school schedule. So quitting is not an option. Work isn't suppose to be fun anyway, otherwise it wouldn't be called work, right??? But I appreciate everyone's sympathy. My life is pretty much going to suck and be stressful until I graduate next summer or get put into a padded room. Whichever comes first.
    Marti: I gave you the application, but this really is a nice company that pays well and has good benefits. I just don't handle stress very well, or stupid and mean people. However everyone handles these things differently. Plus with my hours I only have one full day off a week, which makes it hard to do anything and I miss my sweetie and my babies. So, that is a double whammy for me. So, do not worry Pentagon is a nice company with nice people, nice perks and good pay to start off with. You know that around this area it is hard to start off at 10.23 (11.25 for nights) so that is a bonus. trust me, I am your friend missy and would not steer you wrong. I do have to say as well that i miss being able to get together with my buddy more. You have been such a good friend to me and I am by myself so much and it is hard, as you know. So, I just wanted to let you know that you are missed.
    Susan: Hey girl, long time no talk. How are things up in good old portland?/ I am going to be up in tualatin on saturday, which sucks since it is my only full day off and I have to spend it driving up there for my monthly appointment and then all the way back home instead of spending time with my sweetie. But things have to be done. How are you babies??? I applaude you for getting back into the dating type thing so soon. Just be careful, cautios, etc, etc. I am adding my mothering along with everyone else. hee hee. Anywho I will honk your way when I get up there on saturday.
    Katie: I am so sorry I am a bonehead and forgot to say happy birthday!! I always forget to check the birthday thread since it is never up to current posting. Anywho, sorry, hope it was great.
    Anywho I hope to be able to see my dad for a little while. I have no money( which I feel bad about since I got my mother something for mother's day) but I am making a card and will try to find something cheap or hand make that too, which is sooo cheesy and embarrassing. however I hope to see him at least since I have to go to sleep by 1 or 2 on sundays. Have I mentioned how much this job bites?? hee hee Which reminds me, I better get back to that job thing
    Hello to everyone I missed, Jana, miss Angie pooh, libray kate, and all the new I don't know yet and the old that I have forgotten since i am sooo tired,
  • I apologize for all my bad spelling and screwed up words. I am tired and I am so embarrassed reading thru my post now
  • Good morning ladies,

    Cristi - is AR Arkansas? Or does it stand for something else non-state related? I sure hope Vince can keep his job, and I'm so sorry you have to go through this worry and stress. But it truly will work out all right in the end. If there's anything I can do to make you feel better, just holler, okay? YW for the card - one full of sunshine seemed just what you needed, my friend.

    LibraryKate - oic about the gmail! I'm technology(ly) challenged! Btw, if you ever want to meet up at the mall, let me know. I'm down there often enough, lol. As you can tell, we JLs send cards to each other, and if you would want one from me, please email me your home address, if you are comfortable with that. Also, pm your email addy when/if you want.

    Susan - I wanna know what the skirt looks like.

    Jen - one good thing about being redneck farmers with a truck is we don't have neighbors to bother us!

    Marti - your rice pilaf sounds so good.... mmm. For Father's Day, we are getting together and making a meal of the men's choice. It's seven layer salad (DS's choice), mini meatloaves (what Neal asked for), potatoes of Dale's choice, green beans with new potatoes, corn, and fruit salad for dessert.

    Angie - hope your migraine is gone.... especially since you had to get up early and take DS to work.

    Shanna - one positive thing about the company you work for is they must not mind you being on the computer all night, lol. I betcha your dad would rather just spend time with you than anything you could buy for him.

    Miss RosieKate - it's time you got your fanny in here and told us all about your birthday! We want details, lol.

    Hi to the others....

    I was going to attempt to wash the house windows today, but Neal has to advise some incoming students and I need his help. So darn, I'll have to put it off, lol. Washing windows is one of my least favorite jobs.

    NSV - Last night I tried on a dress that I had wanted to wear at Easter but it was too tight. It slides all around me now, almost too big!!!

  • YAY for the Easterdress!
    gonna have to sew it in.
    We don't know what we are doing for Fathers day, bought Monte BBQ case with untensils in it. Something he wanted. We bought a new BBQ over 2 weeks ago and still haven't used it.
    Shanna, I work in a call centre,,,ordering beer for people, and there are pretty NASTY people out there. They FORGOT to order it on their ordering day, or even better forgot to pay for it. And in some cases we are talking 50 grand. We get them calling swearing and carrying on. Becky had one last week that almost brought her to tears...and then Tuesday guess who got him. There is a saying,,,, MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.... And I am thankful Im not one of them.
    well off to work I go,,,
  • I think I need to get up earlier and get on!! Where's my coffee?

    Shanna--Not to lecture you (ok I'm going to lecture you)You are going to have to stop looking at work as something that is vile. You really need to start taking a healthier look at all things for you to live life happier. You may not like working with these "mean" people...(I can be one of them if provoked!) but try to be the person who is going to make this mean person, hanging up being the nicer person ever. You used to complain about Sony and how that job was bad.....I loved working for Sony....and we didn't have to deal with outside people. You need to find a way to turn things around to where it's not so bad. Otherwise all we're ever going to hear from you is complaints.....never anything happy. Just trying to help you out here. (scold me later if you must)

    Jana--I have been staring at my windows for weeks now!! Especially the big sliding glass door. I think I will do that today. The dogs would jump on it wanting back in after being taken out in the it's not a pretty site.
    Hurray for the NSV!!!!! How amazing is that? I'm so happy for you!!

    Angie--I worked at a Casino for a few months when I was 19. And free alcohol and gambling don't mix with some people. I had many unruly people to deal with and as a sucked. But I put a smile on my face and some would become my "regulars" and ask for me personally........I think now I'm old enough to not be so scared (maybe) to tell them where to go, and I may not have these people asking for me personally!!

    Wake up the rest of you girls!! Grab that cup of coffee and say a few words.

    Speaking of which...I'm going to go make a cup.