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Walking away the weight
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Default Stay at home moms #173

Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!
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Hi Everyone.

I'm doing great! Today my husband and I started eating right TOGETHER today, so we are doing great. He likes only raw veggies, so we are eating a lot of salads. Anyway, I feel really good because of all the vegetables and other good stuff I've eaten. It is really amazing how good you feel when you are eating right. I feel so energized. I also have exercised today. I feel good.

Crystal-Rock on with the exercise!!! Good job.

Melinda-I love eating a lot of fresh fruit and am also excited about Summer coming so I can have better fruits and veggies.

Geri-I'm glad you had a good time!

Penny-Hi! I got my butt in gear and posted LOL...Hope you are doing great!!

Welcome DeAnna....I'm Jessi, Mommy to Cole (9 months).

Spryng-I bet that your little Tanner is so cute in his pool!

Michele- Extreme Makeover, Home Edition is a lot of fun...wouldn't that just be awesome to have that! I'm waiting for the show when they makeover you and your house...

Misty Michele-I don't think I've met you yet, I'm Jessi, I'm working on losing about 25-30 lbs. I had been doing WW, which was great, but now I'm just making good food choices, if I don't see the scale go down though I'll be back to counting points.

Jackie-Good to meet you too!

Leigh-I hope your WW stuff comes soon...I'm sure you are antsy. My baby is really, really pale too, but that isn't too big of a surprise because my DH is too. Very cute picture of your baby!!

Ricci-I have lots of family in Missouri, what town do you live in?

Cindi-So sorry about your weekend! I'm sorry that your husband is being such a pill. It can be very frustrating when someone close to us, especially someone we live with, is being mean and unfair. It can bring everything else in your life down.
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Walking away the weight
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Default Today's report

My WW kit arrived this afternoon, so I was able to calculate what I ate today, plus my 3 activity points. My target points are 22 each day. So far (including activity points) I still have about 7 to use, and that's after dinner! Amazing, I know. I walked 4 miles today, though, so I definitely earned it.

Spryng - I love getting lots of sleep! I'm doing well on WW so far, though when I add in activity points I somehow feel like I'm cheating I know - strange! Thanks for the Liam compliments . . . guess I'll have to post my pic sometime soon

Ricci - Oh no! I hope they find your brother! I'm thinking of you and your family

Michelle! Great news on the 1 lb loss and the loss in inches Hope you had a good day with all the walking. Thanks for the Liam compliment.

Crystal - thank you! Liam is 6 and 1/2 months now. I can't believe it. I think you should stick to whatever plan works best for you - you're doing an excellent job!

Cindi - sorry your weekend was stressful . . . perhaps your week will be better!

Well, I'm off to chane a dirty diaper . . . fun!
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Walking away the weight
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Oops - we posted at the same time, Jessi I'm glad you're doing so well with the diet! Thanks for the compliments about Liam. I think I told you already, but my downstairs neighbor, who I walk with, has a son named Cole - he's 6 and 1/2 months, Like Liam.
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Leigh - Glad your WW stuff is in! You are off to a great start. Liam is precious.I need to get some new pictures of JW out.

Ricci - Sorry about your brother. I am sure everything will work out. He probably just has to get it out of his system. Congrats on being so close to goal.

Michelle - Can't wait for my bust to go down. I want to be able to buy a bra from Victoria Secret again.

Spryng - You think dh would enjoy the motivational books on tape when on the road. I have seen them at the libraries and Cracker Barrel has them where you can rent them and return them at other locations.

Cindi - I hope the quarter passing does not cause any pain. My bf thinks her cat swallow her wedding band, but it has been and week and nothing.

Penny - I missed JW so much at work today. I think it is the weaning. I don't think I am ready, but he is. Did you supplement with formula the other feedings or do they get enough from solids. I have been giving him 2 bottles during the day and 2 nursing, but he is spitting up so maybe to much. I have not been able to find a lot of info on weaning. I am going to call the doc tomorrow for so guidance.

Geri - How is your garden? I need to go to the nursery and find out what to grow in direct sunlight in the front yard.

