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  • Wow Glen that's super. What was the "trick" this week? I have gotten scale addicted myself and weigh daily. Not good I know but did gain .5 yesterday. Saddened me too. Congrats to you though!

    It's kinda hot here. 87 to be exact and we have some threat of storms. That will cool us off for a bit if we get them. Hope you all are having a great weekend. I hope to post more often after the kids finish up the wrap of the school year. They go to 11 a.m. on monday and tuesday and will be over. I had to pick logan up early yesterday with an earache so didn't get a chance to do anything else here.

    Daphne let me know if you hear anymore from ann or deb o.k. Rosey have fun in anchorage and get that DH of yours to buy you a birthday present while you're gone. By the way, our walmart does have a bigger scrapbook section now. They were even putting more stamps out yesterday so check that out. to everyone else.
  • thanks dana. try scaling once a week. i ate less and spent lots of time in the bathroom. rosey the are on the lose again for all the awol dolls. has anyone heard fromm sherree?
  • Happy Birthday Rosey!!!!
    Happy Birthday Rosey!!!
  • What a nice weekend I had! After such a horrific last week it was just what I needed to start a fresh this week. On Saturday we drove out to Atlanta and went to the Zoo there. I have never been to that Zoo and enjoyed it alot. Didn't enjoy getting stuck in traffic on the way back but it was OK. Yesterday after church we went out Strawberry picking. Picked two gallons and probably ate one! LOL But, they were sooooo good! It is very HOT here lately and the AC downstairs is not working right. I know that is going to be big bucks! Anyway, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised?! LOL
    Dee, how was your weekend? I hope it went well. What did you do, anything exciting!? I'm sure with a toddler it can get pretty exciting!
    Mr. Ken, WTG on your loss this past week! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! If I could do that, my troubles would be over! LOL I knew you collected match boxes, I just wondered what else besides the collecting, working and your weight loss you were involved with. You can tell me none of my bees wax if you want to!
    Summer, The BIG weekend is coming??! Are you ready? Did you buy a new swim suit? I bet you look great!
    Rosey, I sure hope you have a great trip in Anchorage and not medical related! May this birthday be extra special!
    Kris, What can I say.. I miss hearing from you!
    Daphne, How is your friend doing with her situation. I hope things will get better. How much weight have you lost now? Has things gotten better with you and Jason? I saw where you were wanting SEXERCISE to be a activity point. LOL
    Dana, Is it hot or what? LOL We got rained on at the Zoo some but not bad and it even did a quick sun shower on us while picking strawberries but nothing here. We had a lot to water last night. When are your kids out of school? Elena is out on June 4th.

    I have not heard anything about Sheree and I pray she is OK. Dana, did she ever answer your email you sent her a while back?

    Well, guys have a great day!

  • Hooray Glen! Hooray Glen I am so happy and proud of you! You get a gold star for the week. You can do it! Keep it up!

    A little victory dance for you.....

  • Happy Birthday to Rosey!!! May it be a very memorable and relaxing day!

    No Donna, Sheree never responded to my email. I enjoyed Zoo Atlanta the times I've been. Any zoo beats Greenville or used to anyway. It may have grown since I was last there. Is it Atlanta or Columbia that has the Cyclorama? That was neat which ever it was. The only rain I"ve seen over the weekend was yesterday when me and Dh got all lotioned up to lay out in the sun in our little pool and it rained right above us and only there. It was funny cause it's like it was just for us to poop on our parade. It only lasted 90 seconds and it thundered a lot yesterday evening but nothing else.

    My kids go for another 1 1/2 hours today and just to 11 a.m. again tomorrow for their last day of school. When they get out in a little bit, we're going to my grandmothers. Well hope yall have a great monday.
  • Hello Everyone... Its another hot one today.. Jim had his Colonoscopy and everything is Fine Thankgoodness.. He was so hungry and insisted on going to breakfast but when we got there he could not eat to much cause he was so bloated from the gas they gave him.. I got a doggie bag and brought him home..Then awhile later he threw-up what he did eat and said he felt somewhat better..but atleast he is Ok..
    I am doing laundry and the cable guy is coming to fix our cable.. The picture keeps freezing up.. Wierd...We have digitial cable so I dont know whats wrong with it.. They are calling for rain this afternoon and it looks like it might just do that..I have a bet with alot of the pool people here that it will rain opening pool day ( This Saturday )..I am sure it will happen.. It has rained on opening day for the last 10 years or more....So we shall see..
    Well got to run and ccheck on the patient..