No workout for me today. Always a long day with working. I having Circle at my house tomorrow, so I will be in and out. I am doing a Taco Night. I have to figure out the best way to present it. Probably buffet style, everyone will want something different.
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Sure, I just sign on and Dh wants me to go out on the deck with him now that the boys are asleep!

I'll post a couple of quick pictures and have to say goodbye again!
Hello to the newbies..I have 2 boys, Will-3 and Tony-1...
Ricci...arrrgh! I have to go read the last thread but I'll wish you well now

The last one's not birthday related, but it was nice to see the boys working well together rather than butting heads

I promise to get personal again soon! It seems like so long now. I really am wishing all of you well . It was 77 and humid here we were outside all day.

WI...I stayed the same (YEAH!) Between the cupcakes, cake and TOM...I'm so happy not to have gained.

OK, gotta run! I feel like busy lately. I'll catch you later!!
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File Type: jpg Will & Daddy Building Deck-1.jpg (37.1 KB, 47 views)
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well, good evening everyone.

Melinda, sorry your working days are so crazy. Hope it slows down for you.

Jessi, so proud of you. That's fantastic for dh to do it with you. I have the dh that tries to GAIN weight. So does his mom, she thinks she's too skinny and she kind of is, but let me tell you, it's just as hard for someone to gain as it is to lose. Keep up the good work.

Well, I ate a little too much at dinner. Actually it was the garlic bread that I couldn't stop with. I still have less than 1800 for the whole day but more than 1500. I also got in 9 glasses of water today. I exercised for about 30 minutes, but that was walking, stair stepping and some weights for the upper body. I was sweating to the point that sweat was dripping in my eyes. It felt good though. I'm gonna try to keep that routine and add alittle timewise everday at least 5 days a week. Sometimes the weekends are tough. But I feel great.

My FIL, which we live right beside, although we go days without seeing them, brought me a package today of mine from his porch and told me he could tell I've lost weight. He said, you've lost alot of weight and I said not alot, about 11 and he said, that's alot and I can tell. So that was great to hear.

Anyway, I hope the day and evening finds you all well. I'll check in in the am. I'm getting ready for a bath. Good Night.
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Hello girls

Sorry i have not posted in a few days. The weather over the weekend here was beautiful so I spent alot of time outside and I think I actually got a little starter tan. Tonight for dinner we had leftover lasanga from yesterday. I just love italian. It was so good. It almost tasted better today than yesterday. I know I overate but I didn't eat much lunch so I think I evened it out that way. Is that how weight watchers works?

Geri little ones grow so fast, don't they? It seems like yesterday my little one was 1 and now he is going to be five .

Spyrng how did you supper turn out? My little one loves black beans. She will eat a bowl full when I make tacos. And I just love cornbread, I have not had it in such a long time.

Ricci, prayers and I hope your brother is safe and returns home soon. I can only imagine how your mom must feel. I hope things get better. I also have a brother who is going to be seventeen this summer.

Jessi glad you are feeling good and got some healthy eating and excercising in. Great job!

I have a question for ALL of you. You don't have to respond if you don't want to but how often do you let you kids sleep at grandma and grandpa's house? My mom wants mine but to be honest my four year old is really attatched to us and his routine. I know it would be good for him. But I wanted to know how often your kids have sleepovers? Thanks girls....Julie
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Ready for ACTION!!!
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Crystal, You are doing great and 11 pounds is alot!! Don't discount all your hard work.

Jessi, I am glad to see you are doing so well! Keep it up! Isn't it great to be in control?

Julie Good to see ya! My kids never sleep over anywhere. No grandparents ever ask for them. Suits me fine, though.

I forgot to tell you all that I got in to a size smaller jeans this weekend. They are stretch jeans, but I bought them a while back for motivation. No trouble getting them on at all

My garlic chicken was a smash hit here! I feel stuffed though and I don't like it. Think I will have some water and see if that helps.

Kids are not in bed and a bit too rowdy. It's the last week of school, yay. I don't know how happy I am about that, LOL!

My throat is hurting and that is not a good thing. I just started feeling better from last week and do not need this again!!!

I have some cleaning to do before bed(and some kids to beat as well )

So I may be back, but don't wait up!!

Love to all!!
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Ok Ladies! There is so many posts today and I really have alot to say to all of you...

but I guess I will post tomorrow night...

I am very tired and tomorrow is a big day for me and Andrew tomorrow. I have all the kinks worked out and my mom is going to go with me to help keep Andrew calm and hopefully keep me sane. I know alot of tears will fall tomorrow Mine and his!

But I will find out news one way or another tomorrow evening so I will be back and promise to address each and every one of you!

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Good evening all!

Cindi congrats on getting into the smaller sized jeans!!! May I ask what size they are? That must feel so good. Hope you got your cleaning done.
Julie, my dinner came out ok. Not something I'll want again but the corn bread was delicious! The kids filled up on that since they didn't like the chili. But it's food and I ate it, lol. And I don't let my kids sleep at their grandparents house at all. But they do stay the night at DH's cousin's house. They really like it over there. But it's only once in a great while. The last time they went was for my anniversary so DH and I could get away for a night. But I have personal issues with my in-laws (their grandparents) so they will never stay the night over there.
Crystal, your workout sounded great! And how nice your FIL noticed your weightloss! When my cousin came over the other day I got the same response. She hadn't seen me since Tanner came home from the hospital, so I was still VERY heavy so she was shocked to walk in and see the new me!!! She said she may join WW too if it gives everyone the results I got, LOL. She made me feel really good. So enjoy those compliments!! You deserve them.
Geri your boys are so cute. And that deck is going to look fantastic!!! I didn't realize it was going to be so big! Your DH is something else. Great job so far. You'll have to post pics when it gets done.
Melinda, hope your weaning gets better. Are you bf at all anymore? And your buffet style taco night sounds great! I LOVE tacos. in fact I may be doing soft tacos for dinner tomorrow night too, lol.
Leigh, so glad your kit came today!!! How was your first day OP? And are you talking about using activity points or flexpoints? Alot of people feel guilty about using their flexpoints at first. But believe me, you can eat them all and still lose weight just fine. And I look at it like this... if you eat your target points everyday and your flexpoints every week then by the time you hit your goal weight you'll be able to maintain that weight at a much higher amount of pts then you would if you only ate your target pts. So it will pay off in the long run. I eat my flex right after I weigh in (so during friday and the weekend) so that I have the rest of the week to flush any extra sodium or anything out of my body. I've never had it mess up my WI's so far. So just a thought,
Jessi, you are right. Once you have a great day of eating well and some exercise you really do feel so much better about everything. So glad your DH has joined you!!

Well... my eveing went fine. I'm just very tired from the day for some reason. Maybe because it was hotter than normal. I'm having to run the ac tonight to cool the house off enough to sleep well. During the day I can do just fine with it off and just the windows open and the fans on but at night I need it to be cool, is that weird?? But anyway, guess I'll get off here and get in bed. TTYL!
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Whoa! My head is spinning trying to keep up! This thread hops!
Had a pretty good walk today, I'm not sure how long it was, my husband said he'd dock the milage tomorrow. Eating was a bit bad today. breakfast dry wheat cereal coffee lunch 1 1/2 fried (<-the bad part) chicken thigh macaroni and cheese and an orange I ordered roasted from the deli and it was to late to go back. So I picked the skin off. It was still pretty fatty. dinner chipped beef and cheese on a oat bran english muffin snacks few bites of a spinach ham pita wrap and an orange also had a gormet cocoa.
I was alittle to tuckered to get on ebay last night. Maybe tonight and maybe tomorrow. I'm giving myself some motivation , I need a new swim suit and a pair of walking shoes. So that will be my treat for 130#. I haven't set a date yet just because I'm not really on a plan. Except to make better choices until I get on WW.