    Rosey.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ROSEY!!!!!!!!..

    I hope that you are having a great Birthday doing what-ever you want to do.
  • Sorry I had to start another page..I thought I might lose my post..

    I sure hope that I see another weight loss this week..I try to weigh once a week also but sometime I forget..or is it I dont want to know
    I am sorry to say that I have not heard anything from Sheree.. I sure hope that her and her family are all doing well.. I guess she just didnt have time to be on here..I wish her all the best..Have a great Day

    Dana.. I am sorry that you got rained on..I hope that you will get another chance to lay in your pool this week..I think its suppose to be hot your way like here this week. I am sure you are looking forward to school being out and having some "Dana Time".. then it will be MB here you come real soon....
    I am sure that yo uwill see a weight loss real I know its so hard to get it moving..I know all about that..You will do it Sweetie..
    Thank-you for trying to contact Sheree.... I hope that she is doing good.. Have a great vist with your Grandmother.. How is she and your Grandfather doing?? Have a great Day..

    Donna...Your weekend sounded like you had alot of fun..with the Zoo and the Strawberries..I love Strawberries.. I have never picked any but there is a place about 2 hours from here that you can do that.. I have always been to afraid of snakes to do anything like that..What are you gonna make with them..Strawberry pie??? Shortcake??? I am on my way
    I know what you mean about traffic.. Thats anywhere you go now days there is always traffic traffic...
    I hope that you can get your air fixed with out it costing so much.. Today everything is so costly no matter what it is that needs repair or replaced..
    Its TOOO Hot to be without air....It really hot here the high 90's
    Yes the big pool opening is coming.. I did buy a new bathing suit.. I look a little better but no where near what I want to be..
    I will keep pluggin along untill I get there one day....I know it will happen I just have to be patient and thats so hard.. Have a good day

    Kris..Hope that things are good with you....Please let us know what your summer plans are..

    Daphne..I miss you and I hope that you are doing well. I hope that your friends are doing good... ( Deb and Ann )..I have them in my prayers...
    Please post when you can.. I am sure you are busy...
    Have a good day

    I sure hope that I have not forgotten anyone.. I have to get off here and see how the Patient is doing and run to the store to get a few groceries..after the cable guy gets here...
    All of you have a Great day and stay COOL...

    Dee.. I am sure you are busy with your "Little One"...Hope that things are good in your world.. Have a good day
  • Happy Birthday Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thankyou everyone for the b-day well spending the day quietly and am glad to be home from a busy weekend..the b-day party was fun and amanda was all wound up for her 4th b-day.. we enjoyed meeting more of our dd neighbors and friends and the bq was a big success.. the kids and sone adult kids had a blast with the marshmello guns and the yard looked like hail storm.. the next day we went to was a completly diff type of service than i was used to with band and all..but enjoyable and the best part was seeing my gransons and sil get baptised..we went out to eat after to celebrate..then we headed home.. never did get to wallmart tho to busy ..i was pooped from all the excitement and slept the whole way its raining and this b-day girl is not even dressed yet..but we are going to graduation tonight so pj's are not ken that is an awsome weight loss.. i am so proud of you..did you get your meds straightend out?? glad jims procedure is over and will pray for good results..enjoy the pool for me too..dana..what have you got planned for the kids this summer?? cant beleave schools almost over for alot of families where did the yr go ..donna.. do you make jam with all the berries??the zoo sounds like alot of fun..dee..hope you had a good weekend too..kris when do you leave again?? and where ??you have great storys to tell from all your trips..daphnee whats up in your life??i will try and contact sheree for us all..does any one remeber her last sorry to say im drawing a blank..if i knew it i would call her to see if shes ok..have a great day everyone.. will check in later(((((((hugs)))))) rosey
  • OK I am here. We are painting the house today. Well Jason is I am supervising!ROFLMAO. It is white now with gray trim when done. I wil post pics when done. I called Barbara Ann today and she is doing a bit better. She wasn't able to talk much cause the family was there. SHe admitted that she was needing someone to talk to so I plan on calling her back tomorrow. I will post more later but have to see what the hubby is doing now. Oh I have more paint on me then jason has on him! I am so not a house painter!Daphne
  • Just wanted to pop back in and see if Rosey had got backand how her day was..and also to Thank Daphne so very much for her thoughtfullness and caring.. I was also seeing if anyone posted this evening..
    I am tired its been along day.. I didnt get to water class tonight.. Jim wasnt feeling that good late this afternoon. He got sick again and threw-up... so I thought I better stay home and make sure he is alright.. He is better tonight and ate some dinner and went to bed. He was exasusted from the procedure and having not much sleep worring about it..I also think that gas they blow you up with did not agree with him at all..
    I am tired too... and I wont be long before I am in bed tonight...

    Rosey..I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to see your family. Sounds like you all were having fun and enjoying Amanda's BD and the BBQ was fun especially with the MM gun... belated to Amanda..
    I still say you could sell them... I am sorry you didnt get to "our" favorite store..Maybe next time.. I am sure you are tired from the trip..
    Its nice to have some relaxing time for your BD...
    Jim colonoscopy was good he got the results and he is fine..Thank the Good Lord for that. Thank-you for all your kindness and caring and prayers..
    I always appreciate it..God Bless you Rosey..
    Have a great evening

    Daphne.. I want to tell you..that you are such a Sweet and caring and thoughtfull person to send another card to Buddy.. I got it this evening in the mail and I will take it to him Thursday if all goes well...He is suppose to come home Wed. if all the chemo treatments go well. I am praying for that..
    He will be so touched again that you sent him a card.. God Bless you Daphne for caring and all your prayers for him....Thank-you so very much for sending him a card... Thank-you for all your kindness and being a very special person and friend..
    I am sure that your house will look so good. I cant wait to see pictures...
    I had to laugh when you said that you had more paint on you than Jason..That sounds like me when I paint.. .. I am glad that Barbara Ann is a bit better.. and that she has you to talk to...She is very fortunate to have you to help her through this rough time.. I have her in my prayers..
    Again..Bless you for reaching out and letting Buddy know that others do care even if they have never met.. That means so very much to him and I appreciate it more than I could ever say my Wonderful Sweet YAYA Friend.
    Have a great evening
    Try not to get to much paint on ya..

    All of you have a great evening.. ..
    God Bless All my Wonderful Friends in Here..and for all your prayers for Jim and Buddy and Being here for me and to help ease some of lifes burdens that we all carry from time to time..without each others caring and friendship..Love and prayers..I dont know what we all would do...
    We all are blessed in here to have friendships that are so special...
    Good Night...Much Love To All of You...
  • Hi everyone..i just got home from the graduation ceremonies and had to share with all of you..4 of my day care kids that i had from birth to 10 or 11 yrs of age graduated tonite ..i was seated in front where they all marched by and each one of them stepped out of line and gave me hugs and cannot imagine how moved i tears and happy for them and there familys and feeling really old and blessed and honored to have played a part in their lives so that they smiled with happiness to see their old baby sitter was one of those was a happy ending to my b-day..i got pictures of them and me..gosh they are so tall anyways thought id share my feelings with all my great friends in i am really sentimental today ..(((((((hugs))))))) rosey
  • Hi where is everyone the guys are on the hunt im still having that warm fuzzy feeling from my wonderful weekend and last night im truly blessed.. all 4 of those kids where honor students and in the National honor so proud..its raining here today.. the dh and a friend are going to the cabin..this is an experiment to see if my dh can tolerate it..i hope so and am glad hes not going alone..but in the process i will be alone for a few days yippeeeeee arnt i awful so i will check in later to see whats new in all your lives((((hugs)))))) from the warm and fuzzy rosey
  • Hi everyone one.. the warm and fuzzy one is wondering where all her friends are today i wanted you all to know that i found sheree's cell # in my pm from last summer when i met i called it and talked to her briefly..she is better now and busy with her family..wanted to share that info with you all..its so quiet her with the dh enjoying it and im not..anyways hope to see some of you posting tomorrow..(((((((hugs)))))) rosey