Leigh, did you have any trouble getting registered with Ebay? I don't want to give them my credit card# or my primary email acct. I'm excited to get on a plan tho. And Liam is beautiful. Aren't little boys so neat. He looks like he has a fantastic personality.
Jackie!!! so good to see you! I've missed you tons. I've thought about ya alot too. How did it go, did you get on the scale? Saying a prayer for ya that it went well.
Penny ~ how did Andrew's test go? Hope all went well. I'm still learning all the programs on this new computer so as soon as I get better with it I'll post a picture of Baylan.
Ricci Congrats on being so close to your goal! Wow you must feel great. So what are you gonna do to treat yourself once you meet that goal?
Michelle Argh! Pulling off diapers is the pits! and I love that name Teagan. How did you come up with it?
Cindi Oh sorry to hear about Logan swallowing a Quarter. It must have been pretty scary.
Crystal sounds like you are doing so well with exercising. Can ya send me some of that motivation!? And 11# is great!
Hi Jessi! nice to meet you. Can't wait to get to know you better!
Julie my kids NEVER ever sleep over at their grands without my husband or myself. They do have a nanna they stay with from time to time maybe 3x a year with out either of us.
Geri congrats on staying the same on your wi! wtg.
Spryng your tan looks so goot its almost tempting to go get in the tanning bed! I have no time or place to put my kids I did go, soooo looks like my tan will come from a bottle and hopefully some sunlight. I still can't get over how great you look. I'm such a mess right now. 6 mo post baby is kinda icky. Hair loss is so bad. I can't wait untill my hair stops falling out and growing back in. Its so thin. Have you been measuring then? You mentioned needing to lose inches and I'm curious what your measurments are. I keep putting off doing mine. Maybe tomorrow. I'll post it in my sig when ever I get around to doing it.

Well hope I didn't miss anyone if I did..sorry
Ginny!!! I miss ya and am dying to hear all about soft ball and all the exciting things in your life.
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Hi Misty! No I never did buy a measuring tape the whole time I've been losing. Which I really wish I had now because I know I've already lost tons of inches. But as soon as that dvd gets here I'll buy one to keep track from then on out. You shouldn't have to give ebay your credit card info and if you can open a new email account at yahoo or something just for ebay if you want, but they don't give out your email address and you won't get spam from them. I hope you are able to register there soon. I lost alot of hair after Tanner too. It's just now lessening and growing back in. I always told DH that I should be bald by now from all the hair that comes out. I have to clean out my brush every day and it's a wad of hair!! But it's getting better so I know how you feel. Well when I do take my measurements I'll post them for you to see.
Ok, gotta get in bed! G'nite!
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Cindi - omg girl I had no idea you had 7 kids lol I must have overlooked that somewhere along the line. Well god bless you for having the strength to care for and nurture 7 children!!

Julie - No one can fault you for wanting to stay out in the beautiful weather enjoy it while you have it I don't let my kids stay anywhere I'm the one who is attached and I'm always afraid of something bad happening. The only times Taylor has stayed elsewhere was when I was in the hospital and hubby had to work. Even that was only once!! One of my sisters stayed at my house and took care of her while I was in the Hospital having Teagan so she didn't really go somewhere else

Crystal - Good to hear that people can tell that you are making progress!! That is so wonderful!

Geri - Those pictures are so adorable!! And that deck must be beautiful!!

Melinda - I love vickies secret too!! Can't wait to buy some nice under clothes again lol. But I did save a whole box of my nicer bras and panties for when I got skinny again so I will have some

Leigh - I bet you were happy to get your ww stuff, it will help you stay OP and keep you motivated Good luck girly!!

Jessi - Glad you got a post in, keep up the work!

Well guys I'm gonna play a little solitaire and head to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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whoops there were 3 posts while I was writing mine lol

Spryng - Sorry your chili didnt turn out better it really sounded good but sometimes you just can't tell til its all thrown together

Misty - lol well to stop Teagan from pulling off her diaper we started putting bloomers on her those little pantie things that go under their dresses and it seems to have helped. Hubby picked the name Teagan, I'm not sure where he heard it or what but I liked it when he told me and I picked the middle name Kinsey I had heard it on tv one day and just fell in love with it

Penny - You know I'm Praying for you girly!! And I sent my guardian angel your way. My thoughts will be with you all day tomorrow.

Ok now I should go to bed lol Have a goodnight girls!
Love to you all!
